My First Time

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For an end of summer party, I was having a friend, Katelyn, come over for the night. She arrived at my house around 5:00 o'clock, one and a half hours after my parents left for the weekend. I have blonde hair, blue eyes, I'm about 6 foot 7 inches, and small breasts. Katelyn is the same height as me, brown hair, green eyes, and slightly smaller breasts than mine.

"Hi!" I squealed as I hugged Katelyn. "How are you?" She squealed back. "Wonderful!" I replied, "Come in." We were taking her bags to my bedroom when I flung open my door and realized that I had left my small vibrator out on my bed. "Is that your vibrator!" She gasped. I grabbed it and put it in my bedside table drawer. "Yes," I sighed, "sorry, I forgot that I left that there." "It's ok. Let's go watch movies!" She said excitedly.

We went back into the family room and sat on the couch to watch movies. "Is it really warm in here or what?" Katelyn asked. "It is pretty warm." I replied. "Would you care if I took my shirt off and just had my bra on?" She asked in a awkward voice. "No I don't, go ahead. Would you mind if I took mine off?" I asked her back.

"Nope, don't mind at all. It's your house you know." She said as she removed her shirt revealing her small hot pink bra. "What are you waiting for?" she asked. "I'm not wearing anything under my shirt." I blurted out. "Who cares? We've chanced in front of each other before." Katelyn was right, what should I care about being topless in front of someone who's already seen me naked.

I pulled my shirt up showing off my small but perky tits. Mine were finally bigger than Katelyn's! "Damn, your boobs have grown! I thought I would have bigger tits than you forever!" She exclaimed. "And your nipples, they're big, and hard too." I started to feel a wet spot in my short-shorts. "Man! I'm really hot right now. I'm just going to get naked. You should too." I said blushing. "Ok" she said taking over the rest of her clothes.

"Have you ever tried eating another girl out?" "No, but I would." She said. I sat on the couch as she crouched in between my legs. I could feel her hot breath on my pussy as I spread my legs farther apart. Her tongue slowly started licking my slit. I moaned with pleasure as she was sucking at my clit. Licking and swirling her tongue inside me, I moaned louder as I came all over her face. I pulled her up and french kissed her as we grinded our pussies together. I fingered her as we kissed. When she came we both sucked her juices off my fingers.

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