My Beautiful Daughter My Beautiful Wife

(Part 1 from 1)

100% fiction!

“Hello, this is the Longacre residence, Cici speaking.”

It’s my 18yo year old daughter, Cecelia.

“Hi Honey, I’m gonna be a little late, I’ve got a meeting, can you hold dinner until seven?”

“Sure, no problem Dad, we’re having salmon, boiled parlseyed potatoes and broccoli, I can fix the veggies and hold them, the fish won’t take anytime at all.”

“Thanks Honey, I’ll see you then.”

I got home a little before seven; Cici was in the kitchen, mixing a salad. I gave her a quick peck on the cheek, “Honey, I’m home,” our little joke.

She poured me three fingers of McClelland’s Scotch on the rocks, set it on the table and said, “Sit down Daddy and tell me about your day.”

So I sipped and shared the trials and tribulations of a mid-level manager, I guess I was a little above mid-level, I was the Regional manager of our Knoxville office, but the meetings that never accomplished anything, the salesman who missed an appointment with his most important client; why, because he’d overslept and why was that? He’d been out with a young lady, not his wife of course, he’d overindulged and so it went. She listened patiently as she did every evening.

“Poor Daddy, poor overworked Daddy,” she teased, “Finish your drink, supper’s ready.

My Cici’s something, she’s eighteen, well she turns sixteen in a few days and she really is a sight to behold. I’m six three, Cici’s mother had been five eleven and Cici is catching up, she’s already five nine. She weighs around one hundred twenty five pounds; she has a beautiful face framed with shoulder length blonde hair and the bluest eyes I’ve ever seen. Even if she’s only eighteen she already has the body of a woman, with moderately large breasts, flat tummy, waspish waist, hips that flare, and a high tight bottom above long shapely legs.

Her mother had been an attractive woman but Cici surpasses her in every category. She’s prettier, she’s smarter and she certainly is of higher character. Carole, my ex-wife and I had married fairly early, she was nineteen and I was twenty-one. After Cici was born Carole went a little crazy, she got involved in the drug scene, became addicted to crack cocaine and left us for her black dealer. The last I knew of her she was turning tricks in the projects. I’d divorced her years ago; I didn’t know if she was still alive, we’d never gotten a call or so much as a card for Cici at Christmas or her birthday.

It was real easy for me to remember Cici’s birthday, she was turning sixteen next Saturday, I was turning thirty-seven the same day.

We finished our meal; Cici cleaned the table and loaded the dishwasher. She fixed me another Scotch and sat down at the table with me.

“Daddy, we have a birthday Saturday, I’d like to go out for a nice dinner, just the two of us; somewhere I can dress up, can we do that?”

There was a new French restaurant that the food writer for our local paper had raved about. I was already planning our birthday dinner for there.

“How does French sound, there’s a new place I want to try?

“It sounds wonderful particularly if I can have a glass of wine.”

“Tell you what, I’ll get a bottle and we’ll split it, would you like that?”

“Yes Daddy, I’d like that. Then I want to get our desserts to go, I want to come back here, drink champagne and have dessert while we listen to music and then I want you to dance with me.”

“My, that sounds like a romantic evening Honey.”

“I think it will be, I want it to be.”

“Cici, you’ll be Sweet Sixteen, that’s more like what I’d plan for a date.”

“I know Daddy, like a date or an evening with your wife if you had a wife, I agree, it would be that kind of evening; dinner, an intimate dessert, champagne and dancing, just like you would do with your wife.”

“That’s my point Cici, that kind of intimacy is usually reserved for a couple.”

“Daddy, you treat me like a wife.”

“What do you mean by that Cici?”

“I mean I do the meal planning, the shopping, and the cooking every day. On Saturdays I clean the house and do the laundry, I do everything a wife would do.”

I couldn’t deny it; she got up, made our breakfast, cleaned up, got off to school and cooked dinner when she got home. She did do all the cleaning and she did do the washing. Heck, if my clothing was a little wrinkled she’d iron for me.

She always had a drink ready for me when I got in from work and she always asked about my day, just like a loving wife might.

“Daddy, after an evening like the one I want, what would you do next?”

I knew what we’d do but I certainly wasn’t going to discuss that with my daughter, I didn’t answer.

“Daddy, I do all the drudge work of a housewife without any of the benefits, I’m going to get those benefits, I was going to wait ‘til Saturday night to tell you but we’re having this discussion now. I know what you’d do after an evening like I’ve planned; you’d take her to bed and make love to her, wouldn’t you?”

“Yes, I imagine so Honey.”

I nearly fainted when she said, “That’s what we’re going to do, after we finish our dance you’re going to take me upstairs and make love to me.”

“Cici, I don’t think so, you’re my daughter and that’d be incest.”

“Yes Daddy, I’m sure it will be, so we won’t share our love life with anyone, it’ll be our secret.”

“Cici, I’m not going to do that, period.”

“Of course you will Daddy or I’ll go on strike.”

“What do you mean you’ll go on strike?”

“I mean I won’t shop, I won’t cook, I won’t clean and you can wash your own clothes; I’ll become that obnoxious teenaged brat that you see on the TV sitcoms; a little bitch to live with.”

I was taken aback, “You wouldn’t?” I said.

“Of course I won’t Daddy, because you are going to make love to me. I need to use one of your credit cards; I want a new nightie and sexy panties for the first time, maybe from Victoria’s Secret. And you; don’t forget the champagne.”

She walked out of the room and left me to stew.

I sat and thought, I couldn’t go along with her.

She’d gone to her room; I went upstairs and knocked on her door.

“Come in Daddy,” she called.

She was seated at her desk doing homework; she looked up at me inquisitively, “Yes Daddy?”

“Cici we can’t do it.”

“Daddy don’t you love me, don’t think I’m pretty?”

“Oh Cici you know I love you and you’re the most beautiful girl I know.”

“Daddy I’m no girl, look at me, I’m a woman, a woman who wants a man, her man, the man she loves and Daddy, I love you.”

“But Cici you’re a virgin,” I pled.

She stood up, walked to me, gave me a most undaughterlike kiss and said, “I won’t be by Sunday morning; now get out of here, I need to finish my homework.”

At breakfast the next morning I gave her a Visa card.

She smiled at me, “Thank you Daddy.”

I picked up a bottle of Perrier-Jouet champagne on the way home from work; she had my Scotch waiting when I sat down.

Our conversation started oddly or at least I thought so, Cici said, “White, I’m going to get white. I can’t have a wedding dress but I can come to you in a white gown, oh Daddy, I can hardly wait.”

I won’t say I nearly choked on my Scotch, I guess I’d accepted the inevitability of Saturday night.

With her next comment / question I did choke, she asked, “Daddy how big are you.”

Sputtering I said, “Damn Cici how can you ask that?”

“Because I want to know and the only way I’m going to find out before Saturday is ask.”

“You’re serious, aren’t you?”

“Of course I’m serious.”

“Cici, that’s kinda a young guy thing, I haven’t measured it since I was nineteen. Then I was a little less than eight inches.”

“Is that big?”

“Maybe a bit bigger that average, I don’t know.”

“Is it fat?”

“Honey, you’re embarrassing me with these questions.”

“I’m sorry Daddy, but is it fat?”

“God daughter, yeah, it’s kinda fat. I can get my hand around it but I doubt if you could.”

“So, it’s gonna hurt?”

“Without a doubt, it’s gonna hurt.”

She knew about me, probably more than a daughter should. When Carole started acting crazy I’d gotten a vasectomy, I didn’t want any more children with a druggie. I tried to hold our marriage together, get her clean but I had no success, I lost her to the streets. Cici knew that I’d been cut.

“It’s too bad you had a vasectomy,” she mused, “I really would like to have your baby but I’ll be as ready as I can. Is that good champagne you bought?”

I thought, where in the hell did that non sequester come from but at least I could field that question.

“Yeah Honey Perrier-Jouet is a nice champagne, my preference is Dom Perignon Brut but it’s kinda heavy, this Perrier-Jouet is lighter, I thought you might like it better.”

She gave me a little smile, “Thank you Daddy,” rose and went to her room.

Friday, just one more night, Cici had gone up earlier, she had homework; I still hadn’t reconciled Saturday, a night making love with a lovely woman; a woman who is my High School Sophomore child; one who has to complete her studies but that was how it was.

I’d stayed downstairs watching the news. When I went up I heard the shower running in her bathroom, in my room I took care of my evening ablutions and lay on my bed.

I was lost in thought, Cici came to my doorway, she was clad in a robe.

“Just a preview of your birthday gift she said.” She dropped the robe.

I hadn’t seen Cici naked since she was ten or so. She wasn’t ten now.

She stood, backlit by the light in the hall and she was magnificent. Tall, full figured and beautiful, she stood with her legs slightly parted, her mons veneris was covered with a wild tangle of blonde curls, her breasts stood completely unaided straight out with the nipples, her rosy nipples turned upward. Venus de Milo would have blushed in embarrassment, she couldn’t compete, Aphrodite, Cleopatra, the beauties of history would have fled from her presence, I was awestruck, speechless. She left me that way, jaw agape; she picked up her robe and walked out.

Finally I regained the power of speech; I called after her the only thing that came to mind,

“You don’t shave, you don’t trim?”

She pivoted answering, “Not while I’m a girl; maybe after I’m a woman.”

“Don’t,” I choked out, “Don’t you’re perfect just the way you are.”

She didn’t comment, she just walked on to her room.

My eyes followed her ‘til she disappeared from my sight. I finally was able to take a breath, a raspy breath, my cock was ramrod straight and hard as titanium and that was only from a glance, no, she was no child she was woman epitomized.

I couldn’t relax, I kept replaying the memory of my soon to be lover, I had to masturbate just to relieve myself, finally I was able to sleep.

Saturday morning I slept in a bit later than usual, I’d tossed and turned all night thinking about today, hoping it would never come wishing it would be a day that never ended, she was my now 18 year old daughter, yes, but she was also a woman who had totally captivated me.

When I came down stairs, the washer was washing, Cici was just finishing with the vacuuming and she gave me a big bright smile asking,

“Ready for breakfast?”

She’d fried bacon, scrambled eggs, toasted whole wheat toast and we partook.

When we’d finished she produced two pastries, commercially produced pastries; they were Moon Pies, now I gotta tell you if you’re not from the South you got no idea what I’m talking about, they’re chocolate covered confections, marshmallow filled on a cracker like thing is the best way I can describe them, anyway, they’re a Southern tradition.

She said, “Happy Birthday to us.”

Mine had thirty-seven candles on it, hers had sixteen. She lit the candles and said, “Make a wish.”

She blew, extinguishing all sixteen then laughed at me. I’d blow out several but they’d relight, I huffed and I puffed and I blew my brains out, they, at least most of them were still alight and Cici was laughing her fool head off at my futile effort.

“Oh my poor Daddy,” she laughed.

She had an evil little glint in her eye when she said, “I guess your birthday wish isn’t coming true.”

I was defeated, the melting candle wax had coated the confection, it was truly inedible, I said, “Guess so, what was your wish?”

She was laughing so hard she nearly fell form her seat, “I wished those candles that you can’t blow out really worked.”

The little vixen, I thought.

She asked if I wanted to drive her to the mall or would I give her the keys, she wasn’t really legal, she only had her learner’s permit but I turned her loose anyhow, so off she went.

I kinda stumbled around the house, I was still not exactly sure how I should prepare for this evening; I was going to either fuck my 18 year old daughter or I was going to have the ultimate pleasure of making love to the most beautiful woman I’d ever seen, not different persons, but my bipolar viewpoints. I was still undecided, not whether or not it was going to happen but rather how I felt.

Cici tossed me the keys and took her packages up to her room; when she came back down she was in her swimming suit. She returned my credit card.

“I’m going out to the pool, you want to join me?”

Now I’d seen Cici in swimwear numerous times but that was my teenaged daughter. Now I was looking at my soon to be lover and her many charms were evident, I caught my breath, grabbed a beer from the fridge and went outside.

I sat in the shade and watched her swim. She was turning slow laps, her long lithe body cleaving the water, her beautiful face when she was coming towards me, her spectacular bottom when she was going away, she was woman.

That we were going to make love tonight was preordained, Cici had decreed it, it would occur but, until this very moment I still had a lot of trepidation, that evaporated as I watched her. I wanted her as badly as she wanted me.

She got out of the pool, “Daddy, I’m going to start getting ready, it’s going to take some time, I’ve got to do my hair,” and she left me sitting there with my beer.

The next time I saw her she was coming down the stairs. I’d dressed for the evening, white dinner jacket, black slacks and black bow tie. I felt underdressed.

She was wearing a blue dress, it had a single shoulder strap and was slit to mid thigh, the only jewelry she was wearing were crystal drop earrings and she was carrying a small silver handbag.

I stood slack jawed, with two thoughts as she gracefully negotiated the stairway, first that she was the most ravishing example of femininity I’d ever feasted eyes on and the second, that my Visa card had taken a real beating, the dress, the strapless bra, the earrings and the clutch were all new.

“Hi Daddy, do you like?” She asked as she reached the bottom of the stairs. She bestowed on me with her most captivating smile.

“You’re glamorous,” was all I could say, I was awed by her allure.

“Well then, shall we go?” She said as she took my arm.

Following the host to our table, on my arm Cici swayed gracefully in her three inch silver high heels.

I realized I wasn’t the only one enchanted by her beauty. In her heels she was a lithesome six feet tall. As she walked every gentleman in the room’s eyes followed, the men were gazing at Cici and the women were glaring at their men.

When we were seated the waiter brought bread, always bread on a French table, and presented us with menus however he suggested we might enjoy their special of the evening, a traditional French six course dinner served as it would be in Paris; we both opted for that.

The meal was lavish, it began with hors d’oeuvres, baby artichokes stuffed with crab salad. We each had a glass of Lillet as an aperitif. Our fish course was Coquilles St. Jacques followed by a palate cleansing lemon sorbet. For the main course we were served steak au poivre with a cognac sauce. We accompanied the steak with a bottle of Château Roquetaillade la Grange, a red Bordeaux wine.

Strange to an American, the next course was the salad course; avocado and romaine to ready the tongue for the cheeses; a platter with Camembert, Maroilles and Roquefort.

And finally, the culmination, dessert; we chose pompe aux pomme du perigord, a pastry filled with apples and almonds, we asked for them to be boxed to take with us.

Cici’s head rested on my shoulder and contrary to safety rules, my right arm encircled her shoulders, “Daddy, it’s been perfect,” she said.

Once home Cici started the music while I opened the champagne. I poured two flutes and she put our pastries on plates. We sat side by side on the sofa, nibbling and sipping, she fed me a forkful of the dessert and I reciprocated. It felt, I think to both of us like it was a honeymoon night.

Then we danced, she came into my arms, crushed her breasts to my chest and rested her head on my shoulder. I inhaled her fragrance, her shampoo and the light perfume she wore; and we danced.

As we finished our forth dance Cici trembled in my arms, “Please give me ten minutes then meet me in your bedroom,” she asked, “I want to get ready.”

I watched as she walked up the stairs and my mind ran back over the years. When she’d fallen and scraped her knees I’d fixed her booboo. When she fell out of the swing I held her and hugged her ‘til the pain was gone. Now I was going to inflict the pain, now I was going to make her bleed, my eyes teared. I wasn’t going to have a little girl anymore, not after tonight. I’d have a woman, my woman but not a little girl. I was going to miss her; I walked up the stairs.

How was I supposed to greet her, fully clothed, naked what? I finally took off my dinner jacket, hung it and removed my cuff links and bow tie. I’d let her do the rest.

Cici entered slowly, she wore a gossamer white gown and white satin slippers, her hair wreathed her face and hung over her shoulders, she came to me I took her into my arms and kissed her, the passionate kiss of a lover. I felt her fingers on my chest as she unbuttoned my shirt; I started to help.

“Let me Daddy,” she said, “I want to unwrap my birthday gift.”

She unfastened my belt, unsnapped my slacks and lowered my zipper; my pants fell to the floor.

I kicked off my shoes and stepped out of my slacks. She rubbed me then lowered my boxers dropping them to the floor to pool around my feet, I stepped out of them.

My erection preceded me, I was stiff; she took me in her hand and, almost breathlessly said, “You are big Daddy.”

Now it was my turn, I caressed her then slowly lifted her gown, helping her get her arms free then over her head and off. I admired her breasts, beautifully formed, high and pointed. Her nipples were pebbles, hard with anticipation; I kissed each of them then knelt before her.

The panties shed chosen were French cut, white on white, trimmed in lace. Slowly I lowered them, over her hips and down her long legs to the floor. She stepped out of her slippers; I lifted one then the other foot, freeing her from her lingerie. She now stood over me, her legs slightly apart. I pulled her and breathed in her scent then stood and walked her to the bed.

I lowered her and followed; I took her in my arms, her body was trembling.

“Nervous Honey,” I asked.

“A little,” she whispered.

“Me too, Honey, me too,” I said.

The nerves were understandable, for her because it was the first time and for me because it was her first time, I wanted it to be perfect for her, I kissed her, whispering, “Cici, I love you.”

We kissed and I moved my hand to her breasts, kneading and massaging her, there was a sharp intake of breath then she relaxed under my touch. I kissed down her neck over the tops of her breasts and took a nipple into my mouth, she sighed as I nursed. I tugged and lightly grazed her flesh with my teeth then went to the other.

Trailing kisses down her body I crossed her tummy pausing only long enough to tickle her belly button with the tip of my tongue then to her mound, I gently tugged at her fine blonde curls with my lips.

Her lips opened like the petals of a rose and, for the first time I luxuriated in the attar of her rose; it was intoxicating, the sweet smell of innocence mixed with a touch of naughtiness; I dipped in my tongue. Cici tasted of citrus, slightly acidic but exquisitely sweet, I hungered for more.

My tongue snaked along her vulva, her vagina, still small and tight drew my tongue, I pumped in and out several times the continued. I ringed her rosebud inhaling her earthy musk and drawing a “Daddy?” from the lady, I started back.

Her labia were pink; I licked and sucked on one side then the other, savoring my daughter, relishing her reaction to my attention. She was taking shallow rapid breaths and was beginning to move her hips.

And then I was there, the tip of her clitoris glistened, opaline and shiny, the stem, blood engorged was red and swollen, I took her between my lips and sucked, she trembled, I pulled her into my mouth, my tongue teased her gem, I laved it, enflaming her, she quaked, tremors flowed through her body, her taut stomach muscles rippled, her vagina contracted;

She screamed, “Aaaaaah, oooh, yessssss, yessssss, yessssss.”

She climaxed a starburst of pleasure, flooding from her, with each contraction her love juice was forced out to my waiting mouth. I drank her nectar, slick and hot, and I wanted more, I fed on her, an elixir that only a Goddess could produce, I feasted.

Slowly Cici regained her composure, I looked up at her, she had a dazed expression, her hair was disheveled, across her face partially masking her. She shook her head; I was able to see her.

She rasped, in a low voice, quietly she said, “Wow Daddy, wow.”

Her thighs were splayed; I rose on my knees and lifted her legs, pushing them back towards her chest, opening her. I ran my penis along her slit until I found the indentation that was her vagina.

I pushed into her until I encountered her hymen.

“Honey, this is going to hurt,” I told her.

With a single thrust her virginity was lost, tearing her tender flesh, ripping the thin membrane that in many ways in the difference between a girl and a woman; she was woman now, my woman, I stroked into her.

When I’d broken her dam, I saw the pain reflected in her face; she winced and uttered a groan, “Unnnnh,” a single tear streamed from her right eye.

I set a slow pace, long languid strokes, letting her feel a man in her for the first time. The pain faded from her face, she began to smile, a small contented smile.

I continued to stroke gently. She opened her eyes, we watched each other, me filling her, her taking me. Her look changed, her eyes widened and I felt her body tense as first one orgasm flowed through her followed by another then yet another. Not the mind blowing climax she’d had earlier, more like the ripples in a river, with each orgasm her vagina contracted squeezing me. I pumped harder and faster racing to catch up.

I came, I roared and I came, ejaculate gushed from me, spewing into my beautiful daughter, she wrapped her long legs around me and pulled me in, holding me as I filled her. I stroked, slowed and finally stopped; she dropped her legs back to the bed and said,

“Come here Daddy, come hold me.”

We lay quietly in each other’s arms, feeling our mutual love, not speaking it, there was no need, it flowed between us.

We fell asleep, a contented sleep, our limbs entangled.

I awoke to the smell of fresh brewed coffee, took care of early morning business then donning a robe and slippers went down stairs.

Cici was putting eggs Benedict and melon balls on the table, coffee was already poured.

She was in the white gown she’d worn the previous night, I commented on it.

“It worked once, I thought maybe it would be good for a replay,” she teased.

“My, my aren’t we the saucy wench this morning,” I jibed back.

She just grinned at me.

After we’d finished eating and Cici had cleared the table, she refilled our coffee cups and sat down. From her expression it was evident she had something to say.

I don’t know what I was expecting but it sure wasn’t what I got, out of left field she asked,

“Daddy why did you stick your tongue in my bottom last night, that’s dirty.”

I had to think a moment before I could come up with an answer.

“Did it hurt you?”

“No, it tickled.”

“Know why it tickled?”

“No, why?”

“Because you’ve got a lot of nerve endings there, it’s another erogenous area of the body, some people like it, some don’t.”

“Do you Daddy?” She asked.

“Yeah, I guess I like it some.”

“Well ok then, now I know.”

“Daddy, the cleanings done, the clothes are washed and breakfast is over, I don’t have anymore wifely drudge work to do ‘til dinner time. I want some more of the benefits.” She took my hand and led me back up to my bedroom.

I only had my robe on, I tossed it aside. She asked, “Do you want to undress me?”

“Oh yes, it’s like unwrapping a present.”

I lifted her gown over her head.

“Now give this present a kiss and lay me down, I’m so wet I’m leaking.”

And I did just that, I kissed her, laid her down and climbed between her legs.

Taking her legs on my shoulders, I pushed her thighs back toward her chest. Last night was for her, slow and gentle, for a virgin. This time was going to be for me.

I could see, her vagina was still reddened, I guided my head to her opening.

“Honey, if I hurt you, tell me. I’m gonna be a little rougher than I was last night, ok.”

I thrust into her, the first several strokes slow, finding me way. She was incredibly tight, I was bigger than she was; she was being stretched to accommodate my girth. Like being gripped by a velvet fist, the friction as I opened her, I was all the way in.

I started to pump, deep into her, with each downward thrust Cici would grunt, “Ugh, ugh, ugh.”

Not agony, no, but she was feeling a little pain as I powered into her, her sounds telling me that her constricting vaginal tissue was being expanded, her love tunnel was stretching to accommodate my intruder.

That wouldn’t last; soon she’d take me in like a knife through warm butter but that would be later, now she lay under me grunting, little sounds of a little pain. I liked it, I liked hearing her. Maybe it went to male dominance, I don’t know, but her low moans drove me on; I pounded in harder, deeper.

For her, I took her clit between my thumb and forefinger and masturbated her, she rode my hand, I rode my daughter. Her grunting ceased, she was panting now, pushing up against my fingers.

With a shudder she climaxed, her love juices flowed from her, lubricating me, my cock swelled, her hot fluids taking me over the top, I erupted with a loud groan of my own, my cum spewed into her pulse after pulse flooding her vagina, I fell forward over her body, I was spent.

As I lay sprawled over her, she intoned, “My Daddy, my, lover, my Daddy, my lover,” as she stroked my hair and back.

Once I’d recovered sufficiently, I kissed her and rolled to her side.

She turned to face me, “Daddy, that was good, I liked it better than last night, I felt a little pain but not the searing pain I felt last night. This time I could really feel you filling me, I could feel your hot cum squirting into me, Daddy, it was wonderful.”

After we’d lain together for about ten minutes I asked, “What would you like to do?”

With a wicked little smile she said, “It, I want to do it again,” as she took my flaccid penis and took me into her mouth.

She came off me looked up and said, “I taste me, not bad; in fact, pretty good,” and went back down.

She was hardly a skilled fellatrix but what she lacked in experience she made up for in exuberance, she bobbed up and down until I was rock hard then she licked my shaft, twirling her tongue and tickling the little hole; then back, up and down taking me as deeply into her throat as she could.

She was getting me ready to go again, it didn’t work out that way, she fingered my bottom, just the tip of a finger entered me, I couldn’t hold back; the pressure in my balls, the swelling of my member, “Oh Honey I’m gonna cum, I’m gonna cum.”

She stayed on me as I pulsed filling her mouth, she continued to suck until I was soft again then she looked up at me, she had just a single drop of cum on her lower lip, she swirled her tongue, it was gone.

“No fair, I was supposed to get that,” she pouted

“Oh you got it Honey, you shouldn’t have given me that finger if you wanted me to last, but you got it.”

“Yeah, I sure did; you’re salty, did you know that, you’re salty and I taste like a tangerine.”

So that’s what it was, I knew she had a citrus taste, so it was a tangerine.

“I’m sure lucky I like tangerines, I like them a lot.”

“Good, ‘cause I intend to feed you plenty of them.”

It became her little buzz word, when she wanted to make love she’d ask, “Would you like a tangerine for dessert Daddy?”

I’ve never refused one.

“Can I try again,” she asked.

“Cici I’m not sixteen with limitless loads in the gun ready to go, it’s gonna take me a little time to reload.”

“Well if we can’t do anything there’s no need to wallow around here in the bed. Go cut the grass; I’ll brush the pool for you.”

She handles the inside work, I do the outside; lawn, flower beds and the pool are my responsibilities but I appreciated her taking on the pool for me.

We both put on swimming suits, neither of us showered, I liked the feel and aroma of our funk and so did she.

Brushing the pool didn’t take long. I was only half way through the back yard, still had the side and front to do when she finished, she went back into the house.

She was back outside by the time I’d finished. She got me a beer and a soft drink for herself, we sat dangling our feet in the water until we’d finished our beverages then we both slid in.

We didn’t swim, we played, diving between each others legs, surfacing behind and hugging, stealing feels and trading kisses. After just a day we were comfortable with each other as partners, we had fun; laughing and frolicking like kids.

We finally tired; we got out and went upstairs to change. Cici followed me into my bedroom.

Oops, some changes had taken place in my room, there was a jewelry box on the dresser, knickknacks were atop the chest of drawers, I recognized everything, the things were Cici’s.

“I moved in, I sleep with you now,” I heard from behind me, then she stripped and beat me to the shower.

She laughed as she went by me, I heard the water running then she called, “Daddy come on in, the water’s fine.”

I joined her in the shower. We washed each other, exploring nooks, crannies and secret places. When I washed her bottom she leaned forward supporting herself against the wall. By the time I’d finished she was exceptionally clean in that spot. With a soapy hand she masturbated me. I was stiff; we contemplated attempting it there but decided the bed was a better option.

We dried each other and raced to the bed; I flopped on my back and pulled her down on top of me.

“Want to try something different?” I asked.


“Straddle me, a knee on either side of my hips.”

“That’s it, now lift up and guide me into you.”

She poised above my shaft and sat down, “Unnnnh, oooh, God that feels good.”

She ground her bottom against my groin, seating me in her tight chute then she began to bounce. While she rode me my hands wandered over her body, her thighs, along her hips, over her tummy then I stroked her sides. I hadn’t noticed before, how smooth her skin was, it was like gliding over silk.

And then with a, “Wahoo,” she took off, damn, she was riding me like a cowgirl, her hair was flinging about wildly she was bouncing and hooting and I was her bronco.

A change came over her face, she slammed down on me, I slipped my hand between her legs and massaged her clit, vaginal contractions started, squeezing my cock, I arched my back going even deeper into her and grasped her hips.

“Aaaaaah yesss,” she wailed, her sweet juices flowed over me, while I shot mine into her.

Then she bounced a couple more times, “Daddy, that was fun, I like it on top.”

So much for male dominance, seems the gals like a little control, too.

We took another quick run through the shower.

“How about I order Chinese tonight, save you from having to cook?”

“Now that sounds good, I want General Tso’s Chicken, some pork fried rice and hot and sour soup.”

We both just put on robes and slippers and went downstairs.

I called in two orders.

Cici suggested we eat out by the pool, it was a pretty night. She asked, “May I have a glass of wine.”

After the food was delivered Cici put it on plates, poured her wine, dropped her robe, kicked off her slippers and said, “Let’s get naked.”

Our back yard was secluded, no neighbors could see, I dropped my robe and said, “Why not?”

We finished our food; Cici came over and sat on my lap, resting one leg over the arm of the chair. I reached down and toyed with her clit, batting the tip with my finger. She ground her bottom into me, I reacted, suddenly she was sitting on an erection.

She turned on my lap, with her facing away, arched her back like a kitty cat in heat and said, “Can we do it this way Daddy, can you get in me?”

I lifted her a little, guided my cock to her precious portal and pulled her down on me.

Guiding my hand to her waiting pussy she said, “You do me, I’ll do you,” as she started contracting her vaginal muscles, clutching me, milking me.

We didn’t appear to be moving but what we were doing was totally arousing.

Cici did finally get her hips working, grinding against my fingers she began to quiver then released with an, “Oh yes, that was good.”

I hadn’t cum but I didn’t care, I was about drained and I wanted to do one more thing before the night was over. We continued to sit and talk, it was a little different, I’d never carried on a conversation with a woman while she was stuffed with my cock but then, until last night I’d never had relations with Cici and she was definitely a different sort of woman. We could have been talking about the weather for what anyone else would have know, in fact, we did talk a bit about the weather and what a beautiful night it was to make love under the stars.

My arms were around her, I was fondling her breasts, she had leaned back against me, we’d been there for over an hour, I was still in her and I was still hard.

I had such a crazy thought I had to say it out loud, “Honey, I’m hard and I’ve been in you for over an hour, another three and I’ll need to see my doctor; you know the Viagra and Cialis commercials; if your erection lasts for four hours, see your doctor. I’ve often wondered at the other patients’ reaction, this guy, he’s sixty and he walks in with a gigantic woody tenting his khakis, to the nurse he says, “Ah Sugar, I got this four hour woody, they say to see the doc but maybe you could help.”

I caught an elbow in the ribs and a, “Dadddddy,” for that.

Finally I rubbed Cici on the back, “Let’s go upstairs Honey.”

We carried our dirty dishes in, picked up our robes and went upstairs.

Cici got first dibs on the bath room, she left the door ajar and I could see her in the mirror, she looked in the mirror, our eyes met, girlishly she stuck her tongue out at me and released her urine, I heard her gush like a waterfall and listened as it reduced to a tinkle, the little devil was still looking at me as she wiped, flushed and rose.

She came out with a grin on her face, “Did you enjoy the show Daddy?”

I had but she didn’t need to know about my freaks and fetishes yet, not for a long time. I returned her grin and went in to drain the mule.

She was sitting on the bed side waiting when I came out, I took her hand and lifted her to her feet, I wanted a hug and a kiss. I squeezed her and asked, “You up for something a little different?”

“Are you going to be in me?”

“Oh yeah, I’m gonna be in you.”

“Then I’m game,” she said.

“Get on the bed on your hands and knees, I want you from behind.”

She crawled on the bed, spread her thighs and waited for me, I crawled up behind her.

I nudged her to get her to open wider then I licked her, from her clit to her anus I laved her vulva until she was lubricating freely, I wanted her wet and waiting, waiting anxiously and aroused and she was.

I knelt behind her, zeroed in on her tunnel to heaven and filled her, gripping her hips I slid in, burying myself, she was smooth as glass and slick as oil, she could accept me with no pain, we were a perfect fit.

I stroked her slowly, long slow strokes but deep, nearly to her cervix and while I stroked I spread her cheeks. Her rosebud was a pale dusty rose, clenched tightly; I moistened my fingers with her juice and circled her trying to relax her sphincter, wanting to penetrate her there. She stayed sealed, I pressed, she resisted but I could inhale her scent, an earthy scent of musk. I leaned down, gave it a little swirl with my tongue. She gave her tush a little wiggle reminding me to get back to the task at hand.

“Can you touch me Daddy, please touch me,” she asked.

I reached under her and let her clit ride between two fingers, she pressed down against then and sped up the gyrations of her hips, exciting herself and exciting me, I pounded into her, forcing her forward, she rode my fingers, I rode my lover, we got there at the same time, more lady like in her ecstasy she moaned, “Ooooh yessssss,” she moaned out as I roared, my cock spewed into her then I slid out, I’d stroked back too far, I shot, hitting her cheeks and drenching that cute brown eye with viscous hot goo.

When we’d settled down she accused me of having done what I’d done intentionally,

“You’re bound and determined to get that, aren’t you? Well it’s off limits until I say so and I’m not ready yet.”

Then she added, “There’s something I want too, you know,” I want us to make a baby.

“Honey, you know I can’t, I had a vasectomy years ago, I fire but I fire blanks.”

I thought, thank God for doctors and scalpels, I really didn’t want another kid, God this one was proving to be more than a handful.

So we went for the next two years, I did the outside work; she took care of the inside.

We slept together and we loved, Cici had friends over to visit, I was Daddy she was daughter while they were there, we hosted several pool parties for the teenagers and she even went out on some group dates, I didn’t mind, in fact I encouraged her.

But at home, when were alone she was my wife in every way but the having wed. Cici was determined that she could change even that.

“Daddy, take a transfer, let’s go to an office where nobody knows you, we’ll say I’m your wife, we can live together just like it the Fairy Tales, you now, where they live happily everafter. Damn it Daddy, I do want to live happily everafter with you.”

She made crazy noises, “We could go to another country; maybe Mexico, maybe someplace else,” she was prepared to lie, swear to untruths about herself, but we could be married; she was convinced.

I’d never really thought it was possible, I really couldn’t live with Cici as my wife, not really but she made me think, could it be possible, could it really be made to work? I wondered, I checked job postings on our in-house intranet, there was a request for bids for a Regional Managerial position in San Diego, California, I had the necessary qualifications, I was the Regional in Knoxville, Tennessee. San Diego was a much larger office with a higher pay scale. The request would make sense to the company.

The man currently holding the position was retiring in three months, the job was clear across the country; the only people who would know me would be the occasional visitor from the home office; I posted for it.

Oh Christ I thought, I’m getting as crazy as she is, I did some research and learned that a vasectomy is reversible. I shut down my browser thinking, I am crazier than she is, I’m supposed to be the mature one here. I put it on the back burner for the time being.

Cici and I had celebrated our birthday two months ago, she was eighteen and I was thirty-nine, we’d had a nice dinner. She’d pointed out that she was legal now, above the age of consent; she could do anything she wanted to do.

I’d asked, “So what’s new, you do what you want and get your way already?”

Whimsically she said, “Oh, I don’t know Daddy, maybe it’s just a state of mind.”

That’s what her mouth said; the glint in her eyes said something else. She’s scheming something, I thought.

This evening when I came in from work my drink was waiting but so was one excited Cici.

She handed me a couple of items, she was bouncing around so much I thought she was going to wet herself, “Look Daddy.”

I looked then I looked back at her with a quizzical expression.

It wasn’t just a state of mind; it was the State of Tennessee and the United States Department of State. She’d handed me a driver’s license and a U.S. passport in the name of Cecelia Law; Law was her mother’s maiden name.

“That’s me,” she exclaimed, “I’m Cecelia Law now.”

“Cici, why in the world would you change your name?” I dumbly asked.

“So I can change it back to Longacre silly.”

“So you can change it back to Longacre, Cici, you’re not making sense.”

“Of course I am, I’m making perfect sense. Clark Longacre, you, are going to marry Cecelia Law, me. We’re going to get married in Jamaica, all they ask for is a passport and you only have to be on the island for twenty-four hours. We’ll stay at Hedonism II; they’ll take care of the wedding arrangements.”

I gulped my Scotch and handed her my glass saying, “I think I need another one.”

“You’ve got this all laid out, don’t you?”

“Oh yeah Daddy, more than just this, too; I found out vasectomies are reversible, you’re gonna do that right after we get back from Jamaica. You’ll need to schedule a month’s vacation, we’ll fly to Jamaica the first week then you can have the surgery as soon as we get back. You’ll need some time to recover so that’s why I said take a month.”

I thought, am I being manipulated here? No, I decided, I was being led where I wanted to go by a woman strong enough to take the lead.

The next morning I scheduled my vacation, it would begin two weeks hence. The other arrangements I left to Cici, she was even scheduling my surgery; she had my credit card and her computer, she’d handle it.

Just after lunch I got a call from headquarters asking if I was still interested in San Diego, when I said yes I was told to pack for two days, I needed to be in New York the following morning for interviews with several corporate officers. I had my secretary book my flight, corporate would take care of my room.

Now it was my turn to be excited, Cici had my Scotch waiting: I said, pour yourself a glass of wine, and sit down, I’ve got some news.

“Honey, I’ve got to fly to New York in the morning, they want to interview me but I think I’ve got San Diego, what do you think of that?”

She flew at me, hugged me and gave me a great big sloppy kiss, “Fairy tales can come true Daddy, they really can.”

I’d phoned her earlier to tell her I’d scheduled my vacation so she brought me up to date.

“I made the reservations at the resort;” the flight would be the Saturday morning my vacation started; she’d spoken to their wedding planner, those arrangements were made, we’d be married on Monday, and, yes, my surgery was scheduled for the Monday morning after we got back.

I wanted to know when she was going to shop for a wedding dress and was she going to arrange for a tux for me.

“Daddy, I thought we’d be a little more casual than that, I’ll take care of any shopping we need to do.”

She did, she bought sunscreen and a pair of beach clogs for me.

I left it to her; I knew I was in good hands. As it turned out maybe I should have checked things out, I’d have balked.

The New York interview went well, really it was more a wining and dining than an interview, lunch with the President in the executive lunch room then dinner with one of the VP’s, congratulations on my new assignment, great things were expected of me and I was on my way back to Knoxville.

I called a Realtor and listed my home for sale then did a web search for homes in San Diego, they were a lot more expensive than in Knoxville. I sent an e-mail to a Realtor there advising what I wanted and the price range in which I would be comfortable.

I packed on the Friday night before we were to depart; we were taking a cab to the airport and flying to Miami then connecting to Air Jamaica into Montego Bay.

Outside the cab honked, I called up, “Come on Honey, cab’s here.”

Cici came down and breezed out the door. No, I thought, that can’t be a woman. My experience had been that women required three suitcases for an overnight trip. Cici had a little carry-on, even smaller than mine.

Our flights were uneventful, the best kind, then a resort jitney took us to Hedonism II.

The lobby was empty except for employees; we checked in and went to our room.

I looked in the closets, they were empty.

“Hey I thought you said our wedding stuff would be here when we got here.”

When I turned around, Cici had already taken her top and shorts off, she was lowering her panties, she folded her clothes, put them in her suitcase, took out a pair of stack sandals, stepped into them, pirouetted and said,

“Ta da, do you like?”

“Oh yeah, I like but where are our clothes?”

“We’re getting married in suits, our birthday suits.”

“Just what does that mean?” I asked.

“Daddy, this is a nude resort, clothes are optional but almost no one wears any, we’re getting married in the nude.”

“You’re nuts.”

“You bet, nuts for you, now get undressed I want to go down to the pool and soak up some of this Jamaican sun.”

Well when in Rome…

I stripped and followed her out to the pool.

I was a little behind her and all I could think was, “Wowza,” Cici looked like a fashion model; well, a fashion model on steroids, bigger breasts, nicer hips, fantastic legs, She was woman, they were Twiggy but she had the height and grace.

She’d grown, she was five eleven, in her three inch heels and with more hair than I have she appeared taller than I am. As she swayed across the deck every male eye followed her, I caught up with her, I wanted the other guys to know she was mine.

She flopped down on a chaise lounge, handed me the tanning lotion and said, “Grease me Daddy.”

A young man came over to ask if we cared for drinks. I thought, hey we’re in the tropics,

“Two rum runners would be nice,” I said.

When he brought the drinks I asked if I could tip him as a room charge.

“No tipping sir,” he said, “Everyting here at Hedonism II is in de one price.”

Just as well I thought, I didn’t have pockets to carry any cash in.

Cici learned that clothing wasn’t optional everywhere. In the restaurants, some of the lounges and for our wedding we had to wear something, not much mind you, but something. We planned a little shopping excursion for the following day.

We ate at the poolside grill; nude was ok there then hit the hot tub for an hour soak.

The clubs got going later in the evening so we went back to our room for a shower and a little rest; we’d been on the go since early morning.

We showered together, I lathered her up cleansing the tanning lotion, she washed me, she gave me a little tug, I tickled her rosebud.

“Still interested are you?” She grinned at me.

“You bet,” I replied.

“We’ll see, we’ll see.”

Aha, progress thought I, at least that wasn’t a turndown.

Cici was already lying on the bed atop the bedspread, she looked at, smiled, “Only one more day and I can be Cecelia Longacre again but I’ll be Mrs. Cecelia Longacre. Daddy, make love to me.”

I crawled up beside her and kissed her, she met my kiss but pulled me atop, “I want you in me Daddy,” she said as she spread her legs further.

She was wet, lubricating, I guided my cock to her and slid in, deep to her core, I began to slowly stroke, long languid strokes but deep into her.

I talked to her while we mated, about our love and about our future. I asked her to start calling me Clark when we were outside, if she liked Daddy better when we were together I did too, but if she was my wife people might find it strange if she called me Daddy.

She just nodded in agreement.

She gave me a little squeeze telling me to pick it up; I did.

I kept up the long strokes but added to the speed and power, I lifted her legs to my shoulders, opening her, I pounded into her, my balls were slapping her bottom, we could both hear the slap, slap, slap, her legs fell beside me.

She enwrapped me with her long shapely legs and thrust her pelvis up against me, meeting my thrusts, I sped up, She was nearly there and so was I, as her body trembled and her climax enveloped her; I came, we both voiced our pleasure, she with a wail and I with a roar. I loved the feel of her flow over me, she reveled in the pulsing of my ejaculating cock, we slowed, stopped and rested.

After we’d napped then dressed in shorts and Tee-shirts we went down to Veronica’s Piano Bar for drinks and a little dancing. We went up to our room around eleven. We’d partake of all the fun things offered but not tonight, we were whipped.

Sunday we did a little shopping. Cici bought me a white bush jacket, I’d wear black slacks along with it for the wedding for herself she bought a red dashiki dress with a huge sun splash across the front. She got us both Tee-shirts, hers pictured the beautiful Doctor Bird, mine, a donkey but hey that’s ok you see them everywhere. She got a couple of real sexy thongs, too.

That evening we had dinner at Scotch Bonnet, their restaurant specializing In Jamaican dishes, we both went for the Jerk Chicken, then we prowled the bars.

At the pool side bar we were introduced to Jamaican Rum punch, it tastes fruity and kicks like a mule, we only had one each, at 10:30 we hit Club Hurricane and partied ‘til four.

Monday came, our big day, the ceremony was set for eleven in a garden. It was beautiful, green grass surrounded by gorgeous tropical flowers, hibiscus, red and yellow ginger. The service was non-denominational and afterward we cut the wedding cake and drank champagne.

We had the luncheon buffet in the Terrace Room then went back to our room and stripped. We put on our beach clogs, we were on our way to the nude beach, we hadn’t walked on the sand and frolicked in the water yet.

We walked along the beach hand in hand. We discovered a shaded glen nestled among the trees, we lay on the grass, I was lying on my back admiring the bluest sky I’d ever seen. Cici straddled me and rubbed against me, I got hard, she got on. They discourage outdoor sex here but no one saw, our first as husband and wife under the sky on a Caribbean beach, a story for our grandchildren; not.

We jumped into the sea, the water of the Caribbean is warm, we played, now this wasn’t just a vacation anymore, it was our honeymoon, we were making indelible memories.

Around six we went up and showered, I put on shorts and a shirt but Cici wore only a white thong and her Doctor Bird shirt; risqué anywhere else, totally acceptable here. We had dinner at Munasan, a Japanese restaurant specializing in Teppanyaki style cooking then went out to the pool side bar for cocktails. It was going to be an early evening after all it was our wedding night.

In our room Cici took off my Tee-shirt, unfastened and unzipped my shorts and let them fall to the ground. I pulled her shirt over her head then just stepped back, admiring her. In her little thong panties she looked like a Goddess, a six foot two inch celestial idol, I fell to my knees, tugged down the thong and paid a moment or two of oral homage. Then I stood up and kissed her.

“Cici, Mrs. Longacre, my wife,” I said as I kissed her again.

“Clark, Daddy, my husband,” take your wife to bed.

“Just a second,” I said. I went to my bag and got out a wrapped gift, when I turned to give it to her Cici was getting out one of her own.

She took mine and opened it, it was a diamond choker with matching tear drop earrings, diamonds all diamonds, it had set me back a little more that ten grand and she deserved it, she was my Princess, my Goddess, my daughter, my wife, I loved her with all of my heart, no man could have been more fortunate than I, my gift was but a pittance compared to what she meant to me.

“Oh Daddy, they’re unbelievable, put the necklace on me, oh, please put the necklace on me.”

While I fastened the necklace she put in the earrings, they were diamond tear drops, she flipped her long blonde hair back, her necklace glittered, her earrings shown, she thrust out her breasts, her naked breasts and asked, “Am I pretty Daddy, am I pretty?”

How could she even ask, didn’t she have a mirror? Before me stood, not pretty, such a trite word to describe my Cici; in her heels, she still had her sandals on, before me stood; who to me was the most beautiful woman ever created. She towered, six feet two in those shoes, shapely legs leading upward to a perfect inverted V adorned with a mass of curly blonde locks, hips wide, ready to bring forth another generation, an almost waspishly thin waist and then those breasts, high, proud and full, the nose cone of a NIKE missile came to mind. But above it all, her face, her beautiful face, the gems glistened in the low light but her eyes out shown them,

“Thank you Daddy, they almost take my breath away, now my little gift seems so small.”

She handed me a small package, it was wrapped in gold foil. She looked a little embarrassed, my gift was so obviously expensive but I didn’t expect a financial duel, whatever she gave me, I would appreciate and cherish.

I unwrapped my gift, it was small, elongate, I came to a box. I read what the box contained and looked at Cici,

“You’re sure Honey,” I asked.

She’d brought a pillow to the edge of the bed and was lying back over it, her hips were elevated, she brought her feet up beside bottom, opening herself, offering me her final jewel.

“I want to watch Daddy.”

The ceiling of our room was mirrored.

The box contained a tube of lubricant, I opened in.

Cici’s labia had reminded me of the petals of a rose, here I found the bud. Tight and pink, waiting to spread, to be opened, I knelt, laved her vulva and licked her, ringing her crinkle with the tip of my tongue, tasting her earthy flavor, inhaling her musk.

I squeezed the lube onto my fingers and rubbed her then penetrated her taut sphincter.

“Relax Honey, let your muscles loosen,” as I added more lubricant.

I stood, slathered some on my penis and rested it against her Chrysanthemum Gate.

When I looked at my love’s face she was staring intently at the ceiling, she saw in the mirror that I was watching her. Her eyes cut to mine, she smiled and nodded yes; I pushed in, taking her final virginity, I paused so she could accept the invasion.

“Unnnnh,” the sound she made as I entered.

I began to stroke, long strokes so she could see as I slid in and out. She was unbelievably tight, even more so than when I’d taken her virginity two years earlier.

It must have been arousing to her, viewing her own sodomization, she slid a hand down to her clitoris and began masturbating, “Faster Daddy, fuck me faster.”

I sped up, still long strokes but now my thrusts were powerful jabs deep into her bowels, still she urged me, “More Daddy, give me more,” she pled.

When she started to tremble I pushed her further onto the bed, making room for me to join her, I lifted her legs over my shoulders and forced them back toward her chest, with my knees outside her hips, I hammered into her.

She wasn’t watching anymore, her eyes were closed and she was moaning, “Oh yeah, oh yeah, oh yeah,” as she rode her own fingers in rhythm to my strokes.

She climaxed, her vagina flowed and her muscles tightened, her sphincter clutched at me, trying to grip me, hold me; that wasn’t gonna happen, a lot faster, a lot harder I pounded her, I swelled, erupting with a roar; I spewed pulse after hot pulse of my seed deep in her bowels, I slowly stroked. She was again watching in the mirror, she saw me as I fell out.

Now she looked at me again, “Daddy that was awesome; erotic, exotic, I don’t know but it was gut wrenching, really and totally gut wrenching. Can we put mirrors on our ceiling?”

Well she was right about that, I’d certainly wrenched her guts. I think she’s serious about the mirrors, too.

We spent the rest of our week partying, drinking, eating, dancing and having a ball. I do want to mention the Tuesday night pajama and lingerie party.

Cici dressed me for it, I felt like a dweeb, I was in a thong, Christ, me in a thong and nothing else. It was stripped in Jamaica’s national colors, black, green and gold.

But Cici, oh what a splash she made. In her heels, all six feet two inches of my beautiful blonde daughter/wife. Aside from her diamond choker and tear drop earrings, she also only wore a thong; she sure did a lot more for hers than I did mine. Hers was brilliant red, she was topless, her fantastic 36C cup breasts were high and proud. She strutted her stuff and she had a lot of stuff to strut, even the women took notice.

We hated to leave but the real world beckoned, we flew back to Knoxville.

We’ve been in San Diego for two years now and I do believe it’s America’s finest city, the old Spanish architecture, the fantastic climate and the Pacific make it an ideal place to raise a family and we are. Justin, our son is a year old, Cici’s weaning him. I hope that means more breast time for Daddy.

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