My daughters best friend adria

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100% fiction!

There was something about my daughters friend, adria that really turned me on.  My daughter, amber & her have been friends since elementary and adria had developed very well over the past few years. she was now 21, & i was ready to explore that hot body of hers.  Adria had spent the night with my daughter since they had gotten home late from the football game. ( Amber & Adria were senior college cheerleaders. ) That morning Adria came into the kitchen with a low cut shirt on; revealing her cleavage,  her pink nipples pointing thru it. she had a beautiful smile on her face as she told me good morning & poured herself a cup of coffee. she sat beside me at the kitchen table. 

"so how was the game?" , i asked.  "It was good! We won 56-23" she replied.  "congrats, that's wonderful sweetie. " he replied & smiled.  Looking down at her tits falling out her top i couldn't help but stare at them. she caught me &said "you know you don't have to stare, you can just ask to see them. " i grinned.  She lifted her top up letting her big beautiful breast sit there. i couldn't help myself,  i leaned over &began massaging one of her breast. Gently tugging on her eract nipple. our eyes meet for a gaze i couldn't resist i leaned in &began kissing her full pink lips. our tongues tracing over each other. she wrapped her arms around my neck, pulling into the kiss. enjoying every minute. i pulled away & lead her up to my room (we had plenty of time to have sex without getting caught since my wife was at work &amber was sleeping. ) we closed the door behind us &locked it. i walked over to the bed &began kissing her as i pushed her down onto the bed.

i started sucking on one of her nipples while playing with the other one. i moved down her neck, gently nibbling on it. blowing in her ear. she let out a soft moan. i moved my hand down her body, caressing her every inch. feeling her curvy thin body. making my way down to the top of her pj pants. tracing the skin right above the hem. i moved my hand over her couch &started rubbing it. she closed her eyes.  & i leaned down &began kissing her. i traced my tongue over hers, she sucked on my lower lip. I pulled back &pulled her pants &thong off. i rubbed the top of her clean shaven pussy slowly slipping a finger into her hot young pussy. i pushed it in deeper. twirling my finger around in it. moving my finger across her clit pulling on it. letting her let out a moan of pleasure. i began sucking on her swollen clit. my tongue licking up her wetness. then sucking her pussy lips. she moaned again "mmm, im fixin to cum, fuck me hard!" i smiled at her.

i was ready to fuck her.  I pulled my pants &boxers off & she began rubbing her fingers along my shaft.  Rubbing the head of my dick then cupping my balls.  I couldn't take it anymore i slid my hard dick in her &began fucking her pretty pussy nice &slow then going faster &deeper.  " mmmmm oh my god, im fixing to cum" she moaned i fucked her harder while i began playing with her clit " oh damn oh yeah" she moaned & exploded all over my dick & hand.  I shot my load in her pussy.  Our juices wetten the bed beneath us.  I looked at her & gave her kiss " we defiantly need to do this again" she said "yes we do & soon!" i replied.

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