My Last Summer At Home With Sis

(Part 1 from 1)

100% fiction!

I have to tell you about my sis who I honestly haven’t really noticed over the last three years since I went away to college. I was 18 and she was 18. Then she was just girl with braces just trying to get a life in junior high. I left for college about 3 hours away and for the most part because of school and work I have not been home since. The family has been to visit me a couple of times but, that’s it.

This year though, all that changed. This last semester things started to get really tough in high school and I wasn’t spending as much time on school as I should have and my GPA dropped from a 3.9 to just over a 3. Somehow dad found out about it and called me to yell at me and find out what happened. After I told him it was because I was working too much and not studying enough because of that he made me an offer that I thought I should take him up on. He told me that if I wanted to, he would pay all my expenses for my senior year so I could focus and get that GPA up before graduation. The catch was that when my junior year ended, I would come home for the summer and work for the family business before starting up again in the fall but my payment for working over the summer would just be my room and board while home. I thought that sounded fair so I headed home after my last class in May.

When I got home, mom and dad were just headed out the door for the weekend to some convention and would be back late Sunday night. They told me that Cassie was still in school for another week but she would be around over the weekend but tonight she was going to be staying at her friend Amy’s house and that she would be home first thing in the morning. Wow, I come all the way and I thought everyone would be there and we’d do a family thing but, nope, I’m all alone for the night.

I figured well, I’ll call and see if a few of my old buddies were around and maybe go get a beer or something. No, such luck, they all had plans but suggested we all get together tomorrow for a beer and maybe hang out around my folks pool. Anyway, I just fixed myself some dinner and watched some TV and went to bed.

The next morning I got up around eleven and peeked in on Cassie but she still wasn’t home so, I hit the shower. I guess I’d been in there for a few minutes when I heard a knock on the door and it was Cass and she just wanted to say hi and she was gonna hit the sack for awhile. I told her that a few buddies were coming over to hang out by the pool and that I’d see her when she got up.

All my buddies showed up around 1pm and we’d been out in the pool for awhile and then the sliding glass door opened and she walked out. All of a sudden everything started to move in slow motion. Out stepped this tan goddess in this little white bikini just walking across the patio toward the pool. She walked over to one of the lounge chairs and dropped her towel and sunglasses and then turned to me in the pool and came down the steps and came right up to me and gave me this big hug and just then things came back to reality and I realized that this was my little sister. She was no scrawny little girl anymore. Now she was about 5’2”, 105 with and smokin’ hot body with about perfect 34C boobs.

I think that everyone of my buds was as shocked as I was and everyone of them had huge hard-ons at this point including me. Thank god I was in the pool when she hugged me because I was able to keep my lower body away from her when we hugged. I had wood like never before in my life. It’s like I also just went stupid. I didn’t know what to say to her or do so; I just made some quick excuse about having to go pee and ran out of the pool into the house to the bathroom just inside the door. I got in there and looked in the mirror at myself and saw that the front of my trunks were like a fricken tent. I’m about 8” when hard and I think that seeing her just then gave me a couple extra! I was so hard, it actually hurt. It was like, now what do I do? As I was standing there I noticed a pile of clothes on the counter. They must be Cassie’s I guess from changing into her suit. I looked closer and saw her tank and shorts and her bra.

I picked it up and looked at the tag, I was right, 34C. When I picked up her bra her panties fell out. Me being a guy, I had to look. I picked them up and saw this tiny little size 5 white silk thong. You know I had to do it so; I stuck the crotch up to my nose and just inhaled. I think at that very moment I grew another foot on my dick. Not really but, at that exact moment I knew this was not going to be enough for me. OMG! Her undies smelled like nothing I’d ever smelled in my life. I truly believe I was drugged just then. I don’t know how long I was standing there but, the next thing I heard was “WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING”? I dropped her panties immediately and unbeknownst to me they landed on my hard-on and I headed out the door past Cassie back out to the pool without even looking at her. On my way by her she actually grabbed her panties off my dick. I actually think I came just then in my trunks.

I went out the door and ran and jumped into the pool so knowbody would notice my condition. After I came up I peeked toward the house, no Cassie. What a relief! All of a sudden all of my buddies wanted to know what happen to Cass and when she changed into the hottest thing to ever put on a bikini.

I really didn’t know what to tell them other than I was just as shocked as them. I was thinking to myself just then also if it was right that I had this huge boner form seeing my sister in her bikini. Just then she came back out still in her bikini that was soaked from her jumping in the pool and now was just like hugging every little nook and cranny and bump on her body. Holy shit! She actually didn’t even look at me and was making small talk with my friends while she went over and laid down on the lounge chair to get some sun. Ya know for the next two hours all my buddies who I haven’t seen in practically 3 years paid more attention to Cass than me. I can’t say as I blame them. She got up to go inside because she’d had enough sun and told everyone goodbye and then kinda walked in slow motion into the house. After she was in the house everyone else all of a sudden had to go because they were supposed to be somewhere with their girlfriends or just needed to go home. After they left I got out of the pool still hard as a rock and put a towel around me real quick and went in. Straight to the shower and put it on as cold as I could stand it but I had to do something about my dick. I reached down and started to stroke it and when I did, I lasted about maybe 30 seconds before I was blowing massive amounts of cum all over the shower wall. I think that was the best cum I EVER had. I felt like I wanted to pass out after I did it. I finished up and ran to my room and crashed. I guess it was around 5 or so then.

I guess I fell asleep for a couple of hours because next thing I know there is a knock at my door and I look at the clock and it’s 7:30pm. As I woke up and told whomever to come in I realized I now again had a raging hardon but I was under the covers. It was Cassie and she comes in and asks if we can talk. Oh no, now I’m in trouble, I’m thinking she’s gonna tell mom and dad and then my whole world is gonna end as I know it. Anyway she peeks in around the door and see’s that I’m covered and prances in in and old t-shirt with what looks like nothing on underneath but I can see the outline of a little par of panties.

She comes over and sits on the bed and asks me “what was with that you were doing in the bathroom”?

Okay, what was I gonna say here? Was I gonna lie and fill her with bullshit or was I gonna tell my little sister the truth? I decided at that point that I should go with the truth because if I lie, I’m just gonna make it worse and get into more trouble.
I told her that I was just so shocked when I saw her and that I really am just a 21 year old guy who’s just horny all the time and that when I saw her walk out I was not seeing my sister at that very moment, I was seeing the hottest chick I’d ever seen in my life and I just started the “think with my dick” as most guys doo at our age and that when I did realize this was my sister that I needed to hide my hardon and run in the house. Once I got in the house and in the bathroom and saw her panties that my dick started thinking again and one thing that guys like is the smell of a girls pussy.

All of a sudden she goes, “you really think I’m hot”? no one has ever told me that she said. Then she asks, “did my panties smell good”? All of a sudden we’re talking like close friends and not like brother and sister. “Duh, I said. You smell better than anyone ever”! Then she just stands up and reaches up under her shirt and pulls off her panties and hands them to me and asks do I wanna smell them again?
She says “it’s okay. You’re my brother. I love you and you love me. If that makes you happy, why not?”

I try to tell her that I’m not supposed to be doing that, that’s what your boyfriend does. She tells me no, she doesn’t have a boyfriend and that she’s still a virgin. She’s never even kissed a boy yet. Just then I could feel myself growing again. As she said this she actually put her panties up to my nose. I pushed her hand away and told “Cass no, you can’t do that. You don’t know what you’re doing to me”.

She goes “what do you mean, is it making your thing big again?” I said, “you have no idea”. Just as I said that she asked iof she could see it. She tells me “if you show me yours, I’ll show you mine”. I asked her if she’s ever seen one before and she reminded me that no, I’m still a virgin. I just told her no but if she wanted she could touch it through the sheet. In a flash she was grabbing for it and had it in her grasp. She felt it up and down and then started begging to see it. You know at that point I couldn’t say no. she started to pull the sheet back. She was already straddling my lower legs and was just pulling the sheet down. One thing I’m glad for was that if she was gonna see her brothers dick, at least it was gonna be at its most magnificent ever. Once the sheet came off over the head it was already leaking pre-cum and her hand was on it and going up and down instantly. I have never felt anything better in my life and I told her so. After about ten seconds I told she had to stop or I wouldn’t be responsible for what happened next. She pulled her hand away. Once she did that she goes, “now it’s your turn”. After she said that she raised up on her knees and told me to go ahead and lift her shirt.

I was shaking so bad, I thought I was going to have a heart attack. I grasped the bottom of her shirt and lifted it up a bit and then I saw what was about to change my life forever. Once I had it up just high enough to see her pussy, what came into view was the most entoxication thing I’ve ever seen. She was not bald like I expected. She was actually quite furry but very nicely trimmed with hair from just below her bikini line to right down to just at her clit. My heart started beating like it was going to jump out of my chest. I dropped her shirt and she looked upset at me. “Don’t you wanna see my boobs to? They’re what I think is my best feature!” I said okay and she moved up closer to me about what seemed like two inches from my face and pulled her shirt up above her tits and I don’t know if I’d say they were her best feature but they were in the top two. OMG, they were perfect 34C’s that had no sag at all and had the most awesome nipple I’d ever seen. Kind of cone shaped but small and they just made you want to reach out and lick them. She told me I could touch them if I wanted since she touched my thing and then I just reached up and grabbed them and at that point I think I lost my mind. I seemed to get lost in them and basically had no idea where I was until all of a sudden I felt something that I didn’t think I should be feeling. Not paying attention to anything while I was in this trance by her boobs I felt this very soft fur kind of sitting right at the tip of my cock. At that very moment she tells me that she has decided that I was going to be the one to take her virginity. I told her that it was just not right and her response back was “tell me what is not right about what and the way you are feeling at this very moment”?

With that in mind, the only response I could muster was “absolutely nothing”. After that she just started to lower herself onto my now steel like cock just a little at a time. After about what seemed like an hour the head just popped in but not far enough to hit her hymen yet. Maybe about a half inch past that point I hit her hymen and you could see the pain start to show on her face. She told me not to move at all and that she’d do it herself. After resting for about 5 minutes with no movement she started to go up and down a bit and then she just got this serious look on her face and just dropped all the way down. We could feel the hymen tear and there was some blood but then she just started shaking and then her whole body tensed up and she kinda looked and felt like she was having a seizure. All be damned, she was havin her very first orgasm. She held onto me and didn’t move a muscle other than all the ones in her body tyat were doing their own thing. After about two minutes she came out of her spasms and wanted me to fuck her. She said that after her hymen broke she no pain at all, just pleasure. We started to move a little, slowly at first and she moved up and down on me about maybe ten times before her next one started.

The only difference this time was her screaming and then mine when I started to cum bigger than any other time of my life. After we both came down and I was still inside her, both of us at the same time realized that I came inside her and that she wasn’t on the pill and I wasn’t wearing a rubber. We both decided that now we had done what we did and there was nothing we could do about it now so, we just relaxed and continued on because even though I came, I was still hard as steel and we were NOT done. We continued on for maybe another hour and she even made me cum again and I still stayed hard long enough for her to have about 5 more of those mind bending orgasms.

He discovered after that that she was just one of those lucky girls that is multi-orgasmic from the first time she had sex and still does today. She never left my room until about an hour before mom and dad got home the next day. The first time she could get away Monday morning after dad and mom and I went to the store she went down to the clinic and got herself onto the pill.

That was a great summer. The best time of my life! Thank god mom and dad’s room was on the opposite end of the house from ours. If we weren’t doing it at night every night in one of our rooms, we were out somewhere in town doing it. It was funny, out of the 80 days or so I was home for the summer we counted about 180 times that we did it.

That was about ten years ago now and we’ve both moved on and gotten married and both divorced also and now we are living in the same town about two hours from mom and dad and since we were divorced we diced to save money and move in together and share a house. To this day she still looks as great as she did back the very first time we did it and we’re still doing it just as much as then. The only difference now is that we don’t have to hide from anybody so, it’s way better! Next week we’re actually going on vacation and going to one of those couples, adults only resorts in the Virgin Islands. I can’t wait! She’s out shopping right now for a new bikini and some undies. I can’t wait to see them…right before I take them off her.

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