My Racing Coach

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(This will be from the racer's prospective, than the coaches prospective.)

Coach: I am excited, the race is this week, a week I have off from college, thanksgiving. I'm 25 and I'm at the terminal now, my client right behind me. My muscles bulged, as he strained to carry the gigantic packages. Airplane attendants asked me if I wanted help, and I declined it, wanting to show superiority.

 Danny: The entire flight through I snored, and when I awoke, my crotch had a nice warm feeling, the canvas dungarees had a bulge, which I quickly covered up. My racing coach was looking out the window, ignoring me. I noticed he had a gigantic bulge, the dungarees he was wearing had a round giant bulge coming out. The reason why we wear dungarees, is my coach says we have to look professional before a race. Truth is, my racing coach is 25, and is just very experienced. I felt like I needed to shoot out a load, but I didn't, because it would just feel wrong on an airplane.

 Danny: With an entire weekend to do nothing, I chilled for the first 2 hours of the day, my coach was reading Readers Digest. I watched TV for two hours, not mainly watching anything, just flipping the channels. Suddenly, my coach was on top of me, wrestling me down and pinning me down. He smiled. "wedgie!" The shout escaped from his mouth, and he got a firm grip on my boxer-briefs. He had the front part of my boxer-briefs, so I knew it was going to hurt. I struggled, and he just smiled and his muscles pinned me down. He slowly inched it up, my balls in pain, soon it was over my head, and he was arching it, and it started to go down my back. The entire time, you could only hear his breathing, and I could hear my heart pounding. When he finally reached the back of my underwear, he tied a knot, and departed. I struggled, trying to get it undone. He came back and took pictures. Then he undid my wedgie, the underwear quickly coming back.

 Danny: It was still only an hour after all of this had started, I had gone to the bathroom to change into new underwear, although I had a strange feeling that whatever happened in here, my coach would know about. I threw my first pair of boxer briefs away, they were now so stretched out, it was pointless wearing them. My coach knocked while I was putting on a shirt, and suddenly opened the door. I had my canvis dungarees, belt and boxer briefs already on. He advanced on me, I quickly ran out of the bathroom, and out into the open. We were in New York, in a 20 floor hotel, and we were on the 7th. I tore down the stairs, not stoppping, the elevator you couldn't count on to come immediately. I quickly picked to step off at the 3rd floor, and ducked into the hall. 5, 10, 15 minutes passed, and nobody came down the stairs, so I walked back up, and found my coach sleeping on the bed. Then I realized, there was only one bed! How were they going to do it? I quietly walked across the room, half-way, when I was right by the bed, I saw a waistband showing. And it wasn't mine.

 Danny: The snores were coming loudly now, and I saw his waistband getting exposed in his inhale, and crawling back under his dungarees in the exhale. They were Calvin Klein boxer briefs, the exact same type as mine. I took a minute to marvel at my sleeping race coach, he had probably chosen to take some quick Zz's while I was gone. I reached quietly for the exposed waistband on his inhale, and got a firm grip on them, he was still snoring, a deep sleeper, huh? He was laying on his back, so I could do a front wedgie, but I wanted to make it memorable. I had an idea, but it was dangerous, and it would mean relieving my position of power with his underwear. But slowly, I inched one hand to his belt, and unbuckled it, and then, unzipped his fly. I found myself getting a boner, gross, but I didn't stop. I took off his dungarees and then took off my own, yep, same color, same brand, only mine was 3 sizes smaller. I took off my dungarees, I did the switch really fast, although there was no way I was going to take his off, so I just put my boxer briefs over it. They where like small shorts on me.

 Danny: I quickly and quietly left the apartment, and took the elevator to the lobby, where I order a drink and waited.

 Coach: I woke up, very uncomfortable, whenever I shifted, my buttocks and my dick ached. I undid my belt and unzipped my fly, and when I looked down, I saw tiny boxer briefs on me, wait, not tiny, Danny's size! The realization hits me, and I race downstairs, my self-inflicted wedgie getting tighter and tighter with every step. I reached the lobby, and called Danny. I saw his shoulders immediately tense, and his eyes widen. "Danny, I need to talk to you, meet me at our floor." Danny followed, and I raced back up to the floor, and stood ready, and locked the door when Danny got inside.

 Danny: I saw take off his dungarees and belt, than my boxer briefs. "Clever, clever, but I will get you back." He said, as he advanced, his hands where ready, this time I was just going to have to give a straight out wedgie, he grabbed my underwear in a flash, but suddenly, my hands raced forward and grabbed his front. "We'll make some rules about our war in a minute." He whispered, and we where at a stand off, I could yank up, and do some damage, but not as much as he was prepared to do.

 Coach: I had an advantage on Danny, I could keep him pinned with one hand, as I was the stronger one, so with the other one, I then started to work away at his belt, with one hand, it was hard, but it eventually unclipped. Than in a panic, Danny had wedgied me! The front wedgie was excruciating I was not expecting it to pack such a punch. I fell to the ground, where Danny wedgied me again, from the back this time. The pain wasn't as bad but I was defenseless, Danny had won this fight. So, I knew something that would make Danny defenseless. With Danny at the peak of his puberty, and me already closed to finished, I wasn't really afraid of being naked around guys, Danny was. I stripped down to my g-stringed boxer briefs, than took those off. I brought out new boxer briefs, and Danny was staring at me in awe. Than I put them on, and gave Danny the wedgie of his life.

 Danny: I had completely forgotten about the wedgie war, why would my coach change right in front of me? I just laid suspended in the air, while he bounced me up and down, dragged me on the ground, until my boxer briefs were in his hands. Then he finished the job he started. I resisted, but my zipper came down, and my penis was there, it seemed miniscule to his dick I had seen before, but both were facile. He then carried me over to the bathroom, where he put a pair of HIS briefs on over mine, and than wedgied me, he forced me to write the rules when wedgied. "Any time a person has underwear on, they are asking for a wedgie, and whenever somebody is asking for a wedgie, it must be given. If a person surrenders, any punishment is acceptable, keep fighting down to the very last pair of boxer briefs. If they all break, than the punishment is the looser has to go buy whatever the winner wants him to wear, and the winner gets to pick what he wants."

 Coach: I was satisfied when the rules were finished, and quickly tore his next pair.

 The battle waged for a day, with only a pair left for each side.

 When suddenly Danny catapulted out from the Coach's back, and tore his last pair, but the coach suddenly turned and ripped Danny's, they both argued for an hour, and then, the Coach kissed Danny. It was a shock, certainly. But than the Coach laughed. "Look at the look on your face! I'll buy the underwear, what did you want?" The Coach inquired. "Boxer briefs, calvin klein, and you, tighty wighties that are my size." I wanted to feel victorious, but in the middle of a g-string I didn't feel anything but pain. When he came back, the Coach put on his tighty wighties, turned on the TV, and crawled in bed, I put on boxer briefs, and crawled into bed next to him, not sure what to do. And suddenly, I fell asleep, cooed by the noises of NASCAR

 Danny: I woke to another erection and warm sensation. I never remembered these dreams, though. It was 7 in the morning, and I was encompassed in the Coach's arms, his tighty wighties rubbing against my boxer-briefs.

 Coach: I had rubbed Danny in the night, and on the plane, until both times he orgasmed. I had just rubbed him with his pants on, and felt his average penis beneath the canvas dungarees. Now I just pretended to sleep when he woke up, and crawled out of bed, with him, and we had breakfast up here.

 Danny: Since I won the wedgie war, the Coach had been dormant, probably not expecting that, then that night, he suddenly took off my boxer briefs, and laid me on one knee.

 Coach: I had Danny suspended and the OTK (Over The Knee) view was great, I saw his dick, in a flacid form, and quickly dealt the punishment of spanking him with my hand. Oh, the fun of spanking a boy at his adolescent peak. I finished fast, and than enjoyed my work, turned him over, and started masturbating for him.

Danny: All of this was new to me, my bush was small, but bigger than a peach fuzz, and when the Coach suddenly took off his tighty wighties, I saw his erect dick, it was gigantic! "14 inches long, mine is." The Coach boasted "I can also make it erect or flaccid at will." I stared at it in awe. My dick was a measely 6 inches. His was so big, I couldn't even look at it for long, it was meaty and 14 inches long, certainly has made at least one girl a very happy camper.

Coach: After he orgasmed, just like on the plane, I turned him over, and slowly injected my cock into his hole. It was so big and so long, I could actually keep him an inch about the ground, ignoring his protests.

Danny: Following the wedgie rules, I got a wedgie out of the Coach every single night, and he fucked me every single night, and I won the race, we had lots of adventures after that, but that was our best one

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