My Autobiography – Part 1: Teens

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100% fiction!

For purpose of this story, we will use the name Rita for me. I am the daughter of a porn mogul and a former stripper turned porn actress. Needless to say I was born to wealth and at 35 I still am filthy rich – filthy and rich. I have an elder half brother with whom I have a good relationship and who is now my business partner. But more of that later…

My first sexual experience came at the age of 18 when my chauffer tried to rape me. I had a personal limo and was driven to my school from my home – a 40 mile ride which took half an hour. The driver was Hispanic – Juan, built like an ox. One day, without warning, while taking me to school, he took me to a spot in the woods en route. There he first told me that if I did not do as he said, he’d kill me. I was scared and agreed. Even at 18 I was stunningly pretty, with raven hair, slim figure and half formed but ripe breasts. Later they would enlarge naturally and my figure on maturity would be 36-26-38.

My initial nervousness and fright had sent my pulse racing but Juan was gentle on me since I was not resisting. He had carefully removed my skirt and blouse and was pawing my semi nude body. He began gently caressing my breasts, my snatch, stroking me with one hand and fondling me with the other. I let out a small ‘ooh’ as he removed my bra and squeezed my breasts.
‘You liked that dint you?’ he grinned at me.

I dint reply but he knew anyway. Slowly he put one finger in my adolescent pussy, probing for the yet unbroken hymen. I knew what he was doing and tried to relax as he was about to rid me off my virginity. A stifled sob and a tensing of my body told him that I was not pristine anymore. He began kissing my breasts with fervor and calling me names which I normally would have found offensive but not now. I was beginning to enjoy it. He was fingering my snatch and I was feeling spasms of pleasure when his finger would hit my G-spot. I was beginning to feel wetness in my vagina and something rock hard poking my thigh as he continued to work on my tits. He had taken off his pants and the thing which was poking me now stood erect and a glowering 7.5 inches. Though the penises can go to much larger lengths than that, for me at that time, it was huge.

‘Don’t hurt me ok? I already like this!’ I said in a small voice and he laughed at me. I understood something about male psychology then. Men usually want to see an innocent but have a very naught girl. The bigger the contrast between innocence and naughtiness, raunchiness, horniness, comeliness – whatever it is called – the better it is for men.

‘You’ll like this little bitch!’ he said as he opened my legs with one hand while fondling my breast with another. I closed my eyes as I saw his penis come near me. I felt the tip touch my clit, the slow parting of my vertical smile and finally I gasped and my whole body arched as he slid it full length into my cunt. His organ was warm and the experience of my filled pussy was ecstasy to me. I squealed as he began rocking back and forth inside me with powerful long strokes. He kept the pumping at a pace, stopping occasionally to delay his climax. Few minutes later he told me to get on my knees. I was already flushed from the first assault and this time he came at me doggy-style. He was holding me firmly with one hand around by belly, fingers occasionally sneaking towards my pussy to stimulate it further, while the other maintained balance. Suddenly I felt a tremendous heave inside me but it was not because of his cock. My whole body became charged and tensed as I gasped for breath. I felt my vaginal muscles contracting further around his cock, and I climaxed even as he continued to fuck me. I don’t know for how long but I was oblivious to all sounds, even the ‘phat phat’ of his thighs on my rear registering each stroke in me.

Seconds after my first orgasm was over, I felt him go rigid, his fingers grasping my left tit rather hard as he loaded off inside me. His warm and sticky fluid oozed out of me, down my thigh. He collapsed beside me and we lay for some time to catch our breaths.
‘I won’t tell daddy. I promise.’ I whispered to him.
‘We will do this again. Something different if you want to experiment’. He said as he fondled my ass playfully.

It became a ritual from then onwards, almost every day. On my way back from school, we fucked in the woods. Sometimes, we dint when I had friends who came over to my place. Juan taught me how to suck cock. I had to begin with the soft tip of the penis, wetting it in my mouth first, sliding it back and forth, just the soft tip… then lick the penis all along its length, go for the balls, scratch them gently, go for the perineum with my fingers, deepthroat the organ and so on. The trick was keeping the man at just before the climaxing point and not letting him cum soon. Later, I also moved on to anal sex, Juan as usual, was strong but gentle as he allayed my fear. The first anal experience came at 18, first double penetration few months after that. By the time I was 18, I had done my first gangbang - had been made airtight by a bunch of friends whom Juan had brought to the woods secretly.

That day was normal like any other day. On my way back from school, we stopped in the woods. The clearing where we usually fucked, and now more often than not were joined by Juan’s friends, was no comprised of about 8 men and a huge mattress. I did not know that Juan was secretly charging these men who had sex with me. I dint hate him for that. The cocks were worth it. And besides I had realized that I had a very high sexual drive which needed to be fed constantly. Without the men provided by Juan, I would have had to have numerous affairs in school, sometimes with complications. This unspoken arrangement worked for the both of us.

I smiled and giggled as the men closed in on me. I was the ultimate slut, a whore who need to be fucked, the sight of men feasting on my body, the feel of the phalluses in my mouth, pussy and ass; the salty precum and cum… I like all of it. I like to be constantly told that I am a slut and a whore and I like being dominated. However, I don’t like BDSM. I like to be taken like a 5$ whore and fucked hard. And that’s exactly what was about to happen with me. We dint bother with names. The one thing Juan assured that I would not be hurt in the orgy. He was fucking his bosses’ daughter, making a virtual whore out of her and it would be very hard to explain the physical injuries if the sex got too rough. I made sure that I bested each man I fucked. I made him think he was in control but mine was the actual control.

I smiled at all of them as they clumsily helped me out of my dress. They were all groping for my breasts, some of them inserted fingers into my cunt and ass while others took whatever piece of me they could reach for. I got down and took randomly two cocks in my hands and one in my mouth and began working. I moved through the cocks at an easy pace, inciting one into action, slavering over it, giving a little hand job, the moving on to the next. In few minutes… the guys took over my body. I dint much have to do anything except go along the orgy. I had now a cock in my ass and pussy pumping hard and a cock fucking my mouth. I tasted the precum and felt other hands trying to grab my ass and tits. Someone spanked me and I let out a throaty laugh.

The one fucking my pussy came and within seconds he was replaced by a much bigger cock while a similar one was forced down my throat. The fucking began faster as I began gyrating my hips to the rhythm of the men inside me. Between couple of the guys, I came spontaneously as one of the men let his load off in my ass. The sperm and sweat were now thick on my thighs, oozing out of my holes. My legs were aching from the constant movement and awkward angles at which I was moving with the cocks inside me. I changed position so that I was now between two guys, lying with my back to one and tits to others.

‘No’! I said as Juan tried to finger my hole which was already full with a thick cock.
‘You’ll like it little ‘bitch’ the other guy said as they attempted to double penetrate my ass.

I cried as the Juan inserted two fingers into my already filled ass. Amy ass dilated to accommodate them but I was in pain. I whimpered as Juan dilated my asshole further enough to accommodate the second cock. Slowly the second cock entered but the pain was lessening. And the two cocks slid inside, now comfortable, a third one entered my pussy and they all began a slow assault of my holes. Never had I experienced such pleasure and I came third time since the orgy had started. I felt delirious each time the cocks rubbed against my insides and my wetness increased along with each load inside me. Finally, as I lay on my back, two of the guys loaded of their cum on my face and tits as I licked up their man fluid from my own body. The orgy lasted for about an hour where I was gangbanged for the first time by 9 men including Juan.

Three weeks later, I moved to Los Angeles and shot the first movie directed by my father.

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