Mr and Mrs. Beavers

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It had been at least a decade since I last saw her, but I was sure that it was Mrs. Beavers standing in the produce section. Fresh out of college, she became my mentor my first year on the job. Ten years my senior, the older woman schooled me on how to become a valued employee, but sadly after one year, I was let go due to budget cuts.

I had developed. a crush for the older woman with her pencil skirts that showed her flat buttocks and buttoned down blouses that she wore undid pretty low with her lack of breast. However, I found her very attractive as I masturbated to women that looked like her in my youth as older white woman dominated my adolescent years.

With only one year of working together, I didn't think she d remember me, but to my surprise, she did. "You re still looking nice and fit," she commented after surprising me with a warm embrace. Her tiny frame fealty much different from the plus sized women that I normally encounter and preferred. However, Mrs. Beavers was a fantasy, and she had control over my sexual urges. I had to fight my growing manhood from freeing itself from my pants as we made small talk.

"I need to work out, but I don t have a membership anywhere,," I responded after she gave another compliment about my physique. She'd then offer me access to a gym membership that came with the perks of her husband's job that neither of them used. With the mention of her husband and the continued great marriage they shared, my fantasy was ruined. However, I did walk away with a membership to a high priced gym.

After a week of going to the gym, I decided to give Mrs. Beavers a call. Her husband answered the phone and said he would give her my message. She had given me their home number and not her personal cell. What was I thinking when I thought I had a chance of spending some time with her.

The next time I went to work out, I noticed a man that kept his eye on me. As I completed my workout and went to shower, he followed me. He introduced himself as Mr. Beavers. "I now see why my wife talked about you so much," he said with a smile. I began to undress and to my surprise, he stayed and looked on. "Impressive," I heard him mumble as I stood there nude. He then quickly undressed and joined me in the shower. I noticed how small his dick was right away. He must have saw me looking as he felt comfortable enough to give my manhood a long stare. He only looked away once two other men walked into the shower.

Mr. Beavers exited the shower at the same time as me. He made small talk as we walked back to where my clothes were located. He intently watched as I lotioned and got dresses. He just stood their watching. For whatever reason, I allowed him to look. "Let me get dressed so we can walk out together," he finally spoke. As we exited the facility, he said, "my wife is going to be so jealous.". My curiosity was peaked. I was sure he was checking me out. I had tons of gay guys look at me before. It never freaked me out as I'm not homophobic and new all that would happen was a look. In fact, it was sort of a compliment that they found me attractive. But Mr. Beavers was married. Was he bisexual? Did Mrs. Beavers know? I for sure was not, but ending whatever was happening was not what I wanted for some odd reason. "She talked a lot about how big she thought you were and I can confirm it," he said speaking in a hushed tone that only I could hear as others walked by.

"Wait, Mrs. Beavers thought about me?" He confirmed and went on to tell me that he thought she was having an affair with me the way she carried on about me. I was stunned as he went on about how their love making was enhanced by her fantasies of being with me. I couldn't believe it and that's when he pulled out his phone. "Let's give her a call."

He then began to walk towards his car and I followed. He got in and I stood looking on. He motioned for me to get in. "This seems a little weird," I said. He laughed and gestured for me to get in. He didn't dial any numbers as he thought for a moment.

"My wife is my world and I give her what she wants. She was thrilled to run into you and wanted to bring her fantasy about you to life.". I listened as he went on about them being swingers earlier in their marriage but had stopped and now looked to re-enter that lifestyle. "What I would like is for you to FaceTime my wife and make her day by saying you d like to fuck her.". I couldn't t believe my ears. I then pleasantly watched as he dialed his wife. He put the camera on me to prove to his wife that I was in the car. " And baby, he is well hung just like you suspected.". I then heard her demand proof. "You comfortable enough to pull that nice piece of meat out to show my wife?".

I undid my pants without uttering a word. I was developing an erection, but I wasn't solid yet. He place the camera towards my midsection.

"Lovely," the woman said. "I would love to see it rock hard. Can you get it up for me?". I began to stroke, but it was kind of odd with her husband sitting next to me. I was t stiffening anymore and in fact, I was becoming limp. "My husband could help you out with that," she said in a seductive voice. Before I could reply, he had taken his free hand and wrapped it around my manhood. I guess while I was stroking he had grabbed some lube, because his hand was moist and smoothly glided up and down my growing shaft. I had never had a man touch me before, but his touch was exciting me. I was rock hard in seconds. He then gave the phone to me and went to work on me with both hands. I adjusted my position so one hand was able to fondle my scrotum sack while the other went up and down dick. I had positioned the phone so his wife could see his hand work as well as the pleasure on my face.

"Lucky for tinted windows," he said as he heard footsteps passing by. I was in such pleasure that hand t noticed. "You want me to suck his cock?"

"Can my man suck your big dick?'. The sound of Mrs. Beavers saying sexual acts was enough to make me cum. The fact that her husband was masterfully stroking me at the same time only heightened the pleasure.
"Go ahead," I said as I found the button on the side of the seat to recline my body. As he took me in his mouth, I was surprised that the sensation was the same that was given by every other woman that had ever given me oral pleasure. In fact, when he began to suck harder, his muscular manly jaws caused for a tighter suction. I could feel myself about to cum when all of a sudden he stopped. It was at that time I finally heard the end of Mrs. Beavers request.

"So, are you interested in coming back to our home and having a threesome?". As he awaited my response, as it took a few seconds for me to regain my composure, he took the phone from me and ended the call. "We'll let you response surprise her. I'll show up alone or I lol show up with your sweet tasting dick.". That comment brought me back to reality.

" I'm not gay."
"And neither am I," said the man that had just sucked my dick. "I just like sex with my wife and if sucking dick makes sex with my wife better, then I'm sure as hell going to do it.". He then started the car. "I already know your coming. But are you riding with me or driving your car and following me? I'd prefer you rode with me so I could pretend this car is a stick if you know what I mean."

"Ill ride with you," I responded. "We can go over some things that I won t let happen. Like you will never fuck me in the ass or kiss me. And I'm not fucking you in the ass either."

"Ok," he said while laughing. "But Mrs. Beavers has been known to pull out her strap on and fuck the hell out of people that have made those same statements.". As we drove, he told me about some of their other encounters. They turned me on and I found myself stroking my penis. When he spoke about Mrs. Beavers fucking other women I nearly lost it. I had to stop stroking or I was going to bust all over the console of their car. I placed my hands atop my head and closed my eyes as I thought about what I was getting ready myself into. I then could feel his fingers gingerly going up and down my prick. The precum escaped the head of my penis. I opened my eyes to see him placing his finger into his mouth. "So sweet," he said. "Do you taste your load?". It was something that I had done when extremely horny and by myself, but I had never told anyone about it. "So innocent and pure. My wife is going to devour you."

We soon pulled into their drive way and as soon as we exited the car, the front door opened. He gestured for me to enter first. She was wearing a white bath robe but it wasn't fastened. I saw her small breast and hairy pussy. I could feel my dick leaking those joy fluids like I was cumming. She dropped to her knees as her husband closed the door. She took me in her mouth. Her husband gave a good blow job, but she gave a great one. She took my entire rock hard dick in her mouth easily. I was about to cum immediately, but movements from behind me gave me a needed distraction. I didn't want to cum yet.

Her husband had dropped to his knees and had parted my ass cheeks. His tongue began to tickle my ass in a good way. His wife strengthened her grip and increased her slurps. I ejaculated what seemed like a liter of semen in her mouth. She stood up and kissed me in the mouth pushing some of my sperm in my own mouth. I took it all. Some escaped and she took her tongue across my face and cleaned it up. Her husband then kissed her on the mouth.

"Have a seat on the couch," she instructed me. "I have a nice porn playing that will have you ready for round two in no time.'

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