My Brother, My Lover Ch.1

(Part 1 from 2)

Callie Adams felt the excitement of summer as she finally graduated from college. Finally she was going to enter the real world. She was now 22 years old and lost of course, but she was just glad to get school over with. She'd graduated with a computer programming degree in hopes of finding a good job. Her parents lived in the suburbs and most jobs were in the city, which was a long drive for her. Usually long drives wouldn't matter to her, except that she had a small, old Honda accord that she drove, which usually broke down a lot. It was passed down to her from her mother. Since it broke down often, she didn't want to risk driving over an hour everyday to a job.

She was currently looking for a place to stay until she found a job. She knew her older brother Nathan, lived in his own apartment in the city. Nathan and Callie were only four years apart and very close. He already had a great job with a construction company and was well off for the meantime.

"Please Nathan. Can I move in with you? It'll be just temporary, I promise!" Callie begged her brother as she visited him on Saturday afternoon.

They sat in Nathan's living room as he was watching a basketball game. "Aww Callie, if you move in with me, I won't be able to bring girls home." Nathan teased.

Callie rolled her eyes. "Whatever. Please? Please? Please?" She continued to plead.

Nathan had to smile. His little sister looked so cute begging. Her pretty hazel eyes glowed as she implored. Her hair was a light shade of brown and shoulder length. She wore blonde highlights to bring out her pretty face. "Oh alright but only a few weeks. I do got a life you know."

Callie got up and hugged her brother. "Oh thank you! You're the best! I promise as soon as I get a job I'll leave."

Nathan was proud of his decision to let his sister move in with him. Besides, his love life was dry at the moment. He was busy with work and hardly had time for girls. And plus having his sister around, he wouldn't be so lonesome. He liked having someone there to talk to.

By Monday of that week, Callie had already moved in. Since Nathan had a one-bedroom apartment, Callie had agreed to sleep in the living room. Nathan had a sofa bed so that's where Callie would be sleeping.

Nathan hardly saw Callie, as she would get up very early in search of a job. By the time he came home though, she'd managed to cook up some good home cooked meals. She'd learn to cook from their mother, who was an awesome cook. Luckily she'd passed on that talent to her daughter.

"Why are you so nice to me and cook my dinners?" Nathan asked Callie one night as they sat eating homemade lasagna.

Callie beamed with pride. "Well because you're letting me stay here for free. I mean this is the least I can do right?"

She sat and watched as her brother ate. He was a grown handsome man. His hair was light brown like hers and both siblings had the honey hazel eyes. He was so tall and muscular. She remembered how her friends used to talk about how they had crushes on Nathan. She still recalled when he used to take care of her when their parents went off to a usual business dinner. She always looked up to him not just as a brother, but also as a mentor and a friend.

As the days went by Callie struggled to find a job. She'd go from business to business in hopes of someone needing a computer programmer. She was getting frustrated and knew she was wearing out her welcome with Nathan.

Nathan on the other hand, loved the fact that Callie was living with him. He hated coming home to an empty apartment. She would entertain him with her wacky college stories and silly jokes. Nathan hadn't had so much fun in a long time with any companion.

One night, Nathan had gotten home late from hanging out with his friends. Callie was fast asleep on the couch. He looked at her sleeping peacefully since he could see her from the dim light that reflected from his room. Her soft hair was in her face and the covers were not completely covering her beautiful body. Nathan stared closely as Callie's nightgown as all the way up. She wore small bikini white panties that brought out her tanned skin.

Nathan felt his erection growing his pants. He wanted to stop staring, yet he couldn't keep his eyes off his sister. He never imagined she would look so sexy underneath her clothes. He wanted to reach over to touch her legs and run his hands up and down those long legs until he reached her thighs. He could only imagine how warm she was between her legs. Would she ever want him to touch her?

"Ok snap out of it!" Nathan told himself. "She's your sister for crying out loud."

Nathan forced himself to take his eyes off Callie and went into his room. He took off his clothes leaving just his boxers on like he always did. He looked down to find his throbbing cock wanting to slip out of his boxers. He held his cock in his hand as he took out his cum filled balls with the other. Callie had really excited him. Nathan found himself pulling his cock out ready to jerk off. He couldn't remember ever been this excited.

He let his mind run wild with images of his beautiful sister. He started having a sexy fantasy about Callie waking up and desperately needing him. She starts to lift up her nightgown and slip out of those tiny panties she wore. Callie would then slide her wet pussy on his hard cock requesting for him to cum in her.

Nathan wrapped his hand tightly around his stiff cock as he stroked it up and down just thinking of his sister. He was so into his masturbation that he let out a pretty loud groan not realizing how loud it was. He suddenly heard a knock on the door. He quickly put his cock back in his pants and grabbed a long t-shirt to try to cover up his excitement.

"Nathan are you OK?" It was Callie standing outside his bedroom door in that short little nightgown of hers.

Nathan was panting. "Y-yeah. Everything is fine. Why do you ask?"

Callie found her eyes gazing down at her brother's cock. It was up and the t-shirt didn't really hide anything. Then quickly she snapped out of her thoughts. "Nothing. I just thought I heard some noise. Sorry. I'm going back to bed now."

Callie scurried over back to the sofa bed wrapping her body around the covers. She felt herself blush as she could still see Nathan's erection through his boxers. He was a guy after all and it had to be normal for him to masturbate. She just never thought she'd catch him. She smiled as she ran her hands down her own body. She'd been so wrapped up in looking for a job, that'd it'd been a while since she masturbated.

Callie was now rubbing herself between her legs. Her hand could feel her soaked pussy over her panties. She closed her eyes feeling her own pleasure. All of a sudden she had thoughts of Nathan coming to her. She couldn't seem to get his erection out of her mind. She kept wondering what his cock looked like.

She felt her excitement rush as she thought about the fact that her brother was right in the next room masturbating as well. Callie pulled her panties down taking them off and putting them to the side. Her finger was already finding itself inside her moist hole. She let out a very quiet whimper as she began to finger fuck herself.

Nathan back in his own room was already jerking off. He kept trying to stay quiet not to be discovered by his sister. He felt his balls swell with cum. He was so ready to release his cum and let it fall all over his hands and stomach as it usually did.

Callie now had two fingers up her cunt as she squirmed around pleasuring herself. She lifted up her nightgown with her other hand letting her tits out. Her nipples were already hard as she ran her hand across them. She licked her lips as she felt herself coming to an intense orgasm.

Nathan was panting hard now still trying to keep quiet. He couldn't get Callie and her gorgeous body out of his mind. He kept wondering what she'd taste like. He kept thinking of how her juices would just ooze all over his tongue while he licked her up and down. "Fuck!" He said to himself as his body tightened. He felt the long ropes of cum just spurt out of his cock. The warm liquid hit his skin as he came hard with his sister on his mind. Cum drop were all over his hands and stomach. As he closed his eyes trying to recover, all he could see was Callie's body. The reached out to grab his t-shirt cleaning his cum off himself wishing it was Callie that was cleaning it off with her mouth and tongue.

Callie's little body was shaking, as she was cumming on her fingers. "Oh I'm cumming on your cock Nathan," She said in her own mind. Her juices leaked out of her pussy hole leaving her sheets wet. She envisioned herself riding Nathan's cock and cumming on it. It was hard to keep quiet but she managed. Her orgasm was powerful making her ooze out her womanly juices as she pinched her own nipples with her other hand. She let her fingers slip out of her drenched cunt as she smiled in satisfaction closing her eyes and falling into a deep sleep. She dreamt about her brother who she now secretly desired.

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