My Army Aunty - Part 1

(Part 1 from 1)

Note : This story is completely fictional!

Those were bachelor days when I had just got into a job in an industry located outskirts of chennai. I was looking for a suitable house to move in and was disappointed with the surroundings around my factory. On a suggestion from a friend of mine I started looking in a small suburb around 5 kms away from the factory. Although there were many desirable houses in there and empty too, being a bachelor I was not very welcome. Spending a whole of a sunny sunday looking for a house, I was at the end of my patience when I spotted a to-let sign on a small but neat house. I walked in and pressed the bell and the door was opened by a housemaid. I was made to sit in the sitting room and the maid left saying she would call the 'maim sahab'. The room was neat and furnished and a series of photos decorated the walls. I could see an old family photo with an army officer, wife and two kids, one large photo of the army officer but with garland indicating the person had died. I could make out that the lady of the house was an army officer's wife and probably a widow. There were photographs showing daughters wedding and son's decoration of an army officer, etc.. 

As I was looking at the photos, the landlord lady came and enquired about my visit. The lady was about 45, very beautyful and of small frame and was wearing well matching dress. I stated the purpose of my visit, my background and the troubles I have finding a house.

" Are you married ?", she asked. I told her that I had just got into a job and not yet having any thoughts about settling so soon. 
"I am not keen to let my house for bachelors. However you can see the portion, if you wish", she said.
As I was not inclined to walk into the sun so soon, I agreed to have a look. She took me upstairs from a flight of stairs behind the house to a small family tenament above. Of all the houses I had seen this was the best, coziest and very neat and tidy. 
I turned to her and said "Madam, this is just the thing I am looking for but you seem to have reservations about giving on rent to me".

She immediately said "Don't mistake me, I have nothing against you but around here bachelors are generally avoided"
I thanked her and started to go. As we were walking down the stairs, she said "Come inside and have a cup of coffee, will you please". On reaching inside the house, she called her maid and asked her to make coffee for both of us. During the waiting period, she asked me a lot of questions about my family, education, work, etc. and looked impressed when I told that I was a engineer. While sipping coffee, she suddenly made a decision and said " Somehow, I am inclided to let you the house for rent but my rent is likely to be high", saying so she quoted a price. This was quite high for me but I accepted because the place was too nice to give up. 

The following week-end I brought my things and went up to to the house and started arranging things. Half-way through aunty brought me coffee and invited me to lunch much against my wishes. During lunch we discussed about our families. I learnt that her husband was in the army and was killed in action 5 years ago. But he had left her this house and pension amount was good enough to see her through. Her son had also joined army and was in action at some remote place. Her daughter was married off. So she was living alone and the maid came during the day time to help her. I started calling her "army aunty" and she in turn called me "Raju". 

Though the house was costly, I was very glad I took it because of such nice environment and hassle free landlady. I gradually started liking the aunty and admiring her. She was really beautiful with well shaped body and felt bad she had already lost her husband. From photographs I had seen that her husband was short, fat, dark, looking almost wicked and it was in total contrast to aunty and her mannerisms. Her daughter too looked plum and dark but fortunately good looking thanks to aunt. Her son was really handsome, all due to his mother. 

I had only respect and nothing else for army aunty until one day. That was a working day but I had worked late at night and had decided to relax and go to factory only by lunch time. I got up late and was brushing my teeth when I heard sounds of washing clothes from below. From first floor through the window I could see aunty washing clothes just below where I stood at the window. Aunty was rinsing and squeezing wet clothes. She had her saree wound tight to prevent it falling in to the bucket. As she bent down to rinse again, I got a direct look at her blouse. Through the V-cut of her blouse I could see her bulging boobs, almost jumping out of her blouse. Suddenly my penis was aroused and from that moment onwards I started fantasizing about army aunty. For whole of near to 20 mins I watched aunty bend down again and again exposing her breasts to me. When she finished and left, I ran to the bathroom and masterbated immediately. What a pair of breasts? If only I could fondle them and suck them !

I was a bachelor no doubt but I had not yet had my first sexual experience till then. Although eager to get experience, I had been careful not to get involved in any woman for fear of making bad choices. My fantasizing habits now had a new woman - army aunty. I was determined to watch her again and again from the top. I quickly learnt that aunty did not like her maid washing clothes and everyday she washed them herself. With this knowledge, whenever I could manage to delay going to office, I would silently walk to the window and watch aunty bend and display her beautiful boobs day after day. Watching aunty, I would slowly unbuttom my pants and take out my errect penis and massage it up and down fantasizing about making love to aunty. When aunty finished washing, my hand would rub my oversized penis up and down vigorously till I ejaculated there and then. This went on for a couple of months. One day as usual, aunty was washing clothes and I was massaging my penis and suddenly without control I moaned loudly with sudden onset of ejaculation. Aunty must have heard this, for she abruptly stopped washing and looked everywhere to locate the source. I quickly ducked as she diverted her attention above and prayed to god she did not see me. As soon as aunty left, I silently went down and without making smallest sound left the house to factory. I was afraid aunty might be annoyed with me but that evening when I met her she didnot say a word to me. From then on I was very careful but I could never stop watching aunty's boobs, they were too sexual to give up. 

The following saturday was off for me and as usual I got up late to watch aunty. She didnot wash clothes that day. I was very disappointed. I was about to have bath when the bell rang. Aunty's maid was at the door and she told me that aunty wanted me to have lunch with her. Many a times aunty had called me for lunch this was no exception.I took bath and went down. Aunty was alone in the house and table was arranged. I had a simple but tasty lunch with aunty and during lunch discussed all and sundry subjects. After lunch aunty and self sat in the front room. The day was hot with breeze and aunty closed the door and sat near to my chair. While discussing various things, she suddenly asked me, 

" Raju, when are you getting married? "
I was not prepared for this question but said " I need to settle in job first. I also have my younger sister to marry off. After that ...."
"How long will that be?" she asked
I said "May be after a year and a half"

"You should at least have some girl friends till then " she said with a mischievous smile
"No aunty, I am afraid of present day girls", I said and really meant that
"You are not afraid of aunties though" she said and gave first indication to me that she knew my watching habits. I felt very embarassed and my face must have said a lot of things. " I didnot except you to behave indiscreetly" she continued.

I had to plead with her. " aunty, I am really ashamed and sorry for my behaviour. Please pardon me" i said
" Don't feel so bad Raju, after all you are a bachelor, young at heart and curious but watching your landlady like that .....", I had no defence for this and kept quite.
I said sorry once again and cursed myself for indiscretion and mentally prepared to leave the place once aunty asked me to go. "You atleast had the courage to tell the truth" she continued. I did not respond but looked helplessly at her. She smiled at me and got up to come and sit beside me. She held my head and forcibly turned towards her and said "hey, don't punish yourself. To tell the truth I enjoyed it too". I looked at her in surprise and her eyes were looking at me naughtily. She pulled my head towards her and kissed me on my cheeks. Very first kiss from a woman was electrifying for me. She pressed her lips again and again on my face and with a sudden decision brought her lips close to mine and kissed strongly on my lips. Her lips were thin, wet and eager. She got up abruptly and said " Raju, close the front door properly and come to my bedroom. We have work to do" and went. I was rooted to my chair with this sudden remark from her and torn between lust and righteousness. This indecision lasted for a couple of seconds. I got up slowly, locked the front door and moved to her bedroom. I pushed the door open and there she stood waiting for me. She had removed her saree and was wearing only bra and panties. Her fair body was glowing and aunty looked beautiful and sexy. She smiled, came to me and put her arms around my neck. She kissed on my lips and said "Come to bed Raju, my body needs you badly". She led me to the bed and made me sit on it. She pulled my head once again and rained kisses on me. " You never had experience with woman before ?" she asked and giggled when I said no. " My husband was not a virgin when I married him and so I don't know how a virgin man tastes" she said. 

She kissed heavily on my lips and took my lips and sucked me. Her tongue forced my mouth open and slid inside. She moved her tongue like a snake inside my mouth and it tasted heavenly. She made me stand up and removed my clothes one by one. When it came to my panties, she slid her hand inside and cupped my penis. My pennis never had a soft womanly touch before and it thickened and grew in her hand into a big banana. Her eyes widened with surprise. She immediately pulled my panty all the way down and stood looking admiringly at my dick. " oh my God, you really have a big one here". Immediately her mouth was on my crouch, kissing and sucking at my balls. Her hand lovingly carassed my long penis and moved my foreskin up and down exposing my reddened penis head. I was oozing my pre-cum and she brought out her tongue and lapped it all up. With one quick motion, she moved my foreskin down and licked my penis like icecream. I cried in pleasure as she opened her mouth wide and gulped my penis inside. Her mouth was warm and full of saliva. Her head moved up and down stroking my penis gently. All I could do was to catch her head tight against my penis and moan deeply. 

She stood up and hugged me tight and kissed me on my mouth. I could smell my own cum and taste the salty liquid. She made me sit on the bed with my back to the wall, with spread legs. My penis had become larger than ever, very erect and itching to get fucked. She spread her legs and sat on my thighs, facing me. She removed her bra with one quick movement and her breasts shot towards me and hung proudly away from her. She took my head in her hand and said " Raju, kiss and suck my breasts. Take them .." Her breasts fell on me as I eagerly kissed her all over her breasts. She took one of her boobs in hand and offered me. I opened my mouth wide and sucked with all my might. She cried out in pain and pleasure and offered the second one to me. She called me sweet names as I sucked, slurped and milked her breasts one by one. " Keep sucking me Raju, don't leave me" she cried. As I continued sucking, she pulled her panties down and suddenly sweet smell of her cunt drifted into my nostrils. She had caught my hand and moved towards her pussy. Her pubic hair was thin and soft. She spread her legs wide, took my finger and touched her pussy. An electrifying surge ran through my body as I touched her slippery wet cunt. She directed my fingers all the way up her wet cunt and moved my finger all over her clitoris, all the time gyrating her buttocks agaist my finger. " Suck my breast and carass my cunt my love, I need it like anything" she cried, crushing my head against her breasts and kisssing me all over my head. I squeezed her clitoris, moved my fingers up and down her cunt lips. Her cunt lips were thin, long and juicy. My fingers and hand became wet with her pre-cum. I moved my fingers down and down and suddently I felt her cunt hole open and suck my fingers inside. Her cunt was terribly hot and literally filled with juices. I pushed my fingers deep inside her and moved them up and down. She cried out in pleasure and matched her buttocks to move in rhythm. Her hand reached my penis again and savagely moved my foreskin up and down. My penis never had this treatment before and my pre-cum was like a flowing river, drenching her hands fully. 

Abruptly, she freed herself from me and her dark eyes were full of lust for me. She opened her thighs, caught my throbbing penis and sat on my penis with a sudden down movement. Her cunt lips fell on my penis head and moved my foreskin back savagely. As I cried aloud, she thrust her cunt down on my penis with force. As my foreskin broke, I cried in pain but she would not stop. " Sorry, Raju, I want your fucking penis now. I am not going to stop fucking this beautiful piece". So saying, she moved her buttocks up and down on my penis with deep cries of " aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh. You are so big, so hard and so hot too. My cunt is itching to milk you Raju. Come on, bang me from bottom, come on ". My pain was slowly subsiding and I responded by moving my dick up and down to match her movement. Aunty went on fucking me vigorously and suddenly she cried out aloud and started cumming. My penis was still paining and I was no where near ejaculation. But I wanted my aunty to enjoy love making and went on banging her from below. She was panting and sweating and crying aloud sweet nothings into my ear and her hot cunt getting hotter and hotter against my dick and she came and came in my hands like it was her very first ejaculation. When it was all over, she hugged me and said "Raju, I never had this kind of ejaculation in all 20 years of marriage. You have shown me heaven in just one day, what I have missed for a life time". She embraced me and kissed me all over.

We both fell on bed, in each others arms for a while. " How is your penis, still hurting ?" she asked smilingly. " Poor Raju, you could not ejaculate isn't it?" she asked. " My cunt behaved savagely but my mouth will be sweet to you. Shall I milk you with my mouth ?". Without waiting for my answere, she slid down and took my erect penis in her mouth once again. This time her mouth was very tender and gentle. She patiently milked me, moving her head up and down my penis, her tongue slurping my hot juices. My pain turned into pleasure at her tender milking and soon I was so hot that I started ejaculating in her mouth. She gulped down every drop of my cum and goaded me to ejaculate again and again till I was left with nothing and totally exhausted. We slept in each others arms and I slept totally exhausted. When I got up it was almost evening, aunty had already left. I thought of going down, but was not sure whether she had second thoughts of continuing affair or not.

As evening turned to darkness, I was hungry and wanted to go out for dinner. Just that time, aunty came up, embraced me and we kissed each other for a long time. Her hands were on my crouch and she looked pained as she asked me " does it hurt you. I was acting like a savage bitch. Sorry". I told her that it didnot pain anymore. Her touch and kissing had made my penis erect once again and I wanted her very much. " Come to dinner at eight and don't forget to lock your house" she smiled coyly and left.

After dinner aunty took me to her bedroom and made me sit on the cot. She switched of all the lights except a dim one and stood before me. I watched as aunty undressed in front of me. Her fair body glowing bright in the darkenss. As she removed her bra, her white breasts beckoned me to suck them. I instinctively knew she would strip naked and controlled my urge to drag her onto me. At last, she pulled her panties down. In the dim light, I could see her dark triangle of pubic hair, wherein her cunt lay hidden. She came towards me, put one of her legs on the cot, spread her legs and pulled my mouth straight to her cunt. My lips moved through her pubic hair and crushed against her cunt lips as strong smell of her cunt juices reached my nose. I moved my lips up and down against her cunt lips. I slid my tongue in between her lips, moved them up and caught her bulging clitoris. I encircled my tongue around clitoris and sucked it in my mouth. I could hear her gasping and crying in pleasure. As I moved my tongue and lips down towards her cunt hole, her cunt opened and took my sliding tongue deep inside. She was hot, slippery, oozing and demanding. I moved my tongue all over her cunt walls and deep inside and sucked every drop of cum she could produce. Suddenly, she moved away from me, lied on her back on the bed, spready her legs widely. Her long, thin, wide cunt lay beckoning in front of me. My penis needed no other invitation and urged me to enter her. 

I fell on her, held her head, pressed my dick against her cunt lips and kissed her wildly. She in turn, dug her hands into my buttocks and pulled my dick into her. This time it was all pleasure and passion as my foreskin willingly moved back and let my penis slid deep into her. I thrust my dick deep into her and we both cried out loudly in lust. I started pumping her in and out as her legs encicled my buttocks tightly and pulling me deeper and deeper. We fucked each other for a long time and with raising passion we climaxed. As she started to climax, I felt her soft hands on my balls, carassing and rubbing gently and urging me to cum deep inside her. I had a volcanic eruption from my penis which continued again and again. With each ejaculation I filled her cunt with my juices. She too responded by sucking at my penis, tighter and harder till I emptied everything into her. We were both exhausted and slept peacefully in each others arms.

Through the night, aunty got up many times and each time demanded my love. I obliged her every time and satisfied her lust and mine too. I had never realized my lust for a woman was so strong till that time. I never knew that I could make a woman happy again and again multiple times in a day. I never knew women wanted a man as much as aunty wanted me. Aunty had never experienced the kind of love I was giving her and she in turn gave me her body and fulfilled all kinds of demand I made on her. I am ever grateful to my army aunty for teaching me how to make love to a woman and satisfy her. 

That's how I lost my virginity, friends. Enjoying sex with aunty almost on a daily basis was like heaven to me. Little did I know at that time that aunty had bigger ideas for me and her daughter Anu would also be part of my sexscapades. That part of the story is in Part - 2. Please read and enjoy and send me your comments.

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