My Squirting Orgasm

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My husband loves to hear stories of my wild & kinky past erotic encounters! He especially enjoys stories involving people he knows! He really gets off on this one. Hopefully you will too! If so…. don’t forget to tell me all about it!!! Anyway, here it goes…

I’ve squirted to perfection only 3 times in my life. Or should I say with 3 men. My husband gives me superb pleasure with his large, tasty, hot cock & tongue – easily making me wet & ready for fuckin’ anytime he wants to shoot his hot sticky cumm on top of my wet, black silk panties still wrapped around my aching pussy! He’s my pleasure machine!

However, I have never squirted with him. The first time was so shocking to me I thought I had pissed all over my partner. After realizing what was going on, he took a real kinky interest in my ability and me. We had a very short, very hot affair. I loved soaking him from his neck to his knees! And he loved it too! His girlfriend, however, did not love it. She decided to imprison him and his “gold brick dick” permanently. And away he went. And my newfound squirting orgasm.

Years passed. 

One night, I decided to sleep with a friend I knew in high school. We never dated. Just friends. 10 years later. Why not! 
Happily, for some reason, I was able to squirt all over him! We slept together twice. Now we’re just friends again. Easy to be “just friends” when you never really knew each other anyway! Maybe I’ll see him again in another 10 years. We’ll fuck, I’ll squirt, and so on! 

But the last lover who could make me scream & squirt did so in such a way that we developed a sexual addiction to each other. No strings. No fucking. No kissing. Only oral pleasure. He loved my blowjobs. I loved squirting freely all over him, his couch, and everything else near us! He’s the real story. It’s my husband’s favorite. And we’ve all known each other for years! Only he doesn’t know my husband knows every detail of what became addicting nightly erotica and he wants me to find my old friend … and immediately rekindle our steamy affair as he watches – Wayne – easily manipulate my body delivering me a perfectly executed squirting orgasm blasting uncontrollably all over my ex-hot, kinky neighbor turned lover! Would he want to play with me again?

I wondered what these 3 men had in common to please me so freely. Then it dawned on me. I shouldn’t have been with any of those guys! Each carried an element of danger. They all had more serious relationships with other women. And Wayne was a perfect example. He had a girlfriend. I knew her. 
You see I lived with my boyfriend of 4 years upstairs in the same building as Wayne and his. We were all friends. I never thought of Wayne as anything other than my hot friend. Another sexy friend!

But when my relationship ended, I was caught off guard and unprepared. Devasted, I was forced to leave my secure comfortable home and move into an empty apartment. It took me a few months to start going out again. One night, after not seeing anyone for a long time I ran into Wayne at a club in Hollywood. He was nice. He said I looked sad and he wanted to make me feel better – with an open invitation to his place…to talk or hang…whatever. Then I noticed something in his eyes. I was feeling aroused and curious. I felt differently about him for the first time. I started to get really hot. Yet somehow we both understood exactly what he meant. He was hitting on me! I got nervous. I can’t see him. He’s still a friend of my ex. He lives in my ex’s building. What if I’m caught sneaking over there? This was crazy! We’re friends. I can hang out with him. Platonic. He invited me over to his apartment anytime. Just to talk and hang. Friends. We exchanged numbers and I went home unable to stop thinking of him.

Suddenly I wanted to fuck him. I aroused myself for hours thinking about the erotic danger until I fell asleep.
Long story short…. 

Eventually I went to his place for an after hours party. I knew he wanted something. I felt it to. Looking at each other through crowded rooms. I stayed till everyone was gone. We were alone. I can’t remember the exact moment we were first together. But we both silently agreed on the nature of our new relationship – Fuck buddies! 

Somehow I started to suck his cock. It was exactly like I like. Clean. Straight. Thick. Hard. I loved blowing him. His cock throbbing in my mouth as he reached his tasty release.

Without pause he turned to me, lifting my dress, fingering tight wet pussy, sliding my panties off one leg. He’s behind me. Spreading my legs fully exposing my eager dripping pussy. He uses his mouth and hands, keeping me on all fours unable to move away or watch him. Working on me with purpose and know how! He knew he could bring me pleasure. But even he wasn’t ready for what happened next! Uncontrollably, I lost all ability to restrain myself…I came everywhere! Soaking his face, body, and couch.

So began our erotic journey. I believe I was his first squirter! He would call most every night with only one purpose in mind…. to get me off the best way possible! I drenched each cushion nightly after which he proudly set aside his cumm stained pieces knowing the longer they take to dry means his oral performance was closer to being perfect.

He became obsessed with wanting to bring me to squirting orgasm quicker and with more ease every single time! Convincing me every time to let him discover & master what pleasures my body. 

And each night I would go. He wanted to perfect his technique, which meant I would just have to reach insane pleasure every night. I must be dreaming’! And without fail he took me higher, faster, cumming harder every time and with every encounter…it got better, and better!
We went on like this with no intention of letting up. It was a great time…with one problem. I wanted him to fuck me. I love fucking! But he refused reasoning “no emotional attachments!

But I needed to fuck. After awhile I met my now husband, fell in love and decided to end my kinky affair and begin another exceptional love ride that also included fucking!

I left Wayne feeling shocked and confused that I could give up my squirting orgasms knowing I might never have one again!
That was 3 years ago.

My husband has realized many of my fantasies I once thought could never happen. He wants us to experience it all! 
Now, my husband wants me to find Wayne and rekindle our addiction routinely a few times a month as long as we want! And who knows…maybe with Wayne around we’ll share a host of other fetishes & fantasies together! Lucky me! It just might work! 

What do you think Wayne will do?/p>

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