My Slutty Mom

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100% fiction!

For as long as I can remember, my mom has been a slut. She is now a 53 year old woman who is 5 ft. tall and weighs 100 lbs. She has large breasts that are still very firm, a very nice bubble butt and a very hairy pussy with big brown wrinkley lips. She loves to suck a mans cock and she's very loud while having sex.

Many times while growing up, I listened to my mom suck and fuck many men and women and sometimes even get gangbanged. I've found her passed out, naked and cummy, all over our house. When I hit puberty and began to understand what she was doing, I became infatuated with her. I would lay in bed and masterbate to the sounds of her sucking or fucking some big dicked guy and she always found the big dicked ones. She told me one time that my dad was hung like a horse and he loved to spread it around. That explains my big cock, its 9 inches long and very fat with a big bulbous dark purple mushroom head that makes it look angry. My balls are big like my dick and I shoot a huge amount of cum all over my chest and even my headboard.

Now, when I hear my mom fucking, I jackoff in time with her and her big dicked friend and I cum along with them. I make as much noise as she does and say things like "take all my cum mom" or "suck your sons cock mom". I sleep naked with my door open and I jackoff with my door open. Mom has begun to pay more attention to me and I noticed she was spying on me when I jacked off. I began to walk around nude when it was just her and me. Mom was always looking at my cock and making remarks like "you could use that thing for batting practice" or "be careful or you'll break something with that big cock, baby".

About a week ago, mom came home with two older black men and they were drinking and messing around in the living room. I had been out drinking with my buddies and forgot my keys so when I got home, I had to knock on the door. When mom answered the door, she said "I don't know these guys very well so will you sit with us for a minute, I'll tell them your my neighbor". I said alright and we went in. They were both naked on the couch and mom was down to her panties and bra. Mom introduced me as her neighbor Mike and said "he's alright as long as I let him watch a little". Mom said "now where were we as she knelt in the floor between them.

Mom took a big cock in each hand and said "I love big black cock" and started taking turns sucking on them. One of the guys started taking her bra off while she sucked the other one. When he got her bra off, he looked at me and said "why don't you pull your moms panties off for us" and I just got behind my mom and started pulling her panties off as she raised her knees to help me. I let my hand slide up her wet sloppy pussy lips just as she pulled her mouth off the mans cock and looked around at me and said "are you going to get naked too, baby". I stripped and sat on the couch and my mom moved over and took my hard cock in her hands and looked me in the eye as she stroked me.

She had a lustful look on her face as she began to suck my big cock. The guy who took her bra off was kneeling behind mom and rubbing his big cock up and down her wet slit. Mom was backing into him but he just kept rubbing it in her slit. You could here her sloppy wetness as he flopped his hard cock up and down her slit. Mom was going back and forth sucking me and the other guy in a frenzy, looking so sad at me when the one behind her slid his big cock all the way to his balls and my poor old mom started moaning like she was hurt and then she pushed very hard back on him and her whole body began to jerk and she was cumming on the mans cock and just then I heard him say "I had to get that pussy goin cause I'm about to cum in it" and with that he grabbed my little moms shoulders and stuffed his whole big cock in her and started pumping her full of his hot cum. Mom was jerking and moaning and loving it all.

The one who fucked her pulled out and his buddy lined up to be next. He said "it ain't gonna take me long either, you one hot bitch", as he slid his big cock all the way in my tiny mom. She was moaning again like the man was killing her and she had a far away look in her eyes and I asked "are you ok mom" and she said I'm better than ok" as she started cuming again. She was jerking and shaking on the mans big cock as he said "I'm gonna cum to bitch" and you could tell by his grunts that he was filling her up. When he pulled out, I heard my mom moan like she missed it but he brought it around and held it in front of her face and my mom just started licking all of the mans slick, sticky cum into her mouth. The men put their clothes on and the one looked at me and said "you and yo mom got somethin special, so you need to take good care of her" as he nodded toward my big hard cock, and then they left.

Mom was on her back with her legs wide open and her red, swollen, sloppy pussy fully exposed. Mom said "are you alright with fucking your mom" and I said "I'm better that alright" as I sunk my whole cock in my moms hot used sloppy pussy that felt really good and surprizingly tight. Me and my mom were fucking like animals, I was pumping into her hard and breathing like a bull and she was banging her big pussy against my pelvis and kissing me and licking my face. We were very sweaty and I believe my dick was deeper in my moms pussy than I'd ever gotten it in any other woman.

I wanted to cum so bad, I wished I could make my mom pregnant, I wanted her to beg me to cum in her and just then she said "cum in me son, cum in your sltty moms used pussy, fill me up baby" and I buried my cock in my mom and I started cuming in her pussy and she was crying and jerking and saying "cum baby, cum in mommy baby...momma loves fucking her baby boy. Long story short, moms still a big slut, I fuck her with other people, she fucks other people but at the end of the night, its me fucking that old, used, red swollen cummy pussy of my moms.

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