My Brother, My Lover Ch. 03

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Callie and Nathan drove mostly in silence. They were heading downtown to go eat at a nice cozy restaurant that Nathan had heard about. They served the best steaks, which he knew Callie loved. Nathan kept trying to keep his eyes on the road but Callie's long legs kept distracting him. Her dress rode up high as she sat in his mustang. He felt somewhat excited being out with such a beautiful girl like Callie, his gorgeous sister.

"So like I was saying this place has some of the best steaks ever. I've heard some people at work talk about it." Nathan suddenly blurted out trying to make a conversation.

Callie turned to look at him. "Oh well sounds good. I'm so hungry right now."

Nathan scoffed. "Yeah me too." Nathan wasn't thinking of food though.

They arrived at the restaurant and they had to wait a while before being seated. Callie loved the atmosphere. It was dim lighted and had a feel of home. A few minutes later, they were finally seated by a window overlooking the busy downtown area.

"I'm gonna order the biggest steak they got here!" Callie exclaimed playfully.

Nathan laughed. "Ok feel free to order whatever you want. It's on me sis."

Callie smiled. "Oh thank you so much for taking me out. I haven't been out in a while."

"I find that hard to believe." Nathan said seriously.

Callie just brushed off his comment. "I really like this place Nate. I mean it's just so cool."

"I'm glad you like it sis." He couldn't take his eyes of the small cleavage her dress produced.

They ate dinner and talked about work. Nathan couldn't remember ever having such a nice conversation with a girl. Callie entertained him nicely. Her laugh was so gentle and her voice, her voice was just mesmerizing. He felt like he could sit and talk with her for hours. After their salad and steak, Nathan offered to buy her dessert.

"Hmm how about we split a Tiramisu?" Callie asked sweetly.

Nathan nodded. "Yeah sounds good to me."

A few minutes later their waitress came back with their dessert. The waitress was a young blonde, a bit quiet but she finally spoke out when she brought the dessert.

"Here you go. Your Tiramisu." She placed the plate down with two forks. "How long have you two been together?"

Callie almost felt herself choke on her coke when the waitress asked that bizarre question. Nathan cleared his throat trying to explain. "Well, actually, we are just brother and sister."

The pretty waitress turned red. "Oh sorry. I thought you were a couple. Well I better go before I make a fool out of myself some more."

Callie felt her heart pounding. Nathan's eyes were piercing at her. She too was hoping the waitress thinking they were a couple turned him on. They ate their dessert in silence after the waitress' remark. The dessert was so cold and so delicious. Nathan watched Callie eat it slowly as she licked her lips getting the entire flavor. Oh god her lips were so full and pouty!

After they were finished with dinner, they decided to take a walk down the busy street looking at the window displays as Callie window-shopped. Nathan saw many people stare at them. He had to admit that they did make a great looking couple. The night was still young, but Callie and Nathan heard thunder up above.

"I didn't hear that it was going to rain," Callie said frustrated.

Nathan looked up feeling sprinkles of rain beginning to fall. "I'm afraid so sis. Let's get going back home. Maybe we can come downtown again later on this week."

Callie moaned like a spoiled little girl. "Oh ok I guess so. I was just having so much fun Nate."

Nathan lightly put his hand on her back as they walked back to his car. His touch, just this small light touch, was making Callie feel warm inside. They walked back to his car as the rain came down harder. Luckily, they made it to the car without getting drenched.

Driving back home, the rain was pouring hard. They ended up getting stuck in a major traffic jam. It seemed there was an accident up ahead and traffic was stopped.

"Oh great! Damnit! Now we are stuck here." Nathan groaned.

"Oh I'm sorry for all this Nate." Callie said apologizing.

Nathan sighed looking at his sister. Her eyes were on him. "Why are you apologizing? It's this damn traffic."

"Yeah but if it weren?t for me, we wouldn't be in this traffic."

Nathan had a quick reflex and reached over to put his hand on Callie's knee. "If it wasn't for you, I'd be home alone, doing nothing. If it wasn't for you, I'd be miserable right now."

Callie felt her pulse racing as her brother's hand laid on her knee. She didn't do anything to push it away. She wanted it there. She began to hope that he'd move it up more.

Nathan felt his hand tremble as he had it on Callie's knee. Her skin felt so soft. He was tempted to move it up her dress. He looked at Callie as she bit her lip as if she was waiting for the next move. He slowly made the bold move to slide his hand up her leg.

Callie felt her whole body fill with lust as her brother's hand was riding up her leg. His touch was incredible as he kept moving his hand up. Nathan swallowed hard as his hand was now on Callie's thigh.

Callie voluntarily spread her legs to give her brother further access. Nathan couldn't believe that he was touching his sister so erotically. He could begin to feel the heat that lay between her creamy thighs.

Callie's breathing was getting heavy. She'd never been more excited with another man. Nathan's hand was now creeping to her crotch as he gently began to rub it over her lacey panties. He could feel her wetness as he rubbed her.

Callie wanted to moan, but she was just in a state of shock of pure lust. Nathan's fingers caressed her pussy lightly rubbing up and down between her slick slit. Callie looked around and saw the traffic jammed street hoping no one she knew would be witnessing this beautiful deed.

She turned to look at Nathan, noticing his cock growing in his pants. Callie closed her eyes as Nathan massaged her aching cunt. "Mmmmm," She found herself moaning softly.

Nathan was astounded watching his little sister get turned on by his touch. It was the most enjoyable traffic jam he could ever imagine. Nathan was weary about it, but he went ahead and pushed Callie's panties to the side to finally get a feel of her flesh. Her sweet little pussy.

Callie gasped as she felt her brother touch her pussy skin to skin. His touch was so wonderful. She opened her legs a little bit more, letting her brother know that he had her. He had her good.

Nathan could feel her shaved pussy as he rubbed it with his fingers. Her juices were all over his hand. He could feel them just oozing out with each stroke of his hand. Nathan felt his cock wanting to just jump out of his pants as he started to slide a finger inside Callie.

Oh her pussy was so warm, so tight. He wondered how many guys had been lucky enough to touch her like this. He watched her as she licked her lips, as she was lost in her enjoyment. His finger was sliding in and out of her fuck hole. She started to moan louder now as he began to finger her faster and inserted a second finger in her.

"Oh Nathan. Nathan, Nathan, Nathan." She called out moaning as her little body squirmed in the passenger seat. Callie had never been finger fucked so good. She loved the way his fingers were jammed up her tight hole making it stretch open. She couldn't wait to know what his cock would fee like inside of her.

Nathan's rhythm increased feeling Callie's nectar drip out of her hole and onto his fingers. It was like warm water running down his fingers. He'd never felt a pussy like this. It was just so sweet and soaked. He could feel her tense up as she slightly lifted her body up.

Is she cumming? Nathan wondered. He looked closely as she was quivering with delight. Her head was tossed back as she whimpered as quietly as she could. Oh my God she is cumming! Nathan watched as his sister climaxed on his fingers. Her pussy was throbbing as her orgasm finished. Nathan loved the way she felt inside he didn't even want to remove his fingers from her hole.

He left his fingers inside her until she slowly seemed to recover. He slipped them out slowly and put his fingers inside his mouth tasting her womanly fluids. She tasted so yummy! Her hot juices left a sweet and tangy taste in his mouth.

Callie felt herself smile shyly at her brother. She loved the fact that he was licking her juices from his fingers. Nathan was moving closer to Callie. He wanted to kiss her again like he'd done the other night. He wanted to kiss her so she could taste her juices in his mouth. They were about to lock lips when they heard loud noises. It was the cars behind them honking. It looked like the streets were open again.

Nathan quickly put the car on drive and he raced home. He was going get make love to Callie tonight. There was no doubt about that. Callie knew what was going to happen as well. She was ready for it. She was prepared to have her brother make love to her. The siblings drove home full of raging desires for one another. This time they weren't going to let anything stop them.

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