My Brother, My Lover Ch. 12

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Note :  This story is completely fictional!

"Why all the way to Phoenix?" Gloria asked as Nathan and Callie sat outside with her and Jim.

"Mom it's going to give us a chance to begin a new life together. Plus the pay is going to be really good. I've actually already begun to look for a house there on the Internet. "

"Well, I guess this week is just full of surprises. I mean first we find out you two are in love and now you are leaving us." Jim said sadly.

"Oh Dad come on don't think of it as we are leaving you, just think that we are venturing on." Callie assured her father holding his hand.

"Well we couldn't stop you from being together we sure as hell can't stop you from moving to Phoenix," Gloria said laughing.

Callie got up to hug her mother. She knew how hard all this had been on her and now she was supporting her all the way through. "Oh Mom thank you!"

Nathan hugged his father and mother. They had both been so strong in this situation and he knew it wasn't easy for either of them.

Gloria looked at her children for a moment. "Wait when are you all leaving?"

"Sunday night why?" Nathan responded.

"Well I mean you are going to be husband and wife are you not?"

"Yes Mom we are."

"Then I would like to have some kind of wedding at least here at my house. I know it won't be a real wedding but a nice ceremony of your love."

Callie's eyes watered. "Oh mom! Are you serious? You want to give me a wedding?"

Gloria put her arms around her loving daughter. "Yes Callie. I want you to share your vows with Nathan."

Nathan couldn't help but smile. "Oh man I better hurry up and buy her the wedding ring!"

Gloria and Callie laughed as the men stepped aside to discuss when and where to buy the ring.

"Oh sweetheart you're going to make a lovely bride. Now while they are deciding on the ring, we have to look for a dress!"

"That's right! I gotta find a dress! Oh Mom you gotta help me with that!"

"I will help you any way I can. And don't forget you gotta buy Nathan a ring too."

"Of course he's my husband to be." Callie blushed.

Gloria and Callie discussed more about the ceremony. It was going to be Saturday afternoon. Callie wasn't sure who to invite but had a few ideas. Nathan knew he wanted Amy and Eddie to be there for sure. At least they could be their witnesses along with their parents. It was a short time but they were going to have a ceremony to prove their love.

* * *

"Hey cus you don't have a good music anymore. What's the deal?" Rebecca complained looking through David's cd's.

David just listened to her as he sat on his couch admiring his cousin's long legs as she was bent over looking through his music. He didn't understand why he'd never noticed her before, or maybe he did but never wanted to admit it.

"Hello? Did you not hear me?" Rebecca asked waving a cd in the air.

"Huh? What?" David snapped out of his fantasies.

"I asked if this was any good. David are you OK? You seem a little weird tonight."

"Nah I'm fine cus. Sorry just thinking about Callie. She said she's moving to Phoenix."

"What? Why?"

"I don't know she didn't tell me. She said she'd tell me later. But cuz I got bad news for you too. Nathan is leaving as well."

He saw the disappointed looked on Rebecca's pretty face. "Aww here I was thinking I could lure this guy. Damnit I have the worst luck."

"Don't worry Becky I'm sure you won't have any problems getting guys."

"Oh? What makes you say that?"

David paused for a moment. "Well because you're really pretty."

Rebecca felt her face turn red. "You think I'm pretty? You never said that before. Are you high?"

David laughed. "No I'm not high. I'm just being honest."

Rebecca walked over to sit next to her cousin. God you're sexy David She said to herself.

"So what did you want to do tonight cus? I mean I don't have classes tomorrow until noon."

David swallowed wanting to make a bold move towards his cousin. "I don't know. I guess we can hang out here and maybe watch some movies. Or we could order in and invite some friends over."

Rebecca stared at her handsome cousin. "Yeah that sounds nice. I like being here with you cus. You're fun to hang out with. I guess that's why I'm always here."

David felt his heart racing. He placed his hand over Rebecca's feeling her soft skin. "I love it when you're here. I love you Rebecca."

Rebecca almost gasped as her cousin reached over to kiss her. She'd wanted him all her life and now here he was all hers. He kissed so good, probably better than any other guy she'd ever kissed.

Their tongues explored one another. Rebecca put her arms around her cousin holding him tightly. She loved the way he felt and how his strong hands glided up and down her back.

David loved the way Rebecca kissed. She was young and so hot. He remembered when they had kissed back when they were younger but that kiss was nothing compared to this kiss.

"David, oh David. I love you. I've always been in love with you." Rebecca wailed in between kisses.

David got up and picked Rebecca up. Her little body fit perfect in his strong arms. He carried her over to his bedroom laying her on the king-sized bed in his room. He turned on the lights to see every inch of his beautiful cousin's body.

Rebecca felt so hot for her cousin. He lay next to her stroking her long dark hair. Rebecca felt his love immediately. "God you're so beautiful. I'm sick and tired of seeing so many guys asking you out."

She giggled. "Why didn't you ask me out before cus?"

"I don't know I guess I was trying to ignore the fact that I thought you were hot."

"I always thought you were sexy David. I was always tired of hearing Amber talk about you, like you were only hers. I do have to admit I did get kind of jealous when you started liking Callie too."

"Well all that is in the past. I got you here with me." David leaned down to kiss his cousin again.

"David I want you. I want you so bad!" Rebecca moaned.

David got up to take off his black button up shirt. Rebecca looked up as he stood there baring his naked chest. His muscles showed well and Rebecca couldn't wait to see what else he was going to take off.

David was hesitant but then slowly removed his belt and slipped out of his shoes and socks. He then let his pants slide down his legs leaving him in his boxers. Rebecca felt him put his hands on her legs and removing her sandals off her feet. He trailed kisses up her legs giving her goosebumps.

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