My Brother, My Lover Ch. 2

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Note : This story is completely fictional!

The next morning Callie woke up early feeling drenched between her legs. She closed her eyes still remembering that sexy kiss her brother gave her. "Ok get over it," She told herself. She looked outside and saw Nathan had gotten home. She had fallen asleep and didn't hear him come home last night. She got up to shower and visit her parents. She left without telling Nathan, since he seemed to be asleep.

Nathan laid on his bed as he heard his sister leave. He had masturbated like crazy last night thinking of their kiss and how sweet it was to touch her. Mmmm she's got such a fine little body. He said to himself as he stroked his morning wood. He could still remember the feel of her breasts over her top. Masturbating again, he got rid of his sexual frustrations.

Callie arrived at her parents' home and saw her mother outside in the garden. Her father was by the garage washing his truck. Callie arrived with good news about her job and deep down she felt guilty about what had happened with Nathan.

"Mom! How are you?" Callie asked excitedly as she ran to hug her mother.

Gloria Adams was a fine woman for her age. Being almost 52 years old, she never looked more vibrant or beautiful. She loved her children and was always so proud of them. She knew Callie would become something in life.

"Callie hun!" Gloria wailed out hugging her daughter.

"Hey Mom. Guess what? I finally got a job!" Callie squealed in joy.

Gloria's eyes lit up. "Oh honey, I knew you could do it. I always have faith in my little girl."

"I just had to come tell you the good news. I want to tell daddy but he looks to busy right now."

"Well you can tell him but please sit here and chat with me for a while. I miss my little girl around you know. How is Nathan by the way?" The women moved over to a table outside in the garden.

Callie swallowed hard hoping her mother would not see through her. "Well Nathan is doing just great. He's been a wonderful roommate. Better than any of the roommates I had in college that's for sure."

Gloria laughed. "Yes he's a wonderful son. I miss him. You know he doesn't come by to see us too often."

"Well he's busy with work."

Gloria rolled her eyes. "Yeah he's busy with work and I bet he's busy with girls too."

Callie felt herself blush. "No actually he's single Mom. I guess he has to be for the next few weeks until I move out."

"Well he was always a real womanizer. As soon as you leave I bet he'll have a new girlfriend."

Callie felt her jaw clench. The thought of Nathan with another girl was making her jealous. "Anyway so what's new with you?" Callie asked changing the subject.

The women sat in the garden catching up on their lives. Jim Adams came to join his wife and daughter in the conversation. Callie kept trying to listen to her parent's words, yet her mind still drift off thinking of her brother. She knew things were going to be just a little uncomfortable when she got back. She decided to ask her mother if she could spend the night there to head her head straight before heading back to Nathan's Sunday night.

"Of course you can stay here sweetie. Just be sure to call Nathan and let him know so he won't worry about you." Gloria smiled at her daughter.

Callie already had a lot of her clothes at her parents so she didn't need to go back to the apartment to pick up any clothes. She felt her hands shaky as she dialed his number to let him know she'd be staying their parent's house.

"Hello?" Nathan answered with a low voice.

Callie sighed before speaking. "Nate? Uh I'm going to spend the night at mom and dad's OK?"

There was a brief silence. Callie felt nervous. "Nate? You there?"

She heard him finally speak. "Callie I'm sorry for making you feel uncomfortable."

Callie felt her heart race. "You didn't make me feel uncomfortable, it's just want to stay here with Mom and Dad. Besides, we could use tonight to forget about our mistakes." She wanted to slap herself for saying that their kiss was a mistake.

Nathan cleared his throat. "Uh yeah your right. It was a mistake. Well I'll see you later sis."

Callie stayed on the phone in silence and she heard the line go dead. She felt her eyes swell up in tears. Her heart was aching since she knew she'd hurt her brother. She spent the rest of the day with her parents trying to get Nathan out of her mind. She'd have to since she'd be coming back to him the next night.

Sunday morning Callie woke up early. She wasn't able to sleep all night and her stomach felt like it had butterflies as she thought of going back to her brother's place. She had breakfast at her parents and got some more of her clothes to take back to the apartment. She decided not to leave her parent's home until late that afternoon.

Callie arrived at her brother's apartment a little past eight. He sat there in the living room watching a movie and his eyes pierced at her as she walked in. She felt her heart race as he stared at her.

Nathan watched Callie walk in slowly holding a bag of her clothes. He'd missed her so much in just that one day she was gone. He wanted to hold her in his arms and kiss her, but he had to control himself. She was his sister after all.

"Hey," Callie spoke softly as she set the bag of clothes down on the couch where she slept.

Nathan looked away. "Hey Callie. How are Mom and Dad doing?"

Callie pushed her hair to the side as she looked down. "They're doing good. They asked about you. They send their love."

Nathan continued to look away. "I think I'll pay them a visit sometime this week."

Callie just nodded. "So how was your day?"

Nathan finally looked up at his sister. His eyes were full of love. "It was miserable. Callie I'm sorry I hurt you. I know you only stayed at Mom and Dad's because of what happened."

Callie sat on the couch across from her brother. She wanted to just blurt out that he loved his kiss and she was in love with him. "Look we already discussed it. It was just a kiss. I mean we shouldn't let it make us feel uncomfortable around one another."

Nathan smiled weakly. "Your so right. Let's just forget it and let things go back to the way they were."

Callie just nodded. "Yes back to the way they were."

They watched movies for the rest of the night in silence. Callie fell asleep early and Nathan quietly turned off the T.V. and went to get her a blanket to put over her beautiful body. He watched her sleep so still. His hands wanted to roam her body, to feel ever curve she had. What in the world was he going to do with her? He wanted her for sure, more than he's ever wanted any other woman.

Both siblings slept peacefully that night thinking of one another. Deep down they both knew things would never go back to the way they were.

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