My boyfriend's sister

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"So are you nervous babe?" He asked as we walked up to his parents door. "Just alittle,but I'll non the less excited" I replied flashing him my adorable smile.

He opened the door and I followed behind him. His parents and looked me up and down. "So Kris this is the girl you told us so much about huh?" They asked. "Yes,this is her" he replied pulling me closer to him and smiling. I suddenly felt nervous,so I pretended to need to go to the bathroom "Kris ,um where is the bathroom?" I asked."Oh right up stairs near Ji Xen's room" He replied sweetly.

I made my way up stairs and was about to go to the bathroom when I saw Ji Xen in her underwear posing in her doorframe. "Hmmm so your Kris's new girlfriend huh?" She asked "Ummm yes I am" I replied thinking its alittle awkward Im talking to her while she's half naked.

She was staring me down,so what's your name? She asked with a sexy smirk on her face."Oh im Kay Lin" I answered. "Kay Lin ,Oh I like that name. Fits you perfectly. Hmmm she groans as she pulled me closer to whisper in my ear, just like those jeans fit your plump ass perfectly.

Just like that shirt fits your big tits and just like how this toungue would fit in that pussy of yours" Ji Xen whispered in my ear. "Um Lo Ji?!" I asked in shock because her words. "Shhhhhh hun it's written all over your face" Ji Xen said as she pulled me through her door and took off my top.

She then pulled off my bra and began to lick my hard nipples. I moaned so loud. Then she began to suck them like a baby. "Ohhhh KayLin keep moaning baby keep moaning Ji Xen said as she sucked on my tits" She then pulled off my jeans and panties. "Ohh looks who's wet for me" Ji Xen teased before she attacked my throbing wet pussy. Twirling her tongue in and out sucking up all my juices. But still I needed more I needed HER!

So I moved her head and got on to off her. Striping her off her underwear. "Woah babe I didnt know you cou-" She got cut off by her own moans.


fI continued playing with her hard nipples with my mouth, while rubbing her wet hot throbbing clit. "Hmmmmm yes babe! More more" Ji Xen yelled. I then rubbed harder and faster until her moans filled the room. I couldn't take it anymore I NEEDED to have her pussy in my mouth!

So I slipped in between her legs and stuck my tongue in that pussy. I sucked her clit hard. I sucked it like my mouth was a vacuum I swear it tasted just like dn gao. "Ohhhhh yes KaiLin fuck yes!Eat my pussy just like that baby Ohhh your good" I obeyed sucking, licking, biting eating her beautiful 'ke kou' pussy. She tasted so good. I couldnt stop, I loved eating her pussy so much it made my pussy wet and throbing.

So I stuck my hard in and massaged my own clit will I contined sucking her's dry. "Ohhhhh KayLin I think Im gonna cum" Ji Xen moaned. "Cum for me baby, hurry cum I want to taste you more cum hard in my mouth" I demanded. I think wrapped her legs around my neck and fucked her pussy with my face.

"Come on baby rub that pussy on my face. Cao my face baby. She obeyed she was now fucking my face and then out of nowhere she yelled "Kris". "Ummm Kris? what about him?" I asked as I came up for air.

"No no KayLin it's Kris, he's at the doorrrrrrrrr" Ji Xen as she explained has she came hard on my face.

I looked to see my shocked boyfriend frozen still trying to figure out what he just saw.

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His head fell back and his feral cries joined her as they brought each other to perfect orgasm. He was burning inside of her, and she was twitching from her multiple orgasms. He kissed her deeply as he grew soft again inside her. She licked her lips and stared up at him with still-stunned eyes. Oh yeah, definitely gonna have to try that again....