Mrs Hansen

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I had just stepped out of the shower and was ringing wet when the door bell rang. I grabbed a towel and wrapped it around my waist and proceeded to the front door. I opened the door slightly to find out who was there.

"Mrs. Hansen," I mumbled behind the door, "mom isn't home yet." "I know, I just spoke to her and she told me she would be another hour or so and I could come and wait for her." I opened the door a little more and invited her in.

"I just got out of the shower," I sheepishly announced. I backed away from the door and she stepped into the foyer. I was hiding behind the door but she was making no attempt of entering any further so I had to close the door the therefore revealing how little I had on. "My, you have grown up quite nicely, Jason." She reached out and lightly touched my right biceps. "Do you work out? Your arms are so huge." I shuddered and mumbled, "No Ma am, I play baseball for the school." She was still stroking my arm and I suddenly realized the effect she was having on me and the towel was starting to tent up.

Mrs Hansen gazed down and saw the results of her manipulation and her eyes glazed over. "You are getting bigger," she said huskily. She reached out and grabbed my cock through the towel which by now was about to fall off, and stroked her hand lazily up and down my shaft. My dick was harder than I ever knew it could be. "You're a man now right Jason." "Well, I uh guess, I had my eighteenth birthday two days ago." Aw yes, that's right I remember your Mom mentioning that at work." The towel dropped and Mrs Hansen had my hard phallus in her bare hand and was jacking me quite nicely when she spoke barely above a whisper, "Have you ever had your cock sucked, Jason?" "No, I've never done anything." As she looked me straight in the eye she dropped to her knees right there on the ceramic tile in the foyer. 

"Would you like me to suck you. Jason?" "Y y yes," I stuttered shaking like a leaf on a tree. Still looking directly at me she snaked out her tongue and licked the drop of seminal fluid that has gathered on the tip of my cock. I moaned and that seemed to spur Mrs Hansen on because she opened her mouth and sank the biggest majority in and started licking furiously. Meanwhile bobbing her head up and down until I could feel the beginning of her throat.

She removed my cock from the warm depths of her oral cavity and as she stroked it lovingly on her cheek she breathlessly asked, "Do you like that Jason? Is it all you thought it would be? I love worshipping you're strong cock." "Oh God, yes Mrs Hansen I love what you doing, it feels so good." "Jason, would you like to cum in my mouth and have me swallow all your young juice?" All I could do was moan, my mouth was too dry to speak so I nodded my head vigorously. She jammed my cock back in and swallowed. I felt the head sink down her throat and her lips were butted up against my pubic hair. She snaked her tongue out and licked everywhere she could reach. With her lips tightly wound she began sliding her mouth back away sucking furiously until just the head was still encased and her tongue flicked under the sensitive part of the crown.

"Oh God I'm going to cum, Mrs Hansen." She was already aware of this because she proceeded to take me into her throat and swallow. She reached and grasped both of my bloated balls and yank gently downward. Saliva was running from her mouth and dripped onto her testicle filled hand. She released me from her mouth and out of breath and eyes watering she spoke," Fill my mouth, Jason. I want you to cum in my mouth, I want your sperm, Jason, please." I was trying to prolong the ecstasy but to hear this 40 year old woman beg I could hold out no longer and my cock dribbled the first shot directly on her tongue The next shot like a cannon and lodged deep into her throat and Mrs Hansen wrapped her lips around just the head and sucked harder. She was not going to spill a drop of my semen and I just kept blasting. Mrs Hansen was swallowing all that I shot and when I was finished spewing and my balls were dry she nibbled lightly on the crown.

My softening cock slipped from her mouth and I looked down at Mrs Hansen. She was looking up at me and smiled. "You came so much, I didn't think I could swallow fast enough. What did you think of your first blow job, Jason?" 

Before I could answer I heard a car door slam.

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