My cousin changed my life

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My cousin tiffany had come to visit for part of summer vacation. At the time i was 15 and she was 17. She was very pretty slender sexy. I was not bad looking but she was better looking then me. A couple days after she arrived my parents decided to go on a vacation. They felt safer leaving us together then me alone. The day after they left i got the urge to mastrabate i hadn't since tiffany had arrived so i waited until she was in her room reading. I went to the bathroom and closed the door i was so horny i forgot to lock the door i got out my small vibrator i hide under the sink and i took off my pants and undies and sat on the toilet seat with my legs spread wide.

I began to massage my clit with the vibrator and i stuck one of my fingers in my hole. I close my eyes and injoyed. Suddenly i heard the door open and i looked over and saw tiffany i jumped up and covered my crotch. Tiffany looked down at the vibrator still vibrating on the floor and said" you can do better then that" she took my arm and led my to my bedroom. she sat my on my bed. I was very confusedand i still covered my crotch area. Tiffany stood infront of me she lifted her shirt over her hea, i was so suprized i couldnt believe what i was seeing... i had never seen another girl naked and i became aroused. She took off her bra, pants and panties. and stood in front of me her naked body was so sexy. She leaned over me and removed my shirt, her chest in my face. she moved her hands through my hair and down around my back she unhooked my bra exposing my breasts. she slid her hands over them and pushed me down on the bed. She got on top of me and kissed my neck and then my chest and then found one of my boobs she sucked on my nipple making them both hard. she suck and nibbled.she moved down to my pussy she kissed my thighs and blew on my vigina lips i began to get we again. she then sucked the feeling was incredible. her tounge flicked my clit and then insurted in to my hole i let out a small cry and she jammed it in harder. I hit orgasim and started to scream with pleasure. She looked up at me she crawled net to me and looked at her own vigina.

I had a good idea what she wanted me to do so i nervousely climbed to the end of the bed and put my mouth on her pussy i licked and kissed and she had a huge orgasim after 3 minutes she grabbed my head and jammed it against her this time i went faster ans hard and she had one more orgasim. she laid there not moving for a couple minutes. i couldn't believe what i had just expirienced. she then lifted her head and said"its not over" she told me to lie back on the bed and close my eyes...i oculd hear here leave the room, i was still in shock i was in heaven. She came back in the room and i could feel her grab my hand and and tie some thing around it i looked and saw that she was tieing my hand to the bed post. i began to say what but she shushed me with a kiss...i didnt know what would happen but i knew it owuld be good. she tied both my arms and legs and i couldnt moved. then fomr behing her back came a cucumber large and hard. I got a little afraid of what she would do next.

She climbed over me and said" your gonna love it" she separated my pussy lips and becan to insert the large vegitable. It hurt so bad i screamed for her to stop but she didnt i thrashed my head back and forth. Begging for her to stop.finally she did but it was 5 inches into hurt but as a laid there i began to feel pleasure again.i felt full and i began to get horny again but she wasnt done she then began to slid her wet pussy onto the other end untill we were both full od the hard thick veggie out pussy lips touched as our holes hugged the intruder. she began to lightly bounce and moan " oh yeah oh baby common common baby give it to me common bring it baby"she began bounceing harder i still felt pain but her moans made it worth it i felt myself rocking my head swaying and i began to moan. then i heard her moans get louder and louder i know she had and orgasm andsi was about to also. I kept riding it and riding it oh god .

After 15 minutes or so she got off and removed it from my hole she laid next to me and we fell asleep for hours ...i awoke to her INSURTING IT AGAIN! she wanted more we repeated everything but her moans got louder and louder i was afraid that a neightbor would hear. after the second romping we ate some food and watched some tv. we decided to go to sleep. we had the ideo of sleeping in the opposite directions so we would have easy access to each others pussy. during the night she woke me up three times with suck my clit it felt so good. it the mourning we took a shower when i got in she was already there she pushed me under the water and against the wallshe rubbed soap on my chest and my nipples which became hard again. she put her hand at my viginaa and rubbed hard. then she reached over and kissed me under the water....i was in such heaven i never wanted her to leave. she reache her hand out of the shower and grabbed what i thought was shampoo but was not at all instead her hand came back with the cucumber the same oone that had torn me apart the day before. this time she insurted it in herself first which made me get horny right there she shoved it in slowly.

Then she psitioned it infront of me and jammed her fake cock right inside me she brought it in and out repeatedly which made me cum several times. after fucking in the shower we went downstairs to have breakfast. we stayed naked i made waffeles...she got the syrup and as i put the waffels on a plate she came around my and rubbed some syrup on my nipples i turn to her and she began licking them cleaning them...i was so confused this beautiful woman could not get enough of me or maybe just not enough sex either way i loved it. after breakfast she decided that she was still hungry so she ate me out and didnt even want it in return. she went upstais and found my vibrato when she brought it downstairs i was almost sad...after she was gone i would have to use the vibrator again which now would never compare to her. she began to mastrabate infront of me this turned me on she rubbed the vibrator all over herself i wanted her again i wanted to fuck her. i jumped up and began passionatedly kissing her. we fell to the floor kissing and rolling bumping into furniture i went down on her i sucked her hard and made her moan. when i wass done i laid next to her sucking her nipple. we just laid there until i heard the phone ring i picked it was my parents they said it was raining in the city and wasn't very pleasent so they were comming home the next morning. All my happiness drained away tomorrow my sexual dream of my cousin lover would vanish i need to made it last i grabbed her hand and ran upstairs i grabbed the cucumber and she laid on the bed i became the dominate one i jammed it in her harder then eer she screamed in pain and delite. we fuck and kept fucking for hours i wouldnt stop we had orgasm after orgasm after that we had a long nap ate and the day ws over but we fucked more and more and left the opverused veggie in all night in the morning we got dressed and waited for my parents.

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