My Aunt Nancy

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100% fictional!

My name is Mike. This all started last summer when I had just finished high school. I just turned 18 and was soon going to college. The place my aunt lived was somewhat rural, but it was a large neighborhood. This neighborhood was a lot closer to the college I was going to, for it was only a half an hour away from the college. My mom suggested that I go live with her to save money on gas. My aunt was 41yrs old and was still pretty hot for that age; at 5'6" she had slightly wavy black hair that went just below her shoulders. She had c cup breasts, a perfect bubble butt, and tanned skin...but that was usual for our family, being Italian. I had been in love with her for as long as I’ve known. I went to her house a week after school ended I was going to be there for four years so I had packed everything. Ever since my uncle has passed my aunt had gained lot of cash she had a very high policy since he was a lawyer.

When I arrived I walked up to the front door I was greeted by my aunt in short shorts and a t-shirt, she came out and hugged me. I could tell that she was not wearing a bra for I could feel her nipples. After she let me go she said, "Wow, look how big you got since the last time I saw you!"

"Ya I know thank you." I responded.

"Here let me show you upstairs" she said. She then turned around and walked upstairs, me following, as we walked up stairs she stuck her ass in my face, I was so tempted to grab it but I had to resist. I was getting hard already and it had only about 3 minutes.

She showed me upstairs, where our showers were and where I would be sleeping. After that she said, "Jeez its really hot out here want to hop in the pool with me cool down, tan a little bit."

I responded "Ok I’ll be out in a minute." She had a very large pool and a hot tub under the house's balcony. While still in the room I stripped off my pants and underwear and put on my trunks and sunglasses, which I pulled out of my bags. I then walked outside and out to the pool. I walked up the steps and laid down on a nearby chair I then put on my sunglasses. About a minute later my aunt emerged from the house in a sexy two piece polka dot bikini that barely covered her mounds. As she walked up her tits swayed slightly, making me even harder, I think my cock grew an inch. I couldn’t let her see the tent I was pitching, so I jumped in the pool hoping that she didn’t see my cock as I got up.

She walked up the small set of stairs to the patio next to the pool, heading for the deck chairs. She then said "Hey Mike, why don't you come up here and join me."

I responded "Uh sure"

"Hey can you rub some oil on my back too? I don't want to burn out here." She said as she rolled on to her stomach. As I got out of the pool I noticed my 8 inch hard-on in my baggy trunks. Im glad she didn’t see it: I think I’d pass out from the embarrassment. I picked up the oil from the table near by rubbed it on my hands and then my aunts back."Here can you untie the back of my top...I don't like tan lines." She asked.

"Sure." I stopped rubbing and moved my hands up to untie her top. Then I continued to rub her for about a minute and then went to lie down next to her.

We stayed out for another hour or 2 then went in because it was getting late. I dreamed about me rubbing down for my aunt the rest of the week. We continued to do this for the rest of the week, going out and laying out by the pool. Every day, though, she wore the same two-piece bikini.

One day we were in the hot tub she owned and while we were in there enjoying the bubbles I decided to ask her, “Hey Aunt Nancy how come for the week that I’ve been here I’ve only seen you in that one bikini?"

"Well, I only need only sweetie."

I asked her what she meant, and she responded simply: “Well honey I am a bit of a nudist you see. I just like the feeling of nothing blocking me."

I had no idea what to say...the aunt that I’ve been dreaming of for years just admitted that she walked around naked.

"Yeah I know what you’re thinking, well I hope you know I’m not the only one in the family that does this. Your mom does it too, and so does your aunt Sandy. That’s why your mom sent you here, for me to make you a nudist so that she can be free from clothes when you’re around and not care." she said and after she said that I had no idea what to say, the women that I had admired for years just admitted she laid around the house naked? "Here take your trunks off and set them to the side of the tub."

I didn’t know what to do so I did what she said and took my trunks off under the water so that she couldn’t see my enormous erection under the water. "Here I'll leave my bikini on as your aunt Sandy is only part nudist. She just likes to where a bikini in a pool that way you can get used to being around me naked and your aunt sandy if shes over, I'll take my stuff off later." She said.

I took my trunks off and set them to the side of the water. I don't think she saw my cock. She then said. "Here I’ll be right back in a minute." She then got up and walked away into the house. She reappeared about two or three minutes later with a deck of cards. “Here In celebration of you becoming a nudist let’s play a game I created, it’s a mix of poker and truth or dare. We play like a normal game of poker and whoever wins the round gets to ask truth or dare." I responded with an Ok and the game started. We played but I kept on getting distracted by my aunt’s breasts popping out of her bikini and the fact that my hard cock was under the water.

We played for two minutes and she won the first round so she asked truth or dare. I said truth. Then she asked “Do you think of your mother when you jerk off?" I responded truthfully but feeling very guilty with a "yes." and then she smirked and started a new round. This time I won so I asked the question truth or dare. She said dare so I said. “Take off one piece of clothing top or bottom. She then proceeded to stand up and pull the string on the side of her bikini bottom. She then let it fall into the water and float on it, then I realized something, she was completely shaved except for a small strip right above her clit. She then sat back down and we continued the game.

This time she won, so she asked me asked truth or dare. I responded by saying truth, so she said. “Are you a leg man or a tit man" I said tit and the game continued for another minute and I won so I asked truth or dare and she said truth so I asked her "What size are your breasts?" She said “38b honey." The game continued. This time she again had won so she asked truth or dare and I said dare, and my aunt being the crazy one in the family, assumed that since I said I jerked off to my mother I would do anything, so she asked me to take the bikini bottoms and either sniff them for one minute or wrap them around my cock.

So I wrapped them around my cock.

The time was still around 3 and the game continued on, I won the next round and she said dare, so I dared her to remove her top and she did Revealing her 38b mounds. They were tanned with small aroelas.She then threw her top at me and told me to set this off to the side. After I set her top to the side of the hot tub she got up and readjusted herself and as she did she brushed her foot against my hard-on. “Whoa someone's excited for their aunt."

“Yea I guess so huh." we played one more game and she won, she asked truth or dare and I said dare so she said. “Since you’re so hard for you aunt go blow a load in my bikini bottoms." I wasn't going to be a baby and not do it expecily my hot nude aunt and so I proceeded to reach down and grab my cock. "No, not in here I don't want to have your cum Just float around in the water," she then got up, revealing her fully nude body and grabbing my hand to take me out of the tub with her. As I rose from the water my cock was revealed to her along with her bikini bottoms which were wrapped around it. "Here grab a towel and dry" off she said.

After we were both dried off we went into the house and she turned to me and said, "I'm going to go grab a shower. Feel free to watch if you need a little...inspiration." I wasn’t going to pass up a possibility for me to see my soapy aunt so I went in there with her and I sat in the toilet with the bikini and she went in to the shower and began to get all wet under the water. I began to jerkoff in the bikini bottoms. My aunt began to lather her big breasts. While she was doing this I came in her bikini bottoms she had been watching me the whole time but I saw her mouth drop as I came. I must have emptied a gallon of cum into the bikini. "Here just set the bikini to the side and come in here and join me, will you?”

I said sure and got up and joined her in the shower. I stepped behind her and she turned around and faced me with her soapy breasts. "Listen I know how you've been looking at me over the past few days, so tell me. What about me do you find attractive?"

I said, “Well what find about you is first your breasts the way that they just stick out and how they are big and tan? Next is your ass how it is also big and tan." she as I said ass turned around and grabbed it. “Well then now we got that out of the way let’s get back to washing shall we?" she turned around and I could she her starting to massage her breasts with soap. Then she stepped forward and grabbed the faucet head above her in the wall and started to turn the head, the spray then turned into a lighter blast of water. As she backed up from that her tit bumped a piece of bar soap and it fell onto the floor she then backed up and bent over and stuck her ass up in the air she then said "Try not to fuck me." her ass was so beautiful and great, I just had to jerk to it so I grabbed my cock and began to jerk it.

When she stood straight up again, she stepped backwards into my cock and the head of it slipped in to her warm pussy. However something happened...neither of us moved. My cock head stood there in her tight pussy and my cock remained hard, then she stepped back and engulfed my whole cock into her pussy and I began to fuck it. I slipped my hard cock in and out slowly and then faster and faster. I then pulled out and began to fuck her in her ass fast. We continued to fuck like this for about 20 minutes in her ass and pussy till her climax. After that I pulled out, turned her around and got her on her knees and began to slip my cock in between her breasts until I pulled my cock out from between her breasts.

I leaned over and smacked the water handles in the off position and then I came; I put my cock on her right breast and got one shot off, then another on her left breast so that it made a v then I released the rest of my giant load on her face and mouth. After we got out of the shower and my cum got off her face she got into skinny jeans and t-shirt and said she was going to the bar and would be home by ten after all the time she left was about 5 o'clock. Also she said my aunt Sandy was coming over tomoworow and for me to get the cum out of her bikini bottoms and that if I went into her top drawer that I could find her panties if I wanted to jerk off again. Despite all that just happened, I wouldn't need to.

I wondered what would happen tomorrow.

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