My Brother, My Lover Ch. 10

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Note : This story is completely fictional!

The weekend was a long one for Callie. She'd spent a large amount of time with her mother trying hard not to bring Nathan's name up in any conversations. She'd taken her mother out to eat and they'd also done some shopping. Callie's father still didn't understand the reason for his wife and daughter being so close. He just figured Callie was still in shock after her mother's panic attack and just wanted to be there for her.

Friday and Saturday night Callie had been unable to sleep. She kept thinking about her brother. Her heart would race thinking of the times they'd made love and how he'd made her feel. She could still feel his touch and still remembered his kisses. Just get him out of your mind!, she pleaded with herself.

Nathan had been all alone that weekend. He couldn't remember ever having a more terrible weekend than this one. It was lonesome and heartbreaking. He tried calling up some of his work buddies to go and play pool, or go drinking, but then he felt he didn't want to go out at all. He only wanted Callie to be with him.

It had been a struggle but both Nathan and Callie barely managed to make it through the weekend without each other. It was such a misfortune that their love was shattered by the prejudice of incest. Both siblings didn't see it as a sin, but instead of a true love that was always there and was just found.

Amber had spent most of her weekend alone at her own apartment. She'd gotten high off cocaine the whole three days. Deep down she felt awful for having told Callie's mother everything. She wondered how Callie and her brother were now doing. She laughed to herself thinking they must be in agony without each other. It was just like she'd been in agony without David.

Amber cried a lot those days. She hated David, but she knew deep down she still loved him and probably would never forget him. He had been her first true love and a great sex partner. Damnit why did he have to have fallen in love with Callie Adams! Now Callie got what she deserved! Amber's apartment was a pigsty. She didn't care though, she was so high that the drugs made her forget all her troubles and worries.

Sunday night Callie wanted to go over to Nathan's to pick up some of her things. The toughest part would be to tell her mother exactly where she was going. She saw Gloria and Jim watching TV in the living room. She was rushing past them leaving towards the front door.

"Callie? Where you going?" Right away Gloria asked.

Callie paused and turned to look at her mother. "Um I'm going to Nathan's to pick up some of my things. I'll be back soon." She didn't see any need to lie to her mother. She was just going to pick up her things and rush back home. At least she hoped to.

Gloria's eyes widened. "Do you want me to come with you? I can. Or maybe your father can go with you."

Jim laughed. "Oh honey let her go alone. Besides, I want to be with you alone for a few hours." Jim put his arm around his wife as she looked suspiciously at her daughter.

Gloria smiled weakly.

Callie nodded. "Yeah it's ok Mom. Trust me. I'll be fine."

With that, Callie dashed leaving her mother thinking bad thoughts. There was still some daylight outside and Callie drove over to Nathan's. She felt her whole body shaking with nervousness. OK Callie just go in there and get what you need and leave quickly! Callie warned herself. She went through over what exactly she needed to get. Just some of her clothes and makeup. The long drive made her mind wonder about the situation she was in. If she and Nathan never got to be together again as lovers, how could she ever just go back to being brother and sister? She'd have to just sit back and watch him marry some woman and have children with her, while Callie would eventually marry a man she doesn't love just for her mother's sake. Callie loved her mother dearly and certainly didn't want to keep hurting her, but what about her own life?

She arrived at Nathan's apartment getting more nervous as she saw his car parked. She knew he was home, hopefully alone. She still had the spare key he'd given her and she was going to use it, but she felt that in case he did have company, she better knock. She took a deep breath and knocked hard on the door hoping he'd hear her.

It took only a few seconds and Nathan opened his door looking at his beautiful sister standing there with her eyes fixed on him.

"Callie? Are you back home with me?" Nathan asked quietly.

She looked down and nodded. "N-no I just came to get some of my things."

Nathan felt disappointed but let his sister in. He watched her getting her things and putting them in a big suitcase. He didn't want her to leave but he knew that she'd already made up her mind. They were so silent, that one could hear their breathing in the room.

Callie fumbled nervously getting her things. She knew Nathan was looking at her, but damnit she wasn't going to let him get to her. Just be strong, for your mother's sake. It was hard not to look at her brother since he just stood there in his t-shirt and boxers. He was so irresistible just wearing that.

Nathan admired every curve his sister possessed. Her short blue jean skirt and sexy white button up top fitted her body so perfect. Her long tan legs always seemed to catch his attention. No stop it. Nathan kept reminding himself.

Finally Callie had gotten her things and was ready to leave. She didn't really want to leave, but she knew she had to. "Thank you for letting me get my things. I'll be back later in the week for more if that's OK?" Callie stammered.

Nathan shook his head. "Y-yeah that's fine. Feel free to come over anytime."

Callie and Nathan's eyes were locked and that's when Callie realized she was so weak. She put her suitcase down and just ran to Nathan putting her arms around him. Nathan was taken by surprise, yet so turned on that his sister made the first move.

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