Mother Fucker

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 My name is Tim and I live with my 53 year old widowed mom named Lynn. I'm 18 now and my dad Tim "Senior" died before I was born. Mom's a librarian and works in our towns library. She looks just like you might imagine, dark hair usually in a bun, wire rim glasses worn low on her nose, slim build with below the knee dresses and blouses that never show cleavage, never any make-up and overall very conservative but cute.

When I hit puberty, it was like my mind and cock went into overdrive. My cock began to grow and very quickly I had the biggest cock in my gym class and I was jacking it off, 4 or 5 times a day. I just couldn't get enough sex and my mom had become my favorite fantasy. I had made a peephole into her bathroom and I would watch her shower and I had learned that she was pretty horny herself. Before her shower, she would always play with her pussy and sometimes she would cum. Her pussy was covered in curly brown pubic hair but her pussy lips were big and hung down an inch or so on each side.

As her fingers would go in and out you could see the nice pink inside of her very wet pussy. She made very faint moaning sounds as her hips moved in time with her fingers. I would jackoff as my mom played with herself and on a couple of these occasions, I must have made some noise because my mom stopped what she was doing and looked in my direction. After that she would always quit playing and take her shower. I was also going into her dirty clothes bin and jacking off to her freshly worn panties and I usually shot my cum in them (probably not to smart). One time while prowling in my moms room for sexy things, I found her "diary".

I read about her teenage years and that she wasn't very popular in school and that she had gotten her period at twelve and became very horny and masterbated a lot. As I read more it seemed that masterbation and work was her whole life until 18 years ago when she met my dad. In her diary, my mom wrote about a young man named Tim who was 18 years old and attending our local community college. She said that even though she was twice his age, he would flirt with her every day and had even kissed her once briefly. He told her he liked older women and especially her. She said his flirting became very sexual and that he would sit at a table across from her desk and rub himself in front of her. The first few times she wrote about this, she said she could make out the outline of his cock and it looked very big. Then one day while the library was empty Tim walked to a bookshelf in the back and when my mom came around the corner, she saw him with his pants around his ankles and he was stroking his huge cock right at her. She wrote that, she couldn't look away, that she was mezmerized by the size of his cock and balls and how his big cock stuck straight out from his belly.

He said "suck it for me, you know you want to" and my mom just dropped to her knees and sucked her first big cock and swallowed all of his cum right then and there. Within weeks, Tim had moved in with her and they were fucking like rabbits. Tim liked lots of sex and he loved my moms innocents. His favorite fantasy was to see her be a wild slut with several young men. He made it seem so sexy and my mom had been so un-sexy her whole life that it really turned her on. Mom wrote that her period was late and 2 weeks later she learned she was pregnant. When she told Tim she was pregnant, he asked her to marry him and she said yes. They were going to marry the following week and Tim told her he wanted a bachelor party and that he wanted her to come out of the cake and fuck all of the guys there. He told her it would only be guys from his school and none of them would even know who she was.

Mom reluctantly agreed and when she popped out of the cake buck naked, she was greeted by 8 young men, the happiest being Tim. They had Tim sit in a chair while my mom undressed him and sucked his big cock and she wrote that this was the most "Turned On" she had ever been. As she mounted Tim's big cock, he told his friends "come on guys, this old slut can handle more than one at a time". When Tim said that, my mom came all over his hard cock. Soon she had one in her pussy, one in her ass and sucking on another guy while everybody groped her. She ranted about a big black guy with a huge cock and how she would suck it after he pulled it out of her ass and how this one young guy liked to lick the other guys cum out of her pussy. Mom fucked all of them once and most of them 2 or 3 times. By the end of the night, she was a cummy mess and Tim took her home and plowed her old, used, hairy, sloppy pussy all night. They got married and mom got gangbanged regularly and both were happy. Then after only 7 months of marriage, Tim was killed in a car accident. Mom had me and then threw herself into her work and her life went back to its old boring way. After reading all this, I was even more horny for my mom.

I decided I was going to turn my mom back into a cock loving slut and I was going to do it like my dad did. I get home before my mom so I started stripping down to my underware and moving about the house. Mom asked a couple of times if "I forgot something" as she looked at my shorts. I would outline my fat semi-hard 8 inch cock with my fingers and say "pants are uncomfortable because of this". When my mom saw what I was talking about, her hand went over her mouth and she said "Oh my" but kept looking. I would leave my door half open and jackoff with my shorts around my ankles and moms panties in my hand and I noticed mom would always watch for a minute.

I had 4 or 5 pairs of her used panties strewn about my room. On laundry day when mom came in to gather up my clothes and her used panties, I was jacking off with a pair in my hand and when she started to leave, I said "wait and you can have these too" as I continued to jackoff in them. I was pumping my big hard cock right at my mom as she just stared at it. She had a sad, confused and lusty look on her face and when she licked her lips, I said "suck it for me, you know you want to" and just as the first load of hot cum shot out of the end of my cock, my sweet old mom dropped to her knees and opened her mouth and caught most of it in her mouth as she took her own sons cockhead in and started sucking it. I was holding my mom by the back of her head and pumping her mouth full of her own sons hot cum. When I was empty, mom licked me clean and laid her head on my cock and asked "do you hate me for not being who you thought I was". I said "no, you turned out to be who I wanted you to be". I pulled my old straight-laced librarian mom up on the bed with me and rolled her over onto her back. I reached under her long dress and started pulling her panties down.

When I got them off, I slid onto the floor between her legs. I took an ankle in each hand and pushed them back towards her as I also spread them wide open. Her hairy pussy was already wet and open with her long pussy lips just begging to be licked. I licked all the way up my moms hairy crack as she moaned softly. When I began to lick and tongue her clit, she began to talk dirty to me. She asked "do you want moma to fuck your friends for you, do you want mama to suck their cocks too. I will if you want me to baby". She also told me that I was a motherfucker for fucking her and she was a slut mother who wanted her own sons cock in her.

Her pussy smelled and tasted good and I was licking every inch of her lower body including her ass and when I pushed my tongue to her ass, she began to jerk and buck and she held my head in place right there as I felt her cum running down my cheek. Then, she looked at me adoringly as she said "now give momma a good fucking with that big, hard, young cock of yours you little "motherfucker" and I did.

Now, me and mom fuck every day and I have friends sleep over and they sneak up to her room in the middle of the night, sometimes 4 or 5 at a time. I get to see it all on video later. Moms free to be the slut she wants to be and I get to fuck one of the sexiest old hairy moms in our town. Lifes really good when your a "MOTHERFUCKER".

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