My Perfect Wedding Night : Part 1

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100% fiction!

Twenty-one year old Nicole lies naked on my wedding bed. Her pretty, young, and innocent face reminds me of her older sister Katie when I first met her in college. She was the most beautiful, sweet, and innocent girl I have ever met. We fell in love at the first sight and today we are finally getting married.

But glancing down Nicole's young and naked body reminded me of a completely different Katie. The dirty and horny Katie who was begging to get fucked by her boss in the midst of a corporate party on his yacht. That night she was in the same position as Nicole. Naked, arms tied to the bed post, legs spread wide open, exposing a shaven virgin pussy in front of a very horny man.

I put my head down between Nicole's legs, sniff hard, and let out a moan, "hemmmmm ... a virgin pussy!" Exactly the same words I heard when I walked into the guest bedroom of that yacht five years ago. I was in shock.

"I'm so sorry Tommy, this is not what you think ..." Katie's boss pushed me out of the room as Katie tried to explain. In a glimpse I thought I saw tears down her beautiful blue eyes. Her boss closed the door behind us, the room clearly sound-proofed as I could no longer hear my girlfriend's voice.

"Katie's broken a very expensive antique vase earlier and I had it on tape," her boss explained, "she could either pay for the damage or wait to get sued. And I have to say, she's not only a beautiful girl but also smart by accepting the payment method I proposed. As for you, buddy, you can feel free to continue partying or go into that room to watch through the security camera how I claim my payment, up to you."

I watched my lovely girlfriend lost her virginity that night through the security camera. She has talked about saving it for me in a special occasion. After we've earned our first paychecks we will fly to some beautiful island and make love for the first time in Christmas. But Christmas was not soon enough that year.

We've been fooling around sexually since we've been dating. And we've both been starving for sex the whole time but losing her virginity was always a special thing that both of us wanted to wait. That night, though, she let her 40-year old wealthy and powerful boss conquer her virgin body with his rock hard 9.5-inch cock.

When we left his yacht three days later, my sweet and innocent girlfriend from Maine has already taken his cock in all three holes. As we walked towards the town car that her boss ordered to pick us up, I remember looking down her torn skirt, seeing traces of fresh white cum dripping down her toned sexy smooth thighs.

When we got into the backseat of the car, before I could even speak Katie jumped on me. She sat on me and started rubbing her pussy on my legs and started moan, "oh god, I need more ... I need more ..."

My cock was fully erected after Katie stroke it for like 10 seconds, and when she pushed her pussy lips down for penetration, I thought a drop of white cum actually dripped onto the tip of my penis. And that was my first sex with Katie. Not any romantic love-making in Christmas on an island, but horny and degraded intercourse with a pussy that's filled with another man's cum.

I cum really quickly, but Katie wanted more. She fingered herself all the way home and we fucked for two more times before she finally collapsed. She explained, apologized, and made a promise that she will make it up to me.

"I'm so sorry that I broke my promise and gave away my virginity. At first I was scared and didn't know what to do. Then I lost my senses when Kevin started licking my pussy ... I was so turned on and I really wanted a cock in me ..." Katie explained as she rested her head on my chest, her wavy blonde hair smells as good as usual.

"And then it happened, very painful at first, but then an intense sense of pleasure started rushing down my body. I was ashamed but my body wanted more. Then came the touching, the kissing, the licking. Then came the oral, the anal, and all those kinky games ..." tears started falling down Katie's bright blue eyes.

"I'm so sorry Tommy ... I was a slut and I was out of control. I promised I'll make it up to you. I'll do anything. Tell me what can I do to make it up to you ... I love you Tommy I'm so sorry ..." Katie started crying now, like a baby in my arms.

I then told her for the past three days I've watched everything that happened on the yacht. I admitted that I was turned on as well and masturbated at least 5 times in the security camera room. I said I still loved her, but I couldn't get over the fact that she has lost her virginity to someone else.

Then Katie made her offer. She wanted me to forgive her and in return she would get me a virgin to deflower on a special day. I told her to let me choose my virgin, at anytime I wish, and on any occasion I want. She made her promise, we made love, fell asleep, and our lives was never the same.

Fiver years later I finally chose the virgin and the special occasion I want. And now on my wedding bed lies Katie's beautiful twenty-one year old sister, Nicole. Naked, arms tied to the bed post, legs spread wide open. I snipped hard one more time and moaned again, "hemmmmm ... virgin pussy!"

No response. Katie then reminds her sister, "Nicole, it's your turn, you need to follow the video ..."

"Oh god ... are you going to fuck me ...," Nicole, after watching the video over again in the last few weeks, repeated the exact words my wife said five years ago on the yacht, "please don't ... you said you just wanted to play with my body ... please don't fuck me, I'm a virgin and I'm saving it for my boyfriend ..."

I won't doubt if Nicole has a boyfriend. How could such a beautiful girl be single anyway? But has she saved her virginity for him like her sister did to me? That would really make tonight perfect, but for now I'm too horny to care.

"Don't worry sweetie. I won't force myself on you, but I promise in a few you will forget about your boyfriend and start begging me for some cock!" I repeated the exact words Katie's boss replied that night.

So this is it. I'm going to re-enact what happened on the yacht with my wife's younger sister. I'll soon get to kiss her sweet lips, suck on her 36D big boobs, lick around her sexy and tight inner thighs, conquer her virgin body with my rock hard 7-inch penis, and then embark on a 3-day adventure of horny and kinky sexual journey filled with sweat and cum.

But before then, I'm going to lick Nicole's pussy until I turn this innocent virgin into a horny slut begging for cock. My wife, of course, will sit on the side and tape the whole night.

Our perfect wedding night.

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