My Son, My Lover

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This story is a work of pure fiction. I hope that you find it arousing and fun to read. I would appreciate any and all e-mail on what you have to say. Any suggestions would also be greatly appreciated.


My name is Jackie; I had my son at the young age of 15. The boy I was dating at the time told me that nothing would happen, but it did and my parents were livid. They talked with the boy’s parents, and told him never to come near me again. My mother wanted me to have the baby and then adopt it out, but my father argued that I should raise him so that I could see what was involved in having a child. I learned my lesson, that is until two years later. I had met another boy in school, Roy, and really enjoyed being with him. When he came by the house he would play with Jon, my son, thinking that he was my brother. Six months after we started to date, we had sex, and I got pregnant again. When my parents found out, my mother started to cry and my father threatened to kick me out of the house. My mother won this time, and I stayed. Roy was a year above me in school and when he got paid from his job, he would give me his check to help. Nine months later I had a girl, Jessie. Roy was going to quite school so that he could get a full time job to support us, but I talked him into staying in and graduating. Not too long after he graduated, Roy was involved in a bad car accident and was killed, I was devastated. The afternoon after we had the funeral, his parents came by my house with a very big surprise. It seemed that Roy’s grandfather had given him a huge inheritance when he graduated from high school. Roy had taken it to the bank, and put it into an account with his name on it. He had also purchased a safety deposit box and put two certified letters in it addressed to his parents and me. In my letter he told me that he knew that Jon was my son and that he was not upset, and loved us regardless. In the letter addressed to his parents he stated that he had consulted a lawyer after he graduated and all the money that his grandfather gave him was left to the kids and me. When I was handed the check I broke down and cried, it was for $250,000.

Today I turned 35, and it all flooded back to me. Every year at this time I would think back on my life, and wonder what it would be like if Roy had lived. I had taken the money that he left me, and with the help of my parents, invested it. I graduated from high school, and then went on to college to receive a degree in teaching. Jon is now 20, and his sister Jessie, 18. Jon is a junior at the local university studying business and Jessie is in her last year of high school. I worked hard to raise them and can’t really complain. They grew with me and have never fought like most siblings do. 

When I graduated I bought a house for the kids and I. I raised them with an open mind, and it wouldn’t be uncommon for us to see each other in our underclothes around the house or to leave our doors open, even in the bath. I looked younger than I was, and still had my youthful figure. Sometimes when I was out with the kids we would be mistaken as siblings and not mother and children.

Both Jon and Jessie had my red hair, but Jon had his father’s looks and Jessie took after me, figure and all. For the past few years, I had been looking at Jon in a different light. As an adolescent I would notice him in the mornings with his penis hard, but would think nothing of it. As he grew the bulge would get bigger. The last time that I had sex was with Roy; so at times this would give me a crazy feeling from my nipples down to my vagina. I have had these feelings since he was 18, and knew that in order to get rid of them, I had to have him. I knew it was wrong, but I didn’t care. I thought of a thousand ideas on how to get him, but I never had the nerve to put them to work That is until the day it happened. 

As a child Jon developed severe asthma. On one particular day, Jessie had left for school, and I was walking down the hall to leave for work. As I got close to the kids bathroom I heard a wheezing noise coming from inside. When I looked in, Jon was leaning against the sink in his underwear having a very hard time breathing.

“Jon! Are you ok?” I asked rushing to his side. 

“I don’t know mom. I was getting ready to brush my teeth when it started to get hard to breath,” Jon told me in between breaths. 

I knew that I didn’t have any more medicine in the house for him, because it had been years since he had an attack.

“Come on hun, let’s get you in bed.”

I am glad that Jon wasn’t much bigger than I. We managed to get to his room where he laid down. Just as I did when he was younger, I started to gentle rub his chest in slow circular motions. After a few minutes his breathing started to even out. I don’t know why, but I kept rubbing his chest and started to work lower. When I got down to his stomach, I would work my hand under his underwear a few times. After doing this his cock started to get hard, and my pussy got hot just thinking of what I was doing. As his cock got harder it started to push out the top of his underwear. I noticed this, so when I was rubbing his stomach I would rub his cock head more and more. Then I stopped rubbing his stomach, and started to rub his cock through his underwear. 


“Hush and relax.”

I reached into his underwear, and started to rub his cock up and down, Jon closed his eyes and moaned. I slowly rubbed his cock and wondered what it would feel like in me. I pushed his underwear down enough so that I could get a full look at his cock. As I wrapped my hand around it, I could tell that he got his size from his father as well; he was thick and long. I started to pump him a little faster.

“Mom, you better stop.”

I knew that he was getting close, so I pumped a little faster. When Jon lifted his hips up off the bed, I leaned over and took the head of his cock in my mouth. As soon as I got it in Jon, started to ejaculate. He was shooting a lot, so I had to swallow in a hurry to get it all down. When he stopped shooting, I let his cock out of my mouth and got up to walk to the bathroom. I walked back in with a warm washcloth, and gentle cleaned his cock. 
When I looked in his face, he had a question look to him.


“Not now. You just stay here and rest. We will talk later.”

I covered him up, kissed him on his cheek, and walked out of his room. 

An hour later, Jon came walking into the kitchen as I was sitting at the table drinking my coffee. He poured himself a cup and sat down with me.

“Why didn’t you go to work mom?”

“I was worried about you, and I called in.”

“I would have been ok mom. All it was was an asthma attack, I’ve had them before.”

“Yes you have. But, you can also die from them if you don’t watch it. I love you dearly and I don’t want to lose you.”

“I love you too. I always will, you’re my mother.”

“You don’t understand. I love you, but I don’t love you as a son. My love for you is much more than that.”

I looked at him, and saw the surprised look on his face.

“After you fell asleep, I sat in your room and watched you trying to figure out how to say this. Since you turned eighteen, I have had these thoughts go through me. I know it is a sin, and is morally wrong, but I look at you as a lover would. What happened this morning between us I have wanted to do for a long time, and I hope it won’t be the last. I want to make love to you, and when I do, I want to do it as a lover and not as a mother. There, I’ve said it.”

It got so quiet in the kitchen that you could hear a pin drop. I looked down at the coffee cup in my hands, as a silent tear ran down my cheek. From my peripheral vision, I saw Jon get up and walk over to me. He picked me up so that I was standing, and then he leaned down and kissed me. I melted in his arms and kissed back. We played tongue tag for a few minutes, and then he broke it.

“I love you too mom, but this is a big thing that you are asking. Please let me think about it, and I will let you know.”

Jon went to his room, changed, and then walked out to his car and drove away. 

Jon didn’t come home the rest of the day. I lay in bed that night waiting for him to come home, but sleep overtook me, and I didn’t wake till my alarm sounded. When I walked down the hall, I looked in Jon’s room as I passed, and he was asleep in bed. He must have gotten in, in the early hours of the morning. I continued on, and got ready for my day.

All the rest of the week, Jon said very little. I could tell by his facial expressions, that he had a lot on his mind. Jessie even noticed, and when she asked him if he wanted to talk about it, he told her it was something that he had to figure out on his own. Neither Jon nor I said anything more about what happened.

When Friday finally came, Jessie went out with friends, and Jon was in his room studying for exams. I had a long day at work, and decided to call it an early night. When I walked by Jon’s room, I walked in, kissed him on his cheek and told him good night as I always had.

In my bedroom, as I was getting ready to pull my gown over my head, I felt some hands come from behind me and touch my shoulders. I screamed, and jumped at the same time. Jon had come up behind me.

“Sweetheart, you scared me. Please don’t do that.”

Jon bent down and kissed me. It was a soft, kind, passionate kiss with our tongues tangling with each other, the kind of kiss that I would remember for days. 

As we stood there kissing, Jon pulled my gown over my head, leaving me standing in my panties and nothing else. Jon then pulled his shirt off, and let his pants and boxers drop to the floor. He then picked me up, and laid me on my bed. As he laid half way on me, Jon started to softly kiss me over my face, and then moved down to my neck As he was kissing my neck; Jon started to massage my tits and nipples with his hand. He was being so soft with his hands and kisses, I started to get a tingly feeling throughout my body that I haven’t had since Roy.

Jon then started to move lower with his kisses. When he got to my tits, and drew one into his mouth, I had my first orgasm in years. Jon did all this with his soft kisses, and soft caring hands.

As I shook in ecstasy, he drew my nipple in and started to nibble on it with his teeth. While he was doing this with one nipple, he was pinching the other with his hand. After just a few minutes on my tits, he had both my nipples sticking out a good quarter inch, and then he started to move lower and kiss my stomach. When Jon got to my panties, he grabbed them with his hands, and started to pull them down while he continued with his kisses. I picked my hips off the bed so he could get them past my ass, and all the way off. When he got down to my vagina, he stopped his kissing, and stuck his tongue out to lick me. Jon licked me up one side of my pussy, and down the other side all the way to my ass and back again. After doing this a few times, he stuck his tongue in my pussy to lick up my juices. I started my second orgasm of the night, and we haven’t had sex yet.

I was shaking so bad that Jon had to put his hand on my stomach to keep me from dislodging him. He was licking me, and drinking all my juices down. 
I thought that I had died and gone to heaven. Neither Jon’s father, nor Roy, had ever made me feel this way. Jon had been eating my pussy for about fifteen minutes, when he sucked my clit between his lips, then slowly pulled off. I went into another round of spasms.

Jon then started to kiss his way back up again. When he got back on top of me, I pulled his face down to mine, and kissed him tasting my juices in his mouth. I sucked on his lips, and licked around his mouth to get all I could.

When I felt him part my legs with his knees, I was ready to have him in me. Reaching between us, I took hold of his dick and put him at my entrance. Slowly he pushed, and his head slid past my lips. This was the first dick I have had in me, in the past eighteen years. His dick was a tight fit, so he slowly pushed himself in. When he got a little in, he would withdraw, and then push in again. Very slowly he did this, until I felt his balls hit my ass, and his dick hit my cervix. Feeling him all the way in me, my body started to shudder and shake with another orgasm. Jon felt so good in me, and filled me with a perfect fit. 

Slowly he started to pump in and out of me. Both of us set up a slow, and steady pace. We didn’t go fast, because we wanted this moment to last, forever. Ever so slowly, we moved. I knew that from now on, I would never look at Jon again as my son, but as my lover. 

I locked my legs around his, and pulled his ear down so I could whisper to me.

“Deeper Jon, deeper, I want all of you hun, oh, make love to me Jon, please.”

Slowly we moved as one, not one time did we speed up. It had seemed like hours that we had been doing this, when I felt Jon swell in me and he whispered.

“I am ready to cum. Do you want me to cum in you?”

“Please, please cum in me. I want you to fill me. I want to feel it.”

Slowly he pumped in and out of me, and then he pumped in one last time as he released his cum deep inside me. When I felt the first spurt, I shuddered and shook with one last orgasm. As we came down from our high, we rolled to the side with Jon still in me, and I kissed him again.

“Thank you hun. I love you so very, very much.”

“I Love you too mom.”

Then we fell asleep in each other’s arms.


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