My Bestfriend

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Hi, my name is Angela, but you can call me Angel. This is the story on how I got converted to Bi, all thanks to my best friend.

It was going to be our last year at college. Sammi and I were the best of friends, and we got to be roommates! I`ve known for a while that Sammi was Bi, infact she even confessed to me in Highschool. But just as I told her, "I`m not into girls that way!"

It was a really hot day, classes were out for the week because of some tradition. I was just about to leave the dorm to ask my Science teacher for help when Sam stopped me.

"What are you up to," she asked raising one eyebrow. "I thought you said you would stay and watch movies with me."

"Sorry Sammi I need to ask Mr. Kronin a question about what I missed while I was out."

"Well why didn`t you say so! I could give you my notes." I declined her offer. (She has bad hand writing)

"I know!" She suddenly exclaimed. She took my notebook and locked it in her cabinet. "Forget Science for a bit and let`s play truth or dare!"

Knowing she wouldn't leave me alone I reluctantly agreed.

Sammi: Truth or Dare?
Me: Truth or Dare
Sam: Dare

Me I dare you to prank call Mikey (One of our classmates, she scored his digits at the Christmas party last year but that`s another story!)
Sam: "Hello Sir is your refrigerator running?"
Mike: Yes?
Sam: Then you'd better go after it.

*hangs up*

Me: Wow that was lame!
Sam: well you didn't tell me what to say! ;} T or D
Me: Dare
Sam: I dare you to kiss me.

Me: But you know I`m not....
Sam: Remember our deal (Whoever backs out must clean dorm for rest of term, and something else.... I'm not telling)
Me: Fine :{ *kisses on cheek*

But then just as I was about to kiss her cheek she quickly turned her head and I accidentally kissed her on the lips. She then grabbed my head and held it she pressed her lips against mine even harder and forced her tongue in my mouth. I gave up struggling and gave in. On the bed she ordered. To Be Continued...

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