My First Gynelogical Examination

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Even though I had never had sex, my mom made me go to the gynecologist to be examined. I was the last patient of the day and was seated in the waiting room feeling very nervous. Every time I heard something I jumped thinking it was my turn. 

Evevntually a woman in a white coat appeared and ushered me in to the examination room. He told me to undress and put on the gown. I did this and then climbed up on to the bed. I was shaking and I felt it kind of hard to breath as I lay on my back. After what seemed like forever, a good looking man in his earlie 40's came in to the room and smiled at me. You must be Evangilique he said. Yes I muttered. H

e was looking right at me. He didn't seem like the scary person I was expecting. The nurse popped her head in to the room. You can leave now Cheryl, I know you had plans tonight. Alright doctor she replied. He then asked me if I had ever had intercourse before to which I replied no. He lowered the top half of my gown and began to examine y breasts which were still really small. He rubbed them and pinched my nipples quite hard. 

They were already stiff and pert. It felt weird having a strange man touching my private places. He then moved down and covered up my breasts and lifted the gown to expose my vagina. It looks like I will have to shave you a little bit so I can examine you properly. He said. He then quickly started to shave the hairs around my pussy. I thought this was strange cause I really didn't have much hair to begin with but he seemed insistent. 

After he was done he began to examine my vagina and my pussy lips. I jumped when he inserted his finger partially inside. It hurt and he then told me he was going to have to open my vagina with a scary looking instrument called a speculum. I watched as he coated it with lube and felt the coldness as he began to push it inside my vagina. Uhh uhh it hurts please no more i asked. I have to do this I am sorry he replied as he continued to insert it. I seemed like it took forever to get it in. He them examined inside me and left the room briefly. I felt trapped and squirmed as I waited for his return. He told me he had to see what my cervix looked like if I was having an orgasm. 

I knew this was odd but I still had this speculum stretching my pussy open. He began to run his fingers over my clit and then told me to use the vibrator on my clit so he could watch me orgasm inside. It was a very powerful vibrator and I soon felt myself flushed and cumming. He watched as my juices dripped out of my pussy. I was breathless as he asked me to spread my legs even further. I am going to feel your ovaries now but I have to insert my finger inside of your anus. 

He quickly shoved his finger into my bum before I had a chance to complain. It hurt so much and my eyes watered as he fingered my virgin asshole. When the pain subsided it felt quite pleasurable having my ass penetrated. He took out his finger and removed the speculum from my vagina. He asked me if I needed to cum again and I nodded yes. He then took off his gloves and inserted two fingers in to my soaked pussy. 

He fingered me more and more roughly and slid another finger in to my bum. I was wet everywhere and close to cumming again when he stopped. With out saying a word he removed his pants and took out his cock. I was so huge and erect. I can't just watch you cumming any more. 

I have to have my cock inside you now. He said. He positioned it at the opening and pushed it in as far as it would go. The pain was intense at first but by the time the entire length of his cock was inside me I had the most amazing orgasm ever. he then began to fuck me, sliding his massive cock in and out of my tight pussy

Once in a while a pretty little thing like you comes in here. Not very often but when it does it is worth the wait. He pumped me very hard and started to cum inside me. Fuck!! I am cumming so hard he yelled. After he had finished spraying his load in to my pussy he withdrew his cock and cleaned us up. I now report back at least once a year for my examination by the handsome doctor.

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