My First Time and A Little More : Part 6 - Swallow

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My first time and A Little More, Part 6.

Please read the previous chapters of this true story (check my author profile) leading up to this point to understand the background and characters that are referenced. The titles are not exactly consistent, but are one complete story. The titles are as follows:

My First Time and a Little More, First Time and More, part 2, My First Time and a Little More, part 3, First Time and a Little More, part 4, and My First Time and a Little More, part 5. Relax and read it like a Harry Potter novel while engaging in the behavior of your choice.

I had graduated high school early and started college in mid January. There is a large, major, state university in our town, so I lived at home and drove 30 miles to campus. During my first semester in college it wasn't long before I found that I found a host of guys who had a lifestyle that I never imagined.

I met the gay community. Well, sort of. I still couldnít get into the bars. From the previous story, the two older guys that I had been with, Lee and Robert, had pointed out gay bars, but since I was underage, they never talked about them much. Also, I originally wasnít interested in the bars since the people were so much older than I was. Consequently, I didnít know anything about the whole network of gay people. It was paradise to find so many people who were like me.

Soon I found several gay friends. Their lifestyle was too open for me. Yes, I know now that I was a real closet case. I met my first cross dresser, and it seemed like everyone wore lots of jewelry. It was exciting hanging around with them. Occasionally, I ate out with a group of them, but it was so campy and such an openly gay affair that I didnít do it often. Most of them hadnít grown up around the town like me, and I was afraid someone would notice me with them. Eating out with them was a show in itself. Most would swish in and make it known that they were highly gay. It was entertaining, but it was just too overt for me.

And, they talked gay. By that, I mean they talked especially effeminate and used gay phrases. They called each other bitch and queen Mary and stuff like that. I remember the pact that Sean and I agreed upon. We would never tell anyone that we sucked each otherís dicks, at least until we pulled Michael in our closed group. I had spent my life trying to cover up my desires and to not look or act different from others, and now, I am with guys who seemed to have no inhibitions. No, I didnít start wearing a lot of jewelry or pick up a swishy walk, but I liked hanging out with these guys in their apartments and at their parties. I didnít seem to fit in completely since I just couldnít engage in their overt displays and demonstrative active gayness. They were nice guys and all, but it was an adjustment that I couldnít make.

Toward the end of February, I went to a friendís apartment near the campus in the wee hours. There were at least twenty guys there. All I could see was wall to wall gorgeous guys. I was offered drinks. Some guy was in the kitchen blending margaritas. My favorite changed from Tom Collins to Crown Royal toward the end of my relationship with Robert. These were students and cheap tequila was just as effective for bringing out overt behavior. The atmosphere was like a small club with music bouncing off the walls, guys dancing, some talking, and the bartender in the kitchen. What a great night is was.

After about 15 minutes one of my high school classmates, Glen, walks in. Remember, I had graduated half a year early, and Glen was still in high school. Oh geez, he was gorgeous. I had fantasized about Glen when I jerked off. I loved looking at his tanned, hairless legs when he wore shorts. I didnít know he was gay until now. Hell, I didnít know how to tell if anyone was gay until recently. He didnít act surprised to see me. Gosh, I would have sucked him off right there in front of everyone if he asked. I wanted to be with him immediately, but he was with another student. I said hello, and we talked about some school stuff, and I told him how much I liked being in college, just small talk. I was impressed with how nonchalant he was. I was so nervous seeing someone that I knew from my high school, but he was simply relaxed and very gracious.

Interestingly, he introduced me to an available guy named Randy during the conversation. I was very turned on to see my high school friend, Glen, and I hadnít sucked dicks with Robert in a week, so I overlooked the fact that Randy was extremely effeminate. Glen left us, and Randy immediately kissed my cheek, and put his hand around my waist. He asked questions, and we talked a few minutes. He was wearing a nice cologne that was barely detectable and not overpowering. I was getting used to this new type of overt behavior, and I was hungry for a guy my age. I found myself interested in Randy even if he was a tad too effeminate.

I was feeling very warm as I sipped the cheap margarita, and I wasnít going to let him get away. If we had sex, it would be the first time that I had sex with anyone my age since my neighborhood friends, Sean and Michael, over 4 years ago. I was aroused, excited, and ready to please him any way I could. I craved a change from the two older guys that I had sex with during the last two years.

At that age, you donít need a lot of small talk. Heck, gay or straight, guys are sluts. We are ready anytime, just ask, and Randy asked. We went his dorm room. He took the lead. His foreplay was beyond anything that I had been taught. He liked to kiss, so I accommodated him. As he kissed me from the tips of my ears to the tips of my toes after he unbuttoned my shirt and pants. I had on jeans with buttons on the front. He took my dick out and gently stroked it. I was already dripping. He moved me backwards, and I sat down on the edge of my bed. He pulled my jeans down to my ankles. After removing my white boxer shorts, he touched his tongue on the top of my hard dick to wipe the drip off. Then he took off my shirt off and pulled my white t-shirt over my head. I was amazed at this ritual.

It was like a ballet. Every movement he made was slow and graceful. Then he took off my socks. Geez, I didnít know that you could remove someoneís socks in such a seductive manner. He gently tugged at the toes of the sock of one foot. Then he removed it using both hands by gently rolling it down my ankle until it fell off my toes. He did the same to the other foot. The sensation was new, and it was extremely arousing. I had never experienced such a long, extended ritual of undressing nor such a build up during foreplay. This was a first and definitely an erotic learning experience. I was sitting on the bed fully naked, and Randy was on his knees in front of me fully clothed. It sounds like a fairytale, but his eyes were straight on with mine, no kidding. We stared at each other for just a moment. I remember undressing in front of Michael years ago and saw that Randy was enjoying undressing me just as much.

This is when he kissed, not licked, the tips of my ears, neck, shoulders, chests, nipples, down to my navel, over my waists to my thighs, all the way to my ankles, and ending with kissing each toe ever so very gently.

I was wondering how to top what Randy had just done for me. He stood up and bent over and kissed me on the lips. I liked it. He barely touched my lips with his and didnít rush to put his tongue in my mouth. Instead, he used his tongue to move around the edge of my lips. I did the same to him. He was wearing a long sleeved type of t-shirt, and I pulled the sleeves gently off each arm. Then I pulled his shirt over his head and placed it neatly on the bed. He had medium long, curly, brown hair that didnít touch his collar and came just came over his ears. He had nice looking lips and his eyes were green just like mine.

I saw his dick was hard underneath his pants. I pulled down his trousers which didnít have a zipper or belt, but rather, just had a band at the waist. He had black underwear. I had never seen black underwear and his dick was hard and huge. I mean huge. I saw a wet spot on his underwear and that really turned me on. I had to reach under his underwear and grab his dick so that I could I pull his black underwear down to his feet. I held the largest dick I had ever seen. He didnít lift his feet for me to remove his underwear. He got back on his knees and reaching behind him, he gracefully pulled his underwear off his feet. He was so graceful, balanced, and poised that
I thought he seemed like an elf. He did not rush this ritual. I was not used to taking so long. It was a completely new experience.

He laid me on my back and licked and sucked the tips of my ears, my neck, and then my nipples. Once again, he stopped to lick off the wet drops coming out of my dick. He used his tongue and slowly moved it down to my stomach and swirled it in my belly button. When I mean slowly, I think it took him several minutes to move from the tips of my ears to my naval. I wondered if Sean had learned this by now, but I quickly stopped fantasizing about my former neighborhood friend for the first time while having sex. Then he continued down to my crouch. I was so sensitive that he quickly continued down to my thighs and then to my kneecaps.

Then he licked my balls. I started shaving my balls when I met Lee a couple of years ago, and they were slick. I tried shaving all of my hair off, but when it grew back the next couple of days, I was very uncomfortable, so I only shaved my balls. Randy was an artist. I was on my back in the submissive position, and he was the aggressor. I learned that talking effeminate and acting effeminate didnít mean you were not manly in bed. He used his hard dick to caress me. He placed it on my forehead and slowly moved it down to my cheeks. He was dripping a little. As he used his dick to caress my chest and stomach, it left a wet trail everywhere that he touched me. Then he touched my dick with his. He was so noticeably larger.

I tried to get up to change positions with him, but he turned me over on my stomach. As I was lying on my stomach, I was ready for him to fuck me. Instead, he straddled me and sat up on his knees. He used his long, manicured fingernails to touch the back of my neck and continue ever so slowly, down, down to my buttocks. He continued on the backs of my legs and up to my buttocks once again. Then from my buttocks, he went down my legs all the way to the bottoms of my feet. I was so ticklish that he didnít stay on the bottom of my feet very long.

Then he laid on top of me with his dick between my legs and moved it up until his dick was between my cheeks. I never had a dick that big inside of me. Lee and Robertís dicks were small compared to this. The brush handle I used at home was not as big, so I wasnít sure how I would handle it. He turned my head sideways on the pillow and put his tongue into my ear. He blew into my ear.

I thought at any moment he was going to thrust his big dick into me. I was ready for him to fuck me. He had the largest dick I had seen. It was about 8 inches which was huge to me. I didnít care how much it hurt, I wanted to please him. I could feel drips of cum from his dick as he was lying on top of me. Gosh knows, the bed was wet under me because I was dripping like crazy. I was so relaxed and waited for him to push his wet dick far inside of me.

Instead, he turned me over and started sucking my dick. I was a bit relieved. The only thing I could do while lying there and feeling all of the ecstasy that he gave me was to caress the back of his neck. He was giving me all that he had without expecting anything in return at this point.

If you have been reading the story, you know by now that I am very reflective and analytical about new situations. In a brief moment while Randy started sucking me, I flashed through Sean, Michael, Lee, and Robert and thought that the main point of sex was to get to the climax. Randy showed me that there is as much pleasure in the foreplay as the climax and giving complete attention to the other personís feelings, senses, and desires. This was profound to me. I liked giving pleasure to Sean, Michael, Lee, and Robert, but it was because it made me feel good. Randy showed that a persons can forgo their needs while devoting all their attention to the other guy. I was learning how to give and maybe to love.

Randy didnít stop to let me suck him. He continued sucking me. At this point, I was so aroused that any additional tongue swirling on my dick or touching it with his fingernails couldnít have given any more pleasure. I tried to hold off in order to prolong this heighten state of heaven, but I couldnít resist any longer. I came in his mouth.

Randy continued sucking me and swallowed my cum! He actually swallowed it! No one had ever swallowed my cum before, and I didnít know that anyone would swallow cum. He continued sucking me until I had to remove his head because I was getting ticklish. I dripped some cum on my belly, and he sucked it up.

I was thinking how I could have missed feeling this good before, but looking back 6 or 7 years to when Sean and I first sucked each other, orgasm itself was a miraculous feeling and a lot of foreplay was not necessary. Since each of us back then was absorbed in how we felt, we were taken care of without needing the other person to be devoted entirely to our needs. Now that I am older, I see that a two-way interaction involves more than just getting your partner to a climax.
I did my best to gently lay Randy on his back on my bed. I repeated what I had just learned. I was ashamed that I had to copy everything that I had just experienced because I had no more methods than Randy had just shown me. I used my tongue to slowly move from the tips of his ears, to his nipples, to his naval, and to his crouch.

He was sensitive in the crouch too, but I didnít move past it quickly, so I made him cringe. He touched his fingers to my head and move me down to his thighs. Then I moved to his knees and sucked each one until he lifted is head off the pillow until he used his hands to gently move my head off his knees because of the sensitivity. Then a moved to the other knee and back and forth as long as he could stand it.

I thought of something different. I moved past his knees to his shins and down to his toes. Now, I knew nothing of sucking toes, so I just used my tongue on the tops of each toe and then on the tips of each manicured toe. I gently took each toe into my mouth. He liked that. I was glad I could come up with something different from what he did to me. Thne I remembered getting my anus sucked by that pick-up guy (see one of my previous stories). I turned him over gently and spread his cheeks. I swirled my tongue in his ass and pushed it in a little. He moaned with pleasure, and I was thrilled. I took my time and let him experience the pleasure. I took my finger and pushed it into him. He got up on his knees while his head was still on the pillow. I pushed my entire index finger inside of him and felt around and around. I gently and slowly removed my finger and sucked his anus more as I reached underneath to caress his balls and dick. Next, I turned over underneath him and sucked and licked his balls. He hadnít shaved, but his balls were not very hairy.

I moved all the way underneath him, and he was now lying on top of me with our dicks together. I had gotten hard again. I swear I was still dripping. Now, I helped him turn on his back while I straddled over him. I wet my lips and just touched the tip of his dick and slowly opened my mouth down his shaft as far as I could. I couldnít get his dick all the way inside of my mouth on the first try. Then I went straight down until the head of his dick touched far into my throat, and I almost gagged. His hair tickled my nose, so I knew I couldnít go any further. I used my tongue to swirl around his dick and moved downward. I pulled back up ever so slowly while using a very slight suction.

I continued up, down, and swirling my tongue around and around the head of his dick. I did it slowly so that he wouldnít cum too quickly, and he grasped my temples gently and then firmly. I felt the pulsing, warm cum shooting into my mouth. I knew what to do. I continued swirling and swallowed each drop that he shot into me. It was grand. I am sure that he didnít know that I was swallowing cum for my first time. I swallowed and swallowed and stayed on him to get every drop. I pumped his dick to make sure that I got every drop. I slowly lifted my lips off his dick and laid beside of him. Wow, just when I thought I knew everything, Randy showed me more, and I learned well.

This was my first few months in college, my first sex with anyone my age in over 4 years, and my first time swallowing cum. I wondered if there could be anything else to learn.

*** Please read ďMy First Time and a Little More, part 7Ē if you would like to continue this true story.

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