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Growing up In a small town was ok I only had one friend Eric, now Eric was a year older than me and when he was 13 he introduced my to masturbation now I was only 12 and any guy knows that when your 18 yearsu can’t cum but if your 18 yearsu can and so I would go over to Eric’s house every weekend for a sleep over and we would have masturbating parties and I thought it was great.

Now we were in High school and hormones were raging and the thought of having sex was a great experience so Eric meet this girl named Jamie and I meet this girl named KC, both these girls were just smoking hotties and we both had been going out with them since we were 17 & 18, and we had gone to movies together and I had made out with KC a couple of times and it didn’t go any farther, and then one night Eric and Jamie had the idea to get KC and I together at his house, I had no idea what was going to happen that night neither did KC but Eric and Jamie had the whole thing planed out.

KC and I showed up and I had brought a movie and some popcorn expecting just to sit around and watch T.V. but when we went inside we found Eric and Jamie swimming in the pool naked KC and I just started to laugh and then they saw us and Jamie said “come on in the water in nice and warm”, KC and I just looked at each other and she said “well lets go”, when Eric heard KC say that he looked at me and winked, that’s when I knew that it was set up but I mean I didn’t care I was 17 and horney all the time.

When KC and I got in the pool Eric swam behind me and whispered, “ the condoms are under the towels”, I looked over by the chairs and saw a stack of towels, so we were having a good time just splashing around in the pool naked for while and then Eric and Jamie started to make out at one end of the pool and so KC swam to the other end and I followed her we were making out in the pool when I heard Eric lift Jamie out of the pool and he started to eat Jamie out I could hear the 2 of them moaning, so I decided to lift KC out of the pool and eat her out, after a while I heard some swimming I didn’t want to stop because I thought that it would ruin the moment then I felt Jamie’s hands on my back and she whispered in the most sexist voice get out of the pool so I stopped eating out KC and hoped out of the pool and when I looked up Eric had laid out towels by the pool we made our way over the them and in the corner of the towel was a condom, as KC laid down Jamie started to suck her nipples and then Eric, told me to “eat out Jamie”, so as he went down to eat out KC I went and laid on my back positioning my self in the right spot to muff munch on Jamie now Jamie didn’t believe in shaving her pubic hair but KC did and so as I’m tongue fucking Jamie, by this time both girl’s were moaning like crazy and all of sudden at nearly the same time they both had and orgasm now me being under Jamie I got it in the face and Eric who was on KC just let it fly now I don’t know about Eric but I’m glad that I was under Jamie having the juices of a women drip onto your face is one of the most exciting thing in the world.

After the girls had cum, Eric tossed me a condom and thought to myself if I don’t fuck KC before him I’m going to be pissed off and I think that Eric caught that and he went back to Jamie as both girls laid down on the towels Eric and Jamie got into it right away I started by kissing both of KC’s nipples and then I slide my man hood in her tight wet pussy and started rocking back and forth now every once and a while I would glance over at Eric and Jamie, they were really going at it and then Jamie yelled out “ let’s switch”, and Eric pulled his cock out of Jamie and I pulled mine out of KC and I moved into position to fuck Jamie and after a while we were into the final part of sex as both girls sat up Eric and I stood up and started to jerk the meat as both girls began to get anxious, all of a sudden I came so hard that I could have done it from across the pool I hit Jamie right below the nose and partially in the mouth and finished up by hitting KC right in the mouth right at that moment Eric came just as hard as me and hit Jamie right in the mouth and then Jamie started to suck Eric’s dick, and when KC saw this she did the same to me and out of no where Jamie pulled back from Eric’s cock and said “let’s see who can take it deep for the longest”, then Eric counted down from “3”, the girls got ready and when Eric hit “1” KC just downed my cock and stayed there while Jamie tried to go deep but it turns out that she has a gag reflex, and KC doesn’t when it was all over with we decided to go back in the pool and cool off after a while I decided to go to the shallow end and sit there for a while and Jamie followed me and see went behind me and told me to “stand up” so I did as she put her hands on my back and started to lower them I was confused until she swam between my legs and started to give me head all over again and I could see Eric and KC coming to the shallow end, and KC and Eric did the same.

By now Jamie’s jaw was sore from giving me head and KC felt the same way and then Eric said to Jamie “we should show KC how to take it up the ass” and so all four of got out of the pool and I got behind KC and slowly shoved my cock into her cute little butt hole and she squinted in pain but as I went on she started to like it, then all of a sudden we thought we heard someone drive up, Eric’s parents weren’t supposed to be back until midnight, we all started to panic then the car backed out of the drive way and left now after this we all had a rush and made having sex outside even more exciting, after the night was over KC and myself had sex by ourselves every weekend and now I think back wow masturbating really sucks!

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