My Most Cum-Filled Night with Extra Details

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My name is Carolyn, and I have an obsession for sucking cocks. I love the feeling of control I get when I have my lips wrapped around a hard cock. And there's something about the taste and gooey texture of cum that I absolutely love. That's why my favorite activity is sucking guys’ cocks and swallowing their creamy cum while my hubby Mark watches. I just can't get enough cum, and the closest I’ve come to satisfying my thirst for it was at a stag party for Steve, a friend of Mark's.

As part of our wedding gift, I agreed to provide free "entertainment" at Steve's stag party. It was held in a small banquet room in the basement of a local restaurant, and there were 17 guys there including Mark. I wore a sheer black baby doll nighttime with high heels and no panties.

For a while I just walked around bringing guys drinks and hors d'oeuvres, and as I did, they'd grab my tits or finger my pussy. It wasn't long before I was so horny that pussy juice was actually running down my thighs.

Once the food was done, I went to the small stage at the front of the room. Mark turned on the music, and I started doing some exotic dancing. Years earlier I had worked as a topless dancer at the Rondun pub, so I had all the right moves to drive the guys wild. By the end of the second song, I had removed my bikini, and I got off the stage and started dancing around from table to table. I sat in guy’s laps and they fondled and sucked my tits as I ground my pussy against the bulges in their pants to the driving beat of the rock music.

After about 1/2 an hour of that, I told Mark to cut the music. I then asked him to put a chair in the middle of the room and for the groom, Steve, to sit in the seat of honor.

As soon as he sat down, I knelt in front of him, undid his belt, unzipped him and pulled his pants to the floor. I started kissing and licking his cock and his balls, and then I wrapped my soft, moist lips around his hard shaft and hungrily started to suck his cock. The rest of the guys gathered around to watch, and some of them pulled out their cocks and started stroking. I warned them to stop, as I wanted their cum in my mouth, not on the floor. It only took the groom about 5 minutes to shoot a big load down my throat, and then all the other guys took their turns in the seat of honor.

All but one of them were more than happy to just sit there and let me make love to their cocks with my lips and tongue, but Gary wanted to play a more active role. He asked if it was okay for him to stand up and fuck my mouth like a pussy, to which I replied that as long as he ended up feeding me a load of creamy cum, however he wanted to do it was fine with me.

He grabbed the back of my head, stuck his hard cock into my eager mouth and started thrusting it slowly in and out. As he did, I applied pressure to his cock with my lips and let my tongue flick along the bottom of it. I also started to fondle and gently squeeze his balls. Soon Gary started pounded his cock into my mouth harder and faster, and I could feel the head of his cock pushing down the back of my throat.

When I felt his cock start to throb like he was ready to cum, I shoved a finger into his ass, and BOOM...Gary moaned loudly and his cock exploded in my mouth with a huge torrent of cum. I sucked and swallowed as best as I could, but there was so much cum, and he was fucking my mouth so hard, that some cum dribbled out of my mouth, ran down my chin and dripped onto my right tit. After Gary was totally spent, I licked his cock clean, then I used my fingers to wipe the cum off my chin and licked it off my fingers. Then I grabbed my right tit, pulled it up as much as I could, leaned my head down and licked the cum off it. The Marines have a motto of “no man left behind”, and my version of it is “no cum left behind”.

Anyway, to make a long story short, after about 2-1/2 hours I had managed to suck the cocks of all 17 guys and swallow every delicious drop of cum. Then Mark said it was my turn to be satisfied. He carried me over to one of the tables where he had placed a comfy duvet, and he gently laid me down on my back. Mark then held my legs up, asked me to spread them, and invited the guys to discover how sweet tasting my pussy was. I keep my pussy totally shaved, so it was easy for everyone to see how it glistened from all the juices that sucking those cocks had produced. They all took turns licking, nibbling and fingering my soaking wet pussy, and I lost track of how many incredible orgasms I had.

I was just lying there with my eyes closed in ecstasy, when all of a sudden I felt a hard cock pound into my pussy, and when I looked up I saw Steve fucking me for all he was worth. When he was done, Mark had a turn fucking me, and after him Jeff, the best man, did me. His cock was one of the thickest I've ever had, and Mark told me later that when Jeff was fucking me I was making loud, guttural, animal-like moans and my entire body was quivering.

When Jeff's cock finally exploded inside me, I could feel him pumping and pumping and pumping. It felt like the biggest load of cum anyone had ever shot into my pussy. I thanked him for the great fuck, and then I asked him to please get a small spoon and feed me his cum. He was happy to comply. He carefully stuck the spoon up into my pussy and started scooping out the cum and feeding it into my mouth. He managed to feed me 4 spoonfuls, and when he was done I just lay back with a big smile on my face and all the guys applauded me. It was one of the best nights of my life, and the closest I've ever come to satisfying my thirst for cum.

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