My Brother The Geek

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Note : This story is completely fictional!

God, I hated this. I had my first accounting test Monday morning and all this liability and asset crap was driving me crazy. I have the whole weekend to get it, but it was just too hard for me to understand. Here it was, my first year in college and I hated it. I wanted to do well, but I don’t want to fail. I could ask my brother, but he was nothing but a damn geek. Yuck. Oh well. If I want to pass this test I guess I will have to ask him.

Slowly I walked down the hall to his room. The door was open a little bit and I walked in.

“Ron I ......”

I stopped dead in my tracks with my mouth wide open, and my eyes as big as saucers. He stopped what he was doing and stared at me. 

Oh ... my ... god. He was sitting at his desk on the computer jerking off. But was that his dick or a fire hose. I hurriedly stammered my apologizes and walked back to my room in a daze. I know that mom and dad washed us together in the bathtub when we were babies, and I knew that we were different then, but what I just saw had to be abnormal. His dick had to be as thick as my wrist and at least 10 or 11 inches long. WOW. I was no virgin, but I have never seen anything that big.

Ron is a year younger than I am at 19, and all through school he has been known as a geek. He wore those old style wire rim glasses, had the pocket protector with pens in his shirt, arms always full of books, and black hair that was slicked back. We were a year apart in high school and I watched him get picked on continuously. I felt sorry for him and I knew that as his older sister I should step in but never did. I was always the popular one going out on dates where as he would have his nose stuck in a book or on the computer. He is very smart I will have to admit. He built his computer from 
scratch and was in the debating club at school.

I tried to get back to my studies, but couldn’t get out of my mind what I had seen. During dinner we couldn’t look at each other, nor did we speak with each other. The whole time that we ate Ron had his head down, and when mom asked him if he was okay, he just told her that he was a little sick. When dinner was done, everything cleaned and put up, mom and dad went out on their weekly date.

I tried to study again but just couldn’t. I started to feel a little guilty on walking in on Ron and wanted to apologize, plus get some help with my homework. His door was open a crack again and I hesitated a second, but knocked on his door.

“Ron, may I come in please?”

“Yea, I suppose you could.”

He was at the computer again, but not like he was before. I sat on the edge of his bed not knowing what to say. After about 5 minutes he finally broke the ice.

“What is it you want Steph?” (short for Stephanie)

“Um ... I ... um ... just wanted to apologize for earlier.”

“You should have knocked before you came in. You know that I don’t like anyone coming in here without knocking,” he said without looking at me.

“I’m sorry,” I muttered. “It just surprised me is all. You doing what you were, and I had never seen one that big. Why were you masturbating?”

“I was on one of my favorite sites, and I just got exited.”

“What kind of site is it?”

“It is a site were you can read stories on sex that others submit. It is very popular.”

“Oh. Could you show it to me,” I whispered.

For the first time since I walked in Ron looked at me. He didn’t say anything for a few minutes and then got up and walked out of his room. I watched him walk off and was stunned at what I asked. He walked back in not long after he left with the chair from my vanity and sat it down next to his.

“Sit down and I will show you.”

I sat down and watched as he logged onto the site.

“Ok. You can chose from different subjects from anal to interracial and everything in between. Which one do you want to go into?”

“Which one were you reading before?”

He paused a second before replying. “Incest.”

“That’s fine. What was the one you were reading when I walked in?” I stammered.

“It was a story about a brother and a sister. We can read that one if you would like too.”

“No. Go to another one.”

He looked through the list and picked one out. It was another one about a brother and sister. We read in silent and didn’t look at each other. After reading different submissions for about an hour I looked out of the side of my eye and noticed a big bulge in his pants. I was starting to get a little wet myself and couldn’t believe that I was sitting here reading these with Ron.

“I can see why you were masturbating to these. They are very good and hot.”

“Yes they are.”

I could not believe what I said next.

“You can masturbate again if you want to.”

Ron was silent for a few minutes before he spoke. 

“In case you haven’t noticed, I am a little different from others.”

“I did notice. How did you get so big?”

“I don’t know. I just am. I looked it up on the Internet and read books on it. The average size of a full-grown man is 6 to 7 inches long and about 3 inches in circumference. I measured myself the other day and I am 12 inches long and 6 inches in circumference. I guess I am just a freak. No one knows about it because if they did they will make fun of me even more.”

I felt a little guilty again for what he has gone through.

“You are not a freak,” I told him.

We read again in silence. After we read a few more stories he spoke again.

“If you want me to masturbate I will under one condition.”

“What is that?”

“You will need to do it also.”

I couldn’t believe what he just asked. I had played with myself before, but I guess since I had asked him to do it then he had the right to ask me to do it. 

“Ok, deal. Find a good one for both of us to read.”

While he hunted for a good one I unbuttoned the shorts I was in and unzipped them enough so that he could see the top of my g-stings I was wearing.

He found a good submission and saw what I had done. When we started to read he took his dick out that was semi-hard, put some baby oil in his hand, and started to slowly pump. I slide my hand down my pants and started to play with my already wet pussy. By the time we were done with what we were reading both of us were excited and starting to moan and groan. Ron quickly found another story and we started again. This story was a long one. A little way through it I got enough nerve up and reached out for his dick. Ron jumped and looked at me nervously but didn’t say anything. My hand barely circled around his monster, but I slowly pumped him as I played with myself. A short time later I took his hand and put it down my shorts and onto my pussy. 

By this time we were really getting into the story. When we would get to the juicy parts I would pump his dick a little faster and his fingers picked up the pace on my pussy. During the slow parts we would slow down. It finally got to the point were we wouldn’t slow down at all. When we started to get toward the end of the story I knew that I was getting close to cuming, but I wanted him to cum with me. The story really got into it and I was pumping him faster. His fingers had found my clit and he was doing a number on it. When I started to pump faster, he started to get faster also. When he took my clit between two of his fingers and pinched I went over the edge. 

“Oh shit. I’m cuming Ron,” and then started to shake so much that I thought I would fall out of the chair.

When I calmed down enough I pumped him as fast as I could. Then it was his turn.

“Agh,” he yelled.

The first shot of cum was so powerful that it went up over the tall desk and hit the wall. The second shot was just as powerful. Before he could get another one off I learned over and managed to get his thick head in my mouth. Ron kept cuming and I was gulping it down as fast as I could. He came for a full three minutes before he finally stopped. 

When Ron was done, I licked his head clean popped it out of my mouth and licked my lips. He looked at me in total shock. I had my hand at the base of his monster and he was still hard as a rock. 

“I have never cum as hard as that,” he told me.

“I am glad that I could help you. I hope you didn’t mind that I helped myself to some of it.”

“No it is fine.”

I was slowly moving my hand up and down his dick.

“Steph. Take your shirt off for me. I want to see your tits.”

I took my shirt off and unhooked my bra from the front. My tits are kind of small at a B cup, my areola’s weren’t too big, but my nipples were sticking straight out from what we were doing.

Ron took one tit in his hand and softly squeezed it. He then leaned over and took a nipple in his mouth. I was in heaven. I took his glasses off and put them on the desk. I ran my hands through his hair and held him there. I could feel Ron running his tongue around the areola and flick at the nipple. The boyfriends I had in high school did this, but I was never excited or turned on as I was now. I could do nothing but lean my head back and moan. Ron switched tits and proceeded to do the same with the other. After about 20 minutes of this I could take it no more. I stood up dislodging him front my tits and led him to his bed. I pushed him down on it and then slid my soaked panties and shorts down in one motion. He sat there and looked at my pussy with the heart shaped hair at the top. Ron than stood and pushed his pants the rest of the way off. I noticed his balls for the first time and they were as big as his dick us. They were the size of lemon. I couldn’t understand how he could have kept everything hidden while clothed. 

Before I knew what I was doing I was down on my knees in front of him with his monster in front of me. I took hold of it again and started pumping him. I kissed the head and then started kissing my way down enjoying the smell and taste of it. When I got to his balls I took each one in my mouth and sucked on them. I kissed and licked my way back up to the head getting him nice and wet. I put the head in my mouth continuing to pump him. I slowly started to take more of him in. I had all I could do to stretch my mouth around his monster dick. I took it slow not wanting to hurt him and to get my mouth used to the size. When I felt him hit my tonsils I only had about 5 inches of him in. I tried to open my throat to get more of him in but couldn’t. What I didn’t have in my mouth I had both hands pumping. I started to move him in and out of my mouth, using as much suction as I could on him. When I would have just the tip in I would run my tongue around the crown and taste the pre-cum that was running like a small river from him. He had his hands behind my head and was talking to me while I was sucking him.

“This is the first time I have done this Steph and it feels damn good.”

I took his dick out of my mouth long enough to look at him. 

“Are you still a virgin Ron?”

He gave a short laugh at looked down at me.

“Do you know of anyone who could take this thing up in them?”

That answered my question. I sucked him a little longer and then stood up and pushed him back on the bed and straddled him. I grabbed his dick and started to rub it over my wet pussy getting the head as wet as I could.

“Let me do all the work Ron. I love this monster of yours and I have to feel it in me, but I don’t want to get hurt. I am just hoping that I can take it.”

“Ok Steph.”

I rubbing his dick over my pussy a little more, and taking a deep breath I slide just the head in. 

“Oh my God, “ I managed to say.

I had to pause to get used to the size of the head and then slid a little more in. What I slid in, I pulled back out. I had to keep myself moist just to get him in. Each time that I went down I took more and more in. I felt Ron start to play with my clit and this helped me out greatly. I was really enjoying the size in me and my juices were flowing. It took me about 10 minutes, but I finally bottomed out and had him all the way in. Just sitting there with him in me, I started to cum without even moving. Ron had moved his hands to my tits and had to hold me there while I shook in ecstasy

“Oh shit. I am not going to give this up.”

I started to move up and down on him. I had never felt like this and wanted it to last. But damn, my juices were flowing continuously and I could not get enough of this monster dick of his. I knew that I was wet enough and started to really ride him. I hoped that we could go on forever. I had crossed the incest barrier and I was not going to cross back over. I just kept riding him like a wild bronco.

After about 30 minutes of this wild riding Ron took me off of him. I started to cry and begged him to put it back in.

“Ron please, I need that monster in my now.”

He turned me over on my stomach and sticks my ass up in the air. I knew what was coming and couldn’t wait. Ron rubbing the tip of his dick over my pussy until the head popped in. He wasn’t easy about anything; he slammed his full length in my pussy.

“Ah fuck. Fuck me Ron, fuck me.”

He grabbed my hair and pulled my head back.

“You want this monster cock of mine Steph. Do you?”

“Yes, please, fuck me Ron, fuck me. I want all of you.”

Then he started to pound into me. Long hard strokes. Pounding, pounding, pounding. I just kept cuming and cuming. At the most I had 3 orgasms with my boyfriend, but with Ron it was one continues orgasm, and I was enjoying it. I felt Ron stick a finger in my ass moving it in and out in rhythm with his pounding in my pussy. He then stuck 2 fingers in me. Damn I was cuming again. Could anyone cum this much I didn’t know. Fuck I loved it. 

Ron then flipped me over on my back and pushed my legs up to my shoulders. He slammed his monster back in me and started to pound away again. He put his hands on both sides of me on the bed keeping my legs pinned between us and then he leaned down to kiss me. I pulled his head to me and started to kiss him back like crazy. I was sticking my tongue as far down his throat as I could. Both of us were moaning and groaning like crazy and I was wondering how much longer he was going to last. I felt him swell in me and I knew that he was close. He sat back up and started to piston in and out of me like crazy.

“Fuck .... fuck .... fuck .... Fuck,” he shouted each time he slammed in me. He was going so fast into me now that the bed was banging up against the wall. I was glad that mom and dad were out or they would have thought we were tearing down the house. Ron slammed into me a few more times and then pulled out and jumped to put his monster dick at my mouth. No sooner had I sucked the head in then he started to cum. He came so hard and so much that I could not swallow it all and started to choke a little. He pulled his dick out and continued to shot all over my face and tits. Ron must have emptied out at least a pint of cum in and on me before he stopped and started to lose his hard on. He collapsed beside me on the bed and watched me wipe my face free of his cum and lick it off my hand. I massaged the rest of it into my tits before I rolled over to him. 

“Damn Ron that was great. I hope that you didn’t mind and that we can do it again. This is the first time for you, but I need to have that monster in me again.”

“We will Steph, we will. But why did you walk in on me earlier today?”

Damn I forgot about needing help with homework. 

“I needing help in accounting and was going to see if you could help me, but I got preoccupied and forgot what the problem was now,” I laughed at him.

“Go get it then and I will help.”

I stood up and fell back down because my legs were so weak.

“Get dressed Steph and I will get your stuff. We can go in the kitchen and study. For some reason I am hungry again,” he laughed.

Ron got dressed, got my books, and then he helped me to the kitchen table and made us a late snack.

When our parents got in not long afterwards my mom asked us how our evening was.

“It was okay mom. Ron has helped me out a great deal tonight with homework,” I told her as I reached under the table and felt his monster dick.

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