My Brother, My Lover Ch. 11

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Note : This story is completely fiction!

Gloria quietly backed back to the living room and sensed the silence between her and her husband. Jim looked hurt and confused. She owed him an explanation but wasn't sure where to begin.

"Jim, I have to tell you something, but please just listen first before saying anything OK?"

Jim stood in front of his wife looking at her closely. Gloria took a deep breath not really knowing what her husband's reaction would be.

"Well Friday, that same blonde girl came telling me she worked with Callie and she had something to tell me about her. She sounded very serious, and I was concerned and let her tell me what it was. She burst out with the unthinkable that Callie and Nathan were lovers. I was in shock until I asked Callie myself."

Jim stayed quiet and looked away. "So it's true? Callie and Nathan are…lovers?" He hesitated to say.

Gloria nodded slowly seeing the hurt in her husband's eyes. "Jim I don't know what we can do to keep them apart."

"Keep them apart? Gloria they are grown children, they know what they're doing. If we try to keep them apart, what makes you think they're going to stop seeing each other?"

Gloria's eyes widened. "You mean you approve their relationship?"

Jim paced the room nervously. "No I don't, but what I'm saying is that obviously they are going to hate us if we try to keep them apart. I mean I'm sure Callie is probably still seeing Nathan even though she knows you don't want her to."

Gloria knew he was right but she didn't want to admit that. "Jim but it's immoral! Their relationship is wrong! Can't you see that?"

Jim remained calm but deep down he was saddened by the discovery of his children in an incestuous relationship. He'd always dreamed of walking Callie down the aisle in her white wedding dress, or holding Nathan's firstborn child in his arms, as he became a grandfather. All those dreams and hopes seemed to be shattered. He loved his children no matter what and even something as shocking as this wouldn't change that.

"Gloria sweetheart, I know exactly what you mean. Honey they both got their own lives now. We have to let them live their own lives and make their own mistakes."

"It's just so strange. To see my own two children not as brother and sister but as lovers. Gloria said almost in tears.

"I know it's going to be difficult for me too. I guess the future we had planned for our children didn't go as we thought it would."

Gloria walked over to her husband and sobbed as he held her. Jim felt tears running down his face as well. They cried together relieving their pain and ready to face up to reality.

"Jim I love you. I just hope we're doing the right thing," Gloria said as she sobbed quietly.

Jim kissed her lips softly trying to stop crying himself. "I love you too. We'll always have each other Gloria just remember that."

Gloria didn't want to give in but she knew she had no power to make Callie stay away from the man she loved. "Callie should be home soon," Gloria added.

Jim sighed. "Yes I know. We'll both talk to her and I'll call Nathan to come over. We need to sit and talk as a family. We haven't done that in a long time."

* * *

"Amber you need to take it easy on the drinking there," Gabriel said taking the bottle of whiskey away from Amber.

"Hey! I wasn't finished!" Amber slurred.

"Calm down! If you're going to be acting like that you just need to head on home!"

Amber got up stumbling over Gabriel's coffee table. "Oh I'm just celebrating. I'm sure I messed Callie up even more! You know her old man didn't know she was fucking her brother!"

Gabriel looked at Amber with disgust. "Man your one big mess right now."

Amber danced around the room happily. "Damn Gabriel you should have seen the look on her father's face. Oh and also some other girl who was there. I guess she was Callie's friend. It was so hilarious!"

Gabriel was already high himself off cocaine and didn't want to hear anymore about Amber's stupid stories. He wanted to actually just get her into bed. He'd wanted her for a while now. She was spoiled, rich, and so damn hot. Too bad she was stuck on that loser of David who never gave her the time of day.

He got up and wrapped his arms around Amber's tiny waist. She struggled against him. "Hey get away from me!" Amber slapped his face hard.

Gabriel felt embarrassed and pissed at the same time. "Well then get the fuck out of her bitch! You come just to tease my dick and then you freak out when I try to touch you."

Amber was panting looking at Gabriel furiously. "Don't worry I'm out of here! She walked slowly seeing the room spin.

Gabriel didn't care. He knew she was drunk as hell but he just sat back down and watched her leave.

Amber moved sluggishly to her car. She'd driven drunk before and managed to make it home fine. She knew she'd be able to make it home that night.

Nathan felt his body freeze as his father called him to go to their house as quickly as possible. Jim didn't dare tell him why but his voice sounded demanding. Maybe Mom got sick? Maybe something happened to Callie? He quickly got dressed and headed to his parent's house.

Callie finally had gotten home. She prayed her mother didn't suspect anything. Walking in the house she sensed something different. Her parents both sat in the living room quietly holding each other.

Gloria looked up to see Callie. "Callie you're finally home sweetie. We've been worried about you."

Callie felt relieved. "Yeah I'm sorry I had some car trouble Mom."

Gloria looked at her husband and then at Callie. "Oh is that so? Why don't I believe you?"

Callie's heart began to race. "W-what do you mean Mom?"

"Callie your father knows everything about you and Nathan," Gloria said quietly.

"Callie's face turned white as a paper. "H-he does?"

"Yes I do. I just called Nathan over so we can all sit down and talk about this. Callie being in a relationship with your own brother is going to be very hard. I don't mean just around us but in life itself." Jim spoke with sincerity.

Callie slowly sat on the couch in front of them putting her suitcase down. "Yes Dad I know. Nathan and I have talked about this plenty of times. But Dad we love each other more than you'll ever know."

Jim knew his daughter was serious. He knew when she really wanted something and she wanted Nathan that was for sure.

* * *

Amber was driving back to her place though the dark streets of Houston. She drove fine for a moment but then her thoughts went back to David. Somehow he'd managed to creep back into the back of her mind and haunt her. Tears automatically dripped down her face as she thought about how hurt she'd been. She cried over David, how mean she'd been to Callie and over her own miserable life. Being drunk was suddenly making her realize how low she'd sunk to make others miserable.

The city dim lights were a blur to her as she continued to drive. All the sweet memories she did have of David were coming back to her making her smile as she remembered the one time in her life she had actually been happy. She wondered why all that bliss had disappeared. Her eyes began to tear as she drove. The traffic was bad for a weeknight and her vision was beginning to blur more and more. Suddenly all she saw was darkness.

* * *

It wasn't long before Nathan arrived at his parent's home. He took a deep breath before he went in. He found his parents and Callie in the living room. His parents possessed a serious face and Callie looked somewhat scared.

"Nathan, come on in son," Jim called out.

Nathan slowly stepped in remaining standing.

"Please sit down," Gloria pleaded.

Nathan sat comfortably next to Callie. She gave him a strange look as if she was trying to tell him something.

"Nathan I know all about your incestuous relationship with your sister," Jim began.

Nathan was speechless and turned his face to Callie. Callie just smiled at him so sweetly.

"Dad, look I can explain, "Nathan started to talk but Jim cut him off.

"No need to go into details. I know you are lovers and although your mother and I don't approve of it, we can't tell you how to run your lives. You both are grown adults and you must know the consequences of being in an incestuous relationship."

"Yes I know Dad. It's not going to be easy, but I'm willing to live that kind of life because I love Callie. I'm sorry if we let you both down but we can't hide our love anymore."

Gloria admired her son for being so brave in speaking out. "I know you love her Nathan. She loves you too. I can't be checking up on both of you making sure you stay away from each other, so I have to agree with your father. I don't think I'll ever see this relationship as a normal one, but it's your life."

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