My Wifes Lover : Part 2

(Part 1 from 1)

 I waited by the phone. She called me at about 7pm.
Jas says "Hello darling! I see you in about half an hour. I've got a friend with me. It's Imran from my work. He's gonna drop me off. You can meet him. I'll think you'll like him. "

"see you in a bit"I said. "You serious!"
"Yes darling. " She replied. "See you in a bit"

Fucking hell I thought. She's bringing the man here. I had a great massive hardon. Soon I heard the car. I looked from the window. Jas got out of the car. Her lover got out of his car. I quickly went upstairs.

Jas opened the door and called me. "Hello! It's me love. I've got a friend from work"
I went downstairs. "Hello!How are you?"I asked him.
"Fine! How are you. My names Imran. I work with your mrs. "He replied.
"Yes Darling!Imran said he would drop me off. "She replied.
"Would you like a drink.  Whisky or something!"I asked.
"Thanks. Whiskey's fine mate. "He said.

Jas quitely said to me"What do you think of him!"
"Good looking. How old is he?"I asked her.
"He's about 30 something. Is it ok with you. I've asked him already. He's ok with it. You ok with that?"She replied.
"Sounds like fun then. You look good,and he's handsome. "I said. "You've got me excited. Condoms!"
"Why don't you ask him?"She replied.
"You're excited are'nt you. Fucking I am. "I said.

Jas went to the living room. I pour large whiskeys and joined them.
As I sat down Jas had put some music. We chat for a while. I got up and get some more drinks.

When I came back Jas was dancing with Imran. They both Had there hands on eack other. "How do you like a 49yr old lady. She looks good don't she. "
"Damn right! She looks in her 30s don't she. You got a good looking lady haven't you!"Imran replied.
"Imran!You'll be first with another man. She fancies you don't she. She told me that you have a big one. "I asked.
"So they say. She's got nice breasts as well. Like to have her. She's nice. "He asked.
"You can have her. I'll watched for now"I said.

They both started to kiss each other. Imrans hands caressed her moving them to her breasts. Jas let his hands fondled her tits. She closed her eyes. He took his top off and then undo his bra. Her tits look great. He lowered down and then kissed her breasts. He caressed her. Then Imran asked me if they can go to the bedroom. I followed them to our bedroom. He was going to fuck my wife in our bed.


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