My Masseuse Ch. 04

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I have had excellent feedback on My Masseuse, and as long as you the reader keep asking for more, I will keep writing.


I helped Angie move, or really, she helped me. After talking about it, we decided that I would move in with her. Angie’s place was bigger than mine, and her bed was big enough for the both of us. The bed I had was a little too small for my 6’6” frame, and when the both of us were on it, there was very little room left. 

At first, no one really took notice of us. But after a few weeks, we started to get a lot of stares, and a lot of talking was going on about us. I was white, and she was black, so what. I think it all started after I visited her one-day to get my haircut.

When I walked in, the receptionist who doubled as their manicurist greeted me.

“May I help you?”

“Yes, I am here to see Angie.”

“She is with someone right now. If you would like to have a seat, I will let her know that you are here.”

“Thank you.”

About 20 minutes later, Angie came out to get me.

“Hey hun, sorry it took so long. I had to do a perm, and it took a little longer than expected.”

I gave her a big hug and then followed her to the back. When I hugged her, I saw that the receptionist had a funny look on her face, but didn’t say anything. 

Angie cut my hair, and when she was done, walked out with me. When we got up front the same girl was there. Angie and I hugged each other, kissed, and then said our good-byes. 

When Angie got home that night I could tell that she was a little upset. I asked her what was wrong, and at first she said that it was nothing. After asking her a few times, she told me that the girl at work had verbally degraded her because she had kissed a white man. I told her not to worry about it, but everything just snowballed from there.

I am a person who will judge others by what they have on the inside, and not outside. If two people love each other, it shouldn’t matter what skin color they have. Black, white, red, yellow, who gives a damn. 

When we first started to get harassed, it really didn’t bother me. Then the calls at all hours of the night started, and the death threats, I started to take it personally. I handle myself real good in tough situations, but Angie is what really bothered me. I loved her dearly, and didn’t want any harm to come to her. It all came to head one night when we went out to eat. 

We walked into the restaurant, and I told them that I needed a table for two.

“Excuse me sir, but I don’t see another person with you. Why do you need a table for two?” The man asked me.

I turned around and pointed at Angie. “That lady right there is with me. Now Can I get a table for two.”

“Sir, I will sit you at a table for one, but I am not going to sit that person with you.”

I reach down, grabbed the man at his shirt lapel, and picked him up so that he was level with me face.

“I asked you for a table for two. Now are you going to get it for us, or am I going to have to get it myself.” 

The scar that ran from my left ear to the corner of my mouth started to throb, and the man had a scared look on his face. The whole restaurant got deadly quiet, and they looked my way. I felt a hand touch me from behind, and at the same time a lady who I assumed was the manager came running up.

“What is going on here?” She asked.

“This insubordinate asshole insists that he will let me have a table, but not my girlfriend.” I told her. 

“Jon, please.” Angie said from behind me.

I let go of the man, and his feet went out from under him as he fell on the floor. 

“Let’s get out of this place.” I told Angie as I turned to her.

After we left the restaurant, I drove to the local park. I needed room to blow some steam, and this was the only place I could think of that would be free of people this time of night. Neither Angie nor I said anything to each other the whole way over.

Once there, we started to walk around.

“Why did you get so upset back there Jon?”

“I don’t know Ang. Maybe because I am getting tired of all this bullshit. Why can’t everyone just leave us alone, and let us live like we want to.”

We stopped at one of the picnic areas, and Angie turned me around so that I was facing her.

“You need to understand Jon, we will get this kind of treatment everywhere we go. You can’t go and manhandle people like you did back at the restaurant, even though he did deserve it. Next time you need to blow steam off like that, let me know. I have just the thing to calm you down.”

“And what would that be?” I asked her testily.

“This.” Angie grabbed my shirt, tore it open, sending buttons flying. Pushed me back against the picnic table, and started kissing me hungrily.

I had her outweighed, but she was manhandling me like I was a little child.

When I regained my balance, I reached around Angie, grabbed her by the ass picking her up, and turned to slam her down on the table. Angie momentarily lost her breath, and when she regained it, she whispered, “Yes.”

For some reason this excited me, and I could feel my cock hardening. Angie was wearing a skirt, so I reached up between her legs, grabbed her panties, and roughly ripped them off her. I stopped long enough to unbuckle my pants and let them drop. I grabbed her, pulled her down so that her legs were hanging off the table, and she was still laying flat on her back.

I stepped between her legs, took my cock, and rammed straight into her. Angie screamed out, but I didn’t pay any attention to her. I savagely rammed into her again …. again …. and again. Before I knew it, I blew my load in her, and she was shaking with her own orgasm. When we had calmed down, I found myself surprisingly calm. 

When I realized what I had done, I picked Angie up from the table and hugged her to me.

“Hun, I am sorry. I don’t know what came over me.” 

“It’s ok Jon. I wanted you to do it. You are calm now, and that was the whole idea of this. I wanted you to get your mind off things. Now that we had dessert before dinner, lets go eat.”

I let her go, and she straightened herself out. Her underwear was torn badly, so she went without. I pulled my pants up, and we headed back to my truck.

We found a restaurant where we could eat with no harassment from anyone, and sat there, talked and laughed like we normally did. After we were done, we went back to the park, and walked around hand in hand. We said hello to others that were there, and then went back home.

For the rest of the evening, Angie and I relaxed, enjoying each other’s company. Finally we decided to call it an evening. 

We lay in bed kissing, and letting our hands roam over each other. I had one hand rubbing one of Angie’s massive tits, and the other was between her legs. Two fingers were buried in her, and I was slowly pumping them in and out. While I was pumping her, my fingers were also rubbing against her clitoris, causing Angie to moan. She had hold of my cock and was slowly pumping me. 

Neither one of us sped up, just laying there, kissing each other with our tongues doing their own dance, and slowing bringing each other to our first orgasms since before dinner. I felt my scrotum tighten up, and at the same time I felt Angie’s vagina muscles grab hold of my fingers. She started to shudder in orgasm, and then I shot my cum over our stomachs as we lay side by side. When we were done, Angie rubbed the cum that was on her into her skin and then rolled me onto my back. She started to kiss me down my chest, and when she got to my cum covered stomach, she licked me clean before she moved down to my cock.

Angie took my soft member into her mouth, and started sucking me back to hardness. When she had me hard again, Angie took me out of her mouth and started to kiss my cock. She would kiss it for a little bit, and then start to run her tongue up and down it. Around the crown Angie would run her tongue, and then down the underside tracing the thick vein that was there. Kissing, then licking. Licking, then kissing. After about ten minutes of this, Angie sat up and straddled my hips. Grabbing hold of my cock, she lowered herself onto my until I was completely buried in her. 

She then started to savaged bounce up and down on me, like I did to her earlier in the park. Her DD’s were bouncing all over the place, so I grabbed hold, and roughly squeezed them. While Angie was jamming herself up and down on me, it seemed that she was enjoying herself. I pinched her nipples, and twisted them as hard as I could. Angie then slammed down on me one last time, and then screamed as she orgasmed again. 

After she had calmed down, Angie started to ride up and down on my cock again. This time she was doing it slow. After awhile I felt my cock swell. Angie must have felt it also as she disengaged herself, and swung around so that she could take my cock into her mouth again. She took the whole thing straight into her throat, and kept it there as she started to apply some hard suction. I had to gasp out loud as I felt my cum shoot up through my cock, and down her throat. 

This was my second orgasm within forty-five minutes, so Angie started to suck my cock in and out trying to keep me hard. I didn’t go completely soft, which satisfied Angie. Then she straddled me again, and started to move up and down. After getting me nice and hard again, Angie pulled herself up off me, and guided me back to her ass. Slowly she lowered herself down until my cock was buried in her ass. Again, she started to move up and down.

I then sat up taking hold of her, and moved off the bed so that I was standing while still buried in her ass. Laying her back down on the bed, I pushed her legs up so that her knees were pressing into her tits. It was going to be awhile before I blew again, so I was taking it slow as I pumped into her ass. A little while later Angie some how worked her arms between her legs and started rubbing her clit. Her legs were now laying on the bed on either side of her, and her ass was up in the air. I was still pounding into her, as she was playing with her clit.

Angie’s ass muscles tightened up, and I started pumping a little faster. I then inserted two fingers into her, and started to pump both her ass and vagina. Angie rubbed her clit faster, until her muscles tightened up again, and she shook as she orgasmed. When I felt her loosen up, I started to pump my cock and fingers in her again. 

“Cum on my tits Jon,” she gasped. “Shoot all over me.” 

I started pumping faster, wanting to fulfill her wish. We had been going at it for over an hour now, and I wanted to make the last time to be a good one. When I felt myself tighten up, I slowed down, wanting to build myself up good. I did this four or five times, speeding up then slowing down. Speeding up, then slowing down. 

When I felt my cock tighten up the last time, I just kept pounding into her ass. When I was about to blow my load, I pulled out of Angie, moved up her chest so that her legs were still pinned to the side, and pointed my cock at her face and tits. 

My first shot hit Angie in the face, traveling from her chin up to her forehead. I then aimed my cock at her tits shooting the rest of my cum as I moved my cock back and forth. With this being my third orgasm of the night, I shot out more than I thought I would. While I was shooting my cum, Angie was rubbing it into her skin. 

When I was done, I got off Angie so that she could stretch out. I laid down beside her, and watched as she licked her hands clean. We then wrapped our arms around each other and went to sleep.

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