Mosel Sex slave 07

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Lee met Diana at the door when she got home from school, wearing her maid's uniform. Diana, happy to be home kissed her warmly. "We're not supposed to do that Diana, there's no one in the house," Lee spoke teasingly yet seriously. 

"Ups, I forgot." Lee took her hand as they walked to Diana's room where she undressed her. She let her know that they were supposed to take a shower, so Diana undressed her as well. After they finished showering, they put on each other's slippers and waited, at the door to the garage for their mistress. They heard the car arrive and Marg entered with her brief case. She smiled at her black and oriental sex slaves, standing patiently holding hands.

"Well, you two are a comforting sight to behold after a hard day." She kissed them both and Diana took her case as they followed her upstairs to the bedroom. She undressed her mistress, while Lee filled the tub. Diana then led Marg into the bathroom, where both girls helped their her into the whirlpool tub. Lee turned on the jets and they sat on the edge while their mistress soaked. "Lee, after supper I want you to get the special room ready, we are going to teach Diana some of the finer points of providing sexual pleasure." 

"Yes mistress, supper is in the oven now. Diana could do the dishes, while I get it ready. Lee smiled at Diana; "I can't wait to teach you in there."

"What? Teach me what?" Diana looked at both of them, mystified.

"Ummm, you'll find out," Lee said, winking knowingly at her mistress. Marg held her arms out to Diana, who bend down to receive a kiss.

"You'll find out when we get there. Right now I want you two to wash me." They helped her stand up, each getting a bar of soap. Lee washed her front and Diana the back. When they finished, Marg got down in the tub again and told Lee to get their supper on the table. Diana dried her mistress when she got out, kissing her body as she went along. She then followed her to the dressing room, where Marg showed her what she wanted to wear and Diana picked up the items. Back in the bedroom, Diana dressed her mistress in the black bodice and stockings. Then she helped her on with a short silk robe with openings for her breasts. Finally, she kissed her nipples and aureoles, wetting them, as she knew her mistress liked. "Every day you get better, Sweetheart. I am really pleased with your progress."

"Thank you mistress, she threw her arms around her mistress's neck and kissed her. "Uuuummm, but I want to learn everything about sex, so I can be the best sex slave in the world."

"You certainly are dedicated and if you keep it up, you will get there some day. I'm sure of that but right now we're eating supper, sister Lee is waiting for us." They joined Lee in the Kitchen where she had the meal ready. She kissed and licked her mistress's nipples saying that her saliva was better for that than Diana's. 

"Yes but there is a good reason for that; this is a confession mistress." Diana said, "I kissed Lee when I came home today, forgetting that it wasn't allowed. I'm sorry, it was a mistake but that's why her saliva is so good."

"Oh, I think that I can forgive you for that Diana but I will think of some way of punishing you later." Lee smiled knowingly at her mistress, as they began to eat. When they finished Diana said she had to go and pee before washing the dishes. The mistress told Lee to go with her, winking at her. Once they got to the shower room, Lee told her she had to do exactly what she was told while urinating. Diana sat down on the toilet with a bewildered look on her face.

"Hold your pee Diana, start when I tell you and then stop when I tell you." Lee stood in front of her, holding both of her hands.

"I understand sister Lee, I'm ready."

"OK, start," Diana did as she was told. "Now stop," She stopped and looked in total confusion at her sister. "Now I want you to think about how you start and stop to pee, concentrate on the muscle that does it. Start again." Diana again did as was told releasing that certain muscle. "Good Diana, now stop it again; just hold it one second now release it. There finish you pee, then I'll wash you"; she turned on the shower and found shower caps for them. She soaped Diana from the waist down and rinsed her. After Lee dried her, Diana went back to the kitchen to do the dishes. 

She kept thinking about what Lee had just made her do. "Did it have something to do with her sex training?" She hurried to finish the dishes and then eagerly headed for the gym. She saw no one there but a door was ajar at the far end. She hadn't noticed that door before and as it turned out, it was a secret door, which blended into the paneling when closed. She entered a room, containing three massage tables and one wall full of various implements mostly belt contraptions with dildos attached. Lee was lying on one table with the mistress standing next to her. Behind them, the whole wall was made of iron bars with a door in it. Inside the bars, she could see a simple cot. Diana couldn't believe it, a jail cell in her mistress's house? 

"Surprised Diana?" the mistress said and motioned for her to get up on a vacant table. Lee was straining, breathing rapidly. She had a dildo in her vagina and it was making little whistle sounds at regular intervals. The mistress came over and spread Diana's thighs slightly. She had a dildo in her one hand that she placed on her stomach. "Diana, this is a vaginal contraction training session, what you were doing with Lee a little while ago prepared you for it." She put her hand on Diana's vagina and began fondling it. "First we'll get you lubricated," her finger began to work its way into her tight vagina

"Right now you are young and tight, your vagina will give plenty resistance to a penis, giving a man pleasure. As you get older and have a lot of sex, your muscles weaken and a man receives less pleasure from you. Listen to the sounds Lee's dildo is making, it was sounding three times a second. These are special dildos; they are hollow and have a little whistle affair on the end. When you squeeze it you get a sound, here take it in your hand. Diana took the rubbery contraption and squeezed it, making it whistle. Marg took it from her and inserted it into her vagina. "Just take deep breaths and relax." She gently worked it into her wet hole, making the whistle blow as she slowly penetrated about four inches. "OK now make it blow," she tried but nothing happened. The phone rang just then out in the office, "Lee I got to get that. Take over Diana's training, please." Lee got of her table, the dildo still in her vagina and came to Diana's side. Diana had a frustrated look on her face.

"Don't worry sister I'll show you how, just think about the same muscle you stopped your pee with. Diana tried again and the whistle made a slight sound, "There, you got it now, just keep doing that. Don't worry about how fast you can do it; the main thing is that you work the right muscles. Diana began working the dildo, finding it extremely difficult. She looked desperately, at her sister.

"I'll never do this a fast as you," she said forlornly.

"Of course you will but it takes a long time to get good at it." I spend an hour in here every day and sometimes I do it in bed without the dildo. "Men really like it when you get good at it, especially older men." The mistress came back in, kissing both girls.

"That was my husband he will be back tomorrow night. Now Diana, let me hear that whistle." Diana tried hard and got five little toots out of it. "That's good dear, try it again." she strained hard producing a little more sound, each time. "Let's try the double trainer, Lee." Lee pulled the dildo out of her own vagina and got up on Diana's table. She positioned herself in the opposite direction with her legs crossing over Diana's so their vaginas were close together. The mistress then picked a long dildo out and removing Diana's she inserted one end of the long one in her. Lee took the other end and fitted it in her own pussy, moving her body to suit. They then joined hands and Lee squeezed her end.

"Oooh, I could feel that," Diana's said, her eyes widening.

"OK, it's your turn sister, that's good I could feel that too. I tell you what, I will do five and then you do one." She started and Diana felt the dildo expanding five times in her vagina. She returned the favor and Lee quickly reciprocated. Marg kissed both of them saying they had half an hour while she did some work in the office. 

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