My Affair With Mrs. London

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Welcome to sunny Florida, my name is Aaron, and I'd like to tell you my story. I'm your average American kid, spending my time trying to pick up chicks and stealing booze just for the hell of it. But this story isn't concerned with all of that, this story concerns a one, Mrs. Bridgette London, and more importantly, her affair with her young next door neighbor, me.

She was a knockout, to the truest form of the word. She was about 5'5", bright blue eyes, and body like a brickhouse; 34 DD's and an ass like an apple. But what made her gorgeous was her long red hair, straight to the middle of her back. We'd been neighbors since before I was even born; hell, my dad and her went to school together. She'd been married to her husband Steve for 23 years now, with no kids, but you could tell they weren't truly together anymore. I think I even saw his car at one of the local hotels to tell you the truth, but hell, what do I know.

It was a Saturday afternoon and everbody at our local church were getting things ready for the annual church bakesale on Sunday afternoon at the State Fair. My mom was the the organizer for the church so she was in charge of coordinating everyone's efforts. It was 1 p.m. already, and I had just gotten up and showered; it had been a late night. And that's where our story takes off...

"Hey Aaron, since you're finally up, you think you could help me out?"

"Mom, I'm not running to the store. You made me go like 4 times yesterday, so if you forgot something, tough luck!"

My mom laughed,"Ha, I didn't forget anything, I was just hoping you'd go pick up something up from the Londons' house. Bridgette was supposed to make a batch of oatmeal-raisin cookies for the fair, and I want you to go over and get them"

"Fine," I said in fake disgruntlement. That errand didn't bother me at all, Mrs. London was fine as hell and I'd be more than willing to go over and check her out for a few minutes, as long as that's all it took.

I left my house and started across my yard, hopped the small fence and jumped into the Londons' yard. All the while I was thinking about how much I'd rather be out with my friends than helping my mom with a church bakesale. I ring the doorbell and within a couple moments she slowly opened the door. She was definately dressing down today, a hooded sweatshirt, jeans and barefoot, but I'll be damned if she still wasn't the hottest lady in the whole damn town.

"Oh, hi there Aaron, how can i help you?" she said with a smile.

"Yeah my mom sent me over here to get something for the, uh, church bakesale." I had always been amazed by Mrs. London. She had always turned me on, always. Many a nights she was what I fantasized while I'd jack off, and even today, dressed so casually, I was still dumbfounded by her beauty.

She paused for a moment, then smiled again,"Oh yes, the cookies, well they are still cooling right now, so they're not quite ready to go yet. You can wait here for a little bit until they're ready, if you'd like, but only if you have nothing else to do," she said, staring deep into my eyes. 

Stammering from here stair I was barely able to mutter out,"Uh... um, no, no I can stay, you know, if it's cool..." 

"Well here, come into the living room, we'll hang out for awhile, while those cookies cool off." She lead me to their living room and I sit down on the couch, looking around at the pictures on the wall of her and her husband from years past, and damn, she was always beautiful, more so than I could ever explain with words on this page.

"Can i get you anything Aaron?" she said as she sat down next to me, nonchalantly playing with her hair a little, reclining a bit into the couch. Her sweatershirt was forming over her breasts very well, and just the hint of nipple could be seen through her sweatershirt. Needless to say, my eyes were glued to her chest. 

"Aaron? You okay?"

"Huh? Oh, uh, yeah, can I have a glass of water or something, please?" My cock was getting hard just staring at her chest, and I need to adjust myself soon or it was going to be way too obvious that I had a huge hard-on; I needed to buy some time.

"Certainly." She got up and started walking away into the kitchen,"I'll be right back with that."

Wondering if she noticed anything, and staring at her ass intently as she walked away, my dick just continued getting harder. When her ass was out of my view, I quickly reached down into my shorts to try and push my dick down, or move it to the side, or anything, just so it can be hard without being seen. She soon returned with the glass of water.

"Here you are hon," she said, sitting back down as she handed it to me. She was staring at me, watching my drink the water, slowly running a hand through her long red hair. "So, how's things been with you, Aaron?"

"Well, Mrs. London, we just got out for Spring break, so I'm just working as a busboy and kinda hanging out with my friends, you know, causing trouble and picking up girls, mostly." You see, I've always thought that if you can get a girl to think that get a lot of girls, that girl will be more likely to think you're a stud, thus giving yourself a much better chance of getting that girl. It was a theory mostly, but I was going to try and see if it worked on Mrs. London. Why not, I didn't have anything to lose. 

"Ha," she chuckled,"oh yes, i remember those days very well. Boys like you prowling around on Spring Break for parties and girls. Heh, those were the days." She smiled at me, her eyes glancing me over occasionally.

Then came my break, I caught her looking at me, in a very obvious way, down torwards my crotch. So, I kind of shifted in the seat, just so I could look at her more, and all of the sudden, my dick moves and is pointing straight up in my shorts! It looked like I had just gotten hard in a seconds time!

"Oh shit!" I blurted out. 

Her eyes quickly gravitated down towards your crotch, seeing quite plainly the tenting that formed there. But she didn't turn away, she just kept gazing at it. Slowly she brought her hand to her mouth and softly 
said,"Oh my!"

"Oh Jesus, Mrs. London... I'm, oh shit, I'm way, way sorry! Please don't tell my mom! I'll do anything!" 

She shifted over on the couch closer to me, chuckling slightly,"Well, what do we have here?" as her left hand suddenly came down on my left thigh,"seems you've been prowling right now, huh?"

Slightly moaning as she rubbed my thigh,"Oh, Mrs. London, I, I mean, you're so gorgeous, and you were sitting here, I just, I couldn't help it..." My words trailing off as her hand continued to rub my thigh.

"Oh, I know Aaron, you're so young, and well, as for me, it's rather nice to know I have someone like you in my home,' she purred as she leaned in a bit, pressing her right breast pressing against my left arm. 

"Mrs Jones, you're hotter than any girl I've ever met. I only think about you when I, ya know, jerk off," I stammer as my cock involuntarily twitches from the feeling of her chest pressing into my arm and her hand slowly rubbing higher on my thigh.

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