My Wonderful Grandson

(Part 1 from 1)

Note : This story is completely fictional!

My grandson is the sexiest, best looking young guy I have ever saw! Let me describe him to you: He is 5ft 6 inches tall, weighs 125 pounds, has black hair, dark brown eye's, dark olive colored skin, as handsome as a greek god with a smile that blows me away! Now allow me to describe myself: I am 5ft, 5 inches tall, I weigh 155 pounds, I have blondish/graying hair, I have fair skin with a farmers tan, and I'm 51 years old, my eye's are blue, I'm very active and in great shape, my grandchildren call me Pops. Oh yeah, my grandson's mother is a Philippino. Let me get to my story!

My grandson's name is Sid, and his 18th birthday just passed. Now picture this setting in your mind: Myself, and Sid are sitting in my living room 2 days before his 18th birthday. I'm sitting on the light "sky blue" chair beside of the light "sky blue" couch. Sid is sitting on the couch in a pair of tight cut-off jeans with no shirt on. I prefer him this way, as I said, he is the sexiest guy I have ever saw! We're watching a movie on the television, I don't remember what movie as my attention was other places, but I remember it had a lot of nudity in it. As I admired my grandson's perfect body, I ask him what he wanted for his 18th birthday?

I said: Hey Sid, you're about to become an adult, 18, finally you will be old enough to legally do a lot of stuff you couldn't do before. And I was wondering what you wanted for your birthday, your special birthday. I know there's something you want that you couldn't leagally have before, so what is it?

Sid, and I had talked about girls, sex, handjobs, blowjobs, and all the sexy girls he knew. He didn't know I was bisexual, at least I didn't think he knew. I had watched him grow up over the years, and I knew he would be a heart-throb all of his life because of his looks, and his great attitude! Many times I had caught myself staring at his crotch, enjoying the bulge I saw there, and wondering what it would be like to have him in me! Then I would tell myself " man thats your grandson, you can't think stuff like that!" But, of course I did think stuff like that!

As I waited for him to tell me what he would like for his birthday, I savored the bulge in his cut-offs! I was thinking how much I would love to enjoy my grandson's cock, I was dreaming about wrapping my lips around it when he interrupted my day dream, and said:

I know exactly what I want for my birthday Pops! I'll tell you part of it right now, and if you get that for me I'll tell you the rest on my birthday.

I ask: So what do you want?

He smiled, and said: A party here at your house, not a big party, but just you and me and a case of beer!

I was a little surprised at his answer, but I said: Thats no problem, you sure thats all?

He was still smiling when he said: Thats all I'm telling you until the party, that is if you have it for me?

I replied: Of course I will have it! Why wouldn't I? Have you ever ask me for anything that I didn't get for you, or do for you?

He shifted on the couch in a way that made his beautiful bulge even more pronounced, and said: I don't think you would refuse me anything if it was possible for you to do, or get me, would you?

I simply said: You know I wouldn't.

That was the end of the conversation about his birthday, we finished watching the movie and he spent the night at my house that night, which he did a lot of nights. Now he was right about me doing anything for him, there was nothing I wouldn't do for my grandson, not only because he is my grandson, but also because he is the sexiest guy there is, and I have a weakness for sexy youg guys!

The morning of his birthday he called me and ask if I was still going to have him a little party, and I told him of course. He could come over about 5:00 PM or so and we would get the party started. He promised to be there about 5:00. I went and got the beer he wanted, and wondered several times during the rest of the day what else he was going to ask for. I hoped it was something I could manage to get for him.

At 5 minutes till 5:00 that evening he came walking through my door. Of course he was wearing a tight pair of jeans that really showed off his manhood! And, a button-up shirt he had unbuttoned! Damn he looked good!

He smiled and said: Hey Pops, you ready to get down and party?

I replied with: I was born to "GET DOWN" and party Sid.

We popped the top on a couple of beers and started celebrating his new legal age!

Along about 6:30, and after a couple beers the conversation "as usual" turned to sex, hot girls, and stuff that teenage boys cherish, which is sex, and hot girls! This was when Sid said:

One of the other things I want for my birthday Pops is to watch a porn movie with you, I'm sure you have a porn movie or two laying around we can watch don't you?

I wasn't really surprised with his request, and I replied:

Of course I do, what would you like, regular sex with a man and woman, lesbians, threesums, you name it!

He smiled and said: Let's watch some threesums, I enjoy kinky sex!

As I went to get the movie I was thinking "If you only knew how kinky I could get, especially when your around you hot, hot boy!"

I returned with the movie and slid it into the DVD player. Within minutes two guys were having their way with a sexy, cute blonde girl on the screen. Me and my 18 year old grandson watched as the two guys fed the girl cock, fucked her hot pussy, and banged her firm, young ass! I couldn't help but to keep glancing at my grandson's growing bulge in his jeans, damn it looked so, so good!

So after about 15 minutes of hot porn, my grandson said:

I think I'm ready for my next birthday present Pops!

I looked up from his crotch to his face and realized he was looking at me with a huge smile on his face. He had caught me checking out his raging hard-on! I know I turned red, and I swallowed hard and said:

So what else do you want for your birthday Sid?

Without hesitation he said:

A damn good blow-job! Then he laid his hand on his cock and began rubbing it through his jeans. I was thinking I would love to be the one rubbing his hard cock as I said:

Well, there's only the two of us here, and unless you know someone close by that will give you a blow-job I don't know what to tell you.

He smiled even more and said:

I think I know where I can get a blow-job and I won't even have to go anywhere!

My mind was racing, deep down I was thinking "he's talking about me sucking his cock" but my mind kept telling me "no way he's going to let his own grandfather suck his cock!" I was speechless for several moments before I said:

There's just me and you here Sid, if you get a blow-job it would have to be me giving it to you!

He gave me his sexiest smile, and said:


Again I was speechless for several moments. He was talking about me sucking his cock! If he was serious I would give him the best blow-job he has ever had, I hoped he was serious!

Finally I said:

What makes you think I would suck your cock Sid? I'm your grandfather, your my grandson, why would you think that?

He stood up, and the bulge in his jeans was so, so big, I couldn't help but glance at it. I glanced from his face to his crotch over and over. He watched me as I couldn't keep my eye's away from the huge bulge in his jeans. Then he said:

Thats why Pops, you can't keep your eye's away from my crotch, I've caught you checking out my package for over 2 years now, you want what I've got in my pants and I know it! So now what I want for my birthday is for you to suck me off! I know you want to Pops, and I want you to, so why not?

What could I say? What could I do? He was right thats for sure! So I slid off the chair onto my knees and said:

You're right Sid, I would love to suck you off, I'd do anything for you, anything at all!

He looked down at me and said:

Thats what I thought. I bet you even like being told what to do too don't you?

I nodded my head yes and licked my lips.

He unbuttoned, and unzipped his jeans and said:

Crawl over here and lets see how good of a cock sucker you are Pops! Wrap your hot lips around my cock and give me my birthday present!

I crawled over to my grandson on my knees. As I crawled to him he slid his pants and underwear down to his ankles and kicked them off, then slid his shirt off. When I reached him he was naked, looking down at me with a wonderful smile on his face, and a 9 inch cock that was hard as a rock!

I looked up into his beautiful eye's and said:

I love you Sid.

As he slid the big, purplish head of his beautiful 9 inch cock between my parted lips he said:

I love you too Pops!

To Be Continued...

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