My Mangeress and the Workmen

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My names Chris, im 23 years old and this is a story of what happened about a month ago.

I work in a local Record shop, iv'e been there for a couple of years it's not a ideal job but I enjoy it and it pays my bills. As it's a small shop it never gets very busy so I work there fulltime with my Manageress and a guy that works there at weekends.

My Manageress is 42 years old and for the sake of this story i'm going call her Pam. Me and Pam get on really well, we have worked together for a good few years. Shes married with two sons. She been happily married now for 20 years and told me that her Husband was the only man she had been with all her life.

Let me explain Pam in abit more detail. She's 5ft 3ish and still has a good figure for her age with good size boobs and shapley legs. We have a very open friendship and often talk about anything and everything, mainly our conversations end up on the subject of Sex, she has said in the past that she wished that she had tried sex with over people other than her husband and once she hinted that she had a fantasy of having Groupsex with a bunch of men at the same time.

Over time I had thought more and more about our conversations and started to sometimes fantasise about Pam having sex with other men. I've always had a fantasy of seeing a mature woman getting gangbanged, I would spend hours on the internet looking at porn sites where women were fucked by goups of men.

One day in work Pam and I were talking and she happened to mention that whenever she wears a Skirt and Tights she never wears and underwear with them! this turned me on so much as this is another Fantsay of mine, I couldn't believe my ears. I went home that night and spent the night wanking off to the thought of my Manageress wearing a skirt and no underwear to work.

The next day I got to work the normal time, today was the day that we were getting a Shop Re-fit. There was loads to do, Pam and I spent most of the day sorting out the Shop ready for the fitters to turn up. Sometime that afternoon the fitters arrived. A Van load of 5 men entered the Shop and started talking to Pam about what they were gonna do and how long it was gonna take to Re-fit the Store. The Workmen looked like a rough bunch of blokes and you could tell that they would be up for anything. I could see out of the corner of my eye Pams face lite up at the sight of these men, Pam showed them around, already I could see that she was flirting with them and they were flirting back.

The next day I got to work and Pam was already there and so were the Shop Fitters, Pam had a glow about her and seemed to be dressed a bit smarter than normal, She normally just wore a T-Shirt and Trousers but today she had a lower cut top on that showed abit more cleavege.

Pam spent most of the day talking to the Workmen and at lunchtime she took them downstairs to our staffroom where they spent most of the afternoon chatting and laughing.

Over the next few days the Workmen and Pam spent more and more time flirting with them, Pam was also dressing more and more sexy, I got he feeling that Pam wanted more than just her Shop Re-fitted by these men, maybe she had something else planned for them?

Well the last day of or Shop Re-fit had come, It was a Friday and I got to work at normal time, yet again Pam was there before me and so were the Workmen. My eyes nealy popped out of my head when I saw Pam, she was wearing a skirt and Tanned coloured Tights and a tight top that showed her amazing cleavege. I remembered the conversation I had with Pam a week ago about whenever she wears Tights she wears never wears underwear with them, my mind was going crazy!

Lunchtime came and as usual Pam took the Workman downstairs to our Staffroom. The Shop was empty as always so I thought i'd try and spy on them and see what they were doing. As I got partway down the stairs I could hear load laughing and cheering, I knelt down to get a better look and I saw my Manageress sitting on our Staffroom Sofa with the Workmen, there was one man either side of her and the 3 other men were sitting on the floor surrounding her. I overheard her talking about the fact that she had only had sex with her Husband and she had often thought what it would be like to try sex with other people. I couldn't believe my ears! the men on either side of Pam had there hands on her Knees and you could see her Skirt had been pulled up slighty. I was getting a erection at what I was seeing and for the first time I really thought that maybe this was the day that Pam was goning to get her wish of a Gangbang.

I could see that the Workmen were getting more and more into it, they were making comments about her legs and her Breasts, I overheard one of the men say to Pam that the men had had a Fantasy of showing her what sex was really about and that she had turned them on all week. Pam seemed shocked by what hy were saying but turned on at the same time. The Two men sitting either side of her by this time had lifted her skirt up even higher and from where I was standing I could see there hands trying to make there way up her skirt! Pam stopped them and said that they would have to wait until later and that she was going to send me home early so they could carry on where they left off. I went back upstairs and waited for them to finish lunch, all the while I was wondering what the men had planned for Pam.

Pam and the men returned about 10 minutes later and sure enough Pam told to me that I could leave early tonight and she was going to stay late as the Workmen had some work to finish off. In thought my mind was going to explode, there was no way I was leaving early tonight, I needed a plan so I could see what the Workman were going to do with Pam.

I said goodbye to Pam and the men and made my way out of the shop, I knew I had to see what was going to happen so I ran round the shop to the back entrance and let myself in, I crept about trying not to make any noise. I noticed some old cardboard and posters in the corner of the staffroom and made myself a little hiding place, from this position I had a great view if anytihing was to happen.

It was now 5.30pm and I could hear Pam closing up the shop, I sat waiting and waiting when suddenly I could hear laughter, Pam and the men were coming downstairs into the Staffroom.

Pam and the Workmen walked over to the Sofa and sat down. Pam again was sat in the middle and two men sat either side of her the other three men sat on the floor around her. They were all laughing and chatting, Pam looked nervous, you could tell from her body languauge that she was very turned on, the men could sense this too and before long the two men sitting either sie of her had there hands on her knees rubbing there hands on her legs. The men were making comments on how nice Pams legs were, they all seemed to like the fact she was wearing Tights. All the while I was hoping that what she told me about only wearing Tights with no Knickers was true.

By now things were hotting up, the two men either side of Pam had managed to work her Skirt up high round her waist and she was in no mood to stop them, I couldn't take no more, I got my Camera Phone out of my pocket and set it to video and started recording. Two more workmen joined the action, they got up from where they were sitting and each took hold her one of Pams Ankles and started to open her legs up, the men couldn't believe there eyes, Pam was wearing no underwear.

One of he men shouted. "Fucking Hell she wearing Tights and No Fucking Knickers!"

Pam was in heaven, she didnt stop the men as her legs were opened up for them all too look up her Skirt. From where I was sitting I had a great view, this was blowing my mind.

The men were all over Pam by now, as her legs were held apart one of the men started kissing up her legs and teasing her Pussy through her Thights while the two men that were sitting either side of her pulled her Top open and were kissing her Tits through her Bra. All the while Pam was moaning and Groaning, all you could hear her say was that it felt amaizing and she didnt want it to stop.

By now the men had stripped Pam of most of her clothes, all she was wearing was her Tights and her skirt that was now fully up round her waist. Pams Tits were amazing, the men were loving them, each taking in in turns to suck her nipples and grope them. Pam was so turned on she had already seemed to have had a couple of Orgasms! The men carried on groping Pam as one by one they started to take off there own clothes. Pams eyes nearly popped out of her head when she saw the size of the Workmens cocks!

"Oh my fucking God" she screamed as each men by this time was naked in front of her.

The men were hung like horses, some longer than the others and some fatter than the others! Pam was pinned down on the Sofa, two men each grabbed hold of one of her ankles and lifted them high in the air then pulled her legs apart wide. The other men formed a queue while another workman put he's face between her legs and started to bite an hole in her Tights to get at her Pussy!

Pam was going insane, within a minute the man had bitten an small hole in her Tights and put hes fingers in her pussy. This sent Pam to an instant Orgasm! Cum was pouring out of her all over the mans hand, the other men started cheering and shouting, without wasting anymore time the Workman knelt in front on her and forced hes massive cock into her pussy.

Pam let out a moan and a groan as inch by inch it went in. Apart from the two men still holding Pams legs wde apart all the other men crowed around her to get a better look, all I could see from where I was sitting was Pams Legs shaking as she was getting her first fuck of the evening.

After what seemed like ages all the men had fucked Pam in this position and Pam seemed wasted, she had cum so many times and was fucked so hard I thought that was going to be the end of the night but I was very wrong.

Pam was asked by one of the men if she had ever done anal sex before? Pam was still recovering from the fucking she had just taken and could barly speak but she said that she had tried it a couple of times with her Husband but he could never manage it.

"Well tonights your lucky night" They all shouted back at her. Each of them laughing joking with each other.

The men took Pam and turned her on her front, she was now on all fours on the sofa still with just her Skirt which was still up round her waist and her Tights on. One of the men got behing Pam and using the Cum which was still pouring out of her pussy started rubbing it into her Bum hole.

From where I was sitting I couldn't see Her face but she was making some very strange kind of noises. Before long the man had worked hes finger up her bum and was playing with her pussy at the same time, again this made her Orgasm.

After a minute or so another Workman wanted to fuck her arse and couldn't wait any longer so he stood behind her and slowly at first put the head of he's massive Penis against her Bum hole! Pam couldn't take it, she was shaking already.

"Hold her still" The man said to he's mates

With that two men took hold of her arms while another two men took her legs and held her in place.

"Right im fucking her arse! Ready Boys?" He said

Pam screaming has inch by inch the mans cock went further and further up her Bum, at one point it looked like Pam had passd out, but still the man carried on. Withing a minute or two Pam seemed to be getting into it more and more, she seemed to Cum non-stop as harder and harder the man fucked her arse, I'd never heard anyone make so much noise as Pams was making, She was loving it!

All the while I was still sitting in my hiding place filming all the action on my camera Phone, they had been fucking Pam for well over an hour now in every poistion you could imagine. She seemed completley exhausted, her brains had been fucked out and both her Pussy and Bum hole looked red raw but still the men wanted more.

"Right Pam it's time for us to Give you a proper Gangbang!" One of the men said

Pam looked confused. Suddenly she was picked up and held in mid air by two men either side of her. Another man sat down on the Sofa And told the men holding Pam to Position her over he's cok. Pam was moved over the mans giant cock and was placed down slowly as he forced hes cock up her arse. Pams face looked in agony as she was lifted by the men still holding onto her up and down on the man cock. Another man got between her spread legs and placed her cock on her Pussy and slowly worked it into her at the same time.

I couldn't believe my eyes my Manageress was being double fucked by two cocks at the same time, She was screaming and moaing like an animal as faster and faster she was getting fucked! The view from where I was sitting was amazing her legs which still had her Tights on being held apart as she took two cocks in her Pussy and Bum hole.

This went on for ages as each man had hes turn to double fuck her, Cum was squirting out of Pam has she was fucked to oblivion!

I've never in my life seen someone fucked as hard as they fucked Pam. When they had all finished she looked ruined, the men just left her on the Sofa to recover as they got dressed.

Pam could barely speak but managed to say how amazing it was and that she never thought it would be so mind blowing! The men laughed and helped her get her clothes together, she took off her Cum covered Tights and said they could keep them as a keepsake of there night with her. One of them joked that they would hang them in the work Van.

After 15 minutes or so they had made there way out of the back door, it was now 9 o'clock at night and they said they would give Pam a lift home. I waited until they had gone then got up from where I was hiding and went over to the sofa where they had fucked her, it was covered in cum stains and was soaking wet. I still couldn't believe what I had witnessed, I made my way home and spent the rest of the night Wanking off to the Video I had taken on my Phone of Pams Gangbang.

As I said this happened a month ago and everything went back to normal after that night, Pam has never mentioned anything to me that happened and I still spend most of my time hoping it will happen again.

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