My Student’s Hot Mother

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100% fiction!

Hi I am Navin from Nagpur. I am a final year engineering student, 175cm tall, 65kg weight and handsome features.

I belong to a not so well-to-do family, but my parents managed to get me through to engineering college. But within the last few months, I feel the financial crunch has hit the family hard because I sensed the forced reluctance of my dad whenever I asked him for some money for essential getting by. I am living in a room sharing basis with four of my friends in an apartment building. My other friends have financially strong background so they enjoy after college hours, but I impart personal tuitions in my area to school students. I was so desperate for money that I even taught students below 6th standard. One such student, Ravi, lived across the corridor on the same floor I had flat on. He studies in 5th standard and I teach him between 3pm and 5pm. His dad is a software engineer and works for some multinational company for a high pay packet. His mother, Hina, is real hot, and a well maintained figure. I secretly admire her beauty and hot figure whenever she is around.

That day, I went to Ravi’s place as usual and rang the doorbell. Hina opened the door for me. She was wearing a red tube top, which showed her navel and a nice cleavage, and a black midi skirt. She let me in and made me to sit on the sofa. I asked her, ‘where’ Ravi? I don’t see him around?!’ she said, ‘he has gone to his friend’s place to celebrate his birthday directly from school.’ I asked, ‘so when will he be back?’ she said, ‘oh! It would be 7 in the evening when he will be back.’ I said, ‘then there is no point in my staying here. I better get moving.’ She firmly made me sit down, the sweet fragrance of her perfume was alluring. She said, ‘I have put some coffee to brew, let’s have a drink and a chat before you leave.’ I weighed the odds mentally and also tried to figure a way out. I saw there was none and shrugged mentally, there was no harm in staying back and talking. She brought 2 cups, the coffee pot and some snacks on a tray and set it on the table in front of me. She knelt beside me and poured me a cup. I had an uninterrupted view of her nice cleavage. That, in addition to her flawless skin and the alluring fragrance was turning me on. I was nearly erect. She sat beside me with her cup of coffee and we waited until we had started drinking. She asked, ‘how’s Ravi?’ I said, ‘good.. he is a brilliant student except that he is a bit stubborn at times.’ She asked, ‘any instance of such stubbornness?’ I replied, ‘he was adamant one day about not studying and I had to slap him hard to make him study. I am sorry I hit him, but he irritated me a lot that day.’ She said, ‘it’s quite okay with me. Hit him if you want to, but make sure he turns around well.’ I said, ‘don’t worry. Leave him to me.’

She said, ‘I can leave him to you, but what about me?’ I looked at her and asked, ‘what do you mean?’ she replied, ‘you see! I have an obsession for commanding other people. I like it if what I say is done by others. But I want to experience what it feels like being a servant and having a master.’ I said, ‘well, if you want I can help you out in that.’ She said, ‘ok! I would like that. How can you help.’ I said, ‘remember! I will command you as long as I teach Ravi. You have to do what I say. Once you give me your word, you can’t back down. Otherwise I would be unable to help you. And no questions asked. Every time you ask a question or object, I will punish you as I deem fit. Is that clear?’ She laughed and said, ‘my! You are bossy already! Ok, I agree.’ I said, ‘Ok! Get up and make sure the doors locked.’ She obeyed. I had drunk all the coffee and said, ‘clear the tables and be quick about it. I have many things to be done through you.’ She merely smiled and did the job.

I thought of putting my erotic unease at rest and said, ‘now! Let’s get to your bedroom and have a look around.’ She walked to her room and I followed her. I entered after her and said, ‘now close the door behind you and secure it with the hasp.’ She looked at me questioningly, but didn’t say anything. Clearly, she was going by the word of book. When she had done so, I said, ‘now come here and stand facing me.’ she did, I instructed her, ‘come closer.’ She stepped closer and said, ‘look! I don’t know, I but what are you trying to do?’ I said, ‘I told you, no questions or objections. Now get ready for the punishment.’ I grabbed her by her waist and pulled her head in close and kissed her lips. She tried to struggle free, but I didn’t let go of her. When I freed her, she said, ‘next instructions please!’ I said, ‘strip naked.’ She looked up at me, surprised, hesitated and cowered when I shouted, ‘come on! Hurry up! I don’t just want us to stand around.’ She quickly stripped off her clothes. She was hot and maybe even turned on by my vehemence, her nipples were erect. I fingered her boobs and tummy. Then I also touched her hot pussy. She had waxed it. She drew a sharp intake of breath as I touched her pussy. I think she liked it, I touched it again, and kissed her on her lips, then on her neck and boobs.

Next I commanded, ‘now don’t just stand gawking at me like a stupid idiot and undress me.’ she quickly and expertly undressed me. I saw her eyes widened at the sight of my big hard cock. I said, ‘hold it, and don’t just hold it stroke it.’ She held it in her hand and gasped with delight at the thickness of my cock. I knew by the look of her face that she was going to be my slut.

I squeezed her boobs and sucked on them while she stroked me. I said urgently, ‘kneel down and suck me. I want to feel your hot mouth around my cock.’ She promptly knelt down, put my cock in her mouth and sucked me. Her mouth was like hot velvet on my cock. I said, ‘all right, my slutty whore! I am going to cum soon, but you are to keep on sucking my cock. Suck it dry and drink all my cum.’ I held her head in place, and to facilitate quicker climax, I fucked her mouth like a cunt. She too sensed my mood and sucked my cock harder. I soon came with a loud grunt and she drank up all my cum. I pulled my cock out of her mouth and slapped her cheek with it. I said, ‘a brilliant display of word to word compliance.’ She smiled up at me.

I made her get up and hugged her closer. We kissed like mad, and stumbled our way to the bed. She pulled me on top of her and we kept on kissing, our tongues exploring each other’s mouth, our breathing labored now with the frenzy of the erotic pleasure. Next I ate her juicy wet cunt. With every move I had her squirming and moaning and soon had her cumming in my mouth. I licked her dry and said, ‘get me erect again, you slut.’ She sighed with pleasure and anticipation and sucked my cock to get it erect. When I was erect, I said, ‘lick my balls and clean them.’ She licked my balls and lightly bit them. I laughed and squeezed her nipples and said, ‘you dirty whore! You sure do know how to handle them.’ We laughed and I squeezed her boobs and nipples. I titty-fucked her and came on her boobs. I spread my cream all over her boobs with the help of my cock and stood by her side. As if by unspoken command, she started sucking my cock and rubbed my cum all over her body.

I waited till my cock was erect in her hot mouth. I pulled my cock and she pouted. I laughed and said, ‘just you wait, slut! I am going to show how to rip a cunt apart with this thing.’ I got between her legs and pushed my cock straight into her with a vicious force of all my pent up lust for her. She screamed and gasped in pain and delight. I kept on fucking her like a common whore and pushing her towards violent orgasms. After she had climaxed twice on my vicious cock, she looked up at me and I said, ‘now, slut! You are completely my slave and I am going to use you for my pleasure alone, whether you like it or not, I am going to fill your tight cunt with my cum.’ She whimpered and nodded.

I fucked her harder and literally rammed her cunt with my cock; she was shouting and screaming in a lustful frenzy. I balanced myself by gripping her boobs and kept on fucking her like mad. Her noise increased with this and I put an end to this by putting my lips on her and fucked her while kissing. She arched her back as I penetrated her deeper and deeper. Her pulsating muscles were indication enough that she had an orgasm coming her way, the throbbing increased in its force and in turn pushed me farther towards climax. She moved her cunt to the rhythmic thrusts of my cock. The overall effect proved to be a deadly combination and we both climaxed together. I discharged a huge load of cum into her hot and now soaking wet cunt. I was still lying on her, my cock buried deep inside her, we kissed passionately as our juices mixed inside her fertile cunt. I said, ‘now, whore! That was a fabulous fuck.’ I slid out of her and she went to pee. I stood on the bathrooms doorway and called out to her, ‘be quick about it. I am not through with you. I am ready for more.’ she laughed and said, ‘yes master! In a moment..’

As soon as she was back, I bedded her again and fucked her with the vigour equal to our last session. When I had collapsed finally, she fondled my hair and kissed me lovingly. I could see that she was enjoying immensely the way I had used her. This was a new one on her as she confirmed, ‘good god! My husband is never so aggressive in bed. I like feeling being used as an object of sexual pleasure. You are a good dominator.’

We had another session, this time with her on top of me and I played with her boobs all the time we fucked and sent a jet of cum inside her hot and waiting cunt. She said, ‘you’re good.’ I laughed and said, ‘and you are an insatiable animal on bed.’ We laughed together and kissed.

We were sore everywhere our bodies had rubbed together and by the time I got out to dress, she pulled me back on the bed and I had to nail her on her bed and stretch her cunt with my big thick cock. I was wobbly when I walked all the way down to my house. I bet she would be exhausted too, with all the punishment her bottom had received. But it was worth it for me, as I had fulfilled me sexual desires with her and she paid me a handsome ‘fees’ for satisfying her, along with the due fees for teaching Ravi.

Now a days, whenever Hina feels like getting dominated by me, she rids of Ravi and gives me a call and I gladly go ahead and dominate her for my rightful ‘fees.’ She doesn’t mind it and I don’t mind it either way..;-)

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