My Brother Loves My Wet Panties

(Part 1 from 1)

100% fiction!

18 year old Billy DiMato had just gotten home from school. After changing into a pair of grey sweats and a Chicago Bears tee shirt he was sitting in the living room listening to his music when the front door crashed open. In streaked his twin sister Carrie. She slammed the door, kicked off her shoes and scampered up the stairs pulling her shorts down as she ran.

What the hell, Billy thought; he got up and followed her. At the top of the stairs Carrie was trying to kick off her shorts. One foot got caught and she nearly tripped but she finally got her foot free and kicked the offending clothing clear to the ceiling.

Billy now understood what the panic was all about, Carrie was rushing to the bathroom; she almost made it, but not quite. As she got to the door she knew she was too late, her bladder let go. At least she was on the tile floor not the carpet; the clean-up would be easier.

Carrie heard a sound behind her and she turned around. Oh My God she thought, there was her brother Billy watching her. Her bladder was overflowing; her pee was washing through the gusset of her panties and was flooding through both leg holes, there were three waterfalls draining on the floor and splashing up to soak her feet; Billy was seeing it happen to her. She felt like she wanted to die, the humiliation and embarrassment were more than she could bear.

She started to cry then she screamed, “Billy go away, just go away, leave me alone.”

Billy just stood, awestruck. He was not a naive young man; with his darkly handsome Italian looks, his long wavy black hair, his flashing dark eyes and his glib tongue he’d already talked several girls out of their panties, yet he’d never seen anything that so aroused him. As he gaped at Carrie while she was in full flood he’d stiffened to the point that his sweats were tented. He hoped Carrie wouldn’t notice. As she continued to gush and cry he could only stand frozen, mesmerized by the sight.

“Billy go away please, I’m so embarrassed, just go away,” Carrie pled.

“Carrie, it’s just an accident, we all have them, don’t be embarrassed. Let me help.”

“What can you do, Billy,” she sobbed.

“Carrie, take off your wet panties and the rest of your clothes; I’ll put them in the washer and mop the floor while you take a shower.”

“Billy I can’t take off my panties in front of you.”

“Sure you can.”

“Billy, I’m not doing that.”

“So ok, close the door and throw your things out, I’ll still wash them and mop up while you take your shower.”

Closing the door Carrie said, “Ok.” A few moments later the door opened a crack and her sopping panties, tee shirt and bra hit the floor at his feet.

True to his word, Billy picked up her things and took them to the laundry room. He started the washer and threw in her top and bra but he held onto her panties, he couldn’t help himself, he brought them to his face and buried his nose in the sopping crotch. The pungent aroma of her urine was overpowering but he could also discern her own soft, sweet fragrance. He was so overcome with arousal that he dropped his sweats, wrapped his cock in her wet panties and masturbated. There was something deliciously erotic knowing that he was indulging himself in her pee. He came hard then tossed the panties in the washer. Grabbing the mop he headed back upstairs. The bathroom door was still shut. He knocked and opened the door. Carrie was still in the shower.

He called to her, “It’s just the janitor,” as he mopped up her mess.

Finished, he took the mop back downstairs, rinsed it and put it away.

In her bedroom he went through her drawers, found her panties and chose a short tee top. He wanted to be able to see a little when she put it on. Taking the clothes to the bath he called out loud enough for her to hear over the plummeting rainstorm of the shower, “I’ve put your clothes on the toilet seat.”

“Thanks Billy,” he heard her answer.

Billy left the bathroom but didn’t go downstairs, he wanted to see her when she came out and he had to talk to her. He sat on his bed and watched the bathroom door. He wanted to walk out of his room as she left the bathroom, like their meeting was accidental. He heard her turn off the shower; several minutes later he saw the door knob start to turn. He got up and headed toward their “accidental” meeting.

As he walked toward her she said, “Billy, thank you so much for taking care of things for me, I was so embarrassed.”

“Hey sis, what are brothers for?”

Carrie loved her brother. She had a lot of friends who had brothers that seemed to revel in making a sister’s life miserable. Not Billy. He took her along to the movies, even to several concerts or out for pizza; just the two of them. The only times she couldn’t go along was when he took out a girlfriend, but even then he’d introduced her to most of them. He wasn’t embarrassed in the slightest by having his sister around. She didn’t just love Billy, she worshiped him.

As he walked toward her she said, “Billy I’m sorry but that was so embarrassing. I shouldn’t have screamed at you. I just couldn’t think, that was the worst thing that’s ever happened to me.”

“Billy replied, “No problem Sis, I didn’t mind helping at all.”

Billy couldn’t keep his eyes from dropping to her bare tummy and down to the V of her panties between her thighs. He could still visualize her pee flowing. He couldn’t understand why he was so aroused by watching her pee soak and splash, but he was.

Carrie could feel his eyes on her and she felt a little uncomfortable; she wasn’t unaccustomed to male attention, even some of Billy’s friends had tried to make moves on her but Billy had put a stop to that each and every time.

Carrie, at sixteen, was already 5’7” tall. As is the case with many dark complexioned females she had developed early. Her breasts were already a womanly 35C and her hips had widened to accommodate child bearing; her periods had started when she was only nine and her mons was covered by thick bush of unruly black curls. Like Billy she had coal black hair, hers flowing half way down her back, she also had his flashing eyes, so dark they were almost ebony. Yes, Carrie DiMato would be considered an absolute beauty by any heterosexual male from the age of puberty ‘til ninety and Billy had hardly noticed until today.

Billy took her hand and led her to her bedroom; he thought she might be more at ease there. He led her to the bed where they sat side by side as he said to her, “Carrie, I need to talk with you.”

Billy often talked to her, which was one of the reasons she loved him so, he helped her with the problems that come up in any young girl’s life. If he wanted her help, she owed him big time.

“Billy if I can help you, you know I will, just ask, I’ll do it if I can.”

“Yeah Carrie I do want you to do something but I don’t know how to ask; if I come right out and say what I want you’ll think I’m some kind of pervert. Hell I think I’m some kind of perv but I can’t get over how I felt watching you today.”

“You mean when I peed my panties,” she asked in amazement.

“Yeah, that’s what I mean.”

“You liked seeing me embarrassed and humiliated? You liked watching me cry while I just stood there leaking? Billy, I thought you loved me; God how can you be like this?”

“No Carrie, you don’t understand, it wasn’t your embarrassment I was talking about.”

“I watched as you wet your panties and I got harder than I’ve ever been. I wanted to hold you and let you flow over my hand. Carrie it was the weirdest thing that’s ever happened to me. Watching your pee flow was the sexiest thing I’ve ever seen.”

“Billy please don’t make fun of me, I’m not a baby, I know what’s going on. I’ve seen the rubbers in your wallet and I know some of the girls you’ve screwed so please don’t play with me; when it comes to you I’m kinda fragile. Billy I really do love you.”

“Carrie I love you too, I think you know that, but I’ve never thought of you as anything other than my sweet sister. Today changed that, today I saw you as a beautiful sexual woman; do you understand?”

“Billy, what do you want me to do?”

“Would you pee for me?” Billy asked sheepishly.

“You’re serious, you want me to just stand here and pee?”

“Well no, I don’t want to have to mop up again; I thought you could stand in the tub.”

“Billy you’re out of your mind.”

“Yeah, I guess I am. I’m sorry I asked Carrie, that is really perverted isn’t it?”

“Billy I said you’re out of your mind, I didn’t say I wouldn’t do it. I’ll do it for you but you’ve gotta do something for me too.”

“Carrie, whatever you want.”

“Billy you have to hold me, you know, down there while I pee, will you do that?”

Billy wanted to jump in the air, click his heels together three times and sing a couple of verses of Handel’s Hallelujah Chorus, instead he casually replied, “Sure Carrie, if that’s what you’d like.”

“Yeah, I’d like; now let’s go downstairs and drink some Cokes or lemonade or something, ok?”

Downstairs Billy poured her Coke after Coke after Coke ‘til she thought she was going to burst, she even gurgled when she walked, still nothing.

“Billy, I can’t drink anymore, I’m gonna bust.”

Tugging her by the hand he said, “Come over here then,” as he pulled her down on the couch beside him and started tickling her.

“No more Billy,” she laughed. Then she jumped up, “Billy that worked, I gotta go.”

They raced up the stairs hand in hand, going directly to the bathroom. Carrie stepped into the tub, turned to face Billy and spread her legs as Billy held her bottom with one hand and cupped her sex through her panties with the other.

Billy couldn’t help himself, through her panties he worked a finger into her slit and rubbed her clit.

“Billy what are you doing, ooo, stop that; no don’t stop, that feels so nice,” as she started to flow.

Billy was so aroused he thought he’d cum in his sweats. His left hand was massaging his sister’s taut bottom while his right continued to tantalize her clit. His hand was being drenched as the pee flooded out of Carrie; it was scorching hot and pungently aromatic.

Even as her flow abated Billy continued to caress her bottom and finger her through her panties. Carrie’s breathing had gotten ragged as he played with her and she’d squeezed her thighs together holding his hand in place. He didn’t mind at all.

Even though her bladder was empty Carrie didn’t want Billy to take his hand off her. She’d played with herself a few times, it felt good, but not like this. She was having a hard time catching her breath then she started panting as she got a feeling in her tummy and on down that she’d never had before and the feeling was miraculous, then something squirted out of her as she felt contractions in her vagina; she nearly collapsed. She would have fallen if Billy hadn’t been holding her.

“Billy, what did you do to me?” she asked, her voice raspy and low.

“I think I made you cum, did you like it?”

“Is that how you feel when you cum? And yeah I liked it, I liked it a lot.”

“Wow, do you think you can make me do that again?”

“Sure, if you want me too, but now let’s get you cleaned up.”

Billy rolled her soaked panties down, he could see evidence of her orgasm in the crotch. Her pubic hair was matted with moisture and he could see that her lower lips were still swollen with sexual excitement. As she stepped out of her panties he just couldn’t resist. With the hand on her bottom he pulled her to his face, he licked her slit. The redolence of the mixture of scents, her pee, her cum and her natural sweet aroma melded, the taste of this heady blend was mind blowing. He held her close and cleaned her out with his tongue.

“Billy, why are you licking my pee?” Carrie asked, but her hips were pumping against Billy’s lips.

He looked up at her saying, “I’m just helping you clean up, do you mind.”

“Billy I don’t know what I think but don’t stop, damn you.”

“Yeah I’m gonna stop but just for a minute. I’ll clean up in here later. Taking her hand he said, “Come on,” as he led her to her bedroom.

Billy laid her on the bed and opened her legs.

“Billy what are you going to do,” Carrie asked in a quiet little girl voice. She was a little afraid, although Billy had a lot of experience she was a virgin.

“I’m going to make you feel real good,” he answered as he lay between her thighs.

Billy admired her raven pelt thinking, she must be sexually mature to have this much hair. He wondered if she was still a virgin. He’d soon find out.

Carrie’s body was trembling as he opened her slit and licked along its pink interior. He stuck his tongue in her little hole and fucked it in and out.

Carrie was still trembling but not with fear. Nothing could have prepared her for the feelings Billy was giving her, nothing. And then he started sucking on her little love button.

Billy thought he was being suffocated and beaten to death. Carrie had wrapped her legs around his head and was pounding her pussy into his face. Ah but what a way to go! He sucked her clit all the harder.

Carrie didn’t know whether she was going to explode or fly. Her tummy muscles were clenching, her vagina was spasming and she was flailing herself with her long black hair as she whipped her head from side to side. She was moaning and wailing, the pleasure she was feeling was so intense it was almost painful. Just when she thought she couldn’t take anymore she started squirting, pulse after pulse of her girl cum flooded Billy’s face as she continued to wail, “Oh Billy, oh Billy, oh damn Billy, then she grunted out uh, uh, uh, oh Billy.”

Finally, as her climax subsided, she released Billy’s head. He continued to slowly lick her, cleaning her slit of her tangy, fragrant love juices. He reveled in her taste.

Finally he looked up at her and smiled. Her hair was tangled and she looked disheveled but she returned his smile.

“God Billy that was spectacular. I had no idea I could feel like that. Thank you, thank you.”

“No need to thank me, I enjoyed it just as much as you did.”

“How could you, you did all the giving, I did all the taking. You didn’t even cum.”

“Yeah, I’m afraid I did. You’re so sexy desirable, so beautiful and so arousing I couldn’t stop myself.”

“You couldn’t help yourself? What do you mean?”

Reddening in embarrassment Billy confessed, “I need to change my sweats.”

“You came in your pants? Wow.”

“Yeah, wow, come on I need to change and wash my sweats and your wet panties. I’ll take care of those things and meet you downstairs.”

After Billy left Carrie just lay on her bed thinking. As much as she already loved Billy, she loved him even more now. The intimacy they had shared, his desire to please her, how could she ever repay him for what he’d given her. Just thinking about him brought a tingle to her tummy.

Down stairs they sat listening to music. Carrie looked at Billy, “What are we going to do Billy, where are we going to go from here? Maybe it’s not right, what we did, but I want to do it again and again and then some more, how about you?”

“Carrie we need to be careful. I loved it when you peed for me. I wanted you to feel good.”

“Billy I did feel good, that’s what I’m talking about.”

“And I loved doing it, but we’ll have to be really careful in the future. You’re a virgin, I know, I checked while I was down there. But if we keep doing what we did you won’t be a virgin long, I promise.”

“Billy, why would you say something like that?”

“Because Sweet Sister, I’m not certain I can exercise the same restraint again. Maybe we should make this a one time thing.”

“Billy, that’s not fair. You teach me how good I can feel and then you tell me we can’t do it again, that’s just not fair.”

“Carrie, I’m not talking about fair, I’m talking about risk. If we keep doing this I will take your virginity, there’s no question in my mind about that.”

Carrie blushed as she almost whispered, “Billy do you want to fuck me?”

“Carrie, you’re so hot and I love you so much, I’d pay to fuck you, ok.”

Carrie was clenching her thighs, she could feel herself getting wet and her tummy was turning flip flops, this would a big step yet, although it was a little scary, she softly breathed out, “Billy, I’d let you.”

“Carrie do you know what you’re saying, even if you do already look like a raving beauty, you’re a 18 year old virgin and you’re my sister. Maybe you should save yourself.”

“Billy, maybe I am sixteen, you are too and look at you, how many girls have you had? I’m going to give myself to somebody someday. I want that someday to be soon and I want that somebody to be you. Billy, I know that whatever happens in my life I’ll never love anyone as much as I love you. Don’t you think it’s right that I want to give myself to the man I love?”

How could he argue with her impeccable logic? He didn’t even try.

“Carrie, the folks are going out of town this weekend to visit Grandma and Aunt Gladys. If you really want to do it we can do it Saturday.”

“I want to. What do I need to do to get ready?”

“Just stay sweet and beautiful as you are, I’ll take care of everything else.”

Carrie thought but had no second thoughts about what she and Billy were planning. She thought how she could get ready. She wanted to bathe Saturday with scented bath oils and she wanted to dress sexily for him, what would he like. She decided on a white sun dress. She would go without a brassiere, she was firm enough that she didn’t really need one and she would wear an eminently sexy pair of French cut bikini panties with lace trim around the legs and waist. She had a little shopping to do in the next two days.

Billy had some shopping to do, too. He still had a couple of condoms but if this weekend went like he thought it would he’d need more. He also wanted to pick up some KY Jelly. It would make it easier for her the first time and, who knows, maybe he’d need it for something else; just thinking about it made him hard.

The two days dragged by, both Carrie and Billy were anxious for Saturday to arrive. Finally, Saturday morning they had breakfast with their parents before they left for the weekend. At last they were alone.

Billy swept her into his arms and kissed her passionately. He was ready but she wasn’t quite.

“Billy, I want to take a bath before we start, ok?”

“Sure, Sis, whatever you want.”

Carrie went upstairs, drew a hot bath and added a gardenia scented oil. The perfume she’d chosen was also gardenia, she didn’t want to clash.

After finishing her bath she spritzed a little perfume between her breasts and between her thighs then dressed in her sun dress and lacy panties. She slipped on white backless sandals and walked downstairs.

“You like?” she asked as she modeled her new dress for Billy.

“I like, I like the outfit and I especially like the girl in it,” he said as he took her in his arms. “Oh I like the perfume, too, you smell sweet.”

Carrie led him to her bedroom; Billy thought that was where she would want to go so he’d already stashed condoms and the KY on her night stand.

“Billy would you like to take my dress off?” Carrie asked.

Nodding yes, Billy lifted the sun dress over her head. Her beautiful breasts were standing out proudly and her panties were the sexiest he’d ever seen. He reached for them but Carrie took his hand.

“Wait a minute Billy, there’s something else I want.” Stepping out of her sandals she led him to the bathroom.

Carrie had drunk three cups of coffee with breakfast this morning preparatory of this moment. She stepped into the tub and brought Billy’s hand to her crotch.

“Hold me,” she said.

Billy looked at his sister in amazement, his hand cupping her sex, he thought, my little minx, as her gushing hot pee flooded over his hand. While she was still flowing she bent forward and kissed him, whispering, “I’m ready now.”

After toweling off her feet Billy led her to the bedroom.

Laying her down he said, “I want to taste you first.”

He licked along her labia, taking in her scent, pee, gardenia and girl, it was wonderful. He sucked lightly on her clit and, as she began to respond, he pushed her legs up so he could access her bottom. Licking down her slit he continued until he reached her rose bud. He swirled his tongue around her tight ring then pushed his tongue into her.

“Billy, what are you doing, that’s dirty.”

“Does it feel dirty to you?”

“No, damn you, it feels good, but why are you doing that.”

“Hey Sis just lay back and enjoy,” as he turned his attention back to her beautiful bottom. He wanted to get her accustomed to receiving attention there.

He didn’t want her to climax before he was in her but he did want her lubricating heavily, he returned his attention to her clit.”

She could feel her moisture flowing from her as he continued to suck her and then he stopped.

She pouted, “Why’d you quit?” Then she watched as he rolled a condom on and took something out of a tube and spread it on his cock.

“Are you ready Baby?” he whispered.

She just nodded yet.

Billy lifted her legs and got between them. She felt him rub his cock up and down her slit then she felt him push into her tight little hole. He slipped in about an inch then he stopped. She could feel pressure and some pain. She waited for him.

“Carrie, this is probably going to hurt, are you ready.”

“Billy I know it will hurt but I want it, just do it.”

As he thrust into her she could feel her hymen being ruptured, she felt a stabbing pain between her legs and winced, then she felt him slide into her depths. He paused for several seconds before beginning to slowly pump. She couldn’t help herself, she reached out for him and pulled him to her, kissing him, saying, “ I love you Billy.”

Billy was in heaven, tasting her sweet lips and feeling her tight pussy, he started stroking into her more deeply.

Carrie had felt a little pain when he’d broken into her but it wasn’t too bad. When he started pumping her harder she loved the feeling, she wanted more of him. She locked her legs around him and thrust her pussy back at him, meeting him stroke for stroke.

Billy was pounding into her as hard and fast as he could move his hips, both of them were wailing, Carrie crying out with each thrust and Billy grunting as he pounding her hard. It was a violent coupling, with each seemingly trying to outdo the other. Carrie may have been a virgin but she already liked it a little rough and Billy was being rough.

Harder and harder he pounded into her and harder and harder, she pulled him into her with her gripping legs.

At last her breathing turned to panting as she wildly flung her luxurious black tresses from side to side. She felt Billy’s cock swelling in her as a massive orgasm washed over her, she was screaming in pain and pleasure as Billy roared out his climax. He continued to pump into her, slowing as his erection faded. Then he took her in his arms and caressed her sweet body.

Both of them were completely spent. They just quietly lay in each other’s arms, looking into each other’s eyes. Finally breaking the spell Billy pulled Carrie over atop him and whispered, “I love you, Carrie.”

“I love you too Billy.”

Let’s get cleaned up and get dressed, I want to watch a little TV, and I want to be back here in an hour or two.” He said.

Carrie went to the bathroom and inspected the damage. There was a little blood but not much, she could see that she was swollen, no matter, she wanted him in her again soon.

Billy pulled on a pair of shorts and went down stairs. He turned on the TV but he wasn’t really watching, he was thinking about Carrie. She was his twin and the sex with her was the best he’d ever had. God, she was a wild lover. She wanted it again in just a little while. He thought he’d like to take her from behind the next time. Get her used to having him back there.

After a couple of hours of boring daytime TV Carrie grabbed Billy’s hand tugging him along, “Come on, let’s do it again.”

Leading him back to her bedroom she pulled his shorts off, pushed him back on the bed and rolled a condom on him. She stripped off the long tee shirt she was wearing and jumped on him, straddling him and guiding his erect cock to her vagina then she sat down on him taking him completely in. She gave a little grunt as he penetrated her swollen flesh then started bouncing up and down on his shaft.

Billy thought, so much for having her from behind, maybe next time but this time she had other ideas.

She rode him like he was a bronco as he grabbed her tits and held on. When he gave her nipples a little pinch she wailed and pounded him harder. Finally he could feel her vagina squeezing him as contractions started signaling her climax. He gripped her hips and pounded up into her. His cock swelled, she could feel it too, then he filled the condom with his cum. As she climaxed he felt her juices coat his balls. Finally she slowed to a stop and just sat there with his soft shaft still buried in her.

“Wow, that was fun, I felt just like a cowgirl,” she laughed.

“Yeah, and I felt like a saddle, I thought you were gonna break it.”

“Oh you poor baby,” she grinned at him.

“Ready for more,” she asked.

“I will be soon enough; let’s get some lunch and come back up.” He answered.

After sandwiches, chips and Cokes they literally skipped back up the stairs.

“Carrie, I want to do something different, ok?”

“Are you going to fuck me?”


“Then it’s ok.”

He didn’t think he needed to do anything to warm her up, she was already hotter than a fire cracker, he could see moisture leaking from her. He rolled a condom on and told her to get on her hands and knees.

“What are you going to Billy,” she asked as she climbed to her knees.

“Just what you asked, I’m going to fuck you.”

He got behind her and parted her thighs a little then he spread her lips, opening her and pushed in. He didn’t take any time; he thrust himself completely into her inviting vagina.

Carrie grunted as he pushed into her then she put her head on the pillow and arched her back allowing him to penetrate her more deeply, and he did, she felt him bang against her cervix when he pumped her as deep as he could. Then she felt a new sensation, Billy was rubbing her rose bud, she could feel him spreading her rear cheeks and a finger pressed into her. She moaned at the intrusion and then he started pumping the finger into her bottom in rhythm with the pumping of his cock into her pussy. It felt fantastic; she was surprised to find that she liked the bottom play.

Billy was watching his cock sawing into her pussy and his finger probing her ass. He couldn’t believe his sister, her first day of sex and she already went at it like a pro. He was sure he’d have her cute bottom before the day was over. He just kept pumping.

Carrie liked the finger in her bottom; she only wished it was longer, she wanted to feel him deep in her bowels. She wondered if she could convince him to do her there, she hoped so.

The friction in her pussy and in her bottom was terrific; she started wailing, she was screeching loudly as her orgasm ripped through her. Her pussy was grasping Billy’s cock as she felt him swelling. He gripped her hips and pounded into her as he emptied his balls, screaming incoherently as he pounded her harder. Slowly he came down from his orgasmic high.

Carrie recovered faster than Billy. She said, “I liked it that way, you could get deeper in me and your finger in my bottom was really sexy. There’s only one thing missing, I wish I could have your cum in me instead of in that rubber.”

“Me too Carrie, but we can’t risk getting pregnant.”

“Billy, maybe there’s another way; I really want to feel you cum in me. I wouldn’t get pregnant if you put it in my bottom. I liked the feel of your finger and I know I’d like your cock, will you do that for me?”

Billy was nearly struck dumb but he did manage to casually reply, “I don’t know Carrie, that might hurt you.”

“Billy DiMato, will you do it for me or not,” she pouted.

“Well, always the gentleman, if that’s what the lady wants, that’s what the lady gets.”

“Can we do it now?”

“Carrie I’m young but not that young, we’ve fucked three times and I jacked off just thinking about you this morning, I’ve cum four times today. Let’s go have a Coke and rest for a little while.”

An hour later they were back upstairs. Carrie was a little afraid, afraid she’d bitten off more than she could chew. Her tummy was tingly and she had to pee.

Going into the bathroom she told Billy she’d be right with him. He followed her in.

“I want to watch,” he said.

Carrie pulled her panties down and slipped them over her feet, she wouldn’t need them for a while then she lifted her tee shirt and spread her legs so Billy could see. As her golden yellow flow started he reached between her legs and held her, letting her pee flood over his hand. When she finished, he took a pad of toilet paper and wiped her then rinsed and dried his fingers, saying, “That was nice.”

Carrie was slightly embarrassed, she’d done a lot of things today but somehow his holding her while she watched her urine flow over his hand seemed lewd.

Carrie followed Billy to the bedroom asking, “How do you want me?”

“I’ll let you choose,” he said. “You can be on your back, we can look into each others eyes, but I’ll have to lift your legs pretty far up to get to you or we can do it from behind like we did the last time. How do you want to do it?”

“This time I’d like to watch you. I’ll be on my back.”

Getting the KY Jelly he sat on the bed, saying, “I need to get you ready.”

“What do you mean get me ready?” Carrie asked.

“I need to lubricate your bottom or it will really hurt, it might even tear you. Lay across my lap.”

Carrie ground her pelvis into his crotch as she lay across him. She grinned at him; she could feel him start to get hard. Then she felt a sharp crack as he slapped her bottom, saying, “Be good.”

Billy just sat admiring Carrie’s exquisite ass, two perfectly formed cheeks rounded like succulent melons separated by her pert little rose bud. He inhaled; relishing her aroma then squeezed some KY directly on her. She jumped with a start when the cold jelly hit her but then he began to rub her tight ring. It felt so nice she just cooed.

When he pushed his finger in her it was so comforting. She felt so loved lying across his lap with him caressing her bottom. When he stuck a second finger in and started to stretch her little hole she started breathing heavily, and as he pumped his fingers into her she started panting like a puppy. He took his fingers out and she felt empty. Then he stood up.

“Carrie, I want you to sit on the edge of the bed with your feet on the floor.”

She did and he assisted her down on her back then he pulled her hips further over the edge. Billy lifted her legs at the knees and pushed them forward until they rested on her breasts. She felt like she’d been opened to the world. There wasn’t a shred of modesty available in this pose, then she felt him probe her back passage and pressed into her.

She experienced a stabbing pain and she lifted her hips, attempting to escape. Billy held her down but stopped pushing to let her get use to him. Then he pressed into her again. It still hurt but it wasn’t stabbing, it was her rose bud being stretched. God, his cock was a lot bigger that those fingers. She felt like she was being stuffed.

Billy was watching Carrie’s face as he entered her; she winced in pain and tried to free her hips, trying to escape. There’d be no escape, he held her down and rested with her then he pushed forward. Tears came to Carrie’s eyes and her expression reflected her agony. Billy knew he was hurting her but then he’d known he’d cause her pain before they ever started. He pushed deeper into her probing her depths. He started stroking back and forth adding an additional quarter inch each time he pressed into her body.

She was in pain; tears flooded her eyes. Billy was blurry, hard to make out his features, but she sure knew he was there. He kept pushing deeper and deeper. Finally he started pumping slowly in and out. She could feel him going deeper each time he pushed forward but it didn’t hurt as much. The in and out action made it easier to take, finally she felt his balls against her bottom; he was all the way in. Billy rested against her bottom for several seconds then resumed pumping. He was pulling nearly all the way out then pushing all the way back in. The strokes he was giving her were long but he was being gentle. It started to feel good.

fuck me harder Billy,” Carrie said. “Pump me good.”

Those words were music to Billy’s ears; he leaned into it, picking up speed and power. His balls were pounding Carrie’s ass as his cock reamed her sweet bottom. He pushed her legs further up; she was elevated so that he was pounding almost straight down. She started crying out, wailing on his out stroke and grunting when he plunged into her plumbing her depths.

God, she could hear herself as he plowed into her ass, she was going Uh, uh, uh when he pounded into her and it was ooo Billy, ooo Billy as he pulled back. She still had tears in her eyes but, Jesus, she liked the pounding. He was going to make her cum just from fucking her ass; she could feel the tightening in her tummy and an intense tingling in her pussy. She was ready to go off.

Billy loved listening to her sounds, God she was sexy. He couldn’t get any deeper into her as he pounded into her as hard as he could. Her ugh, ugh, ugh grunts and her ooo Billy, ooo Billy wails were spurring him on, he could feel his cum rising from his balls.

She felt Billy swelling then she felt his scalding hot cum fill her bowels just as her own orgasm exploded. She slid her legs down around his waist and pulled him against her as her pussy pulsed in repeated contractions soaking her and Billy with her juices. He started slowing down this thrusts getting slower, shallower and gentler until she felt him slip out.

Billy watched as his cum dripped out of her distended rose bud and oozed over her bottom.

He was still enwrapped in her legs, squeezing him and holding him against her. She looked at him, he was smiling down at her, she smiled back and dropped her feet to the floor.

“Billy, that was unbelievable. We’ve got to do that again tomorrow. I think I’ll he a little too sore tonight.”

“Hey beautiful sister, there’s no rush. We’ve got all day tomorrow and then the rest of our life.”

And he leaned forward and kissed her.

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