My Best Friend's mom

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 Ever since I was thirteen, I have been attracted to my best friend's mother, Marva. Living two houses away from them, I would see Marva on a daily basis. Some of my fondest memories came from spying on her with binoculars, as she would sunbathe during the hot afternoons of summer. Seeing her body covered in nothing but a skimpy black bikini was the greatest sight I could imagine at that time. I’d often sit on my bed, peek through the curtains, and masturbate as I watched Marva rub lotion on her smooth body on hot summer afternoons.

Two years ago, Marva received a good job for a firm in Florida so James, my friend, decided to go with her and enroll at Florida State University. This past summer was the first time I visited them since their move. I drove down for a two-week stay with James, but I was secretly more excited about spending as much time as possible with Marva.

I arrived on a Thursday afternoon and got a tour of the house from James. It was a nice three-bedroom ranch on a good amount of property with a huge in-ground swimming pool. We made immediate use of the pool and spent a couple hours reliving old stories of playing high school hockey, dating some of the cheerleaders, and throwing some wild parties. James decided it was time to check out a couple bars so he left to shower and get ready. Not used to having access to a pool like this, I decided to swim until James was finished. A few minutes later Marva arrived home and came out to greet me. She was more beautiful than I had remembered. Her short auburn hair fell just shy of her shoulders, her well-curved body gave way to an incredible set of smooth tanned legs, and her always-present smile really brought out the warmth in her face. And considering Marva was in her late forties, her large breasts had a firmness that would have made younger women jealous. Needless to say I did all of my talking in the pool hoping the water would camouflage my enormous hard﷓on.

Marva and I talked for about twenty minutes. At first, I was a little uncomfortable feeling like I was a teenager by addressing her as "Ms. Douglas." She simply laughed and told me to call her "Marva." It was the first "adult" conversation Marva and I had. Eventually our conversation lead towards our current relationships, she told me how she had been too busy with her job to find time to date. This thrilled me to no end, although I, and the pool water, covered it up well. Before I had the nerve to extend our discussion, James came back and we were soon enjoying the wild fun that Florida had to offer.

I didn't see much of Marva for the next five days because James and I were constantly going to the beach, a variety of bars and clubs, and even a nude beach (but that's another story) in search of women. One evening James got lucky with a gorgeous blonde from Texas and decided to go back to her hotel room for the night. He felt a little bad leaving me on my own but I encouraged him to have a good time. On his way out James gave me the key to the house and said he'd be back sometime tomorrow. This was all I needed; it would be my best opportunity to spend some time alone with Marva.

Unfortunately, when I arrived at the house she was gone. I waited up for a couple hours watching TV but eventually I gave up and dragged myself to bed.

Just a little past two in the morning, I was awakened by footsteps coming from the back patio. I got up to have a look. There was a full moon that night and I quickly saw a perfect view of Marva sitting next to the pool. I had to rub my eyes to be sure I wasn't dreaming... but I quickly realized that she was naked! She had one leg floating in the waters as her incredible tits were bathed in the night-light. The shadows played tricks with my eyes as I stared at the luscious mound between her legs. Marva sat quietly smoking a cigarette and once looked towards my window. I ducked away for fear of being spotted. After a time, I regained my courage and looked out to see her swimming through the pool waters.

My dick was doing most of the thinking when I eventually got up the nerve to walk out to the back patio. I made plenty of noise so Marva would have time to cover up if she felt uncomfortable. She didn't bother. She simply drifted in the water as I walked onto the pool deck.

"How's the water?" I said clumsily.

"Wonderful," she said treading water on the far side of the pool. "I was wondering if you were going to sit at that window all night or come out and join me." She gave a slight laugh, as I looked startled. My amateur Peeping﷓Tom antics had obviously been noticed. I stumbled around a fruitless excuse before shrugging my shoulders in frustration.

Marva played the whole situation cool. "Matt, stop making excuses, I've seen the way you've been watching me the last week. Hell I remember the little boy who used to peek at me through his bedroom window. So just take off your clothes and come swim with me." For once in my life I was clearly not in control of an encounter. Marva's confidence was overpowering and it really turned me on.

She swam towards me as I pulled off my shirt and slid out of my shorts. "My, you've certainly grown from the skinny little boy who used to watch me with binoculars," she said as she eyed my huge dangling cock. She climbed a couple of steps and offered her hand. One look at her body dripping with water in the darkness and I could feel my dick stiffen like a board. Marva laughed, “Well, I was going to take your hand, but this will suffice.” With that she reached out and wrapped her wet hand around my length. Gently she pulled me into the pool behind her.

We drifted in the calm waters for a while talking. Our warm bodies touched at various moments. My cock was solid the entire time and the thought of fucking Marva was driving me crazy. However, every time I made an advance she simply delayed the encounter. I was truly at the mercy of this older more experienced woman. Eventually, after she thought I had suffered enough, I felt Marva's warm hands rubbing my balls and stroking my shaft under the water, a shiver of joy went through me.

Soon we began to kiss passionately. I could feel my steel hard rod rub against her thick bush in the cool waters. I pulled Marva to me and slipped my cock into her warm wet pussy. It was a perfect fit and Marva knew it. She wrapped her legs around me and gave in completely. Placing both hands on my shoulders, she began rocking up and down on my rock hard bone. The water made it easy for me to thrust my meat deep into her sweet pussy and I soon had her moaning furiously. She began kissing me wildly saying that a man hadn’t fucked her in years.

I began to feel a little more in charge of the situation so this time I lead Marva. We walked from the pool and settled down on a blanket on the patio. Our wet bodies were grinding away and we were making enough noise to wake up the entire neighborhood. Sweating madly, I rolled over and had Marva ride my stiff pole. She bucked on my cock like a pro while I kissed her luscious tits and rubbed her nipples with my fingers. It wasn't long before her hot juices were sliding down onto my fuck stick. The thought of fucking someone twenty﷓five years older than me was really driving me crazy, it was all I could do to hold back my growing orgasm.

After her orgasm Marva rolled us over and allowed me to be on top. “Fuck me baby!” she begged. I positioned myself and really pounded away. She came again and was digging her fingers into my back wildly, pulling me close to her. “I want it Mitch!” she moaned into my ear. “Come for me. Come in me.” A powerful groan escaped from my lips and I blew a volcanic load into her quivering cunt. Completely drained we collapsed into each other’s arms and drifted to sleep. A while later I woke up to find Marva curled up next to me. She was awake and smiling a wicked smile. “That was the fuck I’ve been needing for years. I hope you’ve got some more for me.” It wasn’t a question. We lay in the darkness for a time as she smoked another cigarette. I told her that the thanks belonged to her, as I had never had a woman handle my dick like she did.

Marva hadn't even finished her cigarette before I was ready for another round. I picked her up and carried her back to the house and into the bedroom. Once there, I allowed her to finish smoking as I buried my face in her tasty bush. My tongue whipped and licked as she wiggled her body with growing excitement. After another orgasm she looked at me and said, "I want to suck your cock and have you explode in my mouth."

She proceeded to give me the greatest blowjob I have ever received. Marva tongued my hairy sack savagely as I kneeled over her. She then moved up and down my length like it was a giant Popsicle. Once my cock was covered in her saliva she swallowed the entire length slurping hungrily. It was impossible for me to control myself. Marva met my eyes as her head bobbed up and down my steaming sword. What followed was a furious orgasm unlike any I had ever had. True to her word, Marva swallowed every drop and even sucked on my spent tool for several minutes hoping for a little more of my hot young cream. Exhausted, we happily slept the rest of the night and part of the morning away in each other's arms.

The next day we made love before James returned home. Both of us felt it would be awkward for James if he knew about our steamy encounter. But Marva and I managed to get alone several more times during my all too short stay for the best sex I have ever had. This older woman fucked me like no woman ever has in my life!

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