My Uncle's my Dad

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100% fiction!

My name is Mike and I just turned 18. I live with my mom, my uncle Don (moms brother) and my older brother Ted. Me and Ted share a room in our 3 bedroom house and he's a real perv. I catch him jacking off constantly and I can hear him jacking off at night when we turn out the lights.

He starts watching porn on our computer as soon as he gets off work which is ironic because he works at an adult bookstore. Moms 54, a little plump with big boobs and a nice round butt. She has short grayish/brown hair, is only 5 ft. tall and wears glasses from the fifties. My uncle Don is a real horndog also, he's 5' 10" tall, balding, wears thick glasses and as my brother says "couldn't get laid in a whorehouse".

Him and mom are really close, he's her only brother. The reason I say my uncle's a big horndog is because he lives in the basement next to the laundry room and he's usually naked and jacking off with his door open. I've heard my mom say "shut the door if your gonna do that Don". I think he's an exhibitionist and likes for us to see him.

The most interesting thing about him is his huge cock and balls. We've all seen them a lot and I'm guessing his cock is a full 10 inches long and as fat as a soda can and his balls are as big as a bulls and hang way down. Once when I was doing my laundry, I jumped up and sat on the dryer and when I looked towards my uncles door, he was laying in bed and jacking off. I could see his whole midsection but not his face.

He was jacking his big cock with both hands and his legs were spread wide. His ass was humping up and down as he began to moan loudly. I knew he was about to cum and I couldn't take my eyes off of his cock. As I watched I heard him say "suck it Rita, I'm cumming" as his big cock began to jerk and spew hot cum all over his belly. It must of squirted 10 times and eack load was big. The surprising thing about it was he called my moms name when he shot off.

When I went to my room, my brother asked if I wanted to do something for my birthday. He said "your old enough to go to a bookstore and I'll guarantee, you'll get your dick sucked". He took me to a different one from where he worked and it was close to our house also. We were in the back where it was dark and they had peepshow booths.

My brother saw a guys legs in a booth so we went into the booth next to it and pulled the curtain shut. My brother just dropped his pants and underwear and started stroking his cock. I sat down on the bench and on that level I noticed how big my brothers cock and balls were. They were nearly as big as our uncles and looked very similar.

My own cock is nearly as big and I guess it looks similar also. As my bother stroked his cock, a hand came through a hole between the booths and took over for him. Soon my brother put his cock through the hole and within seconds, he was moaning and humping the hole so I knew the man was sucking him.

I was getting really turned on so I dropped my pants and was stroking my own cock and watching my brothers beautiful, big cock go back and forth through the hole. My brother said "rub my ass Mike, I'm about to cum" so I started rubbing my brothers hairy ass as his cock moved faster and faster.

All at once my brother said "oh yeah, suck that cock, suck all that hot cum, oh yeah suck it clean" and then I could tell his cock became tender as he pulled it from the hole. As my brother pulled up his pants he said "hurry up and stick your cock through there, he's good at it" and then my brother left the booth. I was already sitting so I leaned over to look at the guy who had just sucked my brother.

When I looked through the hole, all I saw was a huge cock coming through it. The hole in the wall was big enough to let the guys cock and balls come through. As I looked at them, the guy shook them at me and I was so turned on that I tasted my first cock. I love it, it was hot and heavy and salty and it smelled musky and those balls were huge and tasty.

I started trying to get it all in my mouth and I was washing his big cock with my tongue as I sucked it. The guy began to fuck his cock through the hole and his big balls were banging into my chin and I could feel it going down my throat and I was gagging on it but I loved that too. I had those big balls in my hands and I was pulling his cock down my throat with his own balls.

His cock was swelling and getting harder and I knew he was about to blow so I took his cock all the way down my throat and used my neck muscles to milk his big cock. I heard the guy say "suck my cock Rita, swallow your brothers hot cum baby, Suck it baby" and then he was scalding my throat with load after load of his hot tasty salty cum.

He was cumming so hard it was cumming back into my mouth and I was eating and loving it. I just kept sucking and soon I could feel the guy trying to pull his cock away from me. I let his big cock go and then I looked through the gloryhole and sure enough, there sat my naked uncle with his big limp cock still dripping cum.

I knew it wouldn't be the last time. I hurried out and found my brother in the front and we left. My brother asked me how I liked it and I told him I loved it. On the way home I asked my brother if he ever wondered if mom and our uncle had ever messed around. He thought about it for a second and said "moms spent the night with him before but not much anymore".

Then he said "you know, one time I was doing laundry and uncle Don's door was closed and it sounded like he was fucking somebody or jacking off. My brother left and when he went to check on his clothes, mom came out of uncle Don's room and her hair was messed up and she was acting weird. I told him about our uncle calling her name out a couple of times when he was jacking off.

I liked the bookstore so I started going there on my own. I always looked for my uncle but I found that I liked sucking other mens cocks also. I would just sit in the end boothe where I could see who was coming through a mirror on the wall. One day I had my cock out and I'd already sucked a fat guy with a decent cock and an older black man with a big cock and lots of cum when I saw my brother coming down the hall. He was looking for an occupied booth and when he got to where I was he turned around and went to the booth next to me. I was watching to see if he was going to stick his cock through and hoping he would.

Sure enough I saw the big head of his cock sticking through so I just sucked it in my mouth and he pushed it in all the way. I had his big balls to lick so I took turns sucking his cock and then licking his big balls. Soon he was pumping it into my mouth and moaning and when I felt his cock tensing, I swallowed it down my throat and started milking it. I heard him moan "oh my God that feels good, suck that cock, God your good at that" as his big cock started to jerk its big load down my throat.

His cum tasted really good and there was lots of it. After his dick was gone, I just sat there trying to understand what had just happened. When I finally walked out of the booth, my brother was standing there. He said "whoa, that was you, I was gonna try to get to know a guy that could suck cock like that, so I guess I already do".

The next day I went down to do laundry and I was hoping to see or suck my uncles big cock. Sure enough he was jacking it off with the door open. I made eye contact with him and then put my clothes in the washer. I walked back to his open door naked and just stared at his big cock as he stroked it. He was looking at me with pure lust in his eyes and I told him that I loved sucking his big cock and swallowing his huge load of hot cum. He was laying on his back with his legs spread like a woman getting fucked so I just sat down between them and leaned over and started licking his big sweaty balls.

He put his hand on my head and pulled it to his cock and I just swallowed it and started massaging his balls. He was moaning so I took it all the way down my throat and started my milking action. My uncle said "God that feels good, that was you in the bookstore, wasn't it". I took him all the way to the edge and stopped several times.

By now he was begging me to let him cum. I stopped and told him I'd make him feel really good if he'd answer one question for me. He said "what is it" and I asked him simply if he was fucking my mom. He said "why do you want to know that" so I told him it turned me on and I wanted to lick his cock the next time he fucked her.

He said they used to but she was afraid that me and Ted would find out now that were older. Then he said "now please suck me off, I need to cum and I'll let you suck it the next time I fuck her". I leaned in and took his cock balls deep in my mouth and began working him with my mouth and hands and throat and soon his cock went very rigid and began to pump huge amounts of hot cum down my throat.

He was forcing my mouth down on his cock as he emptied it in me as he moaned "your moms a good fuck and her old pussy is hairy and wet and tight and she's a hell of a cocksucker just like you". I opened my eyes and saw that my uncles eyes were closed as his body continued to jerk.

My mom said "damn you Don, why'd you tell them that" and when I looked at the door, my mom and brother were standing there with their mouths wide open. I looked at my mom and said "he's our dad isn't he" and she started crying. My brother caught mom and sat her down on the bed. I told mom it was alright and that now they could go back to fucking each other.

Mom said "I feel so ashamed but I really do love fucking that big cock of his, it reaches places no other cock reaches". My brother said "I'm so horny and I need to cum" as he dropped his pants and pulled my head to his already rock hard cock. I statrted devouring my brothers big cock and within seconds, I felt my moms hot mouth on my own cock.

She was very good at cocksucking and as I sucked my brothers cock I could see him rubbing our moms ass. My uncle pulled her skirt up for Ted and he pulled her panties down and me and Ted both were mesmerized by our moms nice ass and hairy pussy. Ted pulled out of my mouth and I bent around and licked my moms pussy for him.

I blew spit on her mound and rubbed it in and Ted wasted no time burying his big cock in his poor old moms willing pussy. As soon as that big cock started pumping deep inside her, she began to deep throat me as my uncle came around and fed me his big renewed hardon. Ted hollered "I'm gonna cum mommy, can I cum in your pussy mommy" and mom reached back with her left hand and pulled Ted by the butt into her.

She started shaking and her pussy was jerking on her own sons cock as they both emptied their loins. When Ted pulled out, my uncle rammed his in and I began to lick Teds cock clean. In only a minute I heard my uncle say "get ready Rita this is is gonna be a big one, take my cum baby, take all our cum".

As he finished cumming in our mom and pulled out, she maneuvered her body around until she was straddling my face. As I licked her tasty old cum filled pussy, I could tell she was ready to cum again. She was moanind and had my cock all the way down her throat and was milking it.

I was holding her head and pumping it up and down on my cock as she forced her hot pussy on my mouth and began to jerk. Her orgasm triggered mine and I shot load after load of hot thick cum down my own moms greedy mouth as I tasted her mommy cum flooding into my mouth. We all laid there for a while and then we ate lunch, naked.

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