My Brother, My Lover Ch. 07

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Callie and Nathan drove to their parent's house in silence. Callie wondered what Amber or Rebecca had said to Nathan about David. Nathan was never silent unless he was upset.

"Nathan? You OK?" Callie asked softly placing her hand over his.

Nathan sighed. "Yeah I'm fine but that Rebecca girl mentioned something about her cousin having a crush on you?"

"Well yeah that's the guy I told you about. I already to you that I got that situation under control babe. He knows I'm seeing someone. That someone is you."

Nathan still didn't feel comfortable. He didn't like that fact that his beautiful sister was working with some guy who would obviously try to hit on her. The fact that he really couldn't do anything about it pissed him off even more.

"I guess I just get jealous thinking some guy might lure you away from me."

Callie smiled. "No way! That will never happen. I'm yours Nathan Adams. All yours."

They arrived at their parent's house a little before seven and Callie felt her heart sink as she saw two cars in the driveway. She recognized one of the cars. It was Amy Roger's car! She looked at Nathan and saw his face go blank. He slowly turned to Callie with an apologetic look.

"I didn't know Amy was going to be here Callie."

Callie took a deep breath. "I didn't either. Look she's your past. Let's just get this night over with."

Callie and Nathan walked in the house immediately hearing Gloria's boisterous voice. They could hear the laughter of Amy and her parents in the dining room. Callie knew her parents always wanted Nathan to end up marrying Amy, and Nathan knew that as well.

"Callie! Nathan! Come on in! Look who's here!" Gloria shouted seeing her children arrive.

Callie forced a smile as she greeted Amy's parents Carl and Diane. She loved them as like her own parents. They used to sometimes baby sit Callie and Nathan when they were little. To Nathan and Callie, Carl and Diane were considered their second parents. Just as Jim and Gloria were to Amy.

Nathan felt his stomach hurt with nervousness. He looked at Amy. He had to admit she looked very beautiful. Her green eyes sparkled as she looked at him. Amy stood up from her chair and walked over to greet Nathan. She was wearing her dark navy blue pants and a white and blue shirt that clinged on to her nice body.

"Hey there," She said softly giving Nathan a hug.

"Hey how you been?" Nathan asked quietly.

He held her in her arms feeling her move her body closer to his. Still even with that, he felt nothing for her. Holding Amy was nothing compared to holding Callie. Callie eyed her brother holding his ex-girlfriend. She felt a twinge of jealousy for a moment. <I>Ok stop it Callie, he loves you now</I> she reminded herself.

"I've been good. I don't know if your mom told you or not, but I finally finished my nursing degree. I'm working at one of the largest hospitals downtown."

"Yeah she told me. Congratulations. I always knew you'd achieve your dream."

Amy's pretty face turned red. It'd been so hard to get over Nathan after their wonderful relationship they'd had. She knew deep down she loved him still and she'd go back to him in a heartbeat if he ever asked her.

"Thanks! Hey Callie looks great! I hear she's working at one of the local colleges in town huh?"

Nathan nodded feeling proud of his sister. His lover. "Yeah and she loves her job so far."

Amy took one look at Callie and went to greet her as well. Callie always admired Amy for being so smart and beautiful. She'd never really paid attention to her and Nathan's relationship until now. It was weird to be friends with someone who used to be with the person you were in love with now.

"Callie sweetie, how are you?" Amy squealed giving her a hug.

"I'm great and you?"

"Well just been working a lot. This is my first day off in a while. I mean school was non stop and I just started working a few weeks ago so I finally got my day off today."

"It's good to see you Amy," Callie said almost lying.

"You too Callie. We need to hang out like we used to."

Callie almost cringed at that idea. How would she be able to hang out with Amy, knowing Amy would talk about how she and Nathan used to kiss, touch, and everything else. She didn't want to hear that at all. That was Nathan's past; she was Nathan's future.

They all sat around eating dinner. Callie, Nathan and Amy sat mostly in silence as their parents talked away. Nathan felt the most uncomfortable. There he was sitting in between Callie and Amy. He knew Callie was uneasy about the whole situation as well. He too wanted the night to end, quickly!

It was almost two hours later and dinner was finally over. The Rogers' were dismissing themselves from the table and everyone got to say their goodbyes. Callie felt relieved to have ended the night and couldn't wait to get home to get her hands all over Nathan.

"Honey you were so quiet. Why didn't you talk to Amy?" Gloria asked Nathan.

Nathan was out of words. He didn't know how to explain his situation. "Well, uh I just got a lot on my mind Mom."

"The girl still has a thing for you son," Jim said playfully.

Callie shot her dad a look of anger. She didn't realize she did until after she did it. "Well we got to get going. I've got a big day ahead of me tomorrow and Nathan's gotta give me a ride to work."

"A ride? What's wrong with your car sweetie?" Jim asked concerned.

"Well I don't know. It's always breaking down on me. It just wasn't turning on. I left it at the college parking lot."

"Well tomorrow I'll get my friend to tow it for you," Callie's father reassured.

"Thanks dad. Well goodnight." Callie kissed her father and mother and Nathan followed her outside.

* * * 

"Boy you couldn't wait to get out of there could you?" Nathan laughed.

Callie spun around looking deep into her brother's eyes. "No I couldn't! I'm dying to get home now. I want you!"

Nathan felt shocked and yet so turned on. They rushed to get home ready to make love to each other. Hot hungry love.

They got home and hurried inside. The apartment was dark yet they didn't even bother to turn on the lights. Callie wanted her brother more than anything. They kissed hard with fierce. Callie felt Nathan pick her body up and she wrapped her legs around his waist. He put her against the wall and trailed kisses down her neck.

"Oh bro I'm hot right now! I'm so hot!" Callie cooed.

"Me too sis. I'm so fuckin' horny for you. Fuck I'm already hard for you."

Nathan carried his sister over to his bedroom again quickly taking off her clothes. He couldn't wait to be inside her once again. Loving her the way she should be loved. He wanted to make sure she'd never forget his touch.

Callie felt every layer of clothes come off and finally she lay naked on her brother's bed. She turned on the lamp next to Nathan's bed to look at her brother undress for her. He was almost tearing his clothes off ready to fuck his lover.

Nathan stood there naked in front of her with his cock sticking straight out just for her. "Get it in me now! Please!" Callie begged as she spread her legs.

Nathan looked down at his sister's pussy. Her pussy lips parted letting him see her swollen pink clit. <I>God what a sweet pussy she has! So tight and all mine.</I> 

Nathan couldn't wait any longer. He plunged his cock inside her stuffing her with it. Callie gasped at the sudden entrance holding on to her brother's shoulders. He jammed his cock in and out of her fast and hard. Callie wrapped her legs around his waist pushing him closer to her.

"Oh bro keep fucking me. Don't ever let this feeling go away!" Callie moaned.

Nathan loved the way she felt. She still felt tight as a virgin and so warm. He felt her pussy clasp around his cock as he fucked her. She looked so beautiful lying there letting him make love to her. Her eyes never left his. Nathan kept his hands on her waist burying himself deep inside, as deep as he could go.

"Oh Callie I wish I could be inside you forever. I love being inside you. I want to cum in you Callie." Nathan said panting hard.
Callie licked her lips feeling Nathan's cock deep inside of her. "Yes Nathan, cum in me. Oh fuck cum in me good. Let me feel your seed in me!"

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