My Little Pink Friend

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Two years ago, to celebrate my friend Carole’s’ 30th birthday, twelve of us, visited Blackpool, for a weekend.
The journey took three hours, during which we drank five bottles of wine, too much beer and a half bottle of vodka! Too say we were merry would be an understatement.

We dropped our bags at the hotel, had a quick wash and hit the town.

While we were in the first pub, my sister Jenny decided that we needed some party-hats, so we set off, to find something suitable. After wandering around for a few minutes, we found a stall in a sea-front shop that had plenty of party things. While we were trying on different headgear, Jenny shouted, “I need one of these!” and started waving around a huge dildo. I had only seen vibrators in my husbands’ magazines, and this one was much more life-like. “Come on, let’s have a laugh”, Jenny announced. “Everybody give me a pound.” With that she plonked the monster toy onto the counter, “Don’t bother wrapping it,” she told the assistant, “I’ll take it as it is!”

While she was paying for everything, I couldn’t take my eyes off the rest of the collection of sex toys, next to the counter, and decided that I needed one myself. 
For the next couple of hours Jenny and her friend Fiona, took it in turns to ‘have fun’ with the toy, chasing young men around bars, dropping it in their drinks and even hitting one young man over the head, with it.

As the night wore on, they became tired of these games, leaving it lying on a table. When no one was watching, I slipped it into my bag!
In the night-club, Jenny asked us, who had the ‘toy’. Of course, everyone denied having picked it up!
“Well, we will have to see who is smiling, in the morning,” she joked. 

All I could think about, for the next couple of hours, was when could I ‘christen’ my new toy. 
My roommate, Lynn, scored with a rugby player, from Leeds, and went back to his hotel, so I was to be alone, after all. Back at our hotel, I ran up to my room, and quickly stripped off my clothes. I took the dildo out of my bag, and held it in my hands, it was still sticky, from Jenny’s games, in the pub, so I washed it in the sink.

I was still amazed, at how real it looked and felt. When I turned the dial, the powerful vibrations shocked me and I dropped it onto the floor, where it spun wildly in a crazy circle. I got the giggles, as this pink cock whizzed around, out of control, at my feet.
I lay on the bed, facing the mirror, on the wardrobe, with my legs spread wide apart. My neatly shaved fanny was dripping at the prospect, of losing another virginity.


As I ran the plastic cock up and down the crack of my swollen, pink quim, it felt dirtier and sexier, than I had imagined. When I tried to slide it inside, even though I was very wet, it wouldn’t go in. Looking around, I spotted some face cream, and dipped the knob end in. It now looked like it was covered in spunk, which turned me on, even more. Still watching myself in the mirror, the dildo now slid inside very easily. It was fantastic as I savoured every inch of my new pink friend as it filled my pussy more than my husband ever had. I loved the idea of fucking myself and watching, at the same time. 
I increased the speed of my fucking, and started to rub my clit, with the other hand. When on the verge of orgasm, I remembered the speed dial. Stopping for a moment, I quickly turned the dial. It took a couple of pushes to get a rhythm going, but when I did, I thought that I would go crazy. The vibrations had me bucking like a bronco, and my fingers were nearly tearing my clit out. 


I screamed, as an orgasm tore through me.
I somehow managed to turn the dial, slowing down the vibrations, while continuing to fuck myself, slowly, for another few minutes, until I got my breath back.
When I had controlled my breathing, I went to the toilet for a pee. My fanny was still throbbing, as I had a long, enjoyable, piss. I washed the cock, again, and gently dried it. After hiding it, in my overnight bag, I went to sleep.

During breakfast the girls were too hung over to remember losing the dildo.
On the night of my return home, I cuddled up to Marc, in bed. I whispered into his ear, “I’ve got a surprise, for you”. As he rolled over, I produced the plastic cock, grinning, he said, “I hope that’s for you”. “You know what I want, don’t you”, I replied.

I then slid down the bed, to kiss his cock; which very quickly sprang into life. I took it into my mouth, sucking and licking, the knob and shaft. Marc grabbed my ankle, and pulled me on top, keeping my legs spread wide apart.

He likes to look at my private parts, before he licks me. As I gobbled on his cock, he pushed his face into my fanny. I groaned with pleasure as he ran his tongue around my shaved slit, stroking the sides with his fingers, occasionally slipping them inside. I realised he was fumbling for the dildo, and braced myself. Tentatively he pushed the tip against my hole, and then he forced it inside, the dildo felt much bigger than his fingers. As I, greedily sucked on his cock, he jabbed the plastic cock into my soaking fanny, gently increasing his speed and flicking his tongue over my clitoris. I couldn’t stop myself, wave after wave of orgasms flowed through my body. Marc then started to jerk his hips; I pulled my head away, to see jets of spunk shooting towards me, landing in my hair and on my tits. Marc had never come this quickly, or, as strongly before. After washing his ‘stuff’ from my hair, we kissed and cuddled before going to sleep.


When we get the opportunity, we still repeat that nights’ session, but, obviously, not as often as I would like.
Some nights, when Marc is working, and the kids are in bed, I have a glass of wine, a hot bath, put on a nice pair of knickers, take out some of my husbands porn mag’s (that he thinks are hidden), and bring out the ‘my little pink friend’. 

It takes a couple of stories to get me going, gently stroking myself, over the material of my knickers, then sliding my hand inside the pants, pulling at my, short pubes, then pulling the lips apart, to slide my fingers inside. 

Depending on how dirty the story is, I, sometimes, just use my fingers to masturbate, but if it’s really dirty, and I like them really dirty, I take my knickers off and rub my lips and clit on full vibrate. By now I usually have to stop reading, to concentrate on pleasuring myself.

While I fuck myself, I like to squeeze my tits, pretending that I’m one of the lovers in the story. I really like to take my time, bringing myself to the brink, several times, until I can’t take it anymore, then I rub my clit with my fingers until I scream with ecstasy, shoving the dildo in as far as it will go, leaving me exhausted.

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