My Brother, My Lover Ch. 13 (Final Chapter)

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"I like that one! I want that one Nathan!" Callie exclaimed as she and Nathan looked through different housed on the Internet. It was a nice three bedroom Spanish style home. The location was somewhat far from where Nathan would be working but very close to a local college where Callie hoped to get a job.

"Well that one looks like a really good choice. I like as well. The price is good too. I'll be sure to call about that one first thing tomorrow morning. We still got a temporary company house that we can stay in for the meantime in case we can't get this house."

Callie put her arms around her brother as she sat on his lap. She kissed him hard still finding it hard to believe that this was all coming true. She was finally going to be with him for the rest of her life. "Mmmmm I love you Nathan Adams. I hope to be a good wife to you."

Nathan stroked his sister's soft hair. "I love you Callie Adams. I'm counting the hours where we can finally be considered husband and wife."

"Ok so who is coming to our ceremony besides Amy and I still gotta tell Eddie at work."

"Well David and Rebecca are going to be there too."

Nathan looked surprised. "David and Rebecca? Do they know about us?"

Callie giggled. "Yup they sure do. In fact they are lovers themselves!"

Nathan scoffed. "But they're cousins right? You mean they are doing basically the same thing we are."

"That's right. I don't think marriage between cousins is illegal though. They still have to tell their folks."

"That's gonna be the hard part."

"Yeah I know I mean I was never able to tell Mom and if it hadn't been because of Amber, you and I would probably not be making plans to be husband and wife."

Nathan squeezed Callie's little body with his strong arms. "I guess sometimes things happen for the best."

"That's so true I mean just look at us."

"Mmmmm yes," Nathan kissed Callie softly.

"Well I better pack up some of my clothes. I really don't have much here. I can help you do some packing as well."

Nathan tossed his head back groaning. "Oh yeah I still got a lot of packing to do. It's probably gonna take me most of the night."

Callie smiled stroking his hair. "I'll stay up and help you. I do have to get up kind of early tomorrow though to go buy my dress."

"Well then, let's get started so you can go to bed early."

* * *

The next day Callie and Gloria went from store to store to find the perfect little wedding dress. It had taken hours and a lot of patience before they came across the perfect wedding dress for Callie. It was a white satin spaghetti strap dress that clings nicely to Callie's shapely body. It was long and had crystal embroidery at the top and on the very bottom. White satin shoes completed her angelic look.

She decided to go platinum on Nathan's wedding band since Jim had told Gloria Nathan was going platinum with Callie's ring. Gloria and Callie finally arrived back home late that Friday night. Callie had decided to stay at her parent's home night before the ceremony just to make the night after the ceremony more special.

Nathan and Jim had spent the day getting their tuxedos and Callie's ring. It hadn't taken them long, so Nathan had been playing phone tag with the real estate agent about the home in Phoenix almost all afternoon. He finally managed to give her an offer that she agreed on and the house would be theirs. Nathan decided to say that surprise for Callie after the ceremony.

* * *

Callie woke up Saturday morning anxiously waiting for the evening to arrive. Her heart fluttered with excitement of finally being able to marry her brother. She had thought about what she would say and just decided to let the words flow out freely. Looking into Nathan's eyes would enable her to do just that.

She lay quietly in her old bed and looked around her bedroom. So many memories came back to her. She still remembered how she and Nathan used to play together as kids in her room or even at times in his room. She even faintly recalled when her mother used to bathe them together as children as they tried to save water. Tears of happiness ran down Callie's face just remembering the times they had shared as brother and sister and how they'd grown to love each other as man and woman. Her parent's house had so many sweet memories to choose from. Callie found it hard to pick one favorite recollection. She knew life was going to be different now but she was ready for it.

* * *

Nathan woke up alone in his apartment. He felt nervous and yet excited about his big day. Finally he'd found the woman of his dreams and she'd been there all along. Who would have ever imagined it would be Callie? He recalled the times he used to get somewhat jealous when she'd go out with a guy. He never understood why until now. Now things were making sense. He'd fallen deeply in love with his sister and felt no shame in admitting it. He was ready to prove that today in front of their friends and family. Once they moved to Phoenix, he would introduce Callie as his wife not his sister.

* * *

It was past noon and Gloria and Jim were busy making last minutes preparations for their children's ceremony. Gloria had baked a huge cake and used the bride and groom figures from her wedding 28 years ago. It was a three-layer cake filled with pineapple fillings that were Callie and Nathan's favorite. Jim was setting up chairs and tables outside for their guests. Gloria had managed to cut some flowers from her garden to put as small decorations as well. It was going to be a small ceremony but a beautiful one.

* * *

It was almost four that afternoon and Rebecca was at David's apartment getting ready for the ceremony. She'd decided to put on a gorgeous long lavender color dress that showed her ample cleavage. She stood in front of David's full-length mirror making sure she looked decent. She had been in a bit of a shock when David told her about Callie and Nathan's wedding. She had realized why Nathan gave her the brush off. Now everything made sense to Rebecca. She knew now all about forbidden love because she was living it.

"Wow! You look so sexy!" David blurted out as he came from behind her putting his arms around her.

"Hey you'll wrinkle my dress!" She teased.

David turned her to face him. Her blue eyes danced as she looked up at her cousin. Her heart raced every time he held her so close. "Rebecca, I love you. God do I love you!"

She blushed feeling his warmth. "I love you too. Now hurry up and get dressed or we're going to be late!"

David kissed her softly not wanting to let her go. Now he had found the girl he wanted to be with. The perfect girl.

* * *

Callie was up in her room putting her hair up and retouching her makeup. She stood there in her white dress glowing. Gloria came in to check up on her. Callie turned to see her mother dressed in a stunning mint colored dress.

"Mom! You look so pretty!" Callie said sweetly.

"Me? Oh honey look at you! You're a beautiful bride!" Gloria hugged her daughter.

"I'm so nervous Mom. I know there's only going to be a few guests, but still I feel so scared."

"Callie you'll do just fine sweetheart. Every girl gets nervous before her wedding."

Callie smiled. "Mom thank you so much for everything. I love you."

"I love you too. Now you better get downstairs, I believe Nathan is waiting for you."

Callie took a deep breath and headed downstairs ready to be united with her husband.

"Callie! Oh wow! You look so pretty!" Rebecca squealed as she bumped into Callie in the kitchen.

"Rebecca thank you for coming. You look so pretty too! Is David here as well?"

"Yeah he's outside talking to Nathan. Let me tell you and don't get upset but Nathan looks damn handsome! Please don't tell David I said that."

Callie laughed. "Don't worry about that. I can only imagine how handsome he looks. Look Rebecca I was wondering if you'd be my well... I guess my maid of honor?"

Rebecca's eyes lit up. "Really? Oh yes! I'd love to!"

"Here, take this ring and hold for me. I want you to give it to me when Nathan and I exchange rings."

"OH Callie! This is an honor for me!" Rebecca took the platinum band and held it in her hand. "I'm gonna get going I'll see you outside!"

Callie stood in the kitchen for a while waiting for the perfect time to make her entrance.

"So it's almost time huh? Are you nervous?" David asked Nathan as he stood waiting for his bride.

"Yeah I guess I am but I'm so ready to do this. Listen I want you to be my best man. I mean I know I don't know you, but I feel like for some reason if it wasn't for you, Callie and I wouldn't be doing this."

David felt honored. "Y-yeah! I'll do it."

"Here just guard this ring." Nathan handed him Callie's ring.

"Ahem... here comes the bride." Gloria announced loudly.

Callie stood there looking around. There was Amy, her parents, Eddie, David, Rebecca and of course her parents. Jim saw his lovely daughter enter the room leaving everyone speechless with how beautiful she looked. He walked up to her as she put her hand in his arm as he walked her to Nathan.

Nathan was in awe. He couldn't believe how gorgeous Callie looked. She looked like a goddess in white. He couldn't wait to be able to put his arms around her and kiss her deeply.

Callie saw how sexy her brother looked in his tux. He too looked nervous as he waited for her. It was time now. Time to be joined as husband and wife.

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