My Girl 2

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The following day at school I could not keep Ashley out of my mind. Everything I tried to think of was replaced with images of Ashley naked, fingering herself, or rubbing her tits. Most of the time these pictures came at bad times. Like at the end of classes. I was forced to carry books in front of me to try and hide my bulge. While I didn't mind having her running through my head, it was a pain in the ass to deal with the effects.

When gym class came around and I had the chance to see her, I couldn't keep my eyes off of her. Ashely seemed to be giving me the look more often and swaying her ass with more force (and effect). At one point I looked over from my game of badminton, I saw her ask the teacher to leave, look and me and wink while licking her lips. I missed the birdie that landed on my court.
“Sorry man,” I said to my teammate, “I gotta take a piss real bad.”
“Whatever,” he responded angrily. I did cause us to lose a point after all.

Walking past the teacher I pointed at the door and he nodded getting the drift. Hopefully he figured that I actually had to piss. Turning the corner I saw her leaning against the wall. When I came into view she stood up and beckoned me to follow her down the hallway. Ashley disappeared behind a corner and I followed. Only to have my arm swung in front of me, causing me to turn. Directly into Ashley against the wall. Our lips met immediately and our tongues intertwined. Her arms wrapper around my neck and my hands slid up her gym shirt. She seemed to be trying to suck my tongue out of my mouth. I felt one of her arms leave my shoulders then a hand started rubbing my growing cock. Oh wow this was great. Nothing like making out in school while feeling that same girl up.

Just then Ashley broke away and said, “Alright we gotta stop. They'll wonder where we are.”
“What? No, no, no it's fine. We're seniors anyways,” I replied, slightly desperate.
Taking my hands out of her shirt she said, “I don't want to get in trouble this early in the year though. Let's just go back and pick up later today.”
Looking down at the visible tent I added, “Well unfortunately for me I can't just walk in there like nothing happened like you can.”
“Oh right. How long will it take to go down?” she asked.

Go down? Did she think I could just command my dick on what to do? Get on your knees dammit!
“It can't just go down... it needs relief first,” I responded while looking at her expectantly.
“We don't have enough time for that no matter how much I want to suck you off,” she hurriedly whispered while turning the corner and heading back to the gym.
Shit. Standing there thinking about chairs, my ugly lunch lady doing a strip tease, and getting hit in the balls, I slowly softened. A minute later I was able to walk into the gym and continue playing badminton.
“You alright?” my partner asked.
“I could be better.”

After school I received another call for homework help and headed over there at 3:30, again. I can't be mad at her, especially when she's the one giving me head. I parked on the street, got to the door and rang the doorbell. Similar to yesterday, Jessica opened the door. When she saw it was me her lips broke into a large tight-lipped grin. Arms crossed she asked, “So Brandon, are you going to HELP my sister again, with her... homework?” Extra emphasis on the help part.
My mouth dropped a little and eyebrows raised. That was definitely Jessica I saw in the doorway. “Er, yea. I am,” I awkwardly responded.
“Alright, sure. Well she's upstairs in her room. You know where it is,” Jessica remarked while stepping aside to let me pass.

After a quick backward glance at Jessica's tight ass, I walked up the stairs and into Ashley's room. When I walked in I was immediately pushed backward into the door, closing it in the process. After a few seconds of making out she pulled back and said, “Listen, I'm sorry to leave you uh, standing, in the hallway.”

We both smiled and I said it was fine. Moving forward I locked lips with her again then thrust my tongue into her delicious mouth. When her arms wrapped around my neck I put my hands on her thighs and lifted her up – causing her to grasp firmly with both legs and arms. Walking forward I turned around, plopped on the futon. Ashley's knees rested on either side of me for a moment. Just for a moment because she broke the kiss and slid to her knees in front of me. “This is for keeping you waiting,” she added with a smile.
First she unbuckled then pulled my belt right off, unbuttoned, unzipped, and slid my pants down. I had my boxers on with a bundle of jeans at my ankles when her head snapped to the side and looked at the clock.

“Oh shit. I gotta let my neighbor's dogs out. I'll be back in like half an hour. I'm so sorry. Just sit tight and I'll be right back,” Ashley panted while running out the door.
I was speechless. I was left alone in her room with my pants down. dick hard and waiting. She did it again. Jeez. Standing up, I pulled up my pants and fastened them a bit. Walking forward I explored her room. When I got to her dresser I saw myself in the mirror and decided to go wet some loose hairs down and blow my nose. Figured I'd be breathing through it later. I opened the bathroom door and walked in. At first I didn't realize that someone else was in there with me. That was until I turned my head and saw her sister sitting on the side of the shower tub naked with a razor poised to shave a bit of hair off her pussy.

For the second time since reaching their house my mouth fell open and my eyes raised. So did my dick. Wow was Jennifer gorgeous. Her tits weren't as big as her sisters but a good size for a girl her age (sophomore). 32 C maybe? That's just a guess though. My eyes lowered to her pussy and I noticed she had the exact same design as her sister. A light strip of hair right above her lips.
“Someone likes what they see,” she slyly responded.

I snapped out of my daze and covered my eyes with my forearm. “Ah shit, I'm sorry. I should have knocked. I forgot that this was an adjoining bathroom,” I apologized while backing toward the door. Since my eyes were covered though, I misjudged where I needed to walk and ended up shutting the door. I took my arm off my eyes and began to turn to the closed door when I realized she was right in front of me.

As I watched she flicked the razor on her mound, swiping off the foam and tossed the razor into the sink. Plop. It sunk in the water-filled sink. 
“Doesn't this feels smooth?” Jennifer asked me. Her hands reached forward, grabbed mine and pressed it to her skin just above her pussy.
“Mmmmm hmmmmm,” was all the sound I could create. I tried to create an affirming sound but I believe it came out as a weak moan.
“It's too bad Ashley left you hard and waiting. I would never do something like that to someone who needed attention.” At this point she squatted then dropped to her knees. Reaching forward to my pants she added, “I always put a cock as highest priority.”

Oh christ. This little nympho is going to get the best of me if I don't walk away. But then I would be walking away just like Ashley. I'm not like that. I hated someone walking away from me, so I won't do it to them. This is now a moral issue to help her little sister. Nothing wrong with that, right?

Little hands worked fast to undo my pants (again) and pull them to the floor, along with my boxers. A moment later both hands circled my dick and started stroking, up and down. Soon she added some twists to the up and down motion. My, was she animated. Jennifer's whole body seemed to move with her arms - putting everything into the motion. Soon her blonde haired head lowered to my dick with her mouth enclosing around the head. I hadn't realized before just how long her hair was. It seemed to reach to her ass. It was long and wavy, god do I love that kind of hair.
One of her hands moved to my balls, rolling them around softly while the other pumped every so often when her mouth wasn't flying up and down the shaft. As I was watching, I saw her mouth rise off my dick trailing a line of saliva. Her eyes looked up and locked on mine. She dove forward, taking into her mouth my now saliva covered dick. Young Jennifer was a sloppy blower. Not bad – just different. Like a pornstar.

After a few more up and down motions (with my balls starting to tingle) she plunged down fast and far onto my dick. My round purple head plopped right into her throat. And she didn't make a single noise. My surprise was expressed with a sharp intake of breath. I had seen few online pornstars deepthroat so quick without a slight gag reflex. Even her sister made a sound. Instantly her throat muscles began rippling around the top part of my dick. Wow, it felt like she was trying to swallow my dick whole. Looking down (my head had fallen backwards from loss of control) I saw her eyes focused on mine, nose buried in my skin just above my pubes. Cheeks drawn out, yet slightly moving from the flicking of her tongue under my shaft. Her eyebrows arched like in a smiled and she started giggling. This sent vibrations straight to my balls triggering the dam to open.

sweet Mary, I'm coming,” I moaned. I have no clue why I said Sweet Mary, but I did. How stupid, I know.
Jennifer didn't pull her mouth back to my mushroom head, but kept it buried in her contracting throat. As my cum started rushing out, I felt her hand slide to my ass and her index finger plunged right into my ass. “What the – uhhhhhh,” was what poured from my mouth.

Her finger triggered the most intense orgasm I'd ever had. My knees buckled under me as shot after shot of cum went straight down her throat. She just kept gulping my load down. Meanwhile my hand grasped the door handle to keep my body off the ground. Jennifer's other hand started squeezing my balls, trying to push out all the cum I had in me. I think it worked because it seemed like I just wouldn't stop spurting. Gradually I stopped and with a deep breath collapsed to the bathroom tiles. Naked from the waste down, knees hunched awkwardly because of the pants around my ankles, I stared at Jennifer in front of me. After licking her lips she rose from the ground washed her hands and the razor, put stuff away and sat down next to me again. Her pussy lips gleamed. My mouth watered. Sitting up I began to push her backwards on the ground.

But she resisted me saying, “You can eat me out later; some other day. Ashley will be home soon. If we don't get caught then we can keep doing this. As long as she doesn't know.”
This blonde haired beauty made perfect sense. I couldn't be away from her mouth – or pussy. With a sigh I stood up and pulled on my pants. “Alright,” I said, “but I get to suck you clean next time.” 
Grinning from ear to ear she responded with, “Deal.”

After oogling her body for a few seconds, I reluctantly turned around opened the door and closed it behind me in Ashley's room. In a daze I walked to the futon and slumped onto the red cushion. All I could think about was how amazing this house is.

Ashley strutted into the room at that moment. “Let's get that nice hard cock freed from it's cages. Time for your reward for waiting.”
I love this family.

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