My Tico Friend

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100% fiction!

My trips abroad have been very eventful and full of fun, but this one tops them all.

I was born in Brisbane, Australia with nothing but two parents and an old dog named Edd. I grew up in the city until I was about twelve, then my small family decided to up and leave Australia because of the water restrictions and the unusual drop in jobs on the east coast. Out of all places they picked the the Northwest of United States to start over with a clean slate. This meant clean, abundant water, semi-high paying jobs for my parents, new schools, new friends, new home and a whole new routine in an unfamiliar place. Let me tell you that it was definitely tough to get to know a brand new school and city to explore, especially at 18 years old! Unfortunately I didn't have my old best friend Edd to find new things with, we had to leave him behind with a new family in Brisbane when we left. But thankfully my parents bit the bullet and bought two other adventurous dogs for me to take along with me. Their names are Pongo and Pipé.

I wasn't really aware that I was gay until I went to a new school with an array of different types of people. I entered high school a little early as a new 18 year old, but nobody could tell the difference until I spoke and the accent came out. Then it was hard not to get attention whether I was thirteen or not! I wasn't really a shy kind of teenager, but in a new place it was, like I said before, it was tough to adjust and make friends quickly. By the time it had been only two months, I had friends stacking up on my "hang out" list and I barely focused on my freshman year of high school! I guess it was a good thing that I made so many cool friends when I got into a school.

As many young curious, gay teenage boys know, most of the time it is tough to like other boys in high school. People sure do like to tease, bully and joke harshly. Fortunately, best friends make it so much better.
As my four years of high school progressed, classes got harder, I was named captain of the swim team, I started driving my first car, and suddenly my senior year rolled around!

Senior year was the best/worst year ever. And I'm sure a lot of people can agree with me that the last year of high school is always the most complicated in one way or another. Whether it is applying to colleges, finishing up credits, relationships, sports or simply just getting "senior-itis". But anyway, my last year was pretty complicated to say the least. See when I started high school I got put in mostly second year level classes instead of first year classes and that made me make friends with nobody from my own class! So when senior year started, I had to make all new friends with my class. I mean, that wasn't a bad thing, but it was another year of meeting new people. After months of applying to schools, rigorous class and homework, and partying... swim season started again.

November first, first swim practice of my last year in swim team.

Meeting the new swimmers was always a joy because they were so curious of how to do everything. And the returning swimmers from the previous years were always pretty cocky, but still excited to swim again. As the swim captain it my job to individually meet with each swimmer and answer any questions or help them with anything they needed.

To skip forward a bit, about a month into the swim season, someone I had been friends with for years had finally admitted to me that he secretly liked me.

All throughout high school I knew I was gay, but it wasn't a big deal really. I just didn't bring attention to myself and make it apparent that I liked guys. But when Ben told me he liked me, I have to admit, I was shocked and a little relieved. Shocked because I could've sworn he didn't like guys and relieved because it had been a LONG time since I liked someone or had someone like me.

So after heaps of coffee chats and driving, we decided that we are going to try it out, "it" being a relationship. Ben was not a relationship kind of guy, also, he wasn't really a guy yet, he was two years younger than me. So needless to say, he was very inexperienced, curious and nervous, which I found quite cute in a way.

A couple of excellent, secretive, experimented months went by... and by then swim season was really rigorous and tedious. State championships were right around the corner and both of needed to focus on swimming, but at the same time, we couldn't stop thinking about each other! When the state competition rolled around, our team did absolutely awesome and we went home with many gold and silver metals.

As we returned for our traditional last week of swim practices, things seemed a little "on the rocks" with me and Ben. He couldn't take the pressure of not talking to anyone about me and him, so he spilled the beans to his big-mouthed sister. ...Well let me just end this portion of the story with this; Ben and I are no longer friends now because word got around and changed too much.

After that, I have to admit, (and it sounds pretty cheesy) but I missed him deeply and I wish things went down differently. But I guess it's always like that when you have your first REAL (or real-feeling) relationship someone you really cared about huh? It's comforting knowing that someone cares about you, likes to hang out with you even when theres nothing to do, wants you sexually, someone you can vent to and just... someone that completely understands you. Right? As a lot of people say when they're in love; the feeling is unlike any other feeling in the world and it's unbelievably peaceful when you really like the person.

But that's how it always goes, you fall head over heals with a person that is your first (or one of your first) relationship and then some little feeling changes it all and boom! It's over and nearly forgotten. It's always tough to get over, but you always know that there are other fish in the sea. You just have to patient.

Anyway, my senior year ended and I had finally decided on a college on the east coast. I did that because I didn't want to see anymore people I went to school with, no more drama, new people, new city pace, quit stressing and possibly get in touch with myself more.
Well needless to say, it all happened when I left the west coast! Ok, well to be perfectly honest, there was PLENTY of stress, drama, new paces and new people in my new school.But that's beside the story.
Two years of college flew by faster than ever with some awesome and interesting adventures.

Ok, you're probably thinking... "okaaayyyy, now what?! Lord this is dragging on!"
Well, hold on. Its coming!

Anyway, this last semester was getting a little too expensive and I finally decided that I would study abroad in San Jose, Costa Rica for eighteen weeks. It took many days of paperwork and university convincing to do plan it, but it finally happened. After one very long Christmas break, I packed my bags and flew down to sunny Costa Rica. As many northerners in the US know, it can get extremely cold in January. But when I landed in San Jose, it was the complete opposite. The weather was hot, wet, windy and sticky. I have to admit, when I arrived in San Jose, Costa Rica it was a bit of a shock to see so many people there were and such different living conditions.

To skip forward and summarize a bit... there were four weeks of intensive spanish lessons, twelve weeks of english electives (mostly photography) and living with a host family.

The spanish was a little tough I have to say, but I am NOT good at learning different languages. Which is ironic, because I travel SO much, I should be much better at acquiring languages, but no! The photography classes weren't that bad, in fact they were very easy compared to my school back in the US.

After about two months of living in San Jose, I was getting bored... really bored. I jacked off at least twice a day and the rest of the time I would be doing homework (taking pictures) or taking cat naps. But one day I decided to get up, but some clothes on and walk downtown to buy some fruit. And because all the fruit is grown thirty minutes away from the city, it's always very tasty, or "muy rico". So I walk the two mile short cut through the ghetto and end up exploring city for four hours. After finding a lot of shoe stores and pharmacies, I didn't really see anybody selling the exotic fruits I was expecting to find.

As I was leaving to go home for dinner, I finally saw the best fruit stand where the fruit didn't look like it was thrown up by a cow. I pushed my way through the stampeding crowd of Ticos and finally found my fruit!

Obviously the first thing I saw was the mounds of star fruit waiting for me, but the second thing I saw was the man standing behind the old wooden counter top. Immediately I looked up and dropped my jaw (I know, classy right?). He had short, curly black hair, a buzzed beard, extremely tan skin, perfectly bulging muscular arms, brown/green eyes and the cutest smile I have ever seen.
"Hola!", he bursted.
"...Oh-la", I replied.

He quickly followed with, "You're a Gingo, si?" (Gringo is an American)
"Si, un poco español, haha" I laughed.

He started by showing me each fruit and what they tasted like. And the whole time I was literally drooling over each piece of fruit he handed me. Not because of the pieces of fruit I kept tasting, but the way he looked in my eyes every time he handed something to me.
For a little while there I thought he was just being extra friendly because he wanted to sell his fathers fruit, but then I realized he kept handing me the same fruit, each time with more skin contact than the last. By the last sample, I was full of acidic food and ready to leap over the counter and kiss him. Just his smile drove me crazy when I first glanced up at him, but when he kept touching my hand and laughing... I was officially horny.

One of the ways I thought he was a little fruity himself was because he kept ignoring the other customers that came up demanding an apple or something. He just concentrated on what I looked at and what would make me smile (him!). About thirty minutes of shamelessly flirting, intense eye contact and too much fruit tasting, I worked up the courage and asked him if he could show me some good spots around San Jose to take pictures for my class (cheesy I know...). Luckily he said yes without a second thought and wrote his name, phone number and email down along with small winking face on the bottom. I looked up at him again, muttered "thanks! I mean, gracias!"

He just smiled his sexy smile and gave the gesture to call him soon.

I immediately walked home, went up stairs, shut my door and called him. The conversation was quite short, but within the thirty second call, we covered that we were both gay, like movies and wanted to meet each other in three hours at the theater.
The three hours moved at a glacial pace... I could not wait to see his perfect twenty-five year old body and even better smile. I arrived at the theater about forty-five minutes early JUST in case his dad let him go early.

I honestly wasn't expecting to meet a guy in Costa Rica, and I definitely wasn't expecting someone as good looking as him if I did. After Ben, even though it had been a while, I didn't think I would work myself back into the swing of things as easy. I'm not saying I was not over him, but I was still always scared to see what else was out there. But for some reason, Dominik gave me the green light... and I went for it!

When we arrived at the theater, he was wearing blue jeans, a worn out red t-shirt and worn out brown skate shoes. He walked up slowly, greeted me with a "bro" hand shake and gestured to go inside with the quick flick of his tan head. As we walked up the ramp into the building, I couldn't stop looking at his perfectly sculpted legs and ass. I don't know what he did, but he did it well!

We bought out tickets, sat down in the semi empty theater and began to whisper-chat to each other about random stuff like school, work, photos, phones, past girlfriends, all that.
The movie began the lights went low and as the beginning credits flashed, he leaned over and translated everything for me. I didn't really care about the credits that much, but the sheer fact that he leaned closer to me to tell me what's going on, made it totally worth it. Even his voice sounded sexy when he whispered to me. Good thing it was dark, because every time he leaned over to tell me something, I was popping boners like it was my job!

The movie wasn't that long and shortly after the credits stopped and the lights began to brighten. He looked at me, took a deep breath, stretched his muscular body and stood up to leave. I immediately followed right behind him to keep his sent in my nose... not too closely, but enough. The mall was pretty well shut except for the front doors, so we strolled slowly through the dark, dead mall and laughed at the cheesy parts of the movie that we thought were funny. As we exited the mall I told him I needed to start my long track back to my house and he responded with a slight nod and pushed me in the direction I needed to go.

"Coming with me? Or do you live over here too?" I asked.
"No dude, I'm not letting you walk all the way home alone, I'll walk you back." And again he flashed me his pristine smile.

The whole way back he seemed as if he was high or something. He was extra happy and laughed at everything I mentioned. And suddenly he was more flirty with me than he was a simple two hours ago! I mean it's not like I didn't like it, I was just confused at what he was doing with me! As the walk progressed, Dominik began slowing his pace because I told him my house was just around the bin. Out of the blue he grabbed my neck roughly, pulled me back with a jerk and kissed me. It lasted for what it seemed like an hour, all in a thirty second make out session. His lips were perfect and he had just enough muscle in his tongue to make the kiss amazing.
We finished the walk to my house (all of six meters away) and said our goodbyes. He walked home ... and I jacked off.

One day passed and we arranged another meeting to smoke some grape-flavoured hookah downtown near the block he sells fruit on. Now supposedly San Jose isn't the best place to walk alone at night, especially if you're a Gingo. Dominik came to my house and walked me back downtown with him. I have to say, the more of a gentleman he became with me, the more I drooled over him every time he looked at me. At that point, I didn't know if he actually liked me a little, or he was just being nice. But from his man-flirting with me, I could tell he had a real thing for me, even after only three days of seeing each other.

That night was fun, I mean really really fun. I got to meet all of his awesome Tico friends (that all spoke english), eat some great food, drink a little, smoked grape hookah and just be with my new best friend, Dominik. I know it sounds a little stupid, but after that night of hanging out with him and his crew, a little bit of me fell for him.

When we were finished and said our goodbyes it was nearly three in the morning and we were both tired and horny. Dominik walked me back to my house, the whole walk was filled with constant elbow bumping and ass taps. As we came around the corner to my italian style home, we kissed for a few minutes against the tree in the front yard. He sighed and muttered lightly, "I wish I didn't live so freakin far away... I gotta go man."

"Why don't you just stay with me? I mean, I'm not saying you have to sleep with me, I'm just saying you should sleep here, and in the morning I can sneak you out" I replied with a questionable face.
"Ok, but I need to leave pretty early to get to work and such tomorrow. So set an alarm" He said with one eyebrow raised.

We proceeded inside quietly, moved upstairs to my room and shut the door behind us.

"Nice place you have here man, very student-esque" He said.
"Oh thanks haha. I'm just glad I'm with a host family and not in a dorm or something, ya know? So where do you want to sleep? I have a couple extra blankets and a pillows if you want to stay on the floor.... orrrr you can sleep, uhh... with me in my, uh, bed." I replied quietly.
"Uhm, I'll take the ground for tonight man, I don't want you to give up your space in your own bed just for someone that's going to be here for one night. haha" As he grabbed the bedding to spread out on the floor.
"Oh no no Dominik, it's ok mate, I have room and I'm pretty skinny haha. But it's up to you."

Secretly I wanted him to just drop the bedding and slam me down on the mattress and fuck me with his perfect, tan body. He laid down roughly and quickly replied, "Hey thanks for keeping me tonight, I live pretty far from you. Which sucks by the way! Sometime you'll have to come stay with me in my place... it's only fair, right?" As he winked at me and stretched.

"Oh no problem at all Dom, and I'd like that a lot haha. Well it's pretty late, I'm gonna dose off mate. I set my alarm for 8:30... is that ok? Then I'll sneak you out." I said with a horny sigh.
"Perfecto chico. I'll see you soon." He smiled and turned over.

Within minutes he was tossing and turning on the wooden floor, making rather loud moving noises. He sat up slowly with a couple of back pops tinking out loud and glared at me through the pitch black room. "Ey buddy... you still awake?" He softly whispered...
"What's up Dom? You alright?" I immediately whispered back.
"I lied. Can I come sleep with ya? I don't think I could sleep an hour on this floor! haha"
"Sure thing! Come on, you have this side and I'll have this side. Or I can sleep the other way and you sleep this way?" I explained.

"No man, just stay where you are. I'll just snug right next to ya. Esta bien?" He whispered softer.
"That's perfect... I mean! It's fine!" I nervously replied.
Within another couple minutes, we both tossed a bit. We couldn't sleep clearly.

Dominik turned over with eyes wide open and a raging boner, looked at me, grabbed my right hand and put it down his boxers. "I hope it's not too sudden, thats how some of us Ticos handle things around here." He said with his full voice this time.
I didn't say a word back and started massaging his pulsing eight inch penis thoroughly. He let out a couple sexual sighs of relief as I moved myself south under the blankets and into his boxers. He had already begun to precum, so his head was perfectly wet.

I wrapped my lips around his hard, tan, cut dick and slowly slid up and down, making him cringe with pleasure. His muscles began to tighten and shake a little as he slid his hands through my hair. I pulled his boxers off and tossed them next to the bed. I slid up and down a few more times as his legs stretched and his soft balls touched my buzzed chin. I ran one hand up his stomach to his slightly hairy chest, while the other hand tickled the space between his balls and asshole, making him let out another sigh of relief, only louder. He split his legs a little wider while he shoved my head up and down his beautiful pole, wrapping his strong hands through my hair. While my head was bobbing, I softly grabbed his sack and started to lick his balls, letting my own pleasured sigh out this time.

I pulled my head up leaving his big head with a nice hard suck. I took off my white shirt and boxers and threw them across the room at the mirror. I looked down as I was sitting between Dominik's legs... he was perfect. His perfectly tanned, flexed muscles, his perfect smile, his perfect hair on his head and chest, his perfectly shaped dick, he just couldn't get more perfect! I bent down to suck his throbbing cock and I slid both my hands up his abs and chest up into is buzzed beard. He let out an "Oh!" as I licked from his head to his asshole. Dominik grasped the sides of the bed frame so that I could pull legs up and give him a good rim. Even his asshole was perfect, hairless, tight and pink. I licked like I've never licked before.

I mean, I didn't have much experience in this department of gay sex, but it's pretty self explanatory. Plus all those teenage years of watching gay porn on my laptop was starting to become even more useful than just practicing with my hand!
Dominik let out a few more sighs and gasps of pleasure as I kept eating out his asshole.

"You want it boy?" He roughly whispered to me... I stopped mid lick to clarify, "You want to fuck me?"
"Uh... duh! Come here kid." As he bent back down and pushed me down on the mattress. Even though I wasn't a kid, I loved how he talked to me. His sexy voice added to the whole experience. It was almost like having another person there... every time he spoke it gave me chills. Dominik came up to my face to kiss me before we started fucking like dogs. It had to be the most passionate kiss I have ever had in my life. His sheer sexuality and touch made it another perfect connection.

"I'm gunna fuck you so hard. Especially after that rim job you gave me, que rico!" He said in his hot, deep voice.
Again I didn't say a word and let him proceed with his intention. He split my legs, put his condom on, spat on my asshole and slowly slid his long, thick slippery dick inside me. I gasped quickly, followed by another deep sigh of pleasure. He pulled himself out and returned another push into my asshole repeatedly. After a few pushes, he let out another "AWW man, you feel so good."

Still silent, I let him slide his hard penis in and out of me over and over. Teeth grinding and moaning, he began to hump faster as I began to softly moan from his new angle fucking me.

After about twenty-five minutes of having sex in various positions, Dominik began to quietly growl and hump me even faster than before. "You gonna cum mate?" I asked.
"Si! Soon!" He replied loudly. And literally five seconds later, Dominik shot his huge load of cum inside me. Even though it was in a condom, I could feel the explosion widen my insides... it felt, well?... perfect! I let out a loud moan followed by another deep breath.

"You sure liked that huh Dom?" I asked as I turned back over on my back.
"Aww! Oh! Si mae... so much." He whispered back. "Now let me help you out kid..."
"OK!" I answered with enthusiasm.
"What do you want me to do? Anything to see you cum." He asked.

"Lay on your back while I kneel over your mouth. Then you play with my balls with your tongue. That'll get me off no doubt mate!" I clarified.
So Dom did what I told him to do. As he tickled my sack, it gave me chills all up and down my body. And not too long after he started to finger me, I came all over his chest.

By the time we were both finished and cleaned up, it was 4:30 in the morning and he had to leave in four hours. So we quickly fell asleep spooning (I was the little spoon).
What felt like three seconds of sleep, the alarm went off and it was already 8:30. Dominik woke up with a twitch and rolled out of bed to put his clothes on, as did I. We kissed repeatedly and then quietly snuck out of the house. I kissed him one more time as he closed the gate, he flashed me his perfect smile and began to walk downtown.

"I'll text you when I am at work mae! See you soon!" He shouted from the street corner.
I walked back in the house and into the kitchen to sit down for an excellent, prepared breakfast with my housemates. With a smile ranging from ear to ear, I took a sip of the hot coffee and began to eat.

To be continued...

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