My Brother, My Lover Ch. 05

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Callie got home that night after fighting off the five o'clock traffic. Nathan usually got home an hour later. She got in the apartment and decided to go see what she could cook up for them. She looked around everywhere and it seemed they didn't have any food. Oh Great! No food and I'm starving! I know Nathan will be starving.

She groaned in frustration throwing herself on the couch. She turned on the T.V to watch the evening news. She thought about her day and how David, had been so sweet with her. Yet, his coworker, Amber, had been such a bitch to her. Callie was closing her eyes almost falling asleep, when she heard the door being opened. She quickly scrambled to her feet in surprise. Her face lit up seeing her brother come in.

"Hi sweetheart!" She rushed to him putting her arms around him.

"Mmmm so good to come home to you." Nathan replied giving his sister a sweet kiss on her lips.

"Listen, I wasn't able to cook up anything. I think we're out of food."

Nathan chuckled. "It's Ok love. Let's order a pizza and tomorrow I'll go grocery shopping. I'm going to work until noon tomorrow anyway."

Callie sighed heavenly. "Oh babe, your so good to me. Letting me live with you and treating me so good."

"You deserve it Callie. Besides being my sister, I'm crazy about you."

"I love you bro." Callie kissed her brother seductively letting her mouth part and his tongue enter her mouth.

The siblings kissed with passion, love, and desire. Callie felt her body tingle as Nathan held her close. His hands slid up and down her body. He felt every curve she had. His hands rubbed her firm buttocks and Callie moaned as they kissed.

His arms so strong around her, making her feel secure and loved. His kisses trailed down her neck while she leaned her head back. His hands reached up to pull the pins she had on her hair, letting her hair fall down to her shoulders.

"I want you so much right now Callie. I want to taste you."

Callie blushed hearing her own brother telling her sexy things. "Nathan I want you too. I'm so horny for you right now!"

Nathan picked her up and took her to his room gently laying her on his bed. Callie felt her body recline on the bed. Nathan stood there looking at her full of passion. He picked up one of her legs and slid off her black clog. The picked up the other leg and slid of that shoe as well. He rubbed his hands up and down her legs reaching up to unbutton her pants. Callie stared anxiously waiting to see what her brother would do next.

He easily managed to slowly slide her pants off her womanly hips and down her long legs. She was left there with her white silky panties. Nathan then moved his hands on Callie's top slowly unbuttoning her white shirt. It fell open letting him consume her gorgeous body. She had on a white lacey bra underneath her shirt. He looked closely at his sister half naked laying there waiting for him to take control of her body. Fuck she's beautiful.

He bowed down to kiss her as his hands ran up her smooth thighs. Callie's legs were wrapping around her brother's waist pulling him closer to her. She could feel his hard prick against her pussy as she squeezed his body up against hers.

"Nathan I love you," Callie cooed.

"I want to eat your pussy sis. Can I please?" Nathan begged sounding so horny.

Callie moaned feeling heat churning in her cunt. "Mhmmmm yes! Taste me Nathan. Oooh lick me!"

Nathan dove down between his sister's legs spreading them wide as he looked at her cunt over her panties. He could see she was already soaked with her juices. He grabbed her panties on each side and took them off as he licked his lips looking at her delicious shaved pussy.

He lunged down between her legs and parted her pink cunt lips letting her slick swollen clit sneak. He looked at her clit and he knew she wanted him to suck it, lick it. He put the tip of his tongue on it feeling the slippery juices on his tongue. Callie automatically let out a loud moan.

Nathan started licking her slowly then little by little sped up his rhythm. Callie's pussy was throbbing as her brother licked her. She couldn't keep her body steady feeling herself squirm around. Her brother's tongue was making her want to explode harder than she ever thought she would.

Nathan felt her juices ooze out with each stroke of his tongue. He sucked on her clit now wrapping his lips around it as it throbbed in his mouth. He placed his hands on her little waist to keep her from moving around so much. Her legs were almost kicking and her moans were increasing.

"Mmmggghhhh, oooohhh yesssss!" She called out loudly letting her breasts out of her bra.

Callie played with her tits while her brother ate her out. Her nipples were hard as a rock as she pinched them with her fingers. It was amazing the way he was pleasing her with incredible oral sex. She ran her hands on her breasts feeling them get more sensitive as she reached her climax.

Nathan was busy licking and sucking her cunt. He did long strokes with his tongue up and down her wet slit. He poked his tongue inside her pussy hole while his fingers were rubbing her clit. That was all it took to feel his sister cum hard.

Callie felt her body stiff. She couldn't move for a moment and then she trembled madly feeling herself cum on Nathan's tongue. He had his tongue buried deep inside her fuck hole and she was cumming. She was cumming hard!

"Ommmgghhhhh! I'm c-cumming! Oh bro I'm cumming!" Callie cried out.

Nathan felt her little body quiver and her juices were oozing out fast like water. He lapped up her juices. Nathan didn't wanna miss any taste his sister had to offer him.

Callie slowly felt her heart beat slow down and her legs felt like jell-o. Nathan got himself back and dove down to kiss her. She tasted herself on his lips. They kissed intensely savoring the taste of her nectar.

"Oh your so delicious. So precious." Nathan was kissing on her breasts.

Callie was about to ask him to let her suck on his hard prick. She wanted to taste his cum in her mouth. She wanted so badly to have her brother just drop a big wad of cum down her throat.

"Nathan, I want to suck your-" She was cut off by a ringing on the doorbell.

Nathan moved over to the window. "Shit! It's mom and dad!" He said quietly.

Callie's eyes widened. She quickly stumbled to get her clothes back on. Luckily Nathan was still clothed. She panicked hoping their parents would not be able to sense the smell of sex in the air.

"Go ahead and get dressed, I'll go entertain them for the time being." Nathan closed the door behind him.

Callie was still breathless. She began to get dressed still feeling horny for her brother. She could hear her parents shrill as they saw their son. It's been a few months since Nathan had last visited them. Once dressed again, Callie walked out hoping to God that any feelings she had for her brother would not slip out.

David was driving back home late that evening. He was with his cousin Rebecca listening to her go on and on about Amber. David usually took his cousin home, since she'd gotten herself caught with a D.W.I and had her license suspended.

"Why don't you just give Amber another chance?" Rebecca whined.

David nodded. "You know why. Because she's a real bitch. I mean yes she's hot, but damn she so fuckin' possessive! I felt like I couldn't even breathe when I was going out with her."

"Well look she's changed. I have seen her change myself."

David rolled his eyes. "Rebecca we talk about this all the time. I told you I don't want to date Amber again."

Rebecca laughed. "Oh that's right, she says you got your eyes on some Ms. Perfect at work."

David looked at her with fury. "So what if I do? It's not of her business."

"I think it is. I mean she still loves you. Besides, you don?t even know this new girl. She might be worse than Amber."

David burst out laughing. "Yeah right. No one is as bad as Amber. Excecpt maybe the devil!"

Rebecca shot him a look of disgust.

"Well I'm sorry Becky, I know she's your friend and all but that's just how I feel. Besides, you know you just want me to date her because her family is filthy rich."

Rebecca didn't respond. She needed to find out who this Callie Adams was. She was just as curious about this girl as Amber was. David was always picky about girls he wanted to date. She could see by the look in his eyes that he really liked this girl. Rebecca was just going to have to do some investigations of her own. For now though, she was still thinking of a plan to get David and Amber together again.

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