Mum's Sexual Education

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Note : This story is completely fictional!

My name is Kenji Lee, but everyone just calls me Ken for short. I am a chinese-american teenager.

I have an Indian friend in the same grade as me called Raj, who I used to be able to call my best friend. Recently, however, Raj is hanging out with this white kid, Brian. I used to like Raj, but I'm not sure I like him anymore, because he's becoming more and more like Brian. Brian's in one grade above the both of us, and everyone knows he's a braggart - I personally think he's also a douchebag.
It was Raj's birthday, so I thought I could ignore Brian for once. I wished him a happy birthday at school; he was a little surprised, but he took it into his stride. Then it was Raj's turn to surprise me when he asked if he could come over to my house as well - bringing Brian along. Now I'm no friend of Brian, but I thought, since it was his birthday, it should be okay this once.

The three of us got home and nothing eventful happened. Brian was a real asshole, he was bored, and he didn't bother concealing it. I just ignored him and used the Playstation and watched TV with Raj.
The real story begun when my mother got home. My mother is a real oriental beauty for her age, at 38, it's like she has the body of a 20-year-old. Other kids my age jerked off to the latest Playmate of the month - I felt guilty because jerked off to my mum.

Let me tell you a bit about my mother; her name is Sara Lee. She's 5'4", has large D-Cup breasts which are unusual for an asian woman, and a nice, tanned, curvy body with long silky black hair.

My parents weren't supposed to come home that night; my dad was working late, and my mother was supposed to be going out with her friends.

While the three of us were cooking instant noodles, my mum came in, much to my surprise, and told me that her trip was cancelled because one of her friends was sick, so she and the rest of her friends just went for a late night drink, got bored, and then came home. She said we didn't need to cook the noodles anymore as she could make us something, but they were nearly done anyway and we put the noodles aside for later and told her not to trouble herself.

As I poured a glass of water for my mum, I spotted Brian whispering something to Raj in a corner of the living room - What disturbed me was that Raj was getting visibly excited. While my mother thanked me and drank her water, Brian gestured for me to come over. I went over slowly, suspicious of his intentions. Turns out all Brian did was ask me about my mum; her figure, how she stayed so fit, and so on. After awhile, I got tired of his questioning and told him to mind his own business. Brian whispered to me, "Your mum is really hot, though. Haven't you ever dreamed of fucking her?"

I was shocked. Mainly because I HAD dreamed of fucking her, and because that sort of talk wasn't exactly appriopriate for guys our age. As my mother went up to the bedroom, Brian and Raj went up as well. I sat in the living room watching TV for a little longer, but I got really suspicious of what they were doing up there, because I kept hearing my mother giggling and Brian and Raj laughing along with her.

When I got upstairs and opened the bedroom door, I saw Raj and Brian sitting on the bed with my mother in the middle, who was visibly tipsy. She had obviously drunk something when she went out with her friends, and there was a minifridge in her room, so she had taken out a beer to keep herself busy while Brian and Raj entertained her.
I felt uncomfortable in the room, but I decided against leaving, so I just sat down beside Brian to keep an eye on them. After a few more minutes of banter, Brian got up and went to the minifridge. Now this was rude, right? But my mum didn't stop him as he took out a bottle of strong liquor and poured out a glass, took a sip from the glass, and then made a face and gave it to her.

To my astonishment, my mother giggled like a teenage girl and drank from the exact same spot Brian drank from. Maybe I was reading a little too much into this, but my mother was certainly not in a condition for drinking right now. I was about to stop her when Brian turned the conversation to a new level - He started asking her about sexual education.

Now this was utter bullshit, because everyone at my school knows Brian, despite being a braggart, has gotten laid a few times already.
While I was getting uncomfortable with the way the conversation was turning out, my mother seemed interested. At one point she said, "Well boys, I try to talk to my son about sexual education, but he won't listen to me. I think it's very important!"

Raj sniggered, but Brian was shaking his head in fake acknowledgment and going, "Oh yes Mrs. Lee, me and Raj think it's real important. It's Raj's birthday, see. So we thought maybe you could teach us a little bit about sexual education." Now that was going over the top, but I couldn't help but feel a little horny. I expected my mum to tell him to shut his trap, but instead, she gave him a smile and asked him what he wanted to know. Clearly, the alchohol was very effective.

"Well Mrs. Lee, Raj and I want to know how to put on a condom - Just to be on the safe side." Brian said innocently, reaching into his back pocket and taking out a few condoms and offering them to my mother.

I was shocked. This time, I was almost picturing my mother slapping him, but instead, all she did was blush and look uncomfortable. Brian looked at me, grinned, and then refilled her glass as she took another gulp and said, "Okay boys, as long as it helps with your, um, sexual education."

I looked on in amazement and jealousy as Raj, looking as though he didn't believe his luck, unzipped his pants and dropped them to the ground. My mum - My Mother! - Took his now-erect teenage cock and a condom from Brian. She slipped it onto his dick, and all the while Raj made involuntary jerks of excitement.

Then Brian offered her another condom and told her he wanted her to put one on for him too, because he wanted to learn as well. My mother didn't even hesitate this time; she practically grabbed his pants and helped him to get out of them, and then put on a condom for him. I must admit, I felt both sick and jealous at what she was doing for them.

Brian said he was grateful for her helping him to put it on, and some bullshit about not knowing how. Next, he said, "Mrs. Lee, we would like to know how to masturbate."

Are you fucking serious? I swore my mum was about to slap him! She raised her hand, held it in the air, and then you know what happened? It fell on Brian's cock. And then her other hand was on Raj's. Next thing you know, she was blushing furiously as she jerked them off while Raj and Brian groaned and complimented her. I found my own hand going into my pants and jacking off to this sexy scene before me. Before long, the two of them came all over her hands. My mother let out a false cry of, 'Oh dear!' And then wiped her hands on the bedsheets with a coquettish smile.

That did it. As they both thanked her, Brian then said slyly, "That was fucking great Mrs. Lee! You don't know how good your hands felt! But what Raj really wants to know is how a real woman's body looks like, and yours is a great example!"

"Great how, Brian?" My mother asked with a giggle.
"Oh you have a much better figure than any of the girls at my school, Mrs. Lee ..."

Brian kept up a relentless wave of compliments and eventually coaxed my mother into it! She downed another glass of heavy liquor, and then got up and fumbled with her clothes. Brian and Raj immediately went to her assistance, and felt her body all over as they undressed her while I watched in jealousy.

As Raj stood there pants-less helping my mother remove her bra, Brian turned to me and gestured at the video camera my dad brought a month ago, sitting on a table beside the bed. At this point I decided to play along, I grabbed the video camera and started to record the scene unfolding before me! My mother was getting voluntarily touched and fondled all over by two of my friends!
Next, Brian handed my mother the entire bottle and started to say things that I thought would get him in real serious shit. He told her, "Me and Raj want to know how it would feel like to get a blowjob, because we want to experience it as a precaution..."

Now my mother really hesitated, but Brian just told her to drink the entire bottle and think about it later. Well 'Later' proved to be about five seconds before my mother changed her mind. She got on her knees, pushed her hair away from her face, and licked the tip of Brian's newly-erect cock while she started to jack Raj off again. I already came once from before, but I felt my cock getting hard again too!

My mum gave Brian one hell of a blowjob, sucking the crown, licking the tip, and then going down on his shaft while jacking him and Raj off at the same time. Then she pulled out of him and did the same to Raj; before long, Brian had grabbed her hair and was holding it up in a tight ponytail while she deepthroated him and made sexy gagging noises. Her eyes looked like they would never leave his, but occassionally she broke eye contact and her beautiful brown eyes wandered over to me lazily; every now and then, she gave me a drunken wink, as if to say 'You want some of this?'. After she was done with Brian, she started deepthroating Raj as well! Brian took the chance to leave the room, and returned a moment later with our cold noodles. I wondered what he was going to do with three bowls of cold noodles; but once my mother finished with Raj, he poured the noodles all over her. An expression of dumb astonishment came over my mother and she looked at her body dripping with wet noodles and soup; Brian smirked at me, walked over to my mother, and said, "Boy, I'm pretty hungry now Mrs. Lee!"

He pushed her onto the bed gently and started to kiss her body all over while slurping up noodles. Raj immediately joined in, and I couldn't help but leave the video camera - still recording - on the table, and join in myself. All three of us ate the noodles from my mum's sexy body while our tongues took the opportunity to travel all over her ravishing figure.

The video camera recorded the whole thing, but the best was yet to come! After we were done, she got up and said Dinner was over in a sultry voice, and that she had to wash up. Naturally, it was not 'over' to Brian. After she went into the bathroom, Brian started talking loudly to me and Raj about how great my mum was and how he'd love to fuck her; after a slight pause, as if on cue, a slutty voice from the bathroom that I think belonged to my dear mother asked sexily, "Ohh, um, Ken, it's been so long since we last showered together. Would ah, you and your friends like to join me?"

I don't think I ever agreed to anything this fast.The three of us got up with raging hard-ons and went to the bathroom to join my mother. Now the bathtub in our house is big, but there was no way it would fit the three of us comfortably - but we felt more relaxed being hot and stuffy! After I left the video camera recording near the sink, all three of us crowded around my mum while taking a hot shower; it was like a wet disco, we were grinding against my mother's hot body, and our hands were all over her, rubbing her pussy, putting fingers in her willing mouth as she moaned in ectcasy...

As the bathtub filled with water and emptied again and again as we 'frolicked', Brian soon started to massage her breasts and suck on her nipples while Raj stared on jealously amidst my mother's moans and the sound of the shower. After a moment, Brian moved over to let Raj have a suck on my mothers succulent nipples as he groped her ass and complimented her all the way whilst I took the chance to kiss my mother passionately while my hands roamed all over her body. Who could resist all this pleasuring? My mother let out a loud moan of pleasure as her entire body spasmed and she orgasmed wildly.

We kept this up till my mother went through another ecstatic orgasm within the next few minutes. Soon my mother took the situation into her stride, and as she turned off the shower while scolding us playfully for wasting water, got out of the bathtub, dripping wet, and placed her hands on the edge of the bathtub, I instinctively knew what was coming as she held her inviting ass high up in the air and said with a pout, "Boys..."

I grabbed the video camera just in time to see Brian waste no time slowly penetrating my mother's clean-shaven pussy in high-definition; he went slow at first, then he sped up a bit, and in less than a minute he was pounding the fuck out of her. The bathroom was filled with the sounds of his groaning and my mother moaning and shrieking in delight.

Me and Raj looked at each other, and then stood in front of my mum and started to rub our cocks invitingly. She took one look at our hard cocks, removed her hands from the edge of the bathtub, gave us both a slutty smile, and then started to take turns sucking and licking our dicks wildly while jerking us off. When it was my turn to get a blowjob, she could hardly keep her mouth on my cock because of the insane pounding Brian was giving her, she kept moaning and her mouth kept slipping away, but the vibration my cock was getting as she struggled to suck on it felt extremely good.

After Brian was finished, he pulled out of her and started wanking. My mother instantly got down on her knees and stuck out her tongue; Brian came all over her face and she grinned drunkenly. But she wasn't satisfied, and neither were we. She sucked on Brian's cock till she got him hard again; as soon as he was hard, Brian lifted her up, and then impaled her asshole with his cock. My mother screamed in pain and pleasure; I suspected even my dad was never allowed to give her anal, but she sure as hell didn't care anymore.
While Brian violated her ass, I took my position in front of her exposed pussy and started fucking my own mother as hard as I could. Then Raj somehow managed to stand on the sink and held his cock up to my mother's mouth. My mother did not hesitate and gave him one hell of a titfuck with her large, firm breasts. Eventually, the room was filled with moaning and groaning, as well as the occasional exclamation of pleasure.

The video camera took it all in. My mother being mercilessly gangbanged by the three of us. Mouthfucked, pounded in the pussy, and penetrated up the ass. Soon, we were spent, and my mother had about two more orgasms accompanied by cries of delight. As she knelt on the floor, sticking out her tongue, moaning and begging for our cum, we obliged and came all over her. I had no idea I could cum so many times in a day! My mother looked a sight! Her hair, face, and boobs - Her entire body was covered in cum! Though she was probably asleep by then, she would sometimes wipe some of it off her face and lick it off her fingers with soft moans of evident pleasure.

The three of us helped my mother to bed, and as we relaxed in the living room, grinning stupidly at each other and watching replays of our homemade porn movie, the phone rang. I got up and answered it, and it was my dad's voice on the other end, "Son, a great opportunity overseas came that I can't miss; I'll get all my stuff overseas, so I won't be coming home for a few days or so! Make sure you get to sleep early so you get to school on time. I'll be back as soon as I can! Keep your mother happy, alright?"

"Oh don't worry dad," I replied as I stole a glance at my friends who were snickering n the living room, "She's very happy."

~ V.L.M

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