My best friend and I

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This story is real, it happened to me a two and half months ago. For safety reasons we will call the girl "Abby".

There was ten minutes left until the bell rang in my high school, me and my best friend "Abby" always sat beside eachother. We were passing notes on how much fun our next few nights were as it was the weekend and my parents were visitting my grandparents down in the states.
The last note we passed was what started it all, she wrote me the note and it said "Can I sleep with you in your bed? I am afraid of your house ;)"

My house is big, and doesn't have a lot of furniture, I live in the rich part of town, and my house is completely white and if you were to yell, it would echo.

Walking home from school, only a few blocks I noticed that she was wearing a see thru shirt, I could see her firm perky C cups jiggling underneath her baby blue bra. I suddenly was awoken with the growing bulge in my pants, and trying to hide ir wasn't a problem because I was in jeans. It had been about 10 minutes of watching the beautiful breasts bounce, and thinking of just fondling them and twiddling them with my tounge until we reached my house, the first thing we did was drop our schoolbags and head for my bedroom, we always went into the pool first thing. We got to my bedroom and I grabbed my bathing suit, I was walking out of my bedroom and joking grabbed her protruding firm ass and tried to open the door, she grabbed my shoulders and spun me around, and asked me if I liked what I felt.

Being the horndog I am I told her of course, you have the nicest ass in the school. I shot a witty smile at her, and went to turn around and she shot a look at my croch, I caught her doing so and asked her why she looked. She told me that she's always wanted to play with one without fear of being judged and I told her I could help her with that. She said "Yeah right!" I grabbed her and layed her down on her back and told her I was serious, she grabbed me and rolled over onto her stomach that was now pressing against my chest. She pressed her velvet lips against mine and started to put her tounge into my mouth, our toungs touched with an icey feeling that made my cock spring to life instantly, we passionately made out for a good ten minutes untill I moved my hands to her belly button and slid it down, I reached the brim of her un-done jean skirt and slid my hands down the front of her panties, i was only a few centimetres away from touching her sweet pussy when i felt how wet it was, it was like a waterfall. I dove my fingers into her hungry pussy pumping it and she was moaning loudly, telling me not to stop.

I stopped anyways to get more comfortable lifting off her shirt and bra and pulling my shirt off, we pressed together and feeling her boobs squeeze against my pecs was amazing. She looked at me and removed her thong by lifting her legs in the air and pulling it off, she squeezed her juicy pussy together and then spread her legs. She leaned over to me and slid my pants off, along with my boxers. She grabbed my lively cock and began to stroke it, she took her beautiful lips and ran it up the base, she then took my cock and stuck it deep down her throat, I don't think she was much afraid of it because she went a good 30 seconds with my cock deep in her throat, her lips were placed around the base of my cock with it inside of her still, she finally submerged for air, while fondling my balls, I knew I was going to cum within the next service to it so I told her to keep going, she licked hungrily at my cock and squeezed her lips together around the tip of my cock which overloaded my sences and sent my wad running through my cock and she deepthroated one last time and I shot my cum into the back of her throat.

She smiled at me as I pulled out and leaned onto my back with my head against the pillow, she looked at me and said "I don't think your done yet" And she held my arms down at my sides and slid her drenched pussy onto my stomach, I looked at her with shock, she returned the glare and said, eat my tight pussy now!

She bounced her pussy to my face and pushed on my lips with it, I stabbed my tounge into her tight little pink crevace as her warm pussy juice surrounded my cheeks and lips. Her surrounding pussy skin was sliding all over my face untill I sat up and pushed her onto her back, I wasn't finished with her, I wanted her to cum, I wouldn't care if somebody walked into my room then and there I just wanted her to cum. With that goal in mind I lunged my soaked face into the awaiting pussy and licked and sucked all around it, she was screaming and grabbing her tits as if she was being killed, she grabbed the back of my head and pushed it forward so my mouth was putting pressure on her wet little clit, she bucked and screamed as I swirled around her pussy as she let out one final cry a squirt of liquid that soaked my entire upper body.

I sat up and stuck my tounge into her mouth and played around for a good ten seconds when i took it out I asked her if she had ever had sex, she said no. I told her that I think I was in love with her and I really think now is the time for us, with that thought in her mind she agreed, so i hugged her and leaned on my back, she was sitting with her face at mine with her hands and knees on the bed, over top of me, she put her arm between her legs and grabbed my cock, and put it on the lips of her pussy, i reached and grabbed my cock and put the head on her very tight pussy hole, i grabbed her shoulders and pulled her down so her firm breasts pressed once again against my pecs, and with a sharp stab my cock was being choked by her inner pussy.

She let out a loud cry, that was somewhat pain and somewhat pleasure, I could sence that in her voice so I kept going, with each powerful thrust her screams got louder, she bit her lip and was moaning in pleasure, she was telling me to keep pumping my hard cock into her pussy, with her screams getting to hard to handle, i took my thumb and rubbed her clit faster than i've ever moved my hand before, she fell backwards as I shot my wad of cum deep into her pussy, and she screamed and squirted her pussy juice everywhere. I layed there breathless as she did too, the entire weekend every half an hour we fucked eachother with extreme orgasms until it was over. To this day I still fuck her tight pussy almost every day after high school.

Thanks for reading this, I hope you enjoyed because I still do.

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