My Cousin's Hand-shake

(Part 1 from 2)

This is my real encounter where on an impulse I went to my cousin Prinya's house and ended up making love to her. Please read this and contact me with your comments.

On a hot sunny day, I was traveling on my bike after a long business session with a client. As I entered the main road after the railway station, I came across a traffic jam, the road literally filled with all kinds of vehicles and the cacophonic noises made by restless drivers. Not wanting to get into this muddle, I had no choice but to turn right into a small lane. As I did so, I realized that an apartment building right in front of me was where my cousin sister Priya lived. She is almost 18 years elder to me, married to a business man and both her sons are living in US. Priya is really beautiful, but quite on the fatter side, having big blue eyes, thick lips and a very sexy body. I had always been attracted to her, not only for her facial looks but also for her large swaying buttocks and even larger breasts !. She was always fond of me and used to shake hands on every occasion as an act of closeness. Though I used to often dream of seeing her naked and making love to her, it always had remained a fantasy and nothing more. On an impulse, I stopped at their building and decided to give her a surprise visit, more for feasting on her body looks and hope of catching a glimpse of her bulging breasts than anything else.

I went up the elevator to the 4th floor, found her house and rang the bell. As there was no response, I rang the bell repeatedly until I heard her voice say 'I am coming, wait'. She must have been mad being disturbed and flung the door open with anger. Upon seeing me, her anger just melted away and she invited me inside with a smile. She looked as though she was busy with some important work and did not expect any intrusion. I entered inside and as usual offered my hand. She immediately took my hand for a warm hand shake and on realizing something, she abruptly dropped my hand. I was very surprized because ususally she used to continue shaking hands a couple of times atleast before releasing. Her face looked embarassing and she was really trying to hide something which I knew not. She asked me to take a chair and said "Raju, I was about to wash my hand .... sorry, my face. Please sit down, I will be with you in a minute". So saying she went towards a wash basin just across the main sitting room. I could see her standing in front of the mirror on the wall to the wash basing. Her mannerisms had intrigued me and I sensed that she had felt something when she shook hands with me. I thought there must have been some dirt on my hand and raised my right hand to look for such dirt. I didn't find anything the first time and then when I looked closely enough, there was a little something gum like sticking to my finger. I brought my finger to my nose to smell and immediately recognized what it was ! It was the sweet and strong smelling cunt juice. Now I knew, why Priya felt embarassed and what she was upto just before I came. I smelt once again to confirm and out of uncontrollable curiosity licked it and it was as sweet as honey and thoroughly enjoyable. I looked towards the wash basin and was horrified to notice that my cousin Priya was watching me at my act through the mirror all the time. She abruptly turned her head away, washed and dried her face and came and sat in front of me. 

I was really embarassed and she looked sheepish too, having realized that I knew that she was finger fucking herself just before she opened the door and she did the unpardonable mistake of shaking my hand without washing it first ! I said ' I am sorry, I barged in without giving you a ring first'. She smiled a cheeky smile and said 'It's all right'. To escape from this embarassment, I said ' I have to go Priya, I will meet you some other time' and tried to rise. She asked me to sit and said ' Don't feel embarassed for what you did. It was not your fault'. And looking tauntingly at me ' Tell me one thing, honestly.How was my smell? '. I was aghast at her question and quickly recovered and said ' It was strong and Sweet, you know'. I thought she would slap me but instead she said ' Really so ? or are you are telling to flatter me ?. I became bold and just smiled and said ' It is stronger than my wife's '. She laughed aloud and stood in front of me. She was wearing a grey saree with lots of fine print and a grey blouse and was looked as beautiful as ever. As I sat on the sofa, she slowly moved towards me and put her hands on my head, caught the back of my head and pulled me onto her. I was totally unprepared for this and tried to hold on to the edge of the sofa. Her strong hands held my head and pulled my face directly towards her thighs. My face first hit her saree between her thighs and as her legs were spread apart, pushed her saree and dived exactly in the direction where her hidden pussy lay. She literally forced my face against her and pushed her legs against my face, crushing her saree and bringing her pussy right against my nose. As I struggled to find my breath again, inspite of layers of saree and whatever undergarments she wore, I smelled a strong smell of her cunt filtering through her clothing and reaching my nose. ' Are you getting strong smell now?' asked Prinya in a taunting voice. I had no time to answer her as my full concentration was on her cunt smell. As she parted her legs and pull my head deep against her thighs, I realised that this was my lucky day and my cousin Priya was as horny as anything. The strong smell of her cunt juices had already seduced me and I could sense my tool fully elongated, thickened and throbbing and struggling against my trouser zip. I grabbed her buttocks with both hands and started squeezing them. Right through the saree thickness, I could make out that her cunt was dripping mad and could sense her thick cunt lips. I moved my nose against her cunt lips and started moving my head opening and closing her cunt lips right through the saree. She loved my act and started moaning heavily. She slowly released my head, pushed me back and sat on my lap. With her round beautiful eyes open and lusty, she looked straight into my eyes and said ' You are really naughty, aren't you'. She brought her thick lips against mine and pressed hard against my lips. Her lips were wet, thick, soft and sweet. She took out her tongue and slid inside my mouth, slowly licking my lips. She parted my teeth with her tongue and slid it inside, caught my tongue and literally sucked inside hers. It was such a pleasure to have her kiss me that way and it was my turn to moan heavily. She started kissing me all over my face, lips, chin, neck and finally came to my ear and took it inside her mouth and slurped it. She removed her pallu and let me have a look at her bulging breasts inside the V of her blouse. I buried my lips between her large breasts and started kissing whatever littler the V of her blouse could offer. 

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