My Daughter and My Batlle Within

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This story is fictional.

For the last five years, I have fought a major battle of morality within my own mind. My daughter now eighteen, has developed into an absolute gorgeous young woman. My secret desires have remained within my mind for so long now, explicit taboo thoughts of incestuous lust. This is a story, an account of how I fought this battle and how this battle was ultimately lost.

I know there are many men, fathers out there that also fight this secret battle within and I admire those who can win the battle and keep their lustful desires under control. Any man with a beautiful daughter, niece, cousin, sister, aunt or even mother, has fought this taboo battle of incestuous lust and desire to some degree or another. Those who deny it are simply liars.

I had thought of incest before in life as one of my younger sisters was very attractive. Being the oldest child, much like my daughter, I got to watch my little sister develope from a young girl into a gorgeous young woman. I have three sisters and Amy was the middle one. My other two sisters are attractive but Amy was down right beautiful. She was always looking for my attention and affection, which made it even harder to control my incestous desires for her.

By the age of 16 Amy had developed very nice large breasts and a perfectly sweet ass. I managed to catch her getting dressed or undressed many times to fuel my fantasies. Several times I was fortunate enough to see her bare breasts. She had very large puffy nipples that instantly made my cock rock hard.

Our family had an in ground pool so I was often awarded the sight of my sexy little sister or her hot looking friends prancing around in their skimpy bikini's. It seemed like I was in a constant state of erection. Her friends were very sexy and hot too but seeing my sister aroused me more than any of her friends.

My sister had this very sexy red, white and blue one piece swim suit that she must have removed all the liners. When it was wet, you could clearly see every detail of those perfect nipples and see the most erotic looking pussy, a perfect camel toe. Whew, my cock is like a steel pipe just thinking back of the sexy sights of my hot little sister.

When I was young, I often imagined her sexy lips wrapped around my thick cock as I masterbated. I imagined her soft butt pressing against my thighs as my hard cock slid deep into her hot wet pussy from behind. I imagined reaching around her and rolling those huge nipples between my fingers as my cock slides in to the hilt.

Still to this day, my cock hardens at the thought of fucking my own sister but I won that battle and those thoughts remain deep inside the secrets of my sexual fantasies. With my maturing daughter, she has replaced my sexy sister in that dark taboo place within my mind. My most secret sexual fantasies now revolve around my gorgeous sweet and sexy 18 year old daughter.

My wife is still very attractive but lately, when we are making love, I imagine in my mind I'm making love to my sexy little daughter. I can't help myself as I try to think of something else but my thoughts always return to my daughter as my orgasms are intensified ten fold as I shudder and expend my hot load deep inside my wife's pussy.

Let me describe my daughter, my sweet young Erin to you. Now at seventeen, Erin has long straight sandy blonde hair about shoulder length, gorgeous blue-green eyes, stands about 5 feet 4 inches tall, weighs barely 100 pounds. She has very smooth skin which tans golden brown very easily. She is nice and thin, with not an ounce of fat on her sexy little body.

My daughter has this gorgeous mature woman model face. She could very easily pass for being twenty years old but yet she's only seventeen. As her young teenage body developes, she appears more like a woman rather than the young girl she really is. She fills the air around her with pure sexual excitement and she is beginning to realize her effects on every man she comes in contact with.

This is very much a problem for me and every other man who casts their eyes upon her sweet teenage beauty. I've often caught men of all ages stealing lustful glances at her, their eyes devouring every inch of her gorgeous young body and me her father, being a man which her beauty creates the same effect on as with all the others.

Through the past few years, I've been able to keep my secret desires checked but lately it's become very hard. Erin is becoming quite aware of her affect on men, all men, including her own father. She is realizing that she can manipulate men with her sexuality, that men are sexually weak and therefore she can control them.

When her mother isn't around, she will prance around the house in skimpy little shorts, with a halter top or a t-shirt without a bra. God, sometimes I can clearly see her hard nipples standing straight out. It takes all my will, not to reach out and touch them or even worse, just grab her and rape her.

Just last week, I caught her going from the bathroom to her bedroom in only a pair of sexy little black laced panties. God, her sweet butt looked so good inside those sexy panties. She quickly covered her breasts with the towel and clothes she was carrying, but not before I got a very good view, even in the dark hallway, of her absolutely gorgeous young teenage body. She gave me this sexy little "oops" look as she quickly darted into her bedroom.

I moved into the bathroom, my cock was throbbing inside my shorts, as I locked the door, dropped my shorts to my ankles and began to jerk off thinking of the sight I just took in. As I slowly masterbated to the thoughts of my daughter, I looked at the clothes hamper and spotted a pair of Erin's panties right on top.

My hands trembled as I reached for them, a pair of silky sheer pink panties that she must have been wearing before her shower. Without thinking, I brought the crotch of my daughter's panties up to my nose. Oh the smell was completely intoxicating, making my cock harder, if that was possible.

I noticed some white crust in the crotch of her dirty panties. Her dried juices, the scent was so strong, as I held the crotch to my nose and jerked off feverishly. Just knowing those panties were touching that taboo place, that forbidden place my sexual lust sought out for. I wrapped her panties around my throbbing shaft and within seconds I groaned and my cum shot out into them.

I was so light headed, I had to sit on the toilet to keep from falling over. After a few minutes, I looked at the crotch of her panties to see a large amount of my cum mixing with her dried juices, soaking into them. I just balled them up and buried them down in the dirty clothes hamper. As I looked up into the mirror at myself, I cursed myself for these growing incestous thoughts. I must control myself, I must!

Last Saturday morning, the day of her big high school prom dance later that night, I was treated to such an erotic sight. My wife was grocery shopping at the store and I was sitting at the kitchen table having breakfast. Erin came bouncing down the steps, walked past me, opened the frig and bent over looking inside.

As she bent over and looked inside, I was treated with such a sight, my cock was again throbbing in seconds. Erin was wearing a large blue t-shirt with only a pair of very sexy white lace boy shorts panties underneath. I was treated with a perfect view of one of the sexiest butts I had ever seen. I instantly thought of my sister's very fine looking tush and all the times I lusted over her fine looking ass.

My daughter stood there only a few seconds but it seemed like minutes as I took in every inch of that sweet teenage ass. I could just see her pussy mound bulging out between those perfectly smooth and sexy thighs, that perfect diamond made just for the penatration of a hard cock from behind.

Under the table, my fingers lightly stroked my cock to it's full eight inches. I was rock hard and throbbing as I felt my face flush with sexual heat. Those panties were sheer enough that I could clearly see each sexy butt cheek and the dark crack between them. Ummmmm, such a perfect sight of a young girl's ass, I couldn't imagine anything finer.

Seconds later, she spun around and placed the juice container on the counter, poured herself a glass and left the room. I was so fucking aroused I could hear my heart pounding in my throat. Did she actually do that to me and not even realize what she was doing? I will forever wonder.

Tonight was prom night and she was so happy, so full of spirit as she was asked to go by one of the most popular boys in her class. Honestly, I think she never even realized that she almost gave poor dad a heart attack, hah! I remember thinking of how was she wearing such sexy undies, although I didn't mind the sight one bit.

The rest of the day passed by rather quickly until finally around 6 pm, Erin came down stairs in her prom dress. My heart shuddered as she looked absolutely gorgeous. Her dress was a lovely light blue satin, tucked in just perfectly to accent her growing breasts and exposing her tanned smooth sexy shoulders. She was just so beautiful, a view of perfect teenage beauty.

"Spin around honey and model for us." I said as my wife and I inspected her lovely prom dress.

As she turned around, my cock began to harden again. The back of her dress was cut so low, almost to the top of her sexy butt. Her back was completely bare, no bra straps, just smooth sexy tanned skin exposed down to her ass. The dress was shaped tightly around her waist leaving nothing to imagine about how sweet her young body was as well as her perfect little ass The same ass I was drooling over earlier that day. God, she was absolutely beautiful and glowing with excitement.

Her date arrived and off they went on their long awaited prom night. After a few hours my wife went to bed complaining of a mild headache so I knew not to ask for sex later. I resolved to watching some porn on the tube and pleasuring myself later after Erin got home.

I was beginning to wonder how late Erin would be out as we had an eleven o'clock curfew. Somewhere just around eleven o'clock, I heard the front door close rather hard and I heard Erin crying softly in the kitchen as she entered the living room.

"What's wrong baby?" I asked as she entered the room.

"Brad's such a jerk! All he thinks about is himself. He's such an asshole!" she cried out softly.

"What happened honey?" I asked in a fatherly way. I remember my temper building as my imagination ran wild.

"Well, he paid more attention to his buddies and trying to get drunk than he did me. Oh Daddy!" she whimpered as she came over and sat on my lap, curled up crying softly into my shoulder.

Now I had a problem, which was rising fast. I was sitting on my chair, wearing only a t-shirt and a pair of gym shorts, nothing underneath. Feeling my young daughters body, the heat building between us, quickly sent blood to my now hardening cock. The slippery smooth silk material, her smooth sexy shoulders and as I gazed down at her, I could clearly see the swells of her large teenage breasts.

My right hand caressed her shoulder, trying to comfort her as she sobbed. My mind raced back to earlier that night, the sight of her smooth tanned exposed back, down to the sexy top of her sweet teenage butt. My hand drifted off her shoulder and down her back just a bit.

My cock got harder and harder, feeling her soft butt pressing against it. Oh god, she has to feel it growing under her. I tried to change my thoughts but those perfect tanned breasts, her sexy smooth back, her sweet smell was like a drug to my system. I squeezed her harder as my right hand caressed her smooth back as my left hand softly caressed her right thigh.

My heart was pounding as I was so close to my deepest and darkest thoughts as I caressed my sexy daughter. I dared not get any bolder with my touches but my lust grew and I did. I brought my right hand lower and was now caressing just above her sexy ass, then softly touching her at the edges of her dress, flaunting with skin covered by the edges of her dress. My cock was completely hard, all throbbing eight inches as I tried no longer to hold my desires and lust back.

I felt Erin push her little butt back and forth a bit as she confirmed my cock was definitely hard, there was no mistake. Suddenly she sat up a looked deep into my eyes and said "Daddy, it your thing hard because of me?" her voice trailed off softly.

Reality hit me as I nearly panicked, not sure how to reply. I know how a father should reply but I didn't act that way. I stammered out "Yes honey, you are just so damn beautiful tonight."

She looked a me with those tear filled eyes and gave me a sweet smile as she leaned in and hugged me hard. "I love you daddy." she said softly as she moved her soft butt back and forth softly against my hard cock.

As she hugged me, I felt her sliding off my lap, her lower body sliding down between my legs. The next thing I knew, my sexy daughter was on her knees between my legs. She looked right at me as she reached out and grabbed my thick eight inch hard cock, her small hand holding it inside my shorts.

I was so shocked as I asked, trying to muster up a fatherly tone, "What are you doing baby?"

"Daddy, I was going to lose my viginity to Brad tonight. Right now, I can't think of anyone I'd rather make love to more than you. I know you feel the same way, right?" she asked as she squeezed my throbbing shaft.

"Oh baby, are you sure?" I softly moaned out.

"Yes Daddy, I want you, do you want me?" she asked so sweetly, almost begging me.

"Oh god yes baby, but are you sure? If we do this, there's no turning back." I said as she smiled, then grabbed the sides of my shorts and began tugging them down.

I lifted my butt off the chair slightly as Erin gently pulled down my shorts, over my knees, down and off, tossing them on the floor. I watched closely, my heart pounding as my sexy little daughter leaned forward, grabbed my cock at it's base and began to lick the huge swollen purple head like her first lolly-pop. God, what an erotic sight, one I never dreamed I would actually see.

"Oh yes baby, that's it, lick daddy's hard cock honey. Ummmmm yes, it's all hard for you love, ohhhhhhhh god yessssssssssss!" I moaned.

I couldn't believe my eyes as I watched my daughter's perfect soft lips and tongue caress my hard cock. What a sight, as she looked directly up into my eyes, opened her mouth and wrapped those soft red lips around my cock. I watched as my huge purple cock head slipped between those sweet lips into her hot teenage mouth.

I was so excited as I again could hear my heart beating in my throat. I watched with so much love, so much lust as my deepest darkest incestuous desires were coming true right before my eyes. I swear my cock grew another inch, if that was possible, at the sight of my sexy daughter's lips gliding up and down my throbbing shaft.

She lightly caressed my balls as she mouthed the side of my shaft, her lips gliding up and down the length of my hard cock. As she got to the top, she looked deep into my eyes once more, a smile crossed her lips as she opened her mouth and once again took my throbbing cock head between her soft red lips.

I remember thinking, just for a second, where did she learn, at the age of seventeen, to suck cock like a porno star. God, she was so good at this I could feel my cum starting to rise. I couldn't remember anything so erotic and exciting in my life. Could this be what I would have experienced if I tried to fuck my sexy sister?

This taboo sex, this forbidden act of incest was such an erotic turn on I couldn't believe how excited I was and how aroused I could be. My cock felt like it was harder than it was ever before in my life. I was quickly reaching the most intense orgasm of my life but I wanted to feel that feeling while being buried deep inside my daughter's virgin pussy.

"Erin, take that dress off for daddy. Do a little strip tease for me honey, ok?" I managed to moan out on seconds before she pushed me too far.

She gave me a big smile as she slowly stood up in front of me. She slowly twirled around in front of me, stopping with her sexy back toward me. Still with her back to me, she kicked off her shoes and looked over her shoulders.

"Keep your back to me honey, yeah that's it baby!" I moaned softly as she rotated her hips slowly from side to side.

God, she looked so fucking sexy and so hot as she began slid her dress off her shoulders and down her perfect body. Her hips swaying side to side until her perfect ass came into view. Oh my fucking god, she was wearing those same sexy panties as she had on this morning. What a sexy sight as her dress was soon a heap at her ankles on the floor.

My heart was pounding as I quickly removed my t-shirt and gently stroked my rock solid cock, lusting for my gorgeous teenage daughter. Before my eyes, she stood there in those sexy white laced boy shorts panties, with white garter belts holding up her sheer nylons. She had no bra under her dress confining those gorgeous breasts.

I could see the huge swell of her left breast as she looked over her left shoulder at me. She turned to face me, looking for her daddy's approval as I moaned out "Oh god baby, you are so fucking beautiful!"

A smile formed on her face as she replied, "Thanks Daddy, I'm so glad you think so."

Looking deep into my eyes, she began to undo her garter belts and slid her nylons down her sexy long legs. I could see her sweet pussy mound through the sheer panty material as she stepped out of each nylon. I continued to very slowly caress my huge swollen shaft as she watched it intently.

Erin was very excited too as I could see her nipples were huge and swollen. They were like these huge erasers sitting on top of perfect white globes of breast flesh. I couldn't believe it but her breasts were nearly indentical to my sexy sister's. Amy's tits were a bit bigger but the nipples, my god, the nipples were the same. My heart was pounding as I was visualizing first my daughter, then my sister in my incestous ravaged mind.

I had to almost stop stroking my cock as I was going to explode. In my eyes, she was no longer a young girl but a beautiful young woman. Pre-cum oozed from my shaft as I stroked it's full length and said "Turn around and bend over honey, show me that sweet ass of yours."

"Sure daddy, I know how my butt turns you on." she said with a sexy lustful smile.

"Oh yeah baby, hmmmmm such a nice ass you have." I moaned as I gripped my cock harder.

Erin pushed her tush out and spread her long legs slightly, giving me a perfect view of her sexy pussy mound from behind. She arched her back and pushed her butt out even further as she reached between her legs and ran her finger up the crack of her pussy. Up and down her slit she pushed her fingers harder until I could see the crotch of her panties getting wet and darker on each pass.

I thought I was going to shoot my load high in the air at that point so I gripped my cock hard and held it there. I had to slow this down a little but I was so fucking turned on as my daughter's next move was even more arousing than the last.

"Are you ok daddy?" she said in such a sexy little girl voice, smiling as she knew damn well what she was doing to me.

As she looked deep into my eyes once more, she turned and faced me, exposing her perfect breasts to my eyes again. Her breasts were larger than I imagined them to be, about a full C-cup with gorgeous dark puffy erect nipples. As our eyes connected, she cupped her breasts and gently caressed and stroked her hard erect nipples between her fingertips.

She pulled her nipples up to her mouth and softly licked each one with her tongue. Her breasts were simply magnificent. I would later find out that by just sucking her nipples, she could reach an orgasm. After show casing and caressing her sexy tits for me for a few minutes, she continued with her sexy strip tease. Once again she spun around, showing me her absolutely perfect butt.

Looking over her shoulder at me, she knew that she was turning her own father on so bad which excited her beyond her own imagination. Her juices were flowing from her tingling pussy as the crotch of her panties were absolutely soaking wet. Could it be this lustful drive for incest was part of her secret desires too? I wondered?

She watched her well hung father as I stroked my hard cock. She slowly began peeling those sexy little panties over her soft butt, ever so slowly until her pussy was completely exposed to my lustful eyes. I watched with intent desire as she slid her wet panties to the floor and stepped out of them. From behind, I could see her juices glistening on the lips of her sweet pussy as her fingers slid betwen them.

As I leaned back in the chair, my legs straight out with my thick cock pointing straight up in the air, she turned and slowly walked over to me, straddling my legs until her pussy was just above my huge cock as she knealt on the chair, knees at my sides. I looked down at the sexiest young pussy I had ever seen just inches from my huge purple cock head.

Her pussy was lightly covered with a sandy blonde light brown hair, very neatly trimmed but her pussy lips were glistening with her juices. As she leaned forward to kiss me on the lips, my hand reached out and touched my daughter's pussy for the first time. As our lips met, my fingers spread her pussy open, gliding up her wet gash until I touched her erect clit for the first time, sending shivers throughout her young teenage body.

"Oh god daddy, that feels good!" she gasped out.

She pushed her hips down until her pussy pressed harder against my fingers, rubbing her clit even harder, "Uuuuuuummmm yesssss daddy" she moaned as she rocker her hips creating more friction against her wet pussy.

I moved my hand away as her pussy lips spread apart, allowing my hard cock to touch her hot pussy for the first time. She rubbed against my cock, sliding my cock up and down the length of her opening massaging her swollen clit. As we kissed softly, her wet pussy was working against my thick shaft, her juices covering it.

"Oh baby, you're driving me wild." I moaned out softly in her ear.

"fuck me daddy, pleeeeeease make love to me." she moaned back.

I could hold back any longer as I firmly grabbed her hips and lifted her up. She spread her knees wide to my sides as I lined my hard cock up with her wet opening. As I lowered her, I felt my thick cock head pressing against
her hot wet pussy lips, spreading them ever so slightly.

As I looked up at my daughter's pretty face, her eyes were closed and she was biting her lower lip, a look of a little girl as her daddy's cock was ready to make her a woman for the first time. I watched her face as my cock slowly spread her open further, my cock head was just about inside her.

"Ohhhhh yesssssss daddy, yesssss fuck me!" she panted out as my cock slowly pressed further inside her.

Although she was a virgin, there was not much resistance as my cock slowly spread her wide open, pulling her down until I was buried completely inside her very tight young pussy. I didn't know at the time but she had broken her hymen years earlier with one of her mother's vibrators.

It didn't matter to me, my hard cock was buried deep inside my own daughter's tight wet pussy. I was so fucking aroused I couldn't believe it. My cock throbbed deep inside as I stretched her pussy further than it was ever stretched before. Knowing my cock was the first cock inside my daughter had me aroused beyond belief.

I would find out later that it was an extreme turn-on for her too as she always had lustful thoughts about me too, her father. She often listened outside our bedroom door as I drove my cock deep inside her maoning mother, wishing it was her pussy wrapped around my hard cock and finally, tonight it was.

Slowly I lifted my daughter up, my thick cock coming almost out before pulling her down hard, driving my cock deep inside her hot wet pussy again. She got in rhythm with my thrusts, gyrating her hips, flexing her knees in time with my every upward thrust, grinding our sex together as our bodies met.

Her body trembled with sexual excitement as she couldn't believe how huge I felt inside her, how stretched she felt, how full her pussy was as I pulled her down hard again and again on my thick eight inch shaft. My firm hands on her hips, controlling her pleasure as she was impaled by my erect cock, riding for all her worth.

The pace quickened, faster and faster, deeper and deeper, harder and harder as I thrust up into her sweet young pussy. Her beautiful tits bounced in front of my eyes as my sexy daughter rode my thick cock. Her face was one of pure sexual bliss as she rode my cock. She cupped her breasts, squeezed her swollen nipples hard as her head rocked back. Her orgasm was quickly cumming as was mine.

Her juices now covered my crotch as she was moaning loudly with each upward thrust. I slowed the pace, driving her wild as I angled her hips, hitting a fresh set of pussy nerves on each new thrust. She squeezed her pussy as tight as she could, like a vice around my cock. God, she was so fucking tight.

After several minutes of slow grinding fucking, I began to pound my cock up into my daughter again. Faster and faster until we both couldn't stand it any longer. She reached her orgasm first, as her little body tensed up tightly and started to shake all over. To my surprise, she squirted her juices all over my crotch and stomach as she shuddered and shook all over. My beautiful daughter was a fucking squirter, god I shuddered as I felt my orgasm cumming quickly.

I was so fucking turned on, as my daughter shot her juices out with such force I could feel it all over myself. With her hot juices covering me, I pulled her down hard and belted out three huge spurts of my cum deep inside my daughter's soaked pussy.

She collapsed on top of me as I held her tightly, feeling her pussy quiver and squeeze my still rock hard cock. Her hips quivered and shook as she went through wave after wave of orgasm. She had never cum so hard in her life. She knew her juices squirted out a little but this was with so much force, she had completely soaked my crotch, not to mention the living room chair.

As the throws of orgasm passed both of us, I could feel my own juices leaking out of my daughter's wet pussy, which was still tightly wrapped around my still hard shaft. I couldn't believe it but my cock was still rock hard deep inside my daughter's hot pussy. I was so aroused, so fucking hard that I just had to fuck her some more.

I gripped her soft ass cheeks and slowly stood up, still deep inside her as her legs wrapped around my back as she clung to me, holding tightly around my neck. I gently laid her on the floor as we began a very slow hard grinding fuck session.

With my daughter's legs wrapped around my back, I fucked her slow, hard and deep, giving her the memory of her life as this was going to be her first time to measure all others against, her first time to last a lifetime. This was her first taste of incest and I wanted her comming back for more.

From now on, I would have my daughter at every possible chance we got for we both found the taboo sex of incest to be just what we needed. I also began to think of ways to seduce and finally get a chance to fuck my own sister. Time to live out another dark deep sexual incestous fantasy.

I never realized at the time but looking out from the hallway, my wife was fingering her pussy as she shuddered with an orgasm of her own, as she watched as her daughter and her husband fucking in the living room. As she shuddered with her orgasm, her juices squirted out covering her hand as she too was a squirter, just like her daughter.

She quietly moved down the hall to our bedroom. I didn't know at the time but my wife would be a key factor in my seduction of my sexy sister, but then that is another chapter in my battle within of incestous desires.

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