My Granddad Joseph : Part I

(Part 1 from 1)

100% fiction!

My name is ElilKani and I'm 18yrs old. I'm of Indian nationality and am an only boy of two loving parents. My mom and dad married out of love and eloped, because they didn't have the consent of their families as my dad was Christian and my mom Hindu. We lived happily in a 2 bedroom apartment in Mumbai, we weren't wealthy but we were happy and I had a great, very sheltered school years.

My dad was working in the Indian branch of Metal Box since he got his MA and by the time I was born he was pretty far up the ladder and very close to the Big Bosses in the US. So when he got a promotion offer, to move to the head office in the US. And as the ties to their families were severed, he and my mom thought it would be a better life for me and any future children to come.

So at the age of 8 we immigrated to the US, my dads new boss was already an old friend so he helped him out with the paper work and get a place to rent etc.
As we already spoke English at home the assimilation wasn't as tough and pretty soon we were pretty comfortable in our new lives.

I guess because they were Indians at heart, my parents were pretty rigid about their view on my upbringing. At a pretty young age I started to develop, at the age of 11 I got my period and already had perky B cup breasts. Which aroused boys interest. Something that they laughed & teased me about by also laid down the rules, that I would have time for boyfriends and the like, later in life (after I finished Uni).

Now I needed to be a 'good girl' and immerse myself in studies. They didn't allow me to go to parties and even school events were out of the question, and if they agreed I had a 8 o'clock curfew. Which was madding but no was no, and beg cry or shout I didn't get my way. Sleep-over at friends was also out of the question, as I said pretty sheltered school years.

When I turned 16 my mom got news that her dad had passed away a few yrs ago and now her mom was on her deathbed. My mom was broken hearted about the news. The fact that she was an only child, only compounded the misery. So after talking things over with dad, she booked a flight to India in the hopes of at least patching things up with grandma before she died. But time didn't soften grandma's heart, she blamed granddad's death on my mom's actions, and told her she would never forgive her. She died a few days later and mom came back pretty depressed.

After that things got from bad to worst, after 2 yrs dad got into a bad accident and died. As mom was a housewife, she didn't have anyway of supporting us and the fact that she had never really gotten over her broken heart on her parents rejection, didn't help. So we packed our stuff and went back to India. My dad's parents were still alive and when they found out what had happened they were ready to help us out financially as they were pretty well of.

Mom took a secretarial job in the Metal Box Company branch in India as my dads old boss pulled some strings, feeling sorry for us and hopping to help us out. Cause mom didn't want to depend on her in-laws too much.

To me all this felt like I was thrown into a tornado, didn't know which way was up and was very worried about my mom. My grandparents were there trying to help the best they could. By I couldn't ignore the fact that mom never smiled or laughed.

One afternoon when I got back from collage, I found a lot of people at my grandparents house, in my stomach I new something bad had happened and then my grandpa came a hugged me, telling me that my mom was dead. He didn't get to the dead part because I fainted mid sentence. Didn't get to hear the bit where he said she had committed suicide. Found that out later on.

They say there r 7 stages of grief and I felt each and every one on my skin and in my soul. The shock and denial came hand in hand with the pain and guilt, as did the depression and loneliness because I was alone. My grandparents were there but they were old and with my luck they also would die before long, and then what?.

These thoughts only scared me and depressed me more. But the longest, strongest emotion was anger. I was angry at everyone and everything. It wasn't easy to live with me at that point in time. Because I was hurting, I wanted everybody around me to hurt. And the main two people were my grandparents; I did everything to drive them mad. If they said 'day' I would shout 'night' etc.

Grandpa made an effort to understand and forgive me, but after a while my grandma had had enough.

One day I said something that was to much for her, I guess and after shouting and berating me she pulled me to my granddads study. “Enough is enough” she shouted to the room in general. “I can't take this anymore. This child is spoiled and it's about time she was thought a lesson” she told my grandpa. “If she doesn't understand kind words. its time to make her see it the hard way”.

My granddad tired to reason with her, saying I had gone through a lot already. I stood there with my head down awaiting judgment. “No, I've had enough of her mouth. Tired of understanding. She isn't a baby anymore. But if she will act like one, we will treat her like one. And why r u excusing her behavior. U used to spank ur son for a lot less. So either u do it or I will, and I wont be so compassionate” she said letting go of my hand with disgust, and walking out the door.

My grandpa got up from behind his desk with a sad look on his face that sad 'i'm sorry dear'. But I knew I wasn't going to get out of the spanking, which worried me as I didn't like pain and my parents hadn't even touched a hair on my head. He sat on the leather sofa that was in his office and lifted his hand in a silent request, for me to come forward.

“plz grandpa” I pleaded softly, but before he could answer or I could say any more grandma was back with a paddle (the one u play ping-pong with) in her hand, I was shocked. She handed it over to grandpa and looked at me. I didn't know what to do, “i'll be good” I pleaded, plz grandma”.

"No! u have to learn ur lesson” thus saying she left the room again.

I looked at my grandpa and seeing no out, went over to him and lay down, stomach first on his thigh's.

For my age I had a pretty voluptuous body, having blossomed out and grown even more. Now my breasts were big firm tear- shaped D cups and my bottom was in proportion to my top half, which was also round and firm. This being said I hadn't planed on getting a spanking, so I was wearing a nightdress which was knee length, with white cotton panties plus a bra underneath it.

When I bent over my grandpa's knee the nighty rode up even further. But I was more worried about the pain.

"Sorry Eli” my grandpa whispered and brought down the paddle on one side of my butt cheek, I yelped in pain. Was waiting for another blow, as I knew it wouldn't be a 'one spank' thing, but instead felt my grandpa's palm rubbing softly the place he had spanked. The feeling was soothing and comforting. “Again” he said, and before I understood what he meant, I felt the smack of the paddle of the other cheek making me yell out again. Again he stroked my burning ass cheek making me feel all tingly between my legs.

"Stop going so soft on her”, I heard my grandma shout from somewhere outside the room, probably the kitchen (that was her office).

"Ok. But then I won't use the paddle. Cause it will hurt her too much” my grandpa shouted back. His hand resting and stroking my behind, sending tingling sensations into the pit of my belly. “And stop shouting orders. Useless u want to do the job” he finished. Moving me off his knees, crossing over to the door closing and locking it.

I was enjoying all these new sensations building inside me so much so that I remained kneeling, my butt sticking out, my upper body and head resting on the sofa with my eyes closed. As if waiting for more, even though I didn't know it. Like and open invitation. When I opened my eyes I saw my grandpa watching me, smiling. I smiled back blushing.

He walked towards me and sat down besides me. Rubbing and stroking my ass cheeks with his big warm palm.

Without any invitation I moved once more into position, bent over his knee. His knowing smile never left his face as he kept rubbing my ass cheeks, massaging one then the other. “Again?” he asked this time “Yes” I more sighed then answered.

Cupping his palm he hit my ass cheek, the sound was loud but it didn't burn or even hurt as much, but what did happen was that I felt the shock wave hit my clit. It felt as if he had touched me there it was an amazing feeling. ”Again” I pleaded wanting to feel these new sensations all over again.

Could feel his smile even though he didn't laugh out loud. He started to paddle my ass first one cheek then the other, one palm hitting the other stroking and massaging. The feelings building inside me were like non other that I had ever felt in my life, and I wanted more. My palms were flat on the floor pushing my ass higher into his hands, wanting what I didn't know, but the sensations were so good I was getting wet and wetter as the claps thundered across my butt cheeks. I kept rubbing my thighs together, pressing harder and as the intensity of his bitting palms intensified, I found myself being blown apart from the inside out, shaking visible as my first ever orgasm over took me.

I flopped back down over his strong knees, every bone in my body turning to mush. He slipped his hand under my nighty and stroked my now red ass cheeks. When I recovered I was a bit ashamed and couldn't look him in the eye. He kissed my forehead and got up, opened the door and left the room.

I sat there, head bent in thought. Trying to get my head around what had happened. Then my grandma came in. “hope u have learned ur lesson ElilKani. Be obedient and good and this wont happened again. Otherwise u will get the same treatment, the next time or even worst”.

I got up without a word and went to my room. Laid on my bed and couldn't stop thinking about what had happened. I was ashamed of how I acted. My poor grandpa, what he must think of me. But the more I thought about what happened, I found myself getting more turned on then off. So I got into the bath room and thought a cool shower would cool me off.

It was mid afternoon and thats the time my grandparent usually take a midday nap. So I took only a towel and got into the shower not bothering to lock the door as the servants also took a break and the house was usually quite.

Was under the shower letting the cool water wash over me, when I felt someone was watching me, turned to see grandpa standing inside the bathroom. Turned around letting his eyes drink in my young body, letting him see every part of me. Slowly his eyes traveled over my body. Sending shrives down my spine.

He smiled but didn't say a thing. I started soaping myself, running my hand over my big tear- shaped boobs, over my big egg-cup-size chocolate brown areolas and touching the tips of my now hard nipples. Seeing him lick his lips I return to massage my tits, taking them in my hands lifting them up and letting them drop, so he could see they were heavy and bouncy. I was getting turned on, myself touching myself like this in front of my grandpa. Watching him look at me touch myself was mind blowing. I turned around to get more soap and when I turned back there was no one there.

Was I going mad? I wondered. I was so wet and hot, could feel my clit throbbing, begging for touch and release. So I took the shower hose and directed it in between my legs. Leaning back and opening myself up to the force of the water that gushed over my clit time and again until very fast I started to feel the beginning of another orgasm. After a while I relaxed and finished my shower getting back to my room in no time and got dressed.

That evening sitting at the dinner table I couldn't look either of them In the eye. They talked among themselves. Grandma reminded grandpa that she wouldn't be home tomorrow as she was going on a trip with the other members of her 'book club' they had made a reservation at some spa out of town and would be making the day of it, but she might stay the night as it is pretty far, and she didn't know if she could keep up with all the traveling. So she gave instructions to the servants, to get breakfast, lunch and dinner ready and when grandpa was hungry. he should tell me to serve him and not rely on the servants which had a lot of other duties lined up for them.

After dinner I went to my room as I wasn't allowed to watch TV and read some book. Pretty soon got bored and felt asleep. I woke up at 4 o'clock in the morning it was pretty dark outside and in my room, didn't know what woke me and then heard my grandma shouting at someone, guess a servant. She liked shouting at people. The only one she didn't dare shout at was grandpa and not cause he was short tempered or volatile. but because he was a quite distinguished man.

He could cut a person short with quite words and people loved and admired him, respected him even around our neighborhood and in our city. He was a big shot and knew all the right people so everyone came to him for help or advise and he was smart enough to know who to help and who to avoid. He was 70 yrs old, 5'9 with a beer belly and salt and pepper hair. I loved his smile cause it came from his eyes. And he always had time for me.

When we (me and mom) arrived I was very worried how they would react to me, as I never really knew them and they didn't approve of my parents marriage.

But they both were kind and opened their house and hearts to us. If only mom hadn't given up. I really felt alone and all those nights I cried or had nightmares and woke with a fright my grandpa being a light sleeper, would be there to hold me and reassure me that all will be OK. And I never doubted him, not even for a sec.

But after what happened previously my thoughts about him turned from a fatherly figure to a man, a lover. I couldn't rap my head around all these new feelings. Was it OK? How could I think these dirty thoughts about someone I was related to, who was blood. But I knew one thing after what had happened; there was no going back to the way thing use to be.

I could, would never think of him as only a relative that I depend upon. So what to do now? Should I don't something? Did he feel the same? What would he do if I tried to get close to him? So many thought were racing in my head that I almost didn't hear my grandma's parting goodbyes.

Laid there in the dark listening to the noises in the house, as time passed it got quieter and quieter until there was only silence. Could hear me heart thudding in my chest, thought the sound would wake the household, but all was quite.

Seconds passed by, they felt like hours. Don't know what I was waiting for, but I had made an important decision. If there was ever a man I trusted, knew that he cared and would never hurt me, was my grandpa. So who better to educate me in the ways of men and women? That's if he was willing, but couldn't think about that part now, so got out of bed my heart racing removed my panties which were already drenched with my juices.

Had on only my nightshirt, didn't wear a bra to sleep "so was ready to make my move". Walked as quietly as possible down the corridor and stopped in front of my grandparent's room. My heart thudding sharply in my chest. What if I open the door and my grandpa's awake, what if he asks me what I'm doing here.

Taking a fortifying breath I slowing open the door, the room is dark. slip in and close the door behind me. Stand there trying to get a hold of my nerves and also letting my eyes get use to the dark, see the bed and the silhouette of his body lying on it. Let my breath out slowly, at least he's asleep I think with a sigh of relief.

I slowly move close to the bed and climbed in, slipping under the blanket next to him. i notice he wasn't wearing a thing and was lying on his side in the spooning position. so i scooted up slowly with my back to him. My heart racing, i slowly pull up my nightshirt so i could feel his warm belly touch my back, I scoot my butt further back so I could feel the length of his front touch the length of my back.

The feel of skin on skin feels really good to me I want to rub my self on him, because his skin isn't as smooth as mine and it feels good. I lay there like that for a while enjoying the sensation. Rubbing my self slowly like a cat on him, the next thing i notice is that something is growing, feel something hard pressing into my back. I didn't think this could get any better. i was in heaven just the feeling of his shaft pressed up against me turned me on so bad, i was extremely wet.

I never knew why girls used to go on about men's penises, it was weird to me. once saw a pic when some girl brought her brother's porn magazine to school, I was so grossed out that I took one peek and ran a mile. But now the feelings my grandpa's member was conjuring inside me was making me wet and wild to know it all the better.

His shaft was growing, i could feel the length. by the time it was rock hard it must have been 2 1/2 maybe 3 1/2 inchs wide and about 11 to 11 1/2 inches long and as hard as a rock. I wondered if he was awake, but thought again cause he wasn't making any noises or protests to me being in his bed and lying so close to him in my state of undress. i opened my legs just enough for it to slide right up against my pussy. Which was soaking wet.

i could feel the pulsation of his cock on my clit which vibrated in my pussy, making me cum by the beat of the pulsation alone.

The next thing i felt was his hand moving to the front of my waist from either side. i thought he was asleep and I was worried that he would get mad at me. but i guess he wasnt, not asleep or mad cause all he could say was “Just lie still Eli and grandpa will take good care of you”. I was a bit shocked as I didn't think he would want me, let alone encourage me like this.

But all reason went out of my mind when he touched my clit with his thick long fingers, it was better so much better then me touching myself it drove me nuts and i could feel my loins boil. he penetrated my tight pussy hole opening my virginal pussy with his inquisitive finger. That continued to penetrate my pussy stretching my hymen with his finger which were fat and long, it burned for a sec but my pussy juices smoothed out the way, and he could push it deeper still. Until they were buried in me. within minutes it went from pain to pleasure. i was moving my hips to the rhythm of his fingering my wet tight pussy.

He kept finger fucking me after a while adding another finger which sent pain and pleasure rippling through my body making me move my hips faster on his hand, fucking his fingers harder as they fucked me faster. He moved his other hand which was all the while on my hips holding me close to his front and he took hold of his cock and positioned it in between my thighs, the tip of his throbbing cock head to my tight hot dripping wet pussy hole.

His finger still fucking me his other hand back on my hips and then lifting my thigh opening me wide and with one quick push he penetrated my pussy hole, his cock was so big and wide it hurt even worse then his fingers. But at the same time that he penetrated me I had an mind blowing orgasm, which was the most explosive orgasm i ever had in my life.

he held on to my waist with both his hands, his cock reamed my pussy so hard and deep. i screamed in ecstasy. one orgasm after another washed over me, my vagina muscles constricting around him holding him tightly as they went through one wave after another. At first he didn’t move, but let me enjoy the orgasm that washed over me, letting my tight hot getting used to his thick hard cock, but before long he started to move inside me and fucked my pussy nonstop for 30 minutes or more, I lost track of time. Hard jolting pounds, fucking me deep and hard, pushing himself into me, his belly bumping against my waist from behind.

After what seemed like eternity he slowed, even though he hadn't cum yet,he pulled out slowly and i turned around and gave him a big wet kiss. He smiled as i rapped my legs around him hugging him close. i could feel his cock hot and rock hard bellow me so i slid on top of him and slid his cock in my pussy again. i started to ride him, bouncing up and down feeling the full length of him open me up and touch me deep inside, even better then when we were spooning.

I was moving faster and faster, could feel him moving his hips up and down faster and higher, trying to meet me fuck for fuck, not wanting our genitals to part even for a second and before I knew what was happening he exploded in my tight swollen wet pussy, it felt so good that i came at the same time again.

i collapsed on top of him in a heap of skin, bones and sweat and fell asleep. Later that morning i woke up with his cock still in me and all i had to do was sit up and start to ride him waking his too, his cum and my juices lubricated the way and sent me into another orgasm. We fucked all that morning and day.

I never thought sex was all that, until the first time my grandpa fucked me and now I go to my grandpa's bed as often as I can. I also understand why my parents were against me having a bf before my studies where through. Cause now that I'm sexually active, we meet and fuck when ever and where ever and as long as I get my pussy brutally pounded by my grandpa I am happy. I love sex and I love my grandpa for teaching and guiding me on this lustful path.

...more to come.

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